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27th November 2008, 4:37 AM

Welcome to the Castlevania club, for those who love the job of finding Dracula and beating his sorry hide until he takes his castle out of this world.

Yes, this is the club for one of the best games out there, and here we can conversate on everyting to do with it.

If you want to join, fill out the following questionaire:

1: What was you favourite title in the Castlevania series?
2: Why was the above title the best you have ever played?
3: Why do you like Castlevania itself?
4: What is your favourite enemy fodder?
5: What is your favourite character in the series, and why?

After that, you will be considered. Most often you will be accepted, but make sure not to break any of these rules while signing up, or at anytime in the club.

1:Normal Serebii rules
2:No trolling
3:No flaming
4:No one-liners
5:Use your words! No 'mah's, or 'teh's, or anything that is considered internet slang.

Also, brainstorming for Castlevania fics are welcome here. Asking for advise, and advertising those fics are definatly allowed. But only those. Any others, and I will have to give you a warning.

Oh, wait. I haven't explained warings yet have I?
Failing to obay a rule gets you a warning from me me or a Co-leader. Yay.

Here's the chart:

1: First time- whipped
2: Second time- slashed
3: Third time- smashed
4: Fourth time- Exorcised

So, you disobey four times, and you are banned. Warnings will only go away after a month of their offence.
Leader: Zincspider



My sign-in, an example:

1: Portrait of Ruin
2: I loved the areas you could go. A pyrimid, a circus, a city, and haunted school to name a few. The wide variaty of weapons and sub-weapons were on par with Dawn of Sorrow.
3: The side-scrolling, and metroid-esque way you play on the originals just makes me want to cry with joy.
4: Zombies. Don't they make the best sound whe you kill them?
5: Dracula, because he is one persistant Mo-Fo.

27th November 2008, 2:17 PM
So, it begins.
Well, hope you enjoy, and I know a few people who might stop by. They might be disapointed that they didn't start it, and I am sorry to hear that. But, if they want, they can be co-leader. If you want to be a co-leader, tell me why you should be one.
I will look over the aplications, and pick those most worthy.