View Full Version : The Jokes, One-liners, and Riddles Club

Cyber Robert
27th December 2008, 11:48 PM
This club is specially designed for those that love comedy. Please follow a few guide lines if you do join.

1. Follow all Sppf standard and club rules.
2. The only one liners allowed on here are the joke type...any others will be infracted.
3. No flames, trolls, or heckling will be permitted unless there is good reason. If you don't like a joke, then explain why...no "that joke sux" or "Get another jokebook"
4. Any first offenses will result in a warning. Any similar offenses after that will result in infractions.
5. Any offensive jokes (including but not limited to "Blonde" jokes and Racists jokes) must be put in a spoiler...no warning for this one.
6. Laugh until the cows come home at some of the jokes.

First offense=warning
Second thru last offense=An infraction

3 infractions= banned for 3 days
5 infractions= banned for a week
7 infractions= banned for 2 weeks
9 infractions= banned for a month
10 infractions= permabanned

Owner: CyberBlastoise
Mods: N/A

Infraction list: N/A :)