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28th December 2008, 9:28 PM
Manga Artist's Abode
or M.A.A

This club is for those who draw manga, want to learn how to draw manga, need help with antomy, storylines, etc. No, THIS ISN'T A CLUB TO TALK ABOUT MANGA ARTISTS.

Requirements to join the club:
1. If manga is hand-drawn, a scanner, camera or any photo sharing device is needed to import pages onto the computor to share. Try not to shrink the picture, unless you'll use it as a thumbnail to a larger page.

2. If manga is computor drawn, an account on photbucket or other image hosting sites is recommended. Using ******* can be tiring and there is no way to save the codes, unless you post them somewhere. Photobucket is almost exactly like a computor, because you can make different folders to organize your pages.

3. When you join, state how long you've been drawing manga. it's fine if you want to get started too, so you would post 'new' or something similar. You must show an example of your work.

4. When you join, you can choose an artist name or signature. If your pages has your signature somewhere, telling everyone what the symbol means could help prevent theft by people who don't know what it symbolizes. For example, mine shows SB, where the last loop of the B doesn't end, looping around the two letters. It sygnafies my first and last name. One of my friend's is a heart smudged to look like it's bleeding, with AZ on one of the sides. It represents a name of one of her no longer existing characters. Her alias is basically Az.

5. Your manga must be original OR fan work. You must have written the plot, drawn and designed all the characters, created the land, (unless it is fan). That means your friend couldn't have wrote the plot, you couldn't have found a picture of the character on the internet, etc.

6. Use the following form to join. Even if your post contains the right info but doesn't use the form, you shall be denied.

Name, alias, signature and symbolisation:

(the dreaded)RULES: Put in pledge form! Repeat them out loud:
1. I shall obey and respect the Serebii.net rules and the following rules.
2. I shall respect other artists. We are all equal skill level in my eyes.
3. I shall not steal, edit or use any of the other artist's works without their expressed permission, then forwarded to the owner, JolteonShock.
4. I shall warn whether my manga contains blood, gore and/or sexual actions. My page shall then be placed in a spoiler tag, with the warning clearly visible.
5. I shall not troll, flame or otherwise insult another artist of their manga. Advise shall be given in a clear, non-hurtful manner.
6. If I break any of these rules, I shall receive punishment. I wil not complain, for I will get a warning as to when I broke the rules and why I receive this punishment.
7. I shall not go against an owner or co-owner's word.

I hereby promise to abide by these rules. If I go againsr any of them, punishment is as follows:

Disobeying rule #:
1-Warning, followed by three day ban
2-Warning, followed by 5 day ban.
3-Immediate elimination from the club. Stealing art work IS theftm as bad as any theft.
4-Warning, followed by two day ban
5-Warning, four day ban
6-Two days added to ban
7-Warning, two day ban

All members:

Owner- JolteonShock
Stoc15-current manga: KnIgHt

Starting topic: (everyone answers this, even if the club is on page 228)
If you are working on a manga, what is it called and what is it about?

28th December 2008, 10:22 PM
Hello, my name is Stoc15. And I want to join this club! So this is my signup sheet. And, I will answer the first topic as well. So here we go!

Name, alias, signature and symbolisation: Stoc15, Stark, A cursive s and o, and a curve on the o.
Experience: 1 year.
Example: (Warning: This is not my best, because I draw by hand, not like this one in computer. But I don't have a working scanner yet, so enjoy this)http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee338/YolkManZ/shin.png

If you are working on a manga, what is it called and what is it about?
I am working on a manga. It is called KnIgHt, and it is about a local civilian who begins his journey by causing a robbery to occur. Discovering he can manipulate people just by talking to them in a certain tone, he uses his powers to recruit people to fight with him against mafia gangs that mess up his town and ruin all his fun.

29th December 2008, 12:18 AM
Sure, you're in!
If you are working on a manga, what is it called and what is it about?

Right now I'm not working on one. I need to find an idea...I can't draw humans that well, but I'm alright with animals, especially wolves and (not so great) birds.
A wolf I made up, named Liopu. He's in one of my fictions.

Stoc, do you have a digital camera? You could take pictures, then upload them onto your computor. I've seen a couple of people do that.
Oh yes, and I draw on the computor occasionally.
The wing is too chunky, but oh well.

29th December 2008, 1:10 AM
It seems like you are a big fan of drawing animals. I am too. In fact, I'm not always the best at humans, so I devote chapters to animals, monsters, demons, and anything of the like. And for the manga, maybe you could make one about a society of animals that act like humans and endure early-day colonial human-like situations.

29th December 2008, 1:25 AM
are we able to join if we are just a really big fan of drawing?

29th December 2008, 7:15 PM
I guess it would be allowed, being as there is no other club for it. Who knows? Maybe some day you'll draw manga! ;p