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31st December 2008, 1:32 AM
Hi, most of you may know me from numerous clubs. I owned the Chimchar, Monferno, and Infernape club. I have decided to start another club(I still have the Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape club) and this club will be based on my one of my most favorite hobbies!Drum roll please!.......Skateboarding!

So now let's start of with something must always obey.....the rules!:
1- ALWAYS follow Serebii General rules
2- Follow the Serebii.net Club rules
3- Absolutely no one lining!
4- No being mean to other members, that results in a warning.
5- Only talk about stuff relating skateboarding.
6- No double, triple, etc. post
7- If you want to submit Fan Art make sure it followsthe rules ad it is related to Skateboarding and it has the Club name.
8-If youask to b a co-owner or mod you get a warning
10- Follow these rules and have a great time.
(I will add more rules soon!)

How the Punishment system works:
1 Warning
2 Warnings
3 Warnings
Banned for a day
Banned for a week
Banned for a month
Banned for 6 months

Banned Members:
None!(Please stay like that!)

Torpoleon: Owner

How did know about skateboarding?

Let's start off with a topic:
How did know about skateboarding? (I will answer it later)

I will pick a co-owner (2) and a mods for who is doing the best. If you are co-owner or mod from the Chimchar,Monferno, Infernape club then you can't be a co-owner or mod here.

31st December 2008, 3:13 PM
Yay! My club got accepted! Who ever wants to join make sure you follow the rules!