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Just Another Star
17th January 2009, 3:11 AM
Hello! My names Rob :P
I enjoy hanging out with friends, on computer, playing video games, listening to music (metal!! :D) amoung other things.
This is a great site, and decided to join the forum.

I have been a fan of the pokemon games since I first played Yellow back in the day. I have beaten Yellow, Red, Gold/silver, Shappire and im currently playing through Emerald.
But its not simply about beating the games right? Ya gotta catch em all! :P

I love fire type ;078; and electric pokemon. ;026;

Im old school when it comes to pokemon, and im not a fan of all these new pokemon they keep throwing at us. I still love the orignal #150 :P
But I do like some of the new ones.

Anyway, hi to everyone, and please excuse my horrible spelling XD

17th January 2009, 8:16 AM
Hello! My names Rob

Of Course you are ;)

Hello, Follow Rules and so on