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19th January 2009, 7:30 PM
S[/COLOR]tar Wars music here]

Hi people! Welcome to the newest edition of the Star Wars club! I've seen a few Star Wars clubs going around, but I couldn't be bothered joining them. Now, the most recent one is dead (R.I.P =D), so I decided to make this one.

The rules:

1. All Sppf rules apply, obviously.
2. You must be a fan of Star Wars.
3. No double, triple etc. posts. If they're exactly the same,I won't mind, but delete it ASAP.
4. No spam.
5. No flaming. You want an argument, start PMing.


1. You must post any ONE line of the Jedi/Sith code (Depending on which side you pick). Yes, I'm so lazy I'm using pre-written lines. Yay!
2. You must pick a side (Jedi or Sith, if you were unawere).
3. You must pick a lightsaber colour (Colours are Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Silver, Purple, Bronze, and Yellow. Sith may choose light-sided colours and vice-versa)
4. State your favourite movie.


Ranks are not decided by points. I'm too busy to keep track. Ranks are decided by posts. Ranks go in order of Largest to Smallest (Best rank at the top, worst at the bottom).

Special ranks:
Master of both Jedi and Sith - Owner (ME!)
Jedi Grand Master - Jedi Co-Owner (Will be chosen by owner)
Sith Emperor - Sith Co-Owner (Will be chosen by owner)
Council member X 5 - Moderators (Chosen by owner, Co-Owners can recommend) Council members also apply to the Sith.

Normal Ranks:
Jedi Master - 240 Posts
Jedi Knight - 120 Posts
Jedi Padawan - 60 Posts
Jedi Apprentice - 30 Posts
Jedi Initiate - 0 Posts

Normal Rank (Sith version):
Sith Master - 240 Posts
Sith Knight - 120 Posts
Sith Padawan - 60 Posts
Sith Apprentice - 30 Posts
Sith Initiate - 0 Post


Crasher: Jedi, Blue, Master of both Jedi and Sith.



Made by Crasher - If used, give credit.

I think that's about it.

22nd January 2009, 5:24 PM
Okay, the club is open! Join!