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20th January 2009, 9:34 AM
Welcome to the Disgaea Club! This is my third club and all have been on a video game series, mainly popular in Japan, these are the Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem clubs.

Disgaea is a game based on... i don't why i saying this, mainly because of the fact that the people joining will already know what Disgaea is... anyway, it's a strategy game similar to Final Fantasy: Tactics Advanced. You control units of different classes and complete levels while going through the storyline... as a matter of fact, i have only played the second one.

So if you love this game, come and join, and have a ball of a time... (that is, if we get any members...)


No spamming
No one-lining
Follow all of the Serebii rules (even though ill repeat some here)
No trolling
Stay on topic
Watch your spelling (but it's not the end of the world)
Don't ask to be a co-owner
Have fun, make topics but still remember, stay on topic
If you break a rule, edit it, before a co-owner or myself notices

When you break a rule:

1 time = 1st warning
2 times = 2nd warning
3 times = band for one week
4 times = permaband

With the warnings, they will go away in a week.


None :(

Use this form when joining:

Your name:
Your fave colour:
The average speed of a swallow:
What question would you ask after you were asked the question above:
What movie is this from:

The real one: (you can answer the previous one if you want)

The Disgaea games you have played:
Why you feel special:
What character you want to be:


Zorg - Taro



Starting topic:

Why do you like these sort of games?