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21st January 2009, 5:43 AM
What is the luckiest or unluckiest you have ever gotten in a competitive battle? This is the place to post about such unlikely occurrences as four consecutive CHes, Fire Blast using up all its PP missing, and so forth. For me, it was in a Random Battle on Shoddy Battle where a Medicham hit and flinched my Beldum five times in a row. Also, the Beldum just happened to have the Choice Band.

21st January 2009, 6:33 AM
Theres this one time when I was in Battle Tower, I had my Vaporeon out with 1 more hit away from fainting, being my last one on my team, with 1 more poke away to win with full Hp.

I attacked first with Water Pulse thinking it will Confuse the enemy and it did AND I hit a Critical. I hoped it would attack itself and it did. So I had another chance to attack again. I risked it and attack with Hydro Pump because I thought I would lose for sure but it was a hit AND with another Critical attack. But the enemy still survived with just a little bit left so this time I thought I was a sure goner BUT again the enemy attacked itself and making me the winner.

"OMG I won?!"

I couldnt believe it. This was sure Luck Hax to me. Vaporeon is just awesome to me and always have been. Hes still currently my first poke to use when starting the Battle Tower.

21st January 2009, 5:02 PM
The Classic Quick Claw Fissure/Horn Drill Rhydon.

1st turn: Quick Claw activates, OHKO move hits.
2nd turn: Quick Claw activates, OHKO move hits.
3rd turn: Quick Claw activates, OHKO move hits.

And it didn't happen just once =/ Sure it was in Emerald Frontier, but still... this is possibly the biggest Hax moment someone can ever have.

however, in DP, it has to be my loss versus a Leafeon. Because it's the only one I remember :p
It managed to Grass Whistle all my party and Leaf Blade Critical hitted everyone...

24th January 2009, 3:04 PM
Luckiest: In the Battle Tower, I was using my Lax Incense'd Yanmega. For the entire of that battle, none of the foe's moves hit Yanmega. That was probably the luckiest I've been.

Unluckiest: In the Battle Tower, battle just before the Tower Tycoon (2nd time), I lost to a Rhyperior who just KEPT using Horn Drill. And it hit all 3 times.

24th January 2009, 4:21 PM
Luckiest: when my Lucario use silver wind(this use cheats of course) when i use it 8 times
and also its stats rose 8 times consecutively
Unluckiest: when i battle with my friends, i have to battle 2 of 'em with one of my friend,
but accidentally my friend hit my Lucario with his Giratina's earth power!>_<
so my lucario faint once!

24th January 2009, 4:22 PM
Luckiest: when my Lucario use silver wind(this use cheats of course) when i use it 8 times
and also its stats rose 8 times consecutively
Unluckiest: when i battle with my friends, i have to battle 2 of 'em with one of my friend,
but accidentally my friend hit my Lucario with his Giratina's earth power!>_<
so my lucario faint once!

31st May 2009, 7:57 PM
@Lucario-fan-atic, your stats CAN'T rise eight times.... unless they were lowered in between and you forgot to mention it.

Luckiest I've ever been was my first save file on Platinum. ^^; Got all the way to the elite four no problem and then started wondering what my torterra's stats were. So I berry'd it down.... 31-25-31-5-31-5. O.O The perfect tank.... no wonder I did so well!

Unluckiest I've ever been: Finding ONE random shiny... while I had a walk around partner. T.T She killed it.

Stupidest I've ever been: on my Pearl, finding a wild shiny AGAIN in a double battle... managing to catch it by knocking out my batlle partner... XD And then trading it away before I realized I could have used it for RNGing...

31st May 2009, 8:04 PM
Ouch, that's a pretty nice Torterra as well.

My luckiest moment, I'm not sure of. I've had my share of ill luck, however...

Well, there was that time where my Gardevoir missed each and every single Focus Blast on a Bronzor consecutively. There's also that time where Cynthia's Spiritomb got a SW boost twice, raping my team.

Mercury Lamp
1st June 2009, 4:29 AM
This is one of lukiest battles I've ever had: 99-85554-44326
she didnt had the oportunity to attack in 7 turns and a critical hit at the end xD ..

6th June 2009, 3:02 AM
All I can think of right now is one unlucky thing that happened to me a few days ago on PBR. I'm going through the Neon Colloseum, becuase it's one of the few I haven't beaten w/ my Diamond team. So I go through, and on the last battle, the leader takes my Roserade, Blastoise, and Flygon. I can't OHKO Blastoise (good IV's, etc), Flygon was the fastest pokemon I could get, and Roserade set Poison Spikes early on. Also, Flygon was holding King's Rock (or some item that increased Flinch), and it worked on 2 out of my 3 pokemon. Luckily I had a continue, and i then owned him on a reverse (same basic team, but on each others side).

6th June 2009, 10:27 AM
Unluckiest: On Battle Factory in Platinum, it was the opponent's last Pokemon. It was Lanturn. I had an Electivire. The opponent keeps hitting me with Thunder Wave and Discharge. I keep on Screeching. On the 5th Discharge, he OHKOed me with Surf. So much for the Motor Drive :(

Luckiest: 1. On that same battle, I had Arcanine left. Lanturn paralyzed Arcanine. I used ExtremeSpeed, which dealt 35%+ on him. He used Surf. Luckily, the flaming dog survived. Then I used Thunder Fang and it had a Critical Hit. I won :)
2. Battle Dome Boss Challenge (Emerald). We had Salamence and Tyranitar as our last Pokemon. Salamence used Brick Break. Tyranitar survived with 23 HP. Salamence was OHKOed by a CH Rock Slide.

7th June 2009, 10:19 PM
I'm going to add 2 quick luckies for me. 1) Yesterday I was going through the BT on Diamond and I'm facing Palmer. He starts with Milotic, I send out Infernape. I accidentally chose Close Combat instead of Thunder Punch, so it KOed me quickly. Then I sent out Lucario (since the other was Flygon). It used Hydro Pump, and I used Aura Sphere. I survive with like 30 HP left. I'm thinking "Great, it's going to KO me here, and then destroy Flygon". But, I don't give up and use Aura Sphere again, and to my luck, Quick Claw took effect. I then went on and destroyed the team.
2) I was battling this guy on wi-fi, and he sends out Cresselia and I've got out Lucario(this guy is amazing). So it's gotten in 2 Calm Minds, and Lucario is a special sweeper. So I've lowered it to around 1/2 way when it uses Moonlight. Then, for the next 3 turns in a row (using Dark Pulse), I flinch Cresselia and the last 2 were critical hits. I was freaking out. Then Lucario just quickly finished of his Dragonite and Metagross.