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Dark Nightmare
21st January 2009, 9:02 PM
Hi everybody!

I'm new here and hope to make friends! :) Oh, and I'm from Portugal so if I don't understand something you say or my writing is weird it's because of that.

Here some things 'bout me: I like ghoshy Pokémons, such as Froslass, Dusknoir and Rotom, I like to listen to music, sprite in my free time (altough I'm not such a great spriter). I like to think about the "why?"s and "how?"s of some things like "How does the holding of X and Y make an Egg contain a different Pokémon?" or "Why are there Gengars as wild if Haunters evolve by tading?". It amuses me in my free time.

I hope you like me! :)

21st January 2009, 9:08 PM
Hi Dark Nightmare, welcome to the forums
the people are great here so i'm sure you get some friends ^-^
enjoy your stay and stick to the rules =3