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23rd January 2009, 1:03 PM
The Rune Factory Club!

Welcome! This is a fan club for the video game series part of Harvest Moon. Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. The game was Japan's celebration of Harvest Moon 10th anniversary. Though as for Rune Factory 2, the game didn't got the 'Bokujo no monogatari'(A Fantasy Harvest Moon) subtitle, but in USA, it was kept. This happened because MMV wanted to make Rune Factory a separated series.

The Club Rules ~ Please read and follow.

1. Qualifications for joining the club:
- You must like Rune Factory, Rune Factory 2, or Rune Factory Fronteir.
- You must be a member of SerebiiForums at least a month.
- Please send a PM to the Owner or the Co-owner(s) of the club. DO NOT ask here in the club if you want to join. You are not allowed to post if you didn't do this one.
- If you PM the club leaders, you must include who's your favorite character, do you have any of these games, and reason why do you like to join the club. You cannot just put anything there!
- You must NOT ASK if you can become a Co-owner, Co-co-owner, or Moderator! I will be the one to decided if I trust you to be one.
- BE ACTIVE! If you're a member, you must at least post ONCE every week! If you don't, then you'll be out of this club.
2. Follow all SPPF Rules and SPPF Club Rules.
3. No spamming, bashing, flaming, one-liners, and double posting!
4. When telling what you dislike about a character, just don't say he or she's the worse character ever since someone else might not think so.
5. No fighting between members!
6. You cannot post until your name is added to the member list.
7. Please follow the rules, cause they are really not hard to follow! Enjoy~

This fan club goes for the three games.


Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS)
This game takes on the story of a man who has lost his memory, Raguna. Wandering days without food and water, he ends up in front of a mysterious lady named Mist, who gave him a house to live in, and a farm to work on, telling Raguna he might recover his memory working with the nature. Raguna has to live upon Kardia being threatened by the Sechs Empire, will he be able to stop the war?

Raguna is the main character of Rune Factory. After walking several days, starved and dehydrated, he collapses in front of the house of a landowner named Mist. He is suffering from amnesia, with no idea who he is or where he came from. Mist offers him a house on her farm if he promises to work on the land, and he accepts. Suddenly, a monster attacks Mist, and she gives Raguna a Watering Can and a Hoe so that he may fight the monster.


Rune Factory offers 11 potential wives. Ten of them can be married throughout the game, but Commander Lynette will only appear after finishing the main storyline. Ten heart points, friend points, and sometimes a special item are required for successful proposal.

Mist - Her carefree pace makes her seem undependable, but she's a reliable girl at heart.
Rosetta - Jean's daughter. She is a tomboy and will often tell her father what to do.
Felicity - Mayor Godwin's daughter, who is burdened with a silent sense of responsibility.
Sharron - A mysterious atmosphere keeps others from associating with this beauty. Everyone else is afraid and stays away, but Raguna doesn't worry about it and is willing to approach her.
Bianca - A rich and incredibly self-centered girl. In an especially outrageous display of selfishness, she wants her father to buy the village for her.
Tori - A shy girl with totally different dreams from her elder brother Zavier.
Tabatha - Having come from a foreign country in pursuit of knowledge, Tabatha currently works in Jasper's Mansion as Bianca's housemaid.
Melody - An optimistic girl and a magic-lover.
Mei - A mysterious woman who lives at the Inn and tends to keep to herself while spending most of her time alone up in the mountains or out on the beach.
Lara - A kind young nurse who simply cannot ignore an injured person.
Lynette - A former commander from the Sechs Empire who doesn't really understand the townsfolk.

Other infro about RF can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rune_Factory:_A_Fantasy_Harvest_Moon


Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS)
This game takes on the story of Kyle, a man who has become old enough to travel. Without any memory, he feels drawn by the village of Alvarna. Without nowhere else to go, Mana, and her father, Douglas, offer him a farm to work on, time passes, and there's a not-so-good future for Alvarna, And it depends on Kyle to save the Village he has settled on, with help of his son/daughter, Aaron/Aria, Alvarna might become safe again.

Kyle is the main character of Rune Factory 2, a man who has become old enough to travel. He had lost his memory, just like Raguna from the original Rune Factory.

Eligible Girls

Mana - Mana is the first character you will meet. Like Mist in the original Rune Factory, she will rescue you from the oblivion into which your amnesia has placed you and will 'lend' you an old farm.
Alicia - Alicia is the daughter of the local doctor, Natalie. She is determined to follow the more mystical 'alternative' path of becoming a fortuneteller.
Julia - Julia is the owner of the local Bathhouse, the Wisdom Bathhouse. She is obsessed with fashion and is the girl to whom others will defer in terms of the subject.
Rosalind - She is poetic by nature, warm-hearted and fun-loving. Rosalind is the pampered daughter of Herman, the patriarch of the influential de Sainte-Coquille family.
Dorothy - Dorothy is the daughter of the local Priest, Gordon. When you first meet her, she will speak only through her doll Fern.
Cecilia - Cecilia, like her suitor Jake is half-elf, half-human. She actually is a character from the original Rune Factory and now an adult, left her home in Kardia to work as a maid in Alvarna.

To find more about RF2, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rune_Factory_2:_A_Fantasy_Harvest_Moon


Rune Factory Frontier (Wii)
Raguna comes back from the original Rune Factory, along with some characters like Mist, her childhood rival, Rosetta, the sweet nurse, Lara, our wealthy De Sainte-Coquille girl, Bianca and her maid Tabatha, and more, since Raguna is in a mission of finding a lost girl. It contains 32 anime-like animations.

Raguna returns as the protagonist of the game from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Other returning characters from Rune Factory are Mist, the heroine, Rosetta, Mist's childhood friend, Lara the nurse, and Melody who runs the hot springs, also Bianca and Tabatha appeared on Famitsu page with some beach costumes. New characters are Drop, the first new bachelorette to be revealed, Anette, the towns' mail lady, Uzuki, who is a samurai, and Selphy, who is very book-savvy. Also, Juni who is self-conscious about her appearance, and Ellis, who are two mysterious girls with two different sides, White Ellis and Black Ellis.


Black Elis (there is specualtion in english her name could be one of: Ellis, Elise, or Iris)
Drop (there is speculation in english her name could be Raine)
Eunice (in Japanese her name was Juni. but Eunice HAS been confirmed as her english name)
Uzuki (there is speculation her english name may be April)
White Elis (there is specualtion in english her name could be one of: Ellis, Elise, or Iris)

For more RFF details, go here: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/812/812421p1.html


Here we can talk about our own gameplays on each; About what do we like about each character; About what do we dislike about each character; What we would have liked about each game; Share some images (if too big, put it in spoiler tags), something more or something less.

How did you got into Harvest Moon, and how did you got to know Rune Factory?

Which is your MOST favorite character and why? / Which is the LEAST and why?

Owner - Shana_miku (Mana)
Co-owner - Sapphiredragon929 (Melody)
Co-owner - _______________
Moderator - ash_ketchum188 (Kyle)

none yet

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24th January 2009, 12:47 AM
Aah, thanks for adding me to the list. So as for the next, maybe me and you can start a topic now.

How did you got into Harvest Moon, and how did you got to know Rune Factory?

I have known 'Harvest Moon' from a friend. He plays it in his PSP. And Rune Factory? I heard from my cousin, the owner of this club. I haven't played it yet, but I'll try to have one lol!

24th January 2009, 12:50 AM
How did you got into Harvest Moon, and how did you got to know Rune Factory?

Hmmm, a nice topic! Well, same answer as you, I have seen Harvest Moon from a same friend, right? Hehehe.... I heard Rune Factory from a friend in another forum. I hope you can download it soon ash_ketchum188 so that we can play it! (please... i want rune factory 2!!!)

24th January 2009, 12:55 AM
Rune Factory 2 huh? Well, I'll try! I want both 1 and 2! Hahaha....

24th January 2009, 1:06 AM
Okay, well I'm so adicted to Rune Factory 2!!! Here, I got some screenshots!

25th January 2009, 2:39 AM
Kyle looks cool in that pic, haha... and so Maia is cute! I'm gonna find some pics too! (lol, i'm bored -_-)

23rd February 2009, 12:18 PM
New member - Sapphiredragon929

Sapphiredragon929, thanks for joining the club!
Hope you'll be active ~ and you can now start posting.

Whoot! another UPDATE...
ash_ketchum188 decided to be the moderator,
so now..Sapphiredragon929 will be our new co-owner!

New Topic ~
Which is your MOST favorite character and why? / Which is the LEAST and why?
- Hmmm...my most fave character is Mana! She is so cute and awesome that's why.
Least fave? Well, not yet sure about it...i think all characters are good!

hehe.. that's all for now...bye!