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25th January 2009, 2:25 PM
Welcome to The Gamers Alliance Club

Please feel free to read the introduction and the rules and sign up to any Tournaments. Now Blue Snover is going to introduce you to the Club.

Welcome to the Gamer Alliance, this club is for anyone who likes to play there games for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS online. When you join you can add Reviews and Tips for any off the games we have in are Game Library*, if you have any YouTube videos that you did for the games in the Game Library (Hints/Tips/Reviews) then please feel free to post them and S.Bustathedog will add them to are YouTube video library**. Also, feel free to organise your own tournaments between your selves and swap codes/gamertags to have fun. We also have weekly competitions and topics see down to get more info on them.

Now we will post the Rules and get them out off the way:

1. The basic Serebii Rules apply (Duh)
2. No one liners
3. Only one link to a YouTube video or picture or any link per a post
4. No bad language or flaming other members
5. No links to Explicit material or you will be banned from the club and reported
6. Donít annoy people to give you a Match / Battle on any game
7. And finally, donít Spam