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28th January 2009, 3:43 PM
Hi Im J~man.

Im new here , but not new to forums. i also have been using this site for a long time for information.

I like sports, manga, pokemon of course, and music.

I was wondering how everyone here makes those trainer cards though? thye have their team and accomplishments.

28th January 2009, 4:04 PM
Welcome to the forums, nice to see new members :D

I have absolutley no idea about those trainer cards (or i'd have one in my sig), but i'm sure someone else will be more than happy to explain.

Blue Snover
28th January 2009, 4:10 PM
Hiya welcome to the forums.

If you go to the fanart shops and put a request in, i'm sure someone would be happy to make you one.

28th January 2009, 4:45 PM
Hi there, and welcome to Serebii. ^^

Bloody hell, this place gets fuller and fuller every day. xD

28th January 2009, 6:21 PM
Thanks glad to meet some people here :D

28th January 2009, 6:25 PM
So there is, indeed , a newb who is not called "Pokemeister" or "Aipom23421".