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30th January 2009, 3:30 AM
I am still new to these forums, so help me understand one thing...
I've noticed that a lot of threads made are locked for reasons that I personally find rediculous, such as: "there's no point in talking about this" or "We don't need to disscuss this."

Honestly, what IS the point then? On general discussion forums, we can't ask questions, so what do we really "need" to talk about? Is there really even supposed to be a point it what we talk about? NO! It's a general discusion forum for crying out loud. We should be allowed to talk about anything pertaining to that game the forum is about!
If we want to talk about a Diamond game we found on the ground at school today, as long as it's posted in the Diamond/Pearl section, WHO CARES?!?
If we want to rant about the online trading system, THEN WHY NOT?!? Yea, it won't help the situation, but if people are allowed to express their feelings, then they'll at least feel better. As long as it doesn't turn into a flame war, then there's nothing wrong with it at all!
This is the very first forum I've been on that locks threads because there's no point. (And I'm a member of a lot of forums) If we can only talk about things that have a point, that strikes out everything except for gameplay questions...oh, wait. Can't ask those either.

So help me understand. What am I missing?
Or is there really "no point" to this forum site because we can't talk about squat?

Blk Charizard
30th January 2009, 3:46 AM
There is a reason why they're locked, for one, some may take it too far, others can get rude, say things that aren't meant to be displayed. Fighting can occur and flaming can happen, it is up to the Moderators to decide if the thread is closed or not to save others from getting banned or worse.

Some just jump in and say something and ruin a thread as it might not have to do with what is being discussed. And other times it's discussed into exhaustion with no even side and again to save a "war" it's closed. Everyone is allowed to express themselves, it can get way out of hand though with flaming, name-calling and such. The Moderators lock threads for a reason, saving others from harm/war..etc. But, that's only what I've observed. And this is only my opinion. Others may have something more to say.

30th January 2009, 3:53 AM
Well, then every single thread should be locked, because every single thread runs the risk of some idiot coming in and ruining the whole thing.
It's not the thread that causes that, it's the idiot that ruins it.

Even this thread could have someone come in and post some random thing like:
"OMG U N00B! GO HOME!" or something like that.
If that's the case, might as well shut down the forum.

Even so, Moderators can't "protect" someone from being banned. If they deserve to be banned, then they need to be banned, not protected from it. And, they more than likely will get themselves banned anyways.

30th January 2009, 4:54 AM
Take into consideration the context of threads. Sometimes people do not follow rules or do not even attempt to see if a thread already exists. And when some people DO express their views, they do it in an immature matter OR it becomes flamebait.

Blue Snover
30th January 2009, 10:36 AM
You make a very good point, but there will always be someone who posts something stupid just to get a thread closed, they just have nothing better to do.

Anyway welcome to the forums, have fun and be sure to read all the rules.