View Full Version : Enter Cold_CG... Bonjour !

1st February 2009, 4:27 AM
Hello! :) I'm a long-time Pokémon fan and I've been visiting the main site for many months and reading strategy threads on the forums. As I am now building my standard team, I decided to finally register on the forums to eventually do some friendly WiFi matches. I don't reckon I'll be a very prolific poster, but the discussions in general look quite interesting and the atmosphere of the community seems very nice, so I'll definitely hang around as often as I can.

I wish to state my appreciation and admiration for those who maintain the main Serebii.net site and the forums with such useful, well-presented resources for trainers.

Till my first online matches, I wish some enjoyable battles to all and a happy new year (a little late for that but the intention is what counts ! ;p )

1st February 2009, 6:46 AM
HI, Have fun and Follow rules

Yeah you would think that this is a very nice atmosphere and you would be correct