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1st February 2009, 5:41 PM
Alright then. Greetings! I'm DemonLabRat. Although I've just joined, I've played pokemon for approx. 8 years. I've 9 level 100s, and I like to play fair mostly. Pokemon diamond is one of my favourite games, and I refuse to hack anything on it. (Partly because I know games have been deleted because of this.) This is the first forum of any site I've been on, so if I do anything wrong or need correcting, please tell me and I'll try to deal with the problem. I've already made one mistake I've had to correct. (Magnificent start.) Thanks!

Ninterror X
1st February 2009, 5:44 PM
Well I'm glad not to be the only person that's been playing since the early days!

*shakes hands* hello my name is Ninterror, its nice to meet you and read the rules

1st February 2009, 9:16 PM
Welcome to SPPF, my name is Umbreon-dana (my friends call me Ninjabait), and the bathroom is down the hall and the sixth door on the left.

Make sure to read and follow the rules, and to stay out of my taco stash.

If you need any help, just drop me a PM, or a Visitor Message if you prefer.

2nd February 2009, 12:28 AM
hello bro, I'm back to haunt you, Before I write about myself! Isn't that annoying?

By the way mr Umbreon.dana, where's the bathroom? where's the hall? where's the sixth floor? Where's the other five floors? where's the building for the floors? Where's the car park for the building???!!!!!!!!!!!!OH, he said doors...nevermind....I'm alright....now.... anyway... welcome LAB boy! and hello ninterror x, before I say anything else, you should say "please read the rules"
not, "read the rules", manners these days... anyway welcome again.