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fango pango
8th February 2009, 9:48 PM
ok the reason that soccer is there is so all americans and other people know what i mean,so its for people who like soccer and want to see a club that they can join and don't worry there are rules
1.no double(or more)posting
2.no spamming
3.no flaming
4.i will choose co-owners
5.there are warnings(3=1 week 6=2 weeks 9=3 weeks 12=1 month 15 or more=perma ban)if you are perma banned for more than 2 months then you can pm me and i will think about resignating you
6.no abusing other members or me
7.no being idiotic if i ban you
8.don't go off topic
9.members should look at the post regularly to see updates
so yeah
fango pango

fango pango
11th February 2009, 9:59 PM
yey it got approved and ill let everyone know that i am 12 and have a school lifa but other times im on serebii ok so people can start joining=]

20th February 2009, 9:15 PM
hey can i join

fango pango
20th February 2009, 9:19 PM
of course you can your my first member(member list updated

26th February 2009, 2:56 AM
This is a warning. Start to post better/follow rules or else I'll close this club. Thanks.