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10th February 2009, 5:35 AM
I suppose you can call me new here.

I've used serebii in the past for help with teams, sets, team testing, ect. I thought I might as well get a good look at the community and I hope you guys are as friendly as the board discribes =P I'm quite social at times, so go ahead and send me a PM or something if you'd like to say hi, wuts up, sup, suppers, or w/e people say these days =P

Of corse, pokemon isn't all I'm into. I'm also into the hard games many people he might call "rubbish" or "garbage" such as ghosts 'n goblins, megaman, I wanna be the guy... that kind of stuff. I'm also trying out game design and if anyone has ideas on a rpg based game, i'd like suggestions so I can learn to do more with GML (game maker language).

As A final note... I play Runescape, so if anyone elce plays, I love to meet new people =P PM me for my usename(s) if you'd like to meet me I suppose.

As for that... I'm done with this introduction of epic proportions.

- Lord of the squirrels ;417; (yes, I liek pachis, no meme pun intended... ok intended.)