View Full Version : Would anyone be interested in a live tournament located in the St. Louis (MO) area?

Gamers' Nite
12th February 2009, 4:49 PM
Haldo everypeoples!

Allow me to introduce myself. I lead a monthly video game tournament thing in the St. Louis area called "Gamers' Nite" (and yes, the name was my idea. Hey, the only other alternative was "Gamers' Knight," and that's just taking things too far). For the entirety of our existence, we've alternated between Smash Bros and Halo 3 tournaments exclusively. Well, I've decided that its time to spice things up by adding a new game to our roster.

My right hand man convinced me to run a Pokemon tournament, so now I'm trying to drum up support on the various fan forums.

I don't know if live tournament advertising is even allowed here (I checked your FAQ though and saw no rule against it...), so if it is, where should I put my ad in your fine forums?

If it's not, I guess I'll just melt back into the shadows, because I'm not a Pokemon fan myself.

Oh, and here's our tenative rule set, just in case you were curious. I let that other dude write them (I know next to nothing about Pokemon; I even missed it when it was a fad in the 90s!), so I have no idea how kosher this rule set is with the players that be. This is another beauty of joining fan forums, I can see before the tournament itself if everyone hates the rules. ;)

Allowed tournament games: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
All Pokemon allowed (except Arceus)
No level restrictions (1-100)
No illegal Pokemon ( Hacked stats, abilities, moves)
Bring your own DS!

RaZoR LeAf
12th February 2009, 6:13 PM
Regardless of what the rules might say. This is the Newbie and Help forum. You are not asking people to welcome you, and you are not asking for forum help, therefore your topic does not belong here. There is a 4th Generation Discussion Forum. Browse the rules there before you decide to post again.