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13th February 2009, 2:48 AM
Well hello there!
I'm Roxanne (but call me NoNo), a 16 years-old french canadian. I've loved pokemon since the first game I ever owned; yellow. (T'was in november 1999). As for the anime, well I was begining to watch it at that time. Even though I didn't speak english at that time, I still watched it in english at first, because it came out in french later on. I became REALLY addicted, I bought a lot of pokemon games, figurines and trading cards.

I still own everything I had and I'll never give/sell them!
Anyway, I'm joining this forum because I love pokemon and I'd like to share my interest with you all. 8D

Blk Charizard
13th February 2009, 2:52 AM
Hi there NoNo and welcome to Serebii, make sure you read the rules and all that good stuff, there's lots to do and the people are great, have fun! =D

13th February 2009, 4:00 AM
Well, hello there NoNo! Have fun and all that other stuff.

13th February 2009, 4:22 AM
Bonjour, NoNo! That's pretty much the only French I know.

Hyper Chibi Absol
13th February 2009, 4:29 AM
Hi NoNo! :3 I saw your comment in the picture thread. Thankies. x3

Remember to read the rules and have fun.

13th February 2009, 5:55 AM
Hi there NoNo. Welcome to Serebii and have fun here.

~Silver Aura~
13th February 2009, 8:04 AM
Hi there Nono welcome to Serebii. Hope you enjoy your stay.