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13th February 2009, 9:13 AM

the previous create a dungeon thread kinda died out, i liked it, so i thought i'd revive it.
here's how you can create a dungeon:
Name: (the dungeon name)
Floors: (the amount of floors in the dungeon)
Pokemon that live there: (what pokemon can be found)
Unlock Criteria: (what you have to do to unlock it)
Terrain: (lava, water or air)
Boss/Treasure trove: (whats on the last floor)

13th February 2009, 10:25 PM
Name: Darkrai's Lair
Floors: 50 (30, then kanghaskan statue)
Pokemon that live there: arbok, mcargo, rhydon, seviper, absol, genger
Unlock Criteria: defeat darkrai at the Dark Crater
Terrain: lava
Boss/Treasure trove: Arceus, Rayquaza

14th February 2009, 12:14 AM
i'll do a bump dungeon:
name: draco den
floors: 80 + den pit
pokemon: all 1st evo form dragons up to B20F, all 2nd form dragons up to B60F, all 3rd form dragons up to B80F.
unlock criteria: find a missingno and kill it. a pokemon will then appear and talk about a dungeon that extends into the earth.
Terrain: air.
Boss: 3 sinnoh dragons, Draco Arceus and rayquaza, if you beat them, then Draco Arceus joins and talks about his 15 other plates that are missing in 15 dungeons, if you go to one of them, arceus must go with you.

Dragon Rules
14th February 2009, 12:48 AM
Name: Flower Paradise
Floors: 50 (kangaskan statue at 25)
Pokemon that live there: Venusaur,Meganium,Sceptile,Torterra,
Unlock Criteria: recruite tri dogs or tri birds
Terrain: air
Boss/Treasure trove: Shaymin,Celebi

Dragon Rules
14th February 2009, 12:48 AM
Name: Flower Paradise
Floors: 50 (kangaskan statue at 25)
Pokemon that live there: Venusaur,Meganium,Sceptile,Torterra,
Unlock Criteria: recruite tri dogs or tri birds
Terrain: air
Boss/Treasure trove: Shaymin,Celebi

14th February 2009, 8:20 AM
Name: Feline Mountain

Floors: 99 + Feline Mountain Peak, Kangaskan statue at 33F, 66F and 99F. Feline Mountain Peak(100F) is instant boss battle.

Pokemon that live there:

Meowth 1F-6F
Persian 6F-12F
Skitty 12F-18F
Delcatty 18F-24F
Glameow 24F-30F
Purugly 30F-36F
Zangoose 36F-42F
Eevee 42F-48F
Vaporeon 48F-54F
Jolteon 54F-60F
Flareon 60F-66F
Espeon 66F-72F
Umbreon 72F-78F
Leafeon 78F-84F
Glaceon 84F-90F
Mew 90F-99F

Unlock Criteria: Have completed PMD1 and PMD2. Doesn't matter which game you play but you need the other game in the other slot.

Terrain: Land, lava, water and air but air is most common between lava, water and air but land of course is MOST common of them all.

Boss/Treasure trove: You must defeat a group of one of every Pokemon found in the dungeon. Every Pokemon is Lv100. Once you defeat them you get to recruit all these Pokemon and you get a Elegance Charm and a Cat Charm and if you decide to combine them(recruit all Pokemon found in this dungeon but you'll have them when defeating the final boss) then you get a Cat's Elegance Charm.

And that is it.

14th February 2009, 11:36 AM
Name: Galactic Cavern
Floors: 32F + Cosmic Scarf(1) (water area) + 65F + Cosmic Scarf (2) (Lava Area) +98F + Cosmic Scarf(3) (air area) + Cosmos Pit (Kangaskhan statue at 33F and 66F)
Pokemon that live there:
Water Area: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed, Staryu, Starmie, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Wailmer, Wailord, Lapras, Lunatone, Solrock, Buizel, Floatzel
Lava Area: Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Vulpix, Ninetales, Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Slugma, Magcargo, Lunatone, Solrock, Houndour, Houndoom, Numel, Camerupt, Torkoal, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape
Air Area: Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Chansey, Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Natu, Xatu, Shuppet, Taillow, Swellow, Wingull, Pelipper, Lunatone, Solrock, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Spiritomb
Unlock Criteria: Complete full story mode, recruit Latis & do 3 optional missions
Terrain: Water up to 33F, Lava from 34F to 66F, Air from 67F to 99F
Boss/Treasure trove: Arceus (boss, can only be recruited if Cosmic Scarf (3) is held) and if Arceus is recruited, you can either get Cosmic Gem, Galactic Cape or Hidden Bow

BTW, those 3 items you get after beating dungeon and recruiting Arceus are species items for Arceus

14th February 2009, 12:43 PM
Name: Serenes Forest
Floors: 40F + Forest Clearing
Pokemon: Any 16 random non-legendary pokemon, at level equal to twice the floor number + 10. (2x + 10, x being the floor number.)
Unlock Criteria: Recruit 100 different Pokemon.
Terrain: None.
Boss/Treasure Trove: 15 random items, cannot be Pokemon-specific items.

14th February 2009, 2:08 PM
Even if the old one died, you should still ask for a mods permission to restart the thread.

Name: China Forest
Floors: 45 + 5 + Forest Clearing
Pokemon that live there: The grass starter and evo's, Single type grass pokemon and single type steel pokemon.
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Rotom and have all it's formes
Terrain: Land with patchs of water.
Boss/Treasure trove: 2 Empleon, 2 Torterra and Shaymin.

14th February 2009, 3:28 PM
Name: Time Forest
Floors: 10
Pokemon that live there: some flying and grass-type pokemon
Unlock Criteria: End md2 1st and 2nd storyline!!! Then go to Dialga again and get a time hole box from him
Terrain: Normal
Boss/Treasure trove:
The time hole box sent out a time hole, then..
Its Grovyle and Shiny Celebi comin out!!!(miss em! they will join your team reguraly!)

Mew Master
14th February 2009, 4:51 PM
Name: Final Quest
Floors: 99 (Kagaskhan on 33 and 66)
Pokemon that live there: All Starters + evos
Unlock Criteria: Have a fully completed md1 and md2
Terrain: lava
Boss/Treasure trove: Arceus gives you Grovyle and Shiny Celebi on 2nd Arceus lv100

15th February 2009, 2:02 AM
[SIZE="1"]Even if the old one died, you should still ask for a mods permission to restart the thread.

i suddenly find myself in hot water... :(

splash den
floors: 15
pokemon: all fully evolved water starters + poliwrath, milotic, gyarados 1-15
unlock criteria: beat draco den and recruit arceus.
terrain: water
treasure trove: 1 splash plate
restrictions: Arceus MUST be with you.
notes: this is one of the 15 dungeons where 1 of arceus' plates are missing.

lazer park
floors: 10
pokemon: electivire, raichu, j0lteon, luxray, ampharos, castform, Raikou & zapdos w/ mystery part only, plusle, minun, Rhyperior, manectric, ninjask, shedinja, yanmega, dragonite, salamence, metagross and rotom all forms.
unlock criteria: recruit a mudkip.
terrain: water
hazards: lazer traps that destroy anything in its way, it inflicts 30 dmg to you, this is vital to get to the stairs.
restrictions: none.
treasure trove: a lazer attatchment that makes you fire lazers instead of using your regular attack.

15th February 2009, 3:58 AM
Legendary Hideout
Floors: 50
Pokemon:Every Legendary (Not recruitable of course)
Terrain:Water, Lava,Valleys
Unlock Criteria: Have all 7 treasures
Weather:Clear, Meteor shower(20 dmg per hit)
Boss: Legendary Gang fight. o_o
Treasure: Lots of exp!!

15th February 2009, 9:43 AM
Name: Mirage Forest
Floors: 25F + Clearing
Pokemon that live there: Unown
Unlock Criteria: Recruit all Unown forms, have all Unown stones and do 3 optional missions
Terrain: Land + some water
Boss/Treasure trove: Engima Stone (only if all Unown stones are in bag)

Wigglytuff FTW!
15th February 2009, 4:31 PM
Name: Ultima
Floors: 75
Pokemon that live there: Steelix, Garchomp, Infernape, Froslass, Bannette, Salamence, Metagross, Jolteon, Misamgius, Nidoqueen, Torterra, Empoleon, Kabutops, and Igglybuff (all level 100, except Igglybuff, which is level 99)
Unlock Criteria: Beat entire game
Terrain: Air, Water, and Lava all on a floor at the same time
Boss: Dialga, Giratina, and Palkia
Treasure trove: Option of going to special room (you can still go through dungeon normally w/ boss as well) once every 7 days, the "special room" holds a random sum of poke between 50,000 and 1 mil.

15th February 2009, 4:38 PM
Name: Distortion Dungeon
Floors: 99F+1 summit
Pokemon that live there: All dark and ghost pokemon
Unlock Criteria: must unlock flower paradise's dungeon first. (shaymin's dungeon)
Terrain: land and water.
Boss/Treasure trove: Giratina and the platinum orb.


20th February 2009, 10:17 AM
create a dungeon how?

7th March 2009, 2:34 AM
Name: Aura Land

Number of floors: 30 + 15 + 1 (Aura Land, Aura Castle, Aura Castle Throne Room) (Break Area after first 30 floors) (Ascending style)

Dungeon Specifics: 4 Pokemon for rescue team, no legendaries, 15 friend rescues allowed. Wild Pokémon are at levels 52-57.

Pokemon that appear there: All non-legend Psychic types, Torchic, Combuskin, Chimchar, Morferano, Gible, Gabite, Dratini, Dragonair, Bagon, Shelgon, Larvitar, Pupitar, Riolu, Spiritomb

Pokemon Notes: Pokemon are randomly placed on each floor. Pokemon Can not be recruited on first visit, Pokemon can be recruited on second and further visits.

Unlock Criteria: Defeat Darkrai (Event will activate in the night.)

Area: All ground

Boss: Lucario (2200 hp) (Minions: Garchomp (1500 hp), Tyranatar, Blaziken, Infenerape, Dragonite, Salamance) Notes: Sandstorm ability will not activate. All other minions’ hp is normal.

Following defeating Darkrai, that night, a cut-seen will show a Riolu in a large, highly decorated throne room, walking from one side to another, when a dark figgure, shrouded in black aura, runs across the room, snatching up the Riolu. Lucario will come running in the direction as the shadow leaves. The following day, when you leave your base, Wigglytuff will be waiting for you outside. He will tell you of Aura Land and want you to explore it while the guild explores another place they just recently came across. When reaching the throne room, Lucario will be sitting on the throne, and will approach your team. He will ask why you are here. After explaining why you have come, Lucario will close his eyes and the room will go black. Only the players rescue team and Lucario will be visible. Aura will surround each individual. The player's aura will be almost the exact same black color as the shadow entity that took Riolu in the night. The room will return to normal and Lucario is outraged, mistaking the player as the kidnapper. Following a conversation the team will begin to back up but then a blinding light engulfs the room and the team is surrounded by the minions.
After defeating Lucario and his private guard, Lucario will calm himself down and notices the difference in aura. He will then explain the situation. After a Staraptor will come flying in and drop a piece of paper. Lucario reads the paper and realizes the location of his Riolu son. He sends his private guard away except Garchomp, who wants to accompany him to 'Shadow Sanctuary', the place where his son is held. Lucario accepts and asks if you and your partner will accompany him to Shadow Sanctuary. After you will return to Treasure Town to save and restock. Talk to Lucario beside Xatu's appraisal store when you are ready to go.


Name: Shadow Sanctuary

Number of Floors: 35 + 10 +1 (Shadow Sanctuary, Shadow Abyss, Shadow Grave) (Break after first 35 floors) (Descending Style)

Dungeon Specifics: Only you and your partner will be allowed with Lucario and Garchomp (Lucario-Lv.63, Garchomp-Lv.59) on first visit. Can not flee dungeon until completion or failure of mission. Three friend rescues allowed.

Pokemon that appear in the dungeon: All non-legendary ghost types, All non-legendary dark types. (Darkrai on floor 23)

Pokemon notes: Pokemon are randomly placed on each floor. Pokemon Can not be recruited on first visit, Pokemon can be recruited on second and further visits.

Unlock Criteria: Complete Aura Castle mission. Talk to Lucario in town.

Area: All ground

Boss: Giratina (Origin form) (3000 hp) (Minions: 3 Gengar, 3 Mightyana)

After Talking to Lucario you will go and enter the dungeon. When you reach the bottom, your team will enter the room and at the back is a large tomb stone with a bound Riolu at the base. When Lucario runs forward, a large dark cloud will form and Lucario steps back. The cloud spirals into itself to reveal Giratina in origin form. He will say it was all a trap to get Lucario down here to meet his demise. Giratina reveals that Lucario and his royal guard were the ones who bound him to the tomb stone when they defeated him. He found a way to extend his shadow to do his bidding. He also reveals Garchomp was once on his team, but was betrayed before the battle. When the team turns to escape (Except Lucario) The exit way is covered in shadows. Giratina: The way is shut. (Flash) It is made by those who are dead. (Flash, minions appear) And the dead, (Flash) keep it (Flash) shut. (Flash Flash) Now you will meet your (Flash Flash) demise. (Flash Flash) End Dialogue begin battle.
After defeating Giratina and his minions, Lucario will make an aura sphere made up of colors of the rainbow. He jumps fordward and impacts Giratina and the screens fades white. The screen returns to normal and Giratina is gone and the tomb stone fades away. After a warm family reception, Lucario will take you back to treasure town. Back at Sharpedo bluff, one of two things will happen: 1. If you do not have a Lucario, Lucario will ask if he can join your exploration team. 2. If you do, Garchomp will ask if he can join your expedition team. Lucario will let him join. (Lucario-Lv.63, Garchomp-Lv.59). On following returns to both dungeons, you will enter a treasure rooms with 10 chests in each.

Done finally, it took me an hour to type this, edit it, and change ideas. I feel like this should be like 20 posts or something. 915 words, WOOT!

7th March 2009, 3:19 AM
Dungeon Name: Sea Vortex
Floors: 25/Rest Area/25 Deep Sea Vortex, Sea Vortex Bottom
Pokémon: All Water and Psychic types except Legendaries
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
Terrain: Water and Deep Water
Boss/Treasure Trove: Lugia, Suicune, Manaphy, Phione, Splash Plate Arceus, Mind Plate Arceus (1st Visit); Origin Seal (Summons Arceus), all 17 Plates, Psyche Seal (Summons Lugia) (2nd Visit)

7th March 2009, 5:51 PM
Name: Origin Castle
Floors: 99
Pokemon that live there:
1-24: All Non-Legendary Kanto Pokemon(Randomized per floor)
25-49: All Non-Legendary Johto Pokemon(Randomized per floor)
50-74: All Non-Legendary Hoenn Pokemon(Randomized per floor)
75-98: All Non-Legendary Sinnoh Pokemon(Randomized per floor)
Unlock Criteria: Recruit all legendaries, and speak to Wigglytuff. He will tell you about a dngeon nobody has explored for thousands of years. Then at the crossroads Dialga, Palkia and Giratina appear and say that the Lord has deemed you worthy of traveling to the Castle. It can only be acessed via the Origin Land.
Terrain: Air
Boss/Treasure trove: Arceus
Restrictions: Only You and your Partner can go. No experience gained. No Pokemon recruitable. Arceus auto-joins on second and subsequent victories.

Name: Origin Land
Floors: 30+10(Origin Courtyard)
Pokemon that live there:
1-10: Dragonite, Charizard, Snorlax, Gengar, Alakazam
11-20: Tyranitar, Scizor, Feraligatr, Steelix, Umbreon
21-30: Salamence, Metagross, Sceptile, Dusclops, Shedinja
1-10(Origin Courtyard): Garchomp, Infernape, Empoleon, Torterra, Gallade
Unlock Criteria: Same as Origin Castle, except after being told you are worthy of traveling there speak to Lapras. He tells you of the only Pokemon that can acess the Origin Land. He lives at the top of Mt. Shadow, where he keeps his powers out of the hands of the world for its safety
Terrain: Water
Boss/Treasure trove: Electivire, Magmortar, Dusknoir
Restrictions: You and Partner only. No Pokemon can be recruited.

Name: Mt. Shadow
Floors: 20+Peak
Pokemon that live there:
1-20: All non-legendary ghost types(Randomized per floor)
Unlock Criteria: Speak to Lapras after being tol you are worthy of travelign to the Origin Castle.
Terrain: Lava
Boss/Treasure trove: Gliscor
Restrictions: You and Partner only. No Pokemon can be recruited.

19th March 2009, 3:39 PM
impossible DEN
222floors kangaskans on every 22nd floor
Pokemon to be found
every pokemon except legendaries
terrain: water 1-22 ground 23-70 lava 71-102 cloudy(like in sky tower)103-221
an invented confusion terrain(grass grows on every step)222
what to find on the 222nd floor:all legendaries you can join them in your parties
one at a time when you recruit 1 a door will open to the second 1

21st March 2009, 4:18 AM
Name: Spirit Paradise

Floors: 34+Meeting Place

Pokemon that live there: Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Misdrevous, Mismagius, Driftloon, Driftblim, Umbreon, Eevee, Spiritomb, Houndoom, Houndour, Absol

Unlock Criteria: Get Master Rank, finish the Seven Treasure guardians. Several days after that Wigglytuff will come and tell you about it.

Terrain: Normal

Boss/Treasure trove:
You got to the bottom of the dungeon and there stood a stone plate that said in Unown letters, "Touch here..."

You touch there, a blinding white light surrounds you and partner were now facing a fountain. A voice then spoke out, "*your name*, *partner name*, it's been a while..." Your partner looked around, confused. You, however, somehow remembers where this voice came from. A blurrey figure appeared but before you could call out, the white light disappeared and you are both back at the stone plate place.

Your partner then said, "Wow...I never thought..."

A melodic music came up and you thought, that voice...it was...it was...

Before the answer was revealed, the stone plate broke into two and a warp zone is produced.You gasped in surprise. You both step onto it and escapes from the dungeon.

After that, they'll be 5 treasure chest there instead.

Restrictions: Only you and partner on 1st go.

(I'll give a cookie for anyone who can guess what the whole damn thing is about.)

21st March 2009, 9:19 AM

the previous create a dungeon thread kinda died out, i liked it, so i thought i'd revive it.
here's how you can create a dungeon:
Name: (the dungeon name)
Floors: (the amount of floors in the dungeon)
Pokemon that live there: (what pokemon can be found)
Unlock Criteria: (what you have to do to unlock it)
Terrain: (lava, water or air)
Boss/Treasure trove: (whats on the last floor)

Man, I hope this is not lame on my part.

Darren's lair, Dungeon
Floors: I'd have 3 cave choices:
Cave 1, 50 floors
Cave 2, 100 floors
Cave 3, the ultimate extreme, 150 floors!
Pokemon that live there: All 12 starters of the game
Any Pokemon you could not acquire as friends would be randomly set in the cave.
If you got into trouble in the dungeon, you can use 'Jirachi's wish stone' to send you outside with all your items/money intact
My cave would provide all the evolution stones needed, link cables, etc. You'd also get revive seeds.

Unlock criteria:
Captured all legends
Did the 2 stories
Did the 7 treasures
Wigglytuff/Chatot would give that particular dungeon to you a week later, and you'd have a choice of who you want to send in there. Wigglytuff would provide you the Jirachi Wish stone and tell you about being able to leave that dungeon with your treasures intact if you got in trouble.

Also in the cave, stubburn legends and also Kecleon would appear on the 10th floor. You'd have to beat them to advance, and if lucky, they can be recruited.

Then, if you conquer the 150 floor dungeon, you get a special treat: You get teleported to the original Dungeon and meet the parties you set up. You both trade off your exploration highlights and then go back to Wigglytuff's guild courtesy of Gardevoir of original dungeon.

And you get to take back 10 random treasure chests. Only in that cave, you can carry back to 80 items.

21st March 2009, 12:11 PM
Name: Wormhole Chasm
Floors: 24F (Kecleon always selling Void Scarf on 12F (Void Scarf lets you travel on Voids and lets you get back to the guild from the future without having to traverse this dungeon)) + Dimensional Warp
Unlock Criteria: Complete storyline, get all 7 treasures, recruit Palkia and Palkia will tell you about it
Terrain: Void
Boss/Treasure trove: Dimensional Warp - lets you go to the future and meet Grovyle/Dusknoir (Need to either use Void Scarf or traverse this dungeon again to get back)

21st March 2009, 1:19 PM
name: fighting forest.
floors: 17.
pokemon that live there: machop, machoke, meditite, medicham.
unlock criteria: special mission only over wi-fi.
terrain: air.
boss/ treasure trove: Lucario.

21st March 2009, 1:50 PM
Name: Space plaza
Floors: 75, statue, then 99
pokemon: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Lunatone, Solrock, Dragonite, Salamence, Tropius, Metagross, Flygon, Torterra, Emploleon, Infernape, Raichu, Garchomp, Magnezone, Probopass, Rhyperiror, Electivire, Magmortar, Rampardos, Frosslass.
75F is Deoxys,then the statue of kanga
then deep space plaza
99F is Arceus

Terrain, air.

Unlockable after recruitin Darkrai.
:) lotsa pokemon

...You...who are you...?
You...dare to disturb...ME!?
I have slept....for centuaries...now...
I will unleash my power!"

Flash of light
You and you partner: WAAAAH!

Your sucked into a black hole.

Black hole dungeon

20 floors, each with a different type or arceus. Normal arceus in the deepest part of it (B20F)

pretty random, but im bored lol.

Only Arceus in Black hole dungeon. Its a bit like meteor cave in PMD1, you have to kill arcues to unlock the stairs.

21st March 2009, 3:22 PM
Dungeon name: All Mountain
Floors: 100
Pokemon that live there: ALL 493.
Boss: Shiny Shaymin.
Rules: You will be put to level 20 TEMPERALLIY!

26th March 2009, 3:08 AM
I'm gonna bumble this, but oh well.

Restart Dungeon
Pokemon:All of the starters from both games.
Criteria: Get a Treecko and a starter kit. You get both by meeting Giratina.

You and your partner both wake up in a strange dungeon. After traveling to the deepest part, you find exact replicas of yourselves. if you lose, then you wake up. If you win, then the replicas leave behind an egg. When you wake up, then a shape that looks like this ;000; is leaving. The egg hatches into a Mewtwo.

suicune lover
26th March 2009, 7:54 PM
Name: Frightning Whirlpool
Floors: A random number
Pokemon that live there: Any water type pokemon (No ledgends)
Unlock Criteria: Find the Water Harmonica and recruit Dialga and Palkia. Kelcleon will walk up to you the next morning with a letter thatenables you to go there.
Terrain: Water/Air
Boss/Treasure trove: On every 20th floor, there will be a water Ledgend (if you make it that far)

26th March 2009, 8:56 PM
Silent sea
floors 50
pokemon: lotsa different watertypes, + fossil pokemon
unlock: Manaphy will suddenly remeber this once you find the saqua gem and show it to him
boss: Kyogre and 16 dragonite

wolf fox
29th March 2009, 10:11 AM
Name: Demon Headquaters
Floors: 26 + Basement
Unlock Criteria: Have a Blue Silk in your Inventory and talk to Lapras. Lapras will then take you underwater and into this dungeon.
Terrain: Water
Boss/Treasure Trove: 2 Metagross and a Steelix. After you beat them, You will get a Metallic Cloak and a Nightmare Scarf.
Pokemon that live there:
Beldum B1F-B10F
Banette B1F-B12F
Sableye B1F-B10F
Vaporeon B1F-B11F
Pikachu B1F-B4F
Jolteon B1F-B30F
Dusclops B5F-B14F
Raichu B5F-B11F
Haunter B5F-B16F
Poliwhirl B5F-B17F
Metang B11F-B30F
Dusknoir B15F-B30F
Gengar B17F-B30F
Politoad B18F-B30F

30th March 2009, 7:53 PM
Name: Ancient Jungle
Floors: 55
Pokemon that live there:
Every fossil pokémon and every grass starter.
Unlock Criteria: Recruit the three regis and defeat palkia
Terrain: lava and water
Boss/Treasure trove: Mew, celebi, and jirachi

14th April 2009, 11:29 AM
Name: Magical Plains
Floors: 43
Pokemon: Eevee, Raichu , Riolu, Prinplup, Shinx, Wooper, Machop, Unown, Munchlax, Burmy, Corsola
Unclock Criteria: Give Chatot or Wigglytuff 100 oran berries
Bosses: Latias, (level 58) and Latios (level 57).
Terrain: Water

15th April 2009, 3:58 PM
Name: Mt. Dawn
Floors: 40
Pokemon: Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade, Burmy (Plant Cloak), Wormadam (Plant Cloak,) Mothim, Drifloon, Swablu, Combee, Vespiquen (Floors 1F-20F), Snorunt, Glalie, Froslass, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Altaria, Snover, Abombasnow, Meditite, Medicham (Floors 21F-40F)
Unlock Criteria: Activate a job at an unknown location.
Terrain: Normal
Boss/ Treasure Trove: Salamence (defeat to earn the treasure), 4 Deluxe Boxes, all containing Dawn Stones.

19th April 2009, 11:22 AM
Name: Destroyed Lands
Floors:99+Destroyed Peak
Floors 1-25:Vibrava,Meganium,Gligar,Porygon-Z,Dusknoir,Ambipom,Steelix(aprrox.lvl65)
Floors 26-55:Flygon,Meganium,Gliscor,Porygon-Z,Gengar,Ambipom,Dragonite,Tyranitar
Floors 56-80:Salamence,Primeape,Leafeon,Glaceon,Porygon-Z,Gengar,Abomasnow,
Floors 81-99:Rotom,Salamence,Froslass,Glalie,Slaking,Drifbli m,Staraptor,Dragonite,Tyranitar,Golem(approx.lvl75 )
Unlock Criteria:Recruit Arceus,Lugia and Ho-Oh
Boss:Evil Jirachi lvl70,Gengar lvl65,Mismagius lvl65,Dusknoir lvl65,Tyranitar lvl65
All Pokemon will be temporarily reduced to lvl55 if above lvl55
Only can bring in 5000poke
Certain pokemon are banned from entering: Arceus,Mew,Mewtwo,Kyogre,Groudon,Rayquaza,Celebi,G iratina,Manaphy,Phione,Lugia, Ho-Oh,Deoxys,Dialga,Palkia,Darkrai,Shaymin

btw,this dungeon has a LOT of joy and golden seeds
and monster houses,especially on floors 15,39,65 and 90

19th April 2009, 11:54 AM
Name: underwater forest
Floors: 30 + 15 (water tree path)
Pokemon:floor 1-10 - Clampearl, Corsola, Treecko, Horsea
floor 11-20 - Gorebiss, Huntail, Corsola, Seadra, Chinchou
floor 21-30 - Kingdra, Ludicolo, Huntail, Gorebiss
Water tree path 1-14 - Kingdra, Ludicolo, Huntail, Gorebiss, Lanturn
Floor 15 Boss - Kingdra, Ludicolo and Walrein (Team flood)
Unlock: Get all 7 treasures
Conditions: No water or grass pokemon allowed.
Items: Various chests, and gummis

19th April 2009, 9:57 PM
Name: Luck Fields
Floors: 20
Pokemon that live there: Pokémon with Super Luck ability and with Focus Energy and every pokémon is equipped with Scope Lends.
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Lati@s and they'll appear in the guild talking about a dungeon they tried to explore once.
Terrain: Forest, water
Boss/Treasure trove: When arriving the 20th floor, the player's team is ambushed by the next pokémon:
Restrictions: Only player, partner and one of the Lati@s

20th April 2009, 2:26 AM
Name: The Final Eclipse
Floors: 99F to Mid-way Point (The Black Moon), 50F to Summit (End of Time).
Pokemon that Live There: 1-33F: Bronzong, 1-33F: Porygon Z, 1-33F: Aerodactyl, 1-33F: Dragonite, 35-99F: Deoxys Illusions, 35-99F: Mew Illusions, 35-99F: Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf Illusions, 1-50FMid: Shaymin Illusions, 1-50FMid: Darkrai Illusions.
MINI BOSS: Shadow Dialga
Level 100
Roar of Time, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Ability: Shadow Absorb: Like all the Shadow Bosses, Dialga doesn't need a turn to recharge its attacks. It can simply use them in one turn, and attack again the next.
Item: Time Key: Allows you to return to Treasure Town when used (in a dungeon or on the field) and only functions in The Final Eclipse dungeon.

MINI BOSS: Shadow Palkia
Level 100
Spacial Rend, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Ability: Shadow Absorb: Like all the Shadow Bosses, Palkia doesn't need a turn to recharge its attacks. It can simply use them in one turn, and attack again the next.
Item: Spacial Key: Allows you to return to The Black Moon (Mid-way Point) when used (in a dungeon or on the field) and only functions in The Black Eclipse.

BOSS: Shadow (Starter) and Shadow (Partner)
End of Time (Summit)
Level 100 (both)
The shadows have all your attacks, can you use your items wisely?
Ability: Shadow Absorb, Shadow Swift: The shadows move twice rather then once. Can you beat your own shadows?

FINAL BOSS: Shadow Arceus
End of Time (after your shadows are defeated)
Level 100
Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Draco Meteor, Judgement
Ability: Shadow Absorb, Shadow Swift, Shadow Finish: Arceus makes it so that your items (except those you are holding) are useless.

End of Time (after Shadow Arceus is defeated)
Level 100
Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Draco Meteor, Judgement
Ability: Shadow Absorb, Shadow Swift, Shadow Finish, Shadow Switch: Arceus Origin can switch plates at will, meaning that your attacks aren't effective against Arceus if you don't have a good variety of moves or teammates.

Treasure Trove: After victory, the Primal Pokemon are restored to will in the dungeons. Also, your character gains the Shadow Plate, signifying you completed the game.

Restrictions: Only player and partner are allowed.

How to unlock: Beat or recruit Arceus.

21st April 2009, 10:02 PM
Dungeon name: The distortion world (For mystery dungeon explorers of the sky.)
Floors: 150
Pokemon: Dark types only
Unlock Criteria: Beat Darkrai and get Cresellia on your team. And be at level 100.
Boses on 10th floor: Uxie (level 95) Mesprit (level 90) Azelf (level 85)
Bosses on 50th floor: Dialga (level 90) Palkia (level 96)
Bosses on 100th floor: Shaymin Sky form (level 97) Arceus (Dark type) (Level 100)
Boss on 150th floor/ End of dungeon: Giritina origan form!

22nd April 2009, 10:09 AM
Infernal Abyss
Floors: B45+Deep Infenal Abyss B35+Infernal Abyss Pit
Charizard B1-45F,LB1F-LB35F
Spiritomb B1-B32F
Rotom LB34-B35F
Claydol B5F-B35F
Umbreon B15F-B23F
Rhyperior B20F-B35F,LB1F-LB35F
Milotic LB3-LB6F
Frosslass B34F-B35F,LB24F-LB33F

Groudon LV50

23rd April 2009, 9:01 AM
Mirage Island"

Unlock: Beat the guild random appearances when entering beach cave
Floors: 3 floors plus pit.
Reqirements: Turned to lvl 1
Enemies: Wynaut lv 30 - 50
Pit: two deluxe boxes (2 protein), wynaut recruitment.

9th May 2009, 2:26 PM
Dungeon name: Silent caper
Floors: 130
Pokemon: Normal types only
Unlock criteria: Get Phione on your team
Boss on floor 130: Shaymin sky form
Rules: You are not allowed to carry money with you and you are brought to level 1 only in this dungeon (You will be brought back to normal level in real time).

Erik Destler
9th May 2009, 5:31 PM
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