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15th February 2009, 2:13 PM
Hello fellow pokemon lovers! i thought i better introduce myelf. I have been into pokemon ever since the firered/leafgreen versions were released. I got into it because i won a contest on cheese TV (now toasted TV) and i got a GBASP and both firered and leafgreen. At that time I was a noob and I only trained one pokemon; my starter. I worked out I was making a big mistake when I challenged Koga, the fifth gym leader in leafgreen and got wiped... Luckily my neighbours older brother was a pro and helped me get on my feet. But now I am better than him lol. Originally I would just randomly battle not caring about EVs but now that I get more depth into them, i have decided to become a pokemon breeder! And thats what has made me the trainer/breeder today!

I first found this website when looming the internet for some good poke info. I found this site and thought it was absolutely brilliant! So ever since I have always checked this site for the latest news and any info I need. I have lurked over the forums a few times only to be confused on how it all works. But over the past month or so I have definitely worked it out and I am now constantly checking the forums out.

By my sig hopefully you can tell my two fave pokes are giratina;487-o; and glalie;362;. Im into glalie because the first time I got it, it had good accuracy and speed so my sheer cold would average 3/5 times usage in the 5pp ratio. I like Giratina because it looks awesome and the fact that its an interesting combo of types; ghost and dragon.

I hope I can contribute to the site more in the distant future. Until next time, see ya!