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Mariku -- kitten
16th February 2009, 1:13 PM
I'm Mariku, a 17 year old with nothing to do during first period at school~
Out of my group of friends, I'm considered the 'Pokemon Master', but there's a lot I don't know that I can learn here on Serebii. It's my intention to make myself more worthy of my title.
I've been playing Pokemon since it came out in America, and it's been a pretty big influence on my life. About four years ago I started playing it more seriously, rather than the way a child or young person would play it.
My favourite region is Johto~<3 I recently restarted my Silver and Crystal to replay them. I'm hoping that someday Nintendo will give us all a remake. After Johto, I like Sinnoh, Hoenn, then Kanto. My favourite Pokemon are Zangoose and Absol, and I'm beginning to really love Dunsparce.
Outside of Pokemon, I play Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, .hack//, Rune Factory, and I watch Silent Hill. I can't play it, though; too scary ;_; I don't watch the Pokemon anime often as I don't have cable, but that's the only anime I really watch. I prefer manga personally, with my favourite being Saiyuki. I also read Hana-kimi, Wild Adapter, Elfen Lied, and Princess Princess. RPing is one of my prefered pass-times on and off line. I draw and write, but I usually for myself. Requests aren't something I'm into, unless it really interests me.
I think that's enough. I tend to go on about myself quite a bit.

16th February 2009, 1:17 PM
Welcome to the forums Mariku! Wow, that's one prolong entrance. Try to have fun here and make sure to read the rules, and then read them again.

Yonowaru in Chaos
16th February 2009, 1:19 PM
That's quite extensive there. Of all qualities you have listed here, you should fit nicely and snugly into SPPf...probably need a bigger slot...but at least you'd be cosy :p


Welcome to here :D

Have a great time.

As usual, the next poster hands out pamphlets.

Oh yeah, and make sure to read the rules...twice :D

Blue Snover
16th February 2009, 1:24 PM
Hi welcome to the forums, here is you pamphlet *hands Mariku - - kitten a pamphlet*

Hope you have fun here, and i see from your introduction that you're a Johto fan, there's a Johto fan club, if you're interested, just be sure to read the first post.

Mariku -- kitten
16th February 2009, 1:25 PM
Oddly, I think that's my shortest introduction I've ever made. *laughs*

Thanks for the welcome~ I'll make sure to read the rules many, many times~

Edit: @ Blue Snover: oh, hurrah, a Johto club~ I'll have to go check it out!