View Full Version : Need help defeating Rampardos in Shadows of Almia

20th February 2009, 6:04 PM
I am on the mission in Pokemon Ranger where you have to stop the Rampardos and I need some help defeating them. My styler has 42 HP. My pokemon are: Larvitar, Magnemite, Munchlax, Growlithe, and Pinsir.

I never paid that much attention to the assist moves since I never had to use them during the battles, so please don't say anything rude if my pokemon aren't that useful for the Rampardos mission. Which pokemon would be the most useful for the fight against Rampardos, and where would I find these pokemon?

Also, is level 17 a good styler level for fighting the Rampardos? My Munchlax has started singing, as music notes are now appearing above Munchlax's head. What do these music notes mean?

I am playing the original Pokemon Ranger(not the Shadows of Almia one) that I got a few days ago, and I need some help. I am in Krokka Cave where you must smash apart three boulders with Hariyama. The Hariyama are in a small cave named Hariyama dojo and they are the only pokemon strong enough to smash the boulders.

I was wondering what the best assist move would be to use against Hariyama. Any suggestions on how to make capturing Hariyama easier? Also, how many Hariyama do I need to take with me to break all the boulders(I currently have two Hariyama with me)? Thanks for your help everyone. Please help me.

I need help with the camerupt fight in Pokemon Ranger. What pokemon assists would be good to use when fighting camerupt? Please help me. Thank you.

Never mind. I just defeated Camerupt by myself.

20th February 2009, 7:57 PM
Umm im sure theres a pokemon at the bottom of the vine that you climb down just before rampardos (or its before you climb) i just used all the assists i could that would stop rampardos just a little so i could get a couple of rings around it, but eventually you do slowly but surely.

But you know this should have really gone in the help thread, please remember this next time