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21st February 2009, 8:32 AM
Hey so I'm a newbie here and I have a question.

I understand how to search and donate for trade pokemon at the Global Trade but I'm not understanding how I would try and connect to the Wi-Fi to trade otherwise for pokemon I haven't seen and what not.

Would I use the stations in a Poke Center? Or is there another way?

Because from the description my friend gave me it was to my understanding there is an option on the start menu (the one where you're game is saved and you click on it to start your game) for Wi-Fi but the only thing I can find is Wi-Fi options.

Is there anyone that can help me with that?

I wish to trade for pokemon Not registered in my pokedex because my friend's brother I plan to trade with doesn't have everyone I'm looking for and I unfortunately do not have anyone else to trade with besides him and the Global Trade.

I apologize for the length and if it is confusing in any way but any help you can give me is very much appreciated. If I was confusing on something then just leave a reply asking for clarification on a part (obviously do specifiy the part).


Virtual Headache
21st February 2009, 1:14 PM
Would I use the stations in a Poke Center? Or is there another way?
Yes, exactly, go to the bottom of the Pokémon center for normal trades.

Also this place is for forum questions, please post in the right forum next time.