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22nd February 2009, 8:40 PM
I wasn't sure where to post this so I hope this is the right place.

It took a very long time for me to beat the Kanto Elite 4, what was especially difficult was Agatha because her pokemon had moves like Hypnosis and Dream Eater. I gotta say it was really frustrating.

Surfer pikachu
22nd February 2009, 8:56 PM
I will say that the Sinnoh&Kanto are the hardest E4 to defeat

22nd February 2009, 8:58 PM
Hoenn E4 sucked balls.

It took me ages to get passed the that ghost lady with the dusknoir.

22nd February 2009, 9:15 PM
for me it was kanto, i got past it in the first gen, but i just cant win in the 3rd gen!

22nd February 2009, 9:17 PM
Hoenn E4 sucked balls.

It took me ages to get passed the that ghost lady with the dusknoir.

Don't you mean Dusclops?

I'd say that either Hoenn or Sinnoh was hardest.

Yellow Aura
22nd February 2009, 9:29 PM
I think Kanto. They had higher leveled pokemon than the others, beside Sinnoh, but I got past it more easily.

22nd February 2009, 9:32 PM
Even though I think Hoehn's was the most frustrating, I think Kanto was the hardest to beat. It was pretty difficult. Darn that Lorelei! >:3

22nd February 2009, 9:35 PM
Hoenn and Sinnoh's elite 4 was extremely difficult to take down. :)

22nd February 2009, 10:00 PM
kanto was so hard for me i think i only beat it one time EVER!!!
hard to believe??
it's so weird i would go all the way to the dragon guy (forgot his name)
and lose
if i was lucky i would go to gary
and then lose there

The Thrashmeister
22nd February 2009, 11:01 PM
Kanto on FireRed/LeafGreen was probably the hardest for me...

Lord Scalgon
22nd February 2009, 11:05 PM
Kanto for me.

Took a bit of an effort to level up my Pokemon to stand up against the E4.

22nd February 2009, 11:20 PM
Kanto easily.

I remember dumping all my cash on fullheals/fullrestores before beating the first 2-3 over and over to level up and spending cash in between on consumables so that i'd finally be able to take out Lance's lvl 70(?) Dragonite. I swear, if i didn't have Toxic + Full Restore cheesed, i'd surely have lost.

It's a shame that i found out that the Pokeflute could be used in combat after getting to a point where Agatha was a pushover >.>

22nd February 2009, 11:44 PM
The Kanto E4 is a piece of cake if you bring Gengar with you. Then most of Bruno and Lance's Pokémon can't land a hit on you because their move pool is predominantly Normal and Fighting Type. I got a perverse pleasure watching Lance's Dragonite constantly fail to hurt me because it only had Agility, Slam, Barrier and Hyper Beam. Ha!

Unfortunately, Game Freak have wised up to such tactics and given the Sinnoh E4 Pokémon a much more diverse move pool. Cynthia was a nightmare to defeat because I was low on revives/potions and she kept anticipating my moves by switching Pokémon. It took a series of lucky shots before I finally nailed her Roserade with Charizard's Fire Blast. Definitely the most satisfying victory in the game.

22nd February 2009, 11:50 PM
I gotta say that Sinnoh was probably the hardest for me; Lvl. 66 Garchomp on Cynthia ftw T.T I beat it on my first try unlike all the others, but that was only because I was actually prepared that time. The Kanto/Johto/Hoenn E4 aren't nearly as hard.

Penguinist Trainer
23rd February 2009, 4:40 AM
I'm not sure if we are including the "Champion" with the Elite 4, but I've had more problems with Hoenn, mainly with the introduction of Steel Types. The Bug types in Sinnoh weren't very challenging.

23rd February 2009, 4:49 AM
Hoenn easily... I found it easy to defeat the champions though...
Wallace can be swept by a Grass type pokemon

I hated Drake the most... my god .. what an outrage!

Dragon Rules
23rd February 2009, 6:16 AM
Kanto have the hardest Elite Four members.
It took me sooo long to finally defeat Lance and my rival...

23rd February 2009, 6:27 AM
Kanto Elite 4 hands down. Followed by Sinnoh's. (Curse Cynthia's Garchomp Dx)

23rd February 2009, 6:40 AM
for me it was Kanto, sigh... I needed to have a lot of Revives and Full Restorers >_>

23rd February 2009, 11:26 AM
I always used to have major problems with the kanto elite four. but they may have bieng because of the fact i was much younger then...

23rd February 2009, 11:58 AM
The only one I can think of that posses any trouble was Lance in Johto's ellite 4.
Back then I did not know Dragons were weak to ice and so just had to pumel his 3 Dragonites with what ever my Pokemon had at the time.

To me Shinno's E4 was very easy. I entered it with all my Pokemon at level 50 and beat the lot on my first attempt. The Garchomp was tricky though especially since I couldn't work out its typing, I knew it was a dragon but I looked like a water dragon and so I used Torterra's grass moves on it which did normal damage (as what I expected) but then when my Luxray used Thunder fang and didn't effect it, I had to rethink its typing and quickly realised that it were a ground type.

23rd February 2009, 12:43 PM
Voted Kanto. I guess I wasn't experienced enough. This was the charizard I used as a 7 year old
~Fire spin
Nuff' said!

23rd February 2009, 1:07 PM
I remember Johto took me ages, I was sooo underlvled! I didn't think of training, I just kept trying.

23rd February 2009, 1:17 PM
Kanto on fire red was the hardest for me -.- i wasted all my money on revives and stuff and just about beat gary!

23rd February 2009, 1:20 PM
Voted Johto. Gold was my first game, and I beat the E4 when I was like 5 so it was really hard then. I remeber the first time I lost, I got freaked out because one person said if you lose, you have to start all over and I thought it meant the entire game so I freaked out the first time I lost to them. But I beat them in the 3-4th try.

Shiny Espeon0429
23rd February 2009, 8:21 PM
Kanto. Always has been. Perhaps, it was simply because I Overtrained for Sinnoh (all my pokemon were lv58, except Empoleon and Dialga (lv60)).
Hoenn, I initially found annnoying but I now can do it easily and Johto was a pushover!

Silent Conversation
23rd February 2009, 10:33 PM
Kanto was the hardest for me. Johto was pretty easy, Hoenn was a cinch for me. Second hardest I would probably say Kanto.

23rd February 2009, 10:45 PM
I think it pretty much depends upon which game you played first. The E4 (and the metagame in general) is always hardest the first time you play one of these games. Every time after that, you're more used to how the games work, and so you're better-prepared for what it has to throw at you. Personally, I remember fighting the Johto E4 first when I was ten, and not being ready for it, so they knocked me down at least three times before I got 'em.

I will admit, though, that Kanto and Hoenn seem like they would have the hardest repertoires for a first-timer.

23rd February 2009, 11:18 PM
Kanto. I can't beat them. That's excluding Green/Blue & Lance.
Hoenn was easy for me, but it took a while to beat the Dragon guy and the Champ went down after I first reached him. Sinnoh took a while since I didn't train half of my team (I fail :D), now its all easy. Never could do Johto since my friend has my Gold.

24th February 2009, 2:03 AM
Realistly I found none of them challenging. ( although I only beat Kanto's and Sinnoh's LOL), but for me it was kanto's the E4 had some quite strong lvl pokemon. Now Kanto's is too easy because I beat it 35-40 times. Sinnoh's was meh because most of my pokemon were quite strong.

24th February 2009, 6:06 AM
Kanto hands down if i didnt grind my starter i caught the legendary birds and kept reviving between the three the other leagues were jokes except when it comes to Cynthia and Steven

24th February 2009, 6:11 AM
Kanto take two in Fr/Lg.

Seriously, their entire teams raise around 6 levels.

24th February 2009, 9:10 PM
Honenn, just because I hated those elite four member so explicative much!

25th February 2009, 9:06 AM
the johto E4 was the toughest one for me to do, the champion had two dragonites i had some trouble with them.

25th February 2009, 2:01 PM
Sinnoh's was the hardest and Cynthia was the most difficult trainer to defeat...

25th February 2009, 2:05 PM
Hoenn's E4 just downright sucked

Kanto was the complete opposite.

25th February 2009, 2:13 PM
Kanto was the hardest for me x_x and Shinnoh was sooo hard too D: Johto was easy altough I was way underleveled for it. I have never played R/S/E so I dunno about that xD

25th February 2009, 7:16 PM
I'm surprised people think Kanto was that hard. Is it just nostalgia or what? RBY Kanto is a piece of cake, and in FR/LG, even though it's pretty challenging, it's not so bad if you prepare and level up. I actually found Agatha the most irritating on my second run through, to be honest.

Johto was the easiest E4. It got to the point where I was bored of kicking their asses repeatedly and had to fight Red over and over. They're just too low leveled, I think.

Hoenn was admittedly kind of tough for me, especially when I had Sceptile or Swampert. Part of the problem is that Steven's Pokemon are just so good. But then, it's not too bad at all if you can take his team out.

Sinnoh was definitely the hardest E4 for me, because much like Hoenn before it, there was some actual versatility in the movesets and some genuinely strong Pokemon. Mostly on Lucian and Cynthia's teams, but still. Nothing was quite as challenging to beat as that Garchomp. ;445;

Just my own opinion, of course.

25th February 2009, 7:23 PM
I have to say Hoenn. I really hate it. Glacia is the most difficult :S

25th February 2009, 7:36 PM
For me Kanto was the hardest to beat because Agatha's pokemon kept using Hypnosis. It was so frustrating but she was the only person i had a big problem with.

25th February 2009, 7:58 PM
I think it was the hoenn E4 for me

25th February 2009, 10:01 PM
Kanto. Johto was a pushover, because I hyped up my Typhlosion to 100. hoenn was harder, but still pretty easy. Steven murdered me a couple times, but Groudon fissured him out. Emerald-Hoenn was even easier with Sceptile and a Lv 72 Rayquaza. Umm, Sinnoh...fail. Aaron easy, Bertha easy, Flint really easy, Lucian kinda tricky with Bronzong, Cynthis was abotu half as hard as Steven.

26th February 2009, 5:38 AM
It took me a bit to get through Kanto's elite four when I first started playing, but I was younger and didn't use strategy like I do now. I kind of think I'm better at the games now than I was when I was younger so it's tough to compare.

I have to say Sinnoh was tough. I beat Johto and Hoenn pretty easily, but Sinnoh gave me a lot of trouble especially the final two. I actually barely beat Cynthia in the end and I've only gone through once so far.

27th February 2009, 5:08 AM
I remember finding Kanto easy, even though I could have only been like, 12 at the time. I rocked the legendary birds (I figured "hey, legendary, they must be good at stuff!") and blastoise. Articune destroyed Lance until he rock throw'd, and then blastoise finished up. I'm pretty sure I had a magmar or something to take out Gary's exeggutor and venusaur.

The real challenge was catching Mewtwo without a master ball.

I cant think of a name
27th February 2009, 6:19 AM
For me it was Kanto, but that's just because I was 5-6 when i got red version, I would defeat them with ease now.

Tezuka Kunimitsu
27th February 2009, 6:30 AM
i would have to say johto because of stupid koga and his ariados and forretress

27th February 2009, 10:43 PM
For me, Kanto was real hard. It took me about like 2 months to pass them.

27th February 2009, 11:01 PM
I found Sinnoh the hardest..
Hoenn easy With Rayquaza.
Kanto- Easy pie.

27th February 2009, 11:18 PM
It might have been because I was 11, but man I remember playing blue and just getting killed over and over again by Lance and his stupid dragons. I don't remember Gary actually being that hard though....
When I did the remakes...well I was 19 so they weren't as hard as I remember.

For anyone who played blue and red and then did leaf green and fire red later, which do you think was harder?

27th February 2009, 11:45 PM
Hoenn, just because of the wierd types. Dark, Ghost, Dragon, and then you get to Steven, who just has to have Steel and Rock types.

1st March 2009, 12:28 PM
Kanto, by far. Sinnoh was the easiest.

1st March 2009, 4:28 PM
I think sinnoh.

Sharks Shouldn't Fly
1st March 2009, 5:19 PM
I would have to go with Kanto, since back then there was really no easy way to beat Agatha, since dark-types hadn't been invented yet and there weren't very many ground-type moves.

In Johto, Lance was the only one that was really tough. Hoenn would be second because of all the weird types they had, and I beat Sinnoh on the first try.

1st March 2009, 6:11 PM
I'd mostly say Kanto...my own rival was the most challenging to beat, besides Agatha and Lance. I've never fought the Johto E4...although I helped my friend out with that. The Hoenn and Sinnoh E4 was a bit too easy.

1st March 2009, 6:27 PM
1 kanto
2 sinnoh
3 johto
4 hoenn

1st March 2009, 6:53 PM
Kanto (red game) waz hard 'cause of Bruno... mt Charizard had some trouble but was able to win...
the other E4 from kanto where also pretty hard for me since, most of them were my weeknesses... my team in Red was Charizard, Pidgeot, Graveler(didn't trade it so it didin't evolve), and the others I forgot xP

Omastar ftw!
1st March 2009, 7:00 PM
Sinnoh for me. That garchomp was evil! I got lucky and OHKO'd it because my amazing Abomasnow's ice punch got a crit!

2nd March 2009, 9:42 PM
I'll have to go with the Status Quo and say Kanto, but only Kanto 3rd Gen. And only the 2nd time.

I actually think Kanto hit the nail directly on the head upgrading their Pokémon after you beat them. It's the most realistic. I mean, if you beat the Elite 4, surely they'll go train until they're stronger, and give you a tougher time on each consectutive attempt.

Kanto in the 3rd Gen throws a real curve ball, something no other Elite 4 does.

2nd March 2009, 10:40 PM
Jhoto was so hard for me, it took me whole month to beat it...probably because I had one level 60 and the rest were under level 30! LOL

2nd March 2009, 10:41 PM
I've never found any of them particularly difficult, to be honest. I might say Kanto, because at the time it was the hardest. The fact that I'm ten or so years older now seems to make a difference in my battling strategy...

3rd March 2009, 11:41 AM
Pretty much either Kanto or Sinnoh... Sinnoh, I'd say.
Johto's was the easiest, though!

Mariku -- kitten
3rd March 2009, 1:46 PM
Ugh, Kanto. The rival's Pokemon are usually way stronger than mine, and by then, I'm mostly out of healing items.

I thought Hoenn was the easiest, personally.

3rd March 2009, 8:01 PM
It's gotta be Leafgreen or Diamond. Either way I'm good.

LeafGreen Reasons
Ice Type=Sheer Cold
Ghost Type=Nothing's
Dragon Type=Everything's
'Not Very Effective'

Diamond Reasons
Aaron=Drapion's not
Bug Type (Poison &
Flint=Steelix isn't
Fire Type (Steel &

3rd March 2009, 8:15 PM
Johto purely because I sturggled on the dark type trainer.

3rd March 2009, 8:23 PM
I have to say kanto as well. I knew so little about pokemon at the time (I think I was 12 when Red/Blue came out over here). I struggled and struggled and got a team together and used all my best items to beat the Elite 4...and then I found out that Gary was the new champion. My pokemon were all half-fainted and I was out of items.

3rd March 2009, 10:47 PM
Hoenn, for the simple reason I used non- ice types and dragons on the fourth elite. He is the only one I can't defeat easily, aside from the second from Johto, who I found quite challenging but a bit easier.

3rd March 2009, 10:57 PM
For me it was the Kanto region. I especially thought both Agatha and Lance were difficult. Agatha's pokemon know things like dream eater, hypnosis, ect. I thought lance was difficult mainly because he was really late in the elite 4, and my Pokemon were degenerated. I also got to admit, the Sinnoh elite 4 was difficult. The Hoenn Elite 4 stinks like heck though.

4th March 2009, 3:50 AM
Sad to say, but Kanto gave a run of trouble. >.o

surfer treecko
4th March 2009, 8:12 AM

The Kanto one is overrated.

4th March 2009, 12:25 PM
I would have to say Kanto. It was pretty annoying! The first one with the Ice was actually really hard for me. Lance was a major problem, and all my guys were practically dead every time I reached Gary.

Gallade Masta
4th March 2009, 10:01 PM
i picked johto beacuse it was the hardest for me and i did not have the kanto game

4th March 2009, 10:18 PM
Sinnoh is the hardest because it is the only one ive tried other than hoenn and hoenn was simple

4th March 2009, 11:21 PM
it took me huge chunk of time to beat sinnoh e4 so id have to say that one

5th March 2009, 11:50 AM
definetly sinnoh for me.
i had a pretty crappy team, because i was in a hurry to finish it, to get the national dex. i should of trained more, because i ended up making myself take longer

5th March 2009, 3:17 PM
Personally, Kanto was really hard. Probably because I was younger, but in Firered i think I was much more used to it.
Hardest champion was Cynthia though - Garchomp with no ice attacks/speed sucks balls.

6th March 2009, 3:13 AM
Jhoto... For some reason Lance was so freaking hard for me then.

Kanto (old/new) is next, followed by Sinnoh and Hoenn for me. Hoenn was such a pushover...

6th March 2009, 3:30 AM
Kanto 3rd Gen, oh my dear GOD.

In 1st gen, the first one who would give me problems would usually be Lance. I went through all 155 of my Full Restores, not to mention 50 Max Revives when I took them on recently in my Fire Red game. Granted, it was my first time fighting them, so my pokemon didn't have the 'hit your head against a brick wall until you win' exp boost you usually get from the Elite 4, but even Lorilei was kicking my butt. Lapras and Jynx took more time than the other three pokemon of hers :<

Sinnoh Elite 4 is a close second. Hoenn Elite 4 could be soloed in its entirety by a good Blaziken, and the Johto Elite 4 was...lacking.

6th March 2009, 1:03 PM
Kanto for me, seeing as how my highest leveled pokemon was 75 and the second highest was 40.

7th March 2009, 11:33 AM
i would say jhoto everyone is easy the easiest one was sinnoh i flew through it.

7th March 2009, 11:50 AM
the hardest for me was Hoenn

Sapphire Phoenix
7th March 2009, 7:30 PM
A tie between Hoenn and Sinnoh for me. Lucian and Cynthia murdered me, while my pokemon weren't strong enough for the Hoenn E4.

8th March 2009, 3:35 AM
Kanto was so hard! Lorelei wiped out all but my articuno by the end of the battle, Bruno has annoyingly fast onixs, Agatha used toxic and double teamed OVER AND OVER again, I swear I won by a fluke. (only in 3rd gen, ive never played RBY before) Sinnoh was easy, I knew Cynthia's Garchomp would be hard to counter, so I prepared a Gyarados just for that. Hoenn and Johto were easy.

Umbilical Noose
8th March 2009, 4:23 PM
Kanto was hardest for me too. Only Bruno was there who was not that strong but others were quite powerful. In the first go lorelei took four of my pokemon and i ended up in pokemon center just after i approached agatha.

8th March 2009, 4:33 PM
I've beaten them all in the past two months or so.

Kanto[Yellow]- lv60 pokemon. My lv45-48 pokemon didn't fare very well, but thanks to 50 revives adn a bunch of strong attacks, I won. So if you exploit their weaknesses, they're not hard.

Johto[Crystal]- I didn't find this one hard at all. They were low leveled and this time I had like, lv50+ pokemon.

Hoenn[Sapphire]- Steven proved to be difficult, with his steels. Again, I went in about 5-10lvs under and after countless resets, I made it.

Sinnoh[Pearl]- I hope you have a well trained, or high level team. I tried going in with my balanced team, who have the worst movesets, and I struggled on Lucian very much. His cockyness got so annoying after a few attempts. ;P

Hardest would probably Kanto, since it crammed a bunch of gyms in relatively close conditions, and there's no way for you to get the +5 lvs to be even with the gyms AND their typing was like one you hadn't had much training against before.
Ice/water, Fighting/Rock/Ground, Ghost/poison, Dragon, Rival.
Unless you had a balanced team, you're in trouble.

EDIT// You guys struggled way more than I did... I used Pikachu, Charizard, Hypno, Fearow, Tauros and Gyarados.
Pikachu+Charizard for Loreli, then revive everyone who died.
Fearow and Gyarados for Bruno. Then revive everyone who died.
Hypno and Pikachu for Agatha, then revive everyone who died.
Pikachu, Tauros[Blizzard] and Gyarados[For Aerodactyl], then revive everyone who died. [I used a couple more than needed here, since Aerodactyl kept Hyper beaming]
Gyarados, Pikachu, Charizard, Hypno, Fearow, Tauros for Gary, revived Pikachu and Hypno since they died on Alakazam and I needed them for later.

8th March 2009, 8:38 PM
Kanto was definitely hardest for me, I was repeatedly failing to get past Agatha, despite having Charizard, the Water typing always hindered my progress.

9th March 2009, 7:44 PM
Kanto was terrible for me, part of it was probably that I was so young and had no idea what I was doing though.

9th March 2009, 9:39 PM
I agree with most people here Kantho was really hard, but that might also be the cause of being the first pokemon game and I didn't botherd of grinding my pokemons to high levels and I didn't care about the move set of the pokemons back then. :P

9th March 2009, 9:42 PM
I agree with most people here Kantho was really hard, but that might also be the cause of being the first pokemon game and I didn't botherd of grinding my pokemons to high levels and I didn't care about the move set of the pokemons back then. :P

I think that's what you'll find with most people honestly, movesets weren't as important as how cool the pokemon was.

9th March 2009, 10:43 PM
Kanto and Sinnoh were both pretty hard I thought. Especially Kanto in FireRed after you got the National Dex.

9th March 2009, 11:50 PM
Kanto hands down. Every time I restart LeafGreen, even when I train a lot, I still end up spending hours just leveling up even more. Even then I end up using a lot of revives and full restores. Sinnoh would come next, especially Lucian.

10th March 2009, 2:54 AM
definitely Kanto. i was too lazy to raise a dragon pokemon to beat lance's dragons. and i took me awhile to figure out what they were weak to. stupid dragonairs...
and then trying to beat Gary after beating Lance.

10th March 2009, 3:00 AM
yeah, Kanto it is. stupid dragon pokemon.. =/

12th March 2009, 4:11 AM
Kanto (FR) E4 took me a week and a half to beat the darn thing... my Pokemon were around lvl53...it took me 50 revives and 30 full restores to beat the evil people.

12th March 2009, 4:21 AM
I've manage to learn Kanto inside out, and as far as I can remember I never had a problem with Jhoto, same with Sinnoh.
Now Hoenn is another story.
R/S/E was about the time I stopped keeping tabs on Pokemon and didn't know any of the new pokemon at all.
When I fought them, they took me out easily. It definitely took me some time to get it down.

12th March 2009, 4:34 AM
Sinnoh's elite 4 fo sho. My lack of a grass type made fighting Bertha harder than it should of been (and while I did have a Mantine there was still the problem of her acursed Quagsire and Whishcash).

12th March 2009, 7:05 AM
For me Hoenn was super hard. I kinda got bored of Pokemon when I got Ruby, and didn't know any new Pokemon (I didn't even know that Trapinch evolved into Flygon, lol) until some kid I met told me about Serebii =]
It was also hard getting past Will in Johto, but after that it was easy. Sinnoh was a lot easier.

13th March 2009, 4:16 PM
I'm gonna have to go with the majority on this and say Kanto. As with most people I was young and didn't quite grasp the entire concept yet. I just used the legendary birds, my Blastoise, Gengar, and some other high level pokemon I caught on champion road because they were the highest level I had seen and I figured that they would easily win, haha... d'oh!

13th March 2009, 4:33 PM
Sinnoh was a serious pain for me because I jumped into it too early and then saved after I beat the first person. I ended up having to try and defeat pokemon 20+ levels higher than me. But thanks to a plethora of items I finally managed to do it after several tries.

13th March 2009, 7:18 PM
The hardest E4 has to be Kanto, just because of the high levels, and Agatha. Hoenn is the easiest, with Sinnoh coming in second, Johto in third, and Kanto in last.

14th March 2009, 12:44 PM
For me definately either kanto or sinnoh. Yup, no doubt about it.

Yes yes yes!!! I caught Burmy!

15th March 2009, 12:23 AM
Kanto by a long shot. I barely got past it the first time.

All Hope Is Gone
15th March 2009, 12:38 AM
kanto took me like 20-30 tries.

15th March 2009, 2:27 PM
what come on kanto is the easiest by far!!!!!

15th March 2009, 2:40 PM
I think the one in Sinnoh was the toughest, although the Kanto one is only slightly easier. But this is if you count the champions in, too. The ones in the Johto and Hoenn games had set types but Blue and Cynthia were multitype trainers.

15th March 2009, 2:52 PM
thank you, someone who agrees sinoh was hardest lol

15th March 2009, 2:57 PM
Hoenn E4 sucked balls.

It took me ages to get passed the that ghost lady with the dusknoir.

She did put up a pretty good battle.
I'd have to agree with you, Hoenn was the hardest. Along with Fire Red/Leaf Green's Elite 4.

15th March 2009, 6:14 PM
They're all tough in their own respects.

Kanto took me a few tries to beat, but I went in with pokemon that were type-superior to everyone except Lance.

The Hoenn League was kind of easy up to Wallace; his Milotic is the biggest b*** in the world, especially when you're not using anything that has a type advantage over it.

The Sinnoh League is incredibly easy with a full party, but using a single pokemon to try to sweep the entire thing is really tough with the pokemon I use; my strongest pokemon can't get past Bertha or... the psychic guy only because of type differences.

Magmar Master
15th March 2009, 7:14 PM
Kanto (R/B/Y) because the levels were higher and it is harder to train on those games.

17th March 2009, 3:02 AM
Here's my choice for the hardest to the easiest

1. Shinto was the hardest cause of all the diverse pokemon and movesets, and the fact that there were little ice pokemon to kill that garchomp with....I am glad that in platinum there will be more ice type pokemon

2. Kanoto to be honest i never did have a problem with these people exept agatha she was the hardest due to her gangar's hypnosis and dream eater.

3. is a tie between hohen and johto beacuse all you needed to kill the hohen league was a level 55 blazekin for ruby and saphire and a level 60 septile in emerald and in johto all you need was one of the starters to be level 55 and you are most likely going to beat them

17th March 2009, 4:24 AM
^^ you spelled 3/4 of 4 of the region names wrong...lol


Killer Grunt
17th March 2009, 1:02 PM
For me it was definately the kanto e4 that were the most difficult especially in the first gen games.

17th March 2009, 4:37 PM
Kanto was the hardest one especially sicne after the champ there was Gary- the easiest is shinooh .In Johto I sucked at the Houndoom of that darkness lady- because of crunch and flamethorwer

Jesse GS the II
17th March 2009, 4:40 PM
From what I recall, Kanto wasn't that difficult for me. At least, not in FireRed, where I actually trained my team (I breezed through Blue with a hacked Level 100 Charizard and unlimited Full Restores, so that doesn't count). I pride myself on perhaps being the only person in history to successfully use a Butterfree against the Elite Four.

Johto was pretty simple. In Crystal, I had an Espeon that knew Bite. I pretty much wrote my own ticket.

Hoenn is the only series of games in which I have still not challenged the Elite Four. But when I do, I can't picture them being too difficult (c'mon, nobody before the Champion even has anything over Level 55).

As for Sinnoh, well, I just defeated the Elite Four yesterday in Diamond, using my team of Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Staraptor, Luxray, and the Toys 'R Us Regigigas for backup (Icy Wind came in handy against Cynthia's Garchomp). I did struggle at times, though really, the only headache inducer was Lucian's Bronzong. I knew exactly what would happen when I fought it - Infernape would get in one good Flame Wheel attack that wasn't quite enough to knock it out, then Bronzong would take out Infernape in one hit with Psychic. Sure enough, I was right.

17th March 2009, 4:56 PM
They were all easy, although Hoenn was the hardest to defeat.

17th March 2009, 5:11 PM
I have the worst time with the Kanto Elite 4. No matter what I do I always have a hard time with Agatha. It was a little easier when I started using a Alakazam, but it was still tough. The other E4's from toughest to easiest:

1. Sinnoh
2. Johto -easily my favorite E4
3. Hoenn

EDIT: Woohoo! Rank up!

18th March 2009, 2:05 AM
It took me ages to beat the Hoenn Elite four, the Johto one was hard to, and Kanto and Sinnoh were the easiest for me, which is ironic because those are the two highest rated for being the hardest :P

18th March 2009, 2:22 PM
None of them were incredibly hard, but I remember many years ago with the original R/B that the Elite 4 threw me for a loop when I first saw them.

And then once you finished with them, you had to deal with Gary.....

Very annoying at first. XD

Pkmn Breeder Jack
18th March 2009, 2:27 PM
Kanto's E4 in FR/LG. Everything else was incredibly easy.

18th March 2009, 2:27 PM
Kanto. It was so hard to battle Lance, especially when your Pokemons don't have any moves that are super effective against Dragons. (>.<)

Overheat Hothead
18th March 2009, 3:35 PM
I've always considered Kanto the hardest. Hoenn was the easiest for me. Sinnoh was in between, although I probably wouldn't have had such a hard time on the Psychic member if I trained something other than Infernape.

I haven't played Gold / Silver, so I don't know where those would fit in.

18th March 2009, 4:28 PM
They are all easy. I voted Hoenn's Elite Four, I think they still got the most potential pokémons and types, but their levels were a bit too low.

Kanto's Elite Four were nice because of high levels, but in R/B/Y they sucked against the ghost type and in FR/LG their levels were dropped, even the games were now longer. Johto's Elite Four were weird, they were kinda low levels, but the last gym leader had also very low leveled pokémons, so gyms and elite four were balanced. But G/S/C had kinda big events and possibilities to train your pokémons, so I think both gyms and elite four were too low levels. Sinnoh's Elite Four were ok, nothing specific to say.

Pkmn Breeder Jack
18th March 2009, 5:03 PM
They are all easy. I voted Hoenn's Elite Four, I think they still got the most potential pokémons and types, but their levels were a bit too low.

I actually found Hoenn's to be the easiest. Blaziken swept the first, third, and fifth trainers in RS, and Wallace came in to stop that in Emerald.

Spider Pig
18th March 2009, 9:24 PM
Probably Kanto, but if you have a super-effective move on your team for each Pokemon none of the E4s are really that hard.

18th March 2009, 10:21 PM
kanto, i chose charizard and didnt really train much else other than him and a dragonite. So loreile pwned me on the 2nd times round. First try I won but once they leveled up it was harder, much harder.

18th March 2009, 11:39 PM
I actually found Hoenn's to be the easiest. Blaziken swept the first, third, and fifth trainers in RS, and Wallace came in to stop that in Emerald.

Heh, I actually used my Blaziken to beat Wallace (although I had to use all 3 of the pokemon I brought with me to the League to defeat his last pokemon, Milotic; I wound up battling it to the point where it could only Struggle, so I used Blaziken to land the killing blow. It was truly an epic battle.).

18th March 2009, 11:46 PM
Kanto, I was such a newbie, I was screaming at Lorelei to stop harrasing me.


Hehehehehe. y/y

hawaiian ale
20th March 2009, 4:23 AM
Kanto e4 waz hard

20th March 2009, 4:24 AM
Kanto in FireRed, the 2nd Time through. I gave up they were dominating me so badly.

20th March 2009, 7:42 PM
kanto,because its harder to train because most pokemon give a little exp and theira pokes can be tough to beat compared to other regions

*cough* bugs in sinnoh *cough*

Zero Nexus
20th March 2009, 7:51 PM
Definately Kanto. Wierd though, as Sinnoh has the highest-level Pokemon of all the E4's yet Sinnoh was cake for me.

I think it was, from hardest to easiest; Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto.

The Johto E4 were a pushover, there's no denying that.

20th March 2009, 8:10 PM
Kanto's Round 2 in FR probably was the hardest. How many Pokemon did not pick up at least one of Surf, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt or Ice Beam? Lance stopped playing games with you and comes with the business. If you team is not faster than his, then even using super-effective types tends to be risky.

Unless you trained up to match some of their levels or packed a Rock-type or Ghost for Lance, the Kanto E4 probably was not a pushover, either (Lorelei was a pain, regardless). This is not counting the "Champion" because then most of us would have to give it to Sinnoh due to Cynthia's Garchomp alone. That will probably also be worse with Platinum's Round 2.

Counting the Champions, I would probably start at the most recent and go backwards in time for difficulty. Sinnoh, Kanto Remake, Hoenn (Steven and Wallace were not fun to battle after Drake), Johto (Lance may not have had a "balanced" team, but if you did not have access to a strong Rock or Ice attack you could be in a world of trouble, even if all his Dragonites were technically hacked.), Kanto (provided you remember that Agatha's Ghost were part Poison and lacked Levitate back in the day).

20th March 2009, 11:41 PM
I had the most trouble with the FR/LG Kanto Elite 4. Especially after they leveled up a bit.

24th March 2009, 12:05 AM
I'm with the majority; Kanto by a clear mile. On Blue I was caned by Lance constantly cause of my low leveled Pokemon... so I went back to Victory Road and, well, leveled up my team. Did that help? EVENTUALLY. By eventually... ha, lost count.

Leaf Green? No problems first time around... then they all had to up their Pokemon about 12 levels each. It was like going back in time. xD

Lord Genuine
26th March 2009, 8:37 AM
Hoenn was the easiest IMO, followed by Sinnoh, but that was probably only becuase I traded my Prinplup off for a lv70 evd Lucario lol.
Kanto is the hardest I think, I still cant beat them on Leaf Green >.<

26th March 2009, 9:35 AM
Johto... Oh wait, that wasn't a League, that was a farce.

I'd probably say a tie between R/B (Not so much Yellow) and Post-Game Kanto in FR/LG - Unless I cheat and get Mewtwo first. If I don't Revives litter the floor of Lance and my Rival's rooms.

26th March 2009, 12:03 PM
Kanto because Gary's Blastoise would always destroy me.

26th March 2009, 1:13 PM
Kanto in FireRed, the 2nd Time through. I gave up they were dominating me so badly.

hmm, yeah i have a bad experience with that one as well, though in my case i only used one lv88 starter to get through it, what was your team?

26th March 2009, 1:49 PM
kanto the old games, I was under leveled
sinnoh, lucian D/P he was hard on my first try

Lord Genuine
26th March 2009, 4:51 PM
kanto the old games, I was under leveled
sinnoh, lucian D/P he was hard on my first try
I didnt find Lucian that hard, his Bronzong annyed me a bit though
with Hypnosis.

Aaron was easy, Ground lady was tricky. THe fire guy's Infernape was hard, but I could cope with the rest. Cynthia was the hardest though, by far.

26th March 2009, 5:12 PM
I found the Sinnoh League ground-type woman particularly hard.

1st April 2009, 11:16 AM
Sinnoh was tough, but it didn't take me THREE WEEKS LIKE HOENN DID. (I hate you Steven.)

I don't see why you're all whining about Garchomp. It was easy to K.O. I took it out in like three turns. MILOTIC was the clincher for me. Thank goodness for Charge Beam!

1st April 2009, 12:52 PM
Kanto, No question, Agatha and the stupid hypnosis

6th April 2009, 9:08 PM
My first game i played was Ruby. I was kind of noob...
I had all my pokemon over lvl 60 and yet i couldn't beat that sucked Steven!
His Cradily was too bad!

6th April 2009, 9:35 PM
Kanto. Definitely.

My pokemon were waaay to underleveled. I had to lose about 50 times in order to get my pokemon equal to Gary's <_<

12th April 2009, 4:04 AM

My Pokemon were Lvl 70 around the time, well, if you count 1 Venasaur as your team, even that was a bit hard.

Sinnoh would be second, but seeing as after that disastrous playthrough of using an underleveled team the second time round playing FR, my Pokemon were well over Lvl 70, this time using 5 Pokemon, and I swept the E4 with no problems.

12th April 2009, 4:10 AM
Its Kanto,Hoenn,and Shinnoh were really hard lol :S
Kanto: in the first round was really hard since my team had 2 not weak to ice and lance would use a dragonite for charizard just to use blast burn since I could not use a super affected move.
Hoenn:Drake would love to use ice beam and flamethrower and that made me loose the battle.
Shinnoh:Cynthia would win in 6 rounds D: So im not going to tell about that

Zetta Awesome
17th April 2009, 7:52 PM
The first pokemon game I played to the Elite Four was Pokemon Ruby and I wasn't sure of what to expect from them. I had no idea what I had got myself into. I had to rely on Blaziken hitting a critical on both Metagross and Aggron or I would have lost. Actually I saved before facing Steven and loss to him about 10 different times. When I started Leaf Green, I expected the Elite Four to be easier so I did pretty poorly, I remember that Lorelei and Agatha frustrated me, Lance was pretty easy though. The final battle against my rival was pretty great I had to switch in my filler pokemon I forgot to put in the PC and heal the rest of my team many times.

17th April 2009, 8:21 PM
1) Kanto - The HARDEST! couldn't even defeat 1 elite. In the end i had to train my WHOLE team to lv 60 just to beat it.

2) Sinnoh - Second Hardest Took a Few Goes TO do With Palkia and Infernape.

3) Hoenn - Absolute rubbish, this isn't a elite four, its a group of crappy trainer with overpaid jobs, took out all five with a lv 50 taeam on first go. I was pretty disapointed with this elite four. :(

18th April 2009, 10:35 AM
Maybe it's just me but I think Kanto would have to be the easiest (can't really say about johto since I haven't played any of those games in a long time) Sinnoh would definitely have to be the hardest, especially in platinum.

When you face Aaron's drapion for the first time and Fire attacks aren't super effective you don't really know what to do. Bertha, well she was fine. Nothing was hard on her team. In diamond and pearl Flint was a pain due to the lack of fire pokemon, but in Platinum he was easy.

Now is when it really started getting hard. When I think of Lucian, I think I HATE BRONZONG, besides that he isn't too hard. Now for Cynthia. I think I used at least 30 revives and full restores on that Garchomp and I eventually killed it through hail stalling. Her togekiss was also surprisingly difficult. When I first played against her Milotic I thought it was hard but once you hit it with a physical attack it goes down like a magikarp in a thunderstorm.

So in challenge I would have to say Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Kanto (like I said can't really judge Johto, but from what I remember they weren't that hard)

pokemon special
18th April 2009, 11:07 AM
it took me forever to beat Hoenn E4. Kanto was the easyst

18th April 2009, 11:07 AM
I haven't played Johto but Kanto, Sinnoh and Hoenn were all really easy.
I think that the E4 is a kind of hard if you aren't prepared but I am always prepared so it's easy :D

18th April 2009, 6:40 PM
Hoenn's elite four was rather hard in my opinion. More so than Sinnoh's, Jhoto's or Kanto's at least. My team for Hoenn was pretty terrible though. >_>; After I shaped up my team quite a bit it was easy as pie to defeat. Still, they posed the most problems over any of the previous Elite Four's.

5th August 2009, 6:42 PM
Hoenn was hardest to beat.Sidney isn't hard at all.But Phoebe and Glacia was a nightmare for my poor Blaziken,especially Glacia's Walrein.Drake was also very hard,but never as hard as Phoebe and Glacia.Good thing both Steven and Wallace aren't that challenging compared to their E4.

5th August 2009, 7:04 PM
i really dont know who was hardest proably hoenn for me, but if all the elite 4 joined together and battled each other sinnoh would win.

Shadow Gamer
5th August 2009, 7:11 PM
My Elite 4 Hardest to Weakest list would go:

-Johto (This one was just pathetic...)

5th August 2009, 7:27 PM
Hoenn was so easy for me and my Blaziken. ripped right through it

Johto was hard. I hate Will and Karen!

6th August 2009, 8:58 AM
Kanto was the most difficult for me. The first few runs are easy, it's just that ....

After about 15 runs through the Elite Four, Gary the Champion becomes hella hard, having a lvl 72 Tyranitar if I do remember correctly.

6th August 2009, 9:07 AM
I would say Kanto Elites, especially in the FRLG rematches after gaining the National Dex.

Not only because their Pokemon levels are boosted by about 10 levels, also their Pokemon have "smarter" movesets which have good coverage of their weaknesses.
For example, Lorelei's Lapras knows Psychic which Fighting type Pokemon are weak to; you need to be careful of Bruno's Pokemon's Rock Slide if you use a Fighting type Pokemon; Lance's Gyarados knows Earthquake which will cause heavy damage to your Electric, etc.

6th August 2009, 10:13 AM
Kanto for me. It was hard enough getting past Lorelei, but once I'd done that I completely ripped through. I had some more trouble with Agatha and Lance, but Bruno and your rival weren't too difficult.

6th August 2009, 10:52 AM
Sinnoh was the hardest for sure Bertha's Gliscor is a pain...

6th August 2009, 10:54 AM
Sinnohs Elite 4 was the hardest for me. especially in platinum for some reason they got stronger in platinum then they were in D/P

Absol trainer
6th August 2009, 12:48 PM
Sinnoh E4 in Platinum just was not cool. I only used three (!) pokes and I was already underleveld at Aaron. Still made it though :D

6th August 2009, 1:02 PM
definitely Kanto. If you weren't faster, you were almost always OHKO'd

6th August 2009, 6:01 PM
Definitely Kanto for me, the levels were a bit higher than other regions.

6th August 2009, 6:02 PM
Kanto wasn't too hard....until I got to the rival....

7th August 2009, 5:33 AM
fire red and leaf green are so hard.
Ruby,Saphire, and Emerald were way to easy(beat it with 5 pokemon...no higher then lvl 55)
Diamond and Pearl were pretty hard...Platinum was easy...

I nvr played johto...

7th August 2009, 5:44 AM
In hoenn it was pretty hard beating glacia and her walrein,but other than that the elite4 weren't that hard.

But in sinnoh god that lucian and his bronzong were just to much!!!

7th August 2009, 5:48 AM
I had issues with the Hoehn elite 4

Typhlosion Trainer
7th August 2009, 7:08 AM
I would have to say the Sinnoh and Kanto elite 4 were the hardest to beat.

7th August 2009, 4:56 PM
Kanto for me.

7th August 2009, 4:58 PM
its between the kanto and hoenn for me

i hated the last e4 member in the hoenn e4 i foget his name though XD i hated his salamence -.-

Crazy Chaos
10th August 2009, 2:27 AM
Kanto or Sinnoh, but since I was younger when I played the Kanto Elite, I figured it was just because I was stupid. (lol) But I think the Sinnoh one is difficult, My pokemon tend to faint more often for some reason...especially against Cynthia.

13th August 2009, 10:38 PM
to me the most difficult ones were Hoenn and Sinnoh

It was mostly smooth sailing untill the Champion
(Curse you Wallace and Cynthia)

[Name] the [Occupation]
14th August 2009, 12:03 AM
I voted Hoenn simply because Ruby was the first game I bought. I remember using Leaf Blade on Drake's Salamence and wondering why I kept losing.

15th August 2009, 4:20 AM
Every member of the Hoenn E4 gave me a lot of trouble.

15th August 2009, 8:08 AM
Kanto is probably the toughest so far (I still have to beat the Elite Four in Platinum), but the hardest battle I've had to fight at the Pokemon League was against Champion Wallace in Emerald. His Milotic was the most insanely difficult opponent I've ever faced; I actually had to get it down to where it could only Struggle before I managed to defeat it.

*Jean Grey*
15th August 2009, 3:52 PM
Kanto most definitely, I had the unfortunate luck of winning both battles with my rival, Moron, so his Eevee evolved into a Jolteon...which always killed everyone on my team. This was in Yellow.

15th August 2009, 3:55 PM
It was either Kanto or D/P Sinnoh.
But Pt Sinnoh was pretty hard, so I have to go with Sinnoh.

15th August 2009, 4:00 PM
They all had their hard points.
Kanto: Agatha/Lance
Johto: Karen
Hoenn: Phoebe/Drake
Sinnoh: Lucian

15th August 2009, 4:03 PM
Kanto was the hardest for me, followed by sinnoh (platinum). The easiest was johto's e4.

15th August 2009, 4:18 PM
I think the was the hardest,because Lance and Gary were almost unbeatable.

15th August 2009, 4:20 PM
mine would be kanto.I had a hard time with lance

15th August 2009, 4:21 PM
mine would be kanto.I had a hard time with lance

16th August 2009, 1:20 PM
Loved the Kanto E4 because they were a challenge the first time around. Although, I didn't really have a great understanding of the game at that age so that may have been why... xD

26th August 2009, 8:18 AM
rematch kanto: damm gengar ,and not one, but agatha had TWO gengars!!

and sinnoh was the most frustrating because cynthia skillfully switches at the right time >.<

26th August 2009, 6:47 PM
Sinnoh was pretty hard the first time, Cynthia's Spiritomb's with no weaknesses was annoying. Then there was Garchomp and its Dragon Rush/Full Restoring >_>

Magmar Master
26th August 2009, 7:28 PM
I find Kanto and Johto are hardest because it's harder to train in those game games.

but Kanto is hardest with Lorelei freezing you and Lance's hyper beams and they all have good teams.

26th August 2009, 7:50 PM
Kanto, because the levels were high and I felt it was tricky to level up in order to contend with Lance and your rival...

But Drake in Hoenn had that mofo Salamence who got me everytime. Luckily I grew a brain and used ice in my movesets which helped a lot.

26th August 2009, 7:58 PM
I would say Lucian... he had a lot of strategy.

Mr. Mime for setting up walls, Alakazam & Giraffee & Medicham as Special, Mixed & Physical "sweeper" respectively, Bronzong as wall/annoyer.

26th August 2009, 8:10 PM
Kanto by far. It took me longer to beat this one than the others.

30th August 2009, 1:10 AM
For me it was definetely Kanto. It was the first game I played and my Pokemon kind of sucked. And, after Bruno, everything went downhill from there. :/ Took me forever to beat my rival...

3rd September 2009, 1:15 AM
I said sinnoh. It was so hard to defeat the 4th person.

3rd September 2009, 1:59 AM
The hardest to defeat in my opinion to defeat would be the Johto region from G/S. They didn't exactly have the toughest Elite Four, but it was really hard to have decently leveled Pokemon without LOTS of excessive level crunching.

I'd say Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh tie for 2nd though.

BogleDominic Crazy Anime
15th September 2009, 9:58 PM
Hoenn coz Drake, Phoebe, Glacia and Steven/Wallace are hard to defeat since I've got pokemon Ruby/Emerald!

15th September 2009, 10:08 PM
Definitely Kanto.

The re-matches were just so dam hard. ><

15th September 2009, 10:11 PM
I can't remember Kanto first gen (i own blue but i can't remember anything) but the third generation kanto was so easy. I always beat it on my first try. Sinnoh was tough because of lucian and his bronzong and cynthia's garchomp. Hoenn had its fair share of challenges too. I think we can all agree that jhoto's elite 4 was the easiest

16th November 2009, 11:36 AM
Kanto always gave me fits, particularly Agatha. Sinnoh was fun though, mainly due to Flint in Platinum. I was actually really excited to battle him.

15th January 2010, 4:07 PM
I thought the Sinnoh and Kanto ones were pretty challenging. But the Kanto one was harder.

15th January 2010, 4:08 PM
In Hoenn. they were the strongest.

7 tyranitars
16th January 2010, 3:33 PM
kanto is the hardest but that is most because of the gengars :p

16th January 2010, 3:37 PM
Kanto. It shouldn't of been that hard.

16th January 2010, 3:41 PM
By far,Hoenn.I won it in Emerald,because of Raquzza.

16th January 2010, 4:03 PM
The HGSS E4 is the only one to beat me, mostly because lack of good places to train in Johto, and Lance's high levels.

16th January 2010, 9:42 PM
For me, I know i had trouble beating Kanto on Yellow version, but that was when I was younger and didn't train pokemon properly.

Now, I would say Sinnoh was the hardest to beat. The 6 Pokemon I had had nothing on Lucian's Bronzong. I often went through all 6 of my pokemon on him. Once I reached level 55 with all 6, I barely squeaked past him, and got tremendous luck with critical hits and with my Crobat's Poison Fang move on Cynthia for the win.

16th January 2010, 9:45 PM
Emeral's. Only one I lost to. Many because I saved just before the champion, but didn't have enough items and wasn't strong enough. And like LucarioWolf, I needed Rayquaza to beat it.

18th January 2010, 1:16 AM
I say Hoenn only because out of the two leagues I've tried, (Hoenn and Sinnoh) Hoenn seemed harder.

18th January 2010, 6:59 AM
i have to say kanto because well the ice lady i think her name was lik lorea or something pain than lance bigger pain but then then your rival mmmmm hate them so that what i have to say

18th January 2010, 9:45 AM
I thought Hoenn's E4 was the hardest, specifically with Wallace as the champion. Although maybe that's because I didn't have any Electric-type Pokemon... and my grass-type was a Cacturne. But Drake was a challenge to beat as well.

Kanto's E4... yeah, that wasn't as hard. Of course I had a hard time with them in Yellow at first because that was the first Pokemon game I ever had, but after getting a Hypno to level 60 it was pretty easy. In Leaf Green, I remember having few problems as well, even though my Pokemon were only level 50-ish.

Johto's E4 were pretty easy, as far as I remember... though Karen was a bit of a pain to defeat at first. I remember I couldn't beat the E4 until I did a bit of "research" about the new Johto Pokemon and what types they were. Even so, I had to use a Lugia to defeat them. (this was in Silver) But in Crystal things were a bit easier.

I barely remember my E4 battle in Sapphire, but I think it was easy only because I had a Kyogre on my team. Legendaries make it easier, it seems... and the E4 is definitely harder in Emerald, as I said before.

As for Sinnoh... it ranges from very easy to very hard. For me the easiest trainer there is Lucian; I've swept his team with a Dark-type Pokemon and a Fire-type for Bronzong. The hardest for me is Flint, oddly enough; once his Pokemon set up Sunny Day, my water Pokemon have trouble... and Infernape frustrates my Pokemon with Earthquake.

18th January 2010, 10:13 AM
Sinnoh, mainly due to fast Pokemon such as Flint's Infernape and Cynthia's Garchomp.

Kanto in third gen comes a close second.

19th January 2010, 6:37 AM


It was the only one I remember playing and being like OMG YES! I BEAT LANCE IM THE NEW.....wait a minute.......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I got no more potions :(

Every other one i was just meh, ok, here we go. I was also young and i remember all my friends and I had trouble.

19th January 2010, 2:13 PM
Kanto. I tried beating them on my friend's Blue game but I couldn't even get past Lorelei.
I haven't beat Hoenn's yet, but I'm already at Drake, but his type of Pokemon have advantage over my strongest. :\

19th June 2011, 3:07 AM
I reckon Unova and Sinnoh are the hardest, I haven't challenged the hoenn and kanto elite four and champion and Johto was cinch, I hate lady caitlyn's siligyph, don't you? Cynthia's garchomp is pretty hard but I got past it with cheats, HA!

19th June 2011, 3:12 AM
For me it would have to be Kanto or Hoenn. They took me heaps of tries.

23rd June 2011, 4:11 PM
Hoenn was hard for me, with Kanto being a close second. I blame Phoebe's annoying Ghosts annoying me so much and Drake's Salamence destroying a lot of my team.

23rd June 2011, 4:14 PM
the johto elite 4 cuz lack of training places.

23rd June 2011, 4:30 PM
Kanto was always tricky. Definitely a challenge.

23rd June 2011, 5:33 PM
The elite 4 from the hoenn region was tough for me :/

23rd June 2011, 5:38 PM
The original- Kanto.

28th June 2011, 3:26 PM
Kanto was most difficult for me. Lorelei gave me some problems, while Agatha caused me many hardships. The other Elite Fours were quite easy, especially Johto (only the Champion was hard there).

5th July 2011, 10:20 PM
Kanto for sureee!!But in HG/SS Will's Xatu,Koga's Crobat,Bruno's Machamp and Karen's Umbreon were nightmaree!

Darth Revan
11th July 2011, 2:34 PM
Johto i think...Lance was impossible to beat,

12th July 2011, 5:59 PM
Hoenn in my opinion was the most frustrating but Kanto was the hardest due to the level of their Pokémon compared to mine. If generation five was included then I would have voted for that as my team struggled in that elite 4.

13th July 2011, 4:05 AM
I voted Sinnoh, but I found the Sinnoh and Kanto Elite Four to be equally tough. I'm ALWAYS underlevelled when I reach the Elite Four in the Kanto games. I often have problems against Lorlei (Dewgong + Lapras are hard to OHKO), Agatha (I hate Confuse Ray + Hypnosis), and Blue (he's always like 10 levels higher than me, plus Alakazam's Psychic hurts). With Sinnoh, I find Lucian and Cynthia hard. I had major problems against Lucian's Bronzong for a while since I didn't know it was a Steel type at first. Cynthia's Spiritomb gave me problems because itis hard to OHKO and Embargo makes setting up against it difficult. Garchomp was annoying too, since it often outspeeds my Ice Beamers.

29th July 2011, 3:54 AM
I had problems with the shinoh elite four

7th August 2011, 3:16 PM
I say the Kanto/Sinnoh leagues were trouble for me. Hoenn wasn't a challenge and Johto had some challenges but not diffcult.

Lance The Champ
8th August 2011, 8:48 PM
Sinnoh... especially Cynthia

8th August 2011, 9:27 PM
Sinnoh's Elite Four. It took me two tries to beat Aaron the first time I challenged the Elite Four in Diamond version, and then I lost to Bertha right afterwards. The other two weren't much easier.

Meowth City
8th August 2011, 9:32 PM
I think Sinnoh is the hardest. A Bug-type Elite and a Ground-type Elite took me by surprise. Lucian was pretty hard to take down due to his Bronzong having the Heatproof ability and, of course, Cythnia is a toughie.

10th August 2011, 1:21 AM
Hoenn. Kanto was tough though, and Sinnoh was tough in D/P, but easy in Platinum. Lucian's Bronzong......

10th August 2011, 6:09 PM
The Kanto Elite Four. Lance and his Dragons are really hard to deal with.

Mr. Reloaded
10th August 2011, 6:15 PM
Kanto was hard as crap
Johto was easy
Hoenn wasn't too hard.
Sinnoh only took 2 1/2 days.

10th August 2011, 6:16 PM
Unova! I started with oshawott, and it was a pain to get throught the first, took me a full week just to get to N!

10th August 2011, 6:19 PM
Definitely Cynthia. Her pokemon are incredibly overleveled compared to you. (Although I swept her with a CurseLax I sent over from Diamond as a level 9 Munchlax.) I swept the E4 in this way. Her Garchomp = troll with Dragon Rush's power. And problem's with her Spiritomb in Diamond? Easy as crap to set up on, as it seemingly spams Dark Pulse, when it should be using Psychic on Infernape while I set up SDs..

10th August 2011, 6:29 PM
I had alot of trouble with the Kanto Elite4

10th August 2011, 6:36 PM

And Kanto was hard like probably the hardest...

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16th September 2011, 9:16 AM
my hardest e4 was hoenn. it just took forever to get past them for me

Desert Maverick
24th October 2011, 8:34 AM
I thought the Sinnoh one in Plat was hardest, because my team was barely pushing 45 the three times I went through the game that far. Aaron was a bad leadoff guy for my team and generally Flint toasted me regularly for the first few runs. That and Cynthia is a pain in the you-know-what. Close second was the Kanto one. Hated Agatha with a passion!

24th October 2011, 3:49 PM
It was probably Hoenn for me. That damn dragon trainer.

24th October 2011, 5:01 PM
For me it was always kanto, agatha and lance, then blue. Ugh that was just designed to mess you up.

Aura Of Twilight
24th October 2011, 6:00 PM
Defentiely Kanto. The elite four there was a pain in the a** to defeat. Lance and Blue were the kings though. They gave me a headache....I remember cursing at the gameboy advance screen for like five minutes. lol

24th October 2011, 6:04 PM
Kanto was only hard because we all were little back then and had no Idea that they'd be at that level but to me it was the ice type trainer that keep beating the hell out of me.

24th October 2011, 8:38 PM
I thought Hoenn was horrible compared to the other E4s, it's like they didn't want to be the most forgettable of the lot.

If U Seek Amy
24th October 2011, 8:38 PM
I remember how I would drop the F-bomb at my game during the Kanto E4...

24th October 2011, 8:39 PM
Kanto, because it was the first one i had to face.

Mr. Reloaded
24th October 2011, 8:44 PM
I remember how I would drop the F-bomb at my game during the Kanto E4...

Thank you
Someone did the exact samething I did but for me the elite 4 wasn't much but it was always always the first one that killed me countless time it was horrible.

24th October 2011, 10:21 PM
I don't know really. I didn't struggle that much with the Sinnoh elite 4 so I have to say it was Hoenn's elite 4.

16th November 2011, 4:52 PM
I'd say Kanto. Probably because the memories of me beating it where when I was just a child. So, it'll always seem extremely difficult. -.-

23rd November 2011, 8:07 PM
The sinnoh elite four in diamond gave me trouble but the got way to toned down in Platinum. Seriously their original teams were a lot better.

Platinum fan.
24th November 2011, 12:49 AM
The Hoenn Elite 4 were tough! I honestly didn't think the Kanto one's were all that tough, remake or original. Probably because I battled them so much. I mean they weren't pushovers but really only Agatha was a challenge of that group. The Hoenn one's were not easy at all.

24th November 2011, 1:34 PM
I found the Elite Fours of Hoenn and Sinnoh the toughest. Kanto never gave me any big problems, and Johto has always been the easiest of all (seriously, the strongest Pokemon there is at level 50).