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21st October 2004, 9:53 PM
Well, i got it up in the first day, and i'm proud of it. I got 2 people to beta it, and they both say its great. Nor ratings yet, i can do better.

Oh, and the prequel, The Forest Newbie, can be found here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=15264&page=1&pp=20).

Well here is the prolouge:


Prologue – 25 Years

One year ago, I killed that *****, I stabbed her, and I completed my mission. I am now paying! Not anyone else. I’m a hunted man, and I dread every minute of it! I HATE! I HATE running, I have the weapon to fight, but they have numbers. Every day on the move, every day fearing my capture. But my destination was near, I WAS going to get my Prize!


“SHUT UP JAMIE!” I screamed at my child. He was getting on my nerves with his constant crying, and cradling his small, clothed body was getting to be more of a chore, than a hobby.

My child, James Gordon Tashna had short blonde hair and a chubby pink face. His eyes weren’t visible at the moment, because the idiot wouldn’t stop crying. But they were usually green. His white fluffy hat showed a brown teddy bear that was sucking its thumb. This went well with his white cotton fleece and the tiny white trousers. I had to admit, he was cute.

But the frustration was absolutely killing me! And being an ex-member of Team Snagem doesn’t do a lot to your patience, ’cause let me tell you, we kill first, ask questions later.

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly an ‘ex-member’, but I was taking a long break, until I could raise my child to a suitable age, I couldn’t go back. And even then, I had plans to quit, and take that *****, Jess Barkley, place was going to be my aim. Well, they hadn’t got a new champ yet; they were still re-building the elite-four, after James Fisher had killed the lot of ‘em.

Yep, he was a great kid, I longed to see him again, but the state he’ll be in, well, that’s going to be hard to explain. Being chased isn’t the best thing.

Everyone knows who he is, and the fact they’re all little snitches, doesn’t help his case.

Moving back to my one-year-old baby, I had noticed after continuous rocking, the little dick was off to sleep. Laying him back into his wooden cot, I raced towards the red leather sofa near to me, ready to take a well-deserved rest.

I was in a small house in the middle of Gonbar Village. The building had three rooms that showed how small it was. The one I was in was a kitchen and living room. The pale blue walls went well with the white ceiling but crashed with the rouge carpet. Whatever idiot chose that should die, but this house was short term, I hoped…

The Kitchen was separated from the sitting are I was in. It still had the same walls, ceiling and floor, but had several wooden work areas. I had stacked everything neatly and I thought it looked nice organised. Next to the kitchen, were the stairs leading up to my bedroom, and a white door that lead to the only bog in the house.

I grabbed the nearest magazine and started to read, it was the nearest to peace I could get around here. The telly would always wake Jamie up.

The doorbell rang as I flicked open the first page, disrupting peace as Jamie awoke and burst out into tears.

“****ING HELL!” I screamed, throwing the magazine onto the floor with all the force I could. “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET PEACE AND QUIET AROUND HERE?”

This put Jamie into more tears. I sighed, picked him up and rushed over to get his bottle, which I held in front of his mouth and watched him feed. I then walked over to the door opened it to find a surprise awaiting me.

“Hi Lucy, long time no see!” The teen before me chirped.

“Hi James, Come in quick before the cops see you.”

He took this opportunity to jog into the room.

“So how’s being a seventeen year-old single mum turning out?”

“Hell.” I replied. He giggled at this.

He was taller than the last time I saw him, and also a lot more scared. I could tell he had been through a lot recently. His emerald eyes showing hatred and fear. His spiky blonde hair standing up, almost as a reaction to fright. He wore a black cloak that covered a black jumper and some black trousers. He had sports trainers on; and I bet that he had stolen all of these, apart from the cloak, that, his mum and dad had given him.

“So how did they come so quickly, tell me what happened?” I asked.

“Well…” He gulped. “When I asked her the mission question, she chose life and threw her remaining pokemon off the cliff, I stabbed her in the heart, but then realized she’d pressed a button. With a chop to the neck.” He paused, seeing my puzzled look. “Removing the head from the body, with a slice.” He paused again, to see my re-assuring nod. “I smothered my blade in her blood, to show evidence that I did kill her, to you, I slotted my sword into its scabbard, and started to climb up the cliff, and ran.”

“I see…” I replied, in a sort of ‘I don’t get it, but I do’ manner. “Well, I gotta make a phone call, I’ll be back in a minute!” I told him.

He nodded. I got up, put Jamie down, and rushed upstairs.


“Back!” I chimed, coming back down the stairs.

“So you are!” he replied.

“Well, here’s your reward!” I told him.


“It’s a Mew, legendary pokemon.”

“I know,” he warned.

“Why don’t you stay here for a minute or two?” I asked.


The minute passed, we chatted, telling each other what had happened between the last time we met. Which was all I needed. In the next minute, they came, and my final mission for Snagem was complete.

“Time to go, James!”

“Yeah, I better get moving,” he said, getting up and heading for the door.

“Bye James, See you in twenty five years!”

“What?” He pondered as he opened the door, turning to see the cops in front of him.

I giggled, and waved to the nicest looking one.

“Y-you *****…” he stuttered, as one of them grabbed his arm. He just stood still.

“James Fisher, you’re under arrest for numerous murders, shoplifting and for destroying public property.” One of the policemen said, twisting him round and dragging him away.

“You utter *****!” he said, while being dragged away. “YOU ****ING *****! I SWEAR! I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL MURDER YOU AND KICK YOUR ****ING ***!”

The last sights of James Fisher I saw, was him kicking and screaming insults like a little baby, being dragged to the nearest police car.

With a last giggle, I walked back to my magazine, and read.


Shiny ;135;

≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
21st October 2004, 11:57 PM
Good job. It is a little vague, but I guess it's meant to be that way. Anyway, you're good at writing fics. Congrats!!!

Treecko 93
22nd October 2004, 12:16 AM


Anyway, pretty good prolougue! I like Luc betraying him. Can't wait for more!


22nd October 2004, 1:40 AM
Even with the fact that I haven't read your previous fic, I do love this one. ^^ Makes me wanna read A Forest Newbie now. =P Should I btw, like, would I not understand some things if I don't?

Anyways, you have great character personality/development and a nice style of writing that hook me in and which I love btw lol.

Flow was nice as well. ^^ Good ending, threw me off. I kinda expected it yet didn't . . . o_O don't ask.

Anyways, hope you write another chappy soon!

LaTeR dAyZ!

22nd October 2004, 6:46 PM
Thanks guys. Breezy, it would helkp if you read FN, because the Jess bits make more sence then. Treecko, i'm sorry, its all part of the plot, but Jess plays a major part in the fic, so turn that frown upside down, i think...
Thanks for the reply Sheer Cold.

I can see i had more fans than in FN, which is good.

I'll get started on the next chapter now.

Your mate

Shiny ;135;

Charziken 13
22nd October 2004, 11:51 PM
Whoo, Shiny J. You took me by storm. I was expecting some nice work. But this blew me away. You have developed the characters nicely, and James really seems like a criminal now. But why did Luc give him a Mew before calling the Police, as they would confiscate it? Whatevr. Im sure all will be revealed in time. Kudos, Shiny J. Im eagerly awaiting chapter 1!

Eternal Rain
23rd October 2004, 12:46 AM
Ok it was nice, a little weird though in the begining I didn't know who was the narrator! James is weird now and I can see why you call it the END.........

23rd October 2004, 9:37 AM
Thanks guys. The reason she gave him a Mew, was because he would get his reward, then lose it.

I'll keep the chapters coming

Your mate

Shiny ;135;

28th October 2004, 3:47 PM
Here's Chapter 1 people. Again, please don't rate this yet, because i'm not at a standerd I'm happy at. People who read my last fic, and know what the pokemon were described like, then skip most of this chapter, because its just description after description, which I don't like. I like the conversation between James and Mew though, i fund it amusing to write, and the start i liked to write. And yes, violence is back.

Oh and sorry its tiny, i wanted it to be bigger!


Chapter 1 – 25 years-Part 2

“I sentence you! James Fisher! To a life sentence in jail, you are to young to be hanged.” The judge spoke.

I looked in his direction in disbelief. Twenty-five years. That would be hell. I sure had got into a deep hole, and I needed to dig my self out of it. That ***** would pay, that, I was sure of!


My cell stunk. It had puke on the grey stonewall, a rough white mattress on an old worn out bed. The three bars blocking my way out formed the traditional barred window, and the door and wall that blocked my other exit were also barred. This was going to be a long twenty-five years.

Outside the door, was a glass container, containing five pokeballs, and my sword, stained with blood. The sword was only there to torment me, but I could hardly see how that worked. And the five pokeballs contained my five pokemon, Jolteon, Vibrava, Wartortle, Combusken, and my Mew, who I hadn’t seen in my life. Somehow, they had resisted the temptation to take my Jolteon to the labs, to carry out experiments to see, ‘how can that kid have a painted Jolteon?’ The thickos, it’s a shiny!


As I suspected, this was going to be a long twenty-five years. Although the news got quite interesting. Within a year of me being locked up, the waiter from cerulean had committed suicide, so our guess of a week or two was wrong. It was more like three years, but it was a good guess, sort of…

My mum and dad had visited me every year. On my birthday, but they were the only guests I got.

Also, in the news, was the fact that the pokemon league had found a new champion. It had been seven years since I killed Jess, but they had found someone. The Elite Four was hard enough to form, but the champion wasn’t the person I wanted to hear of. Lucy bloody Tashna was the new champion, with her team. Her child was ten, but was still taken care of. Apparently, according to Luc, ‘he would become a great pokemon trainer, but not as good as her’.

And sure enough, ten years later, with me being in prison for nineteen years, he was the forth member of the elite four, he would die as well.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that I could come up with so many plans to kill the two of them, all of them were trash, and I still had six years.


Finally, twenty-five years were up, I was now thirty-eight, and had wasted most of time regretting the fact that I had joined team Snagem, maybe Jess was right? Was it a stupid decision? Well, I was free. And the words that the guard had told me when I was given my pokeballs back was:

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

“Yes I have.” I lied, smiling to him. I then punched him in the stomach, kicked his head a few times, and then chucked him into the glass container that contained my sword. With that, I retrieved my silver blade and its red scabbard, stabbed him in the neck and then walked away, sword at the ready, just in case someone came. Cause if they caught me, then I would be hanged, I was old enough for that now. But when I realized that the exit was ten metres away, I smiled, hit the alarm button, and slowly strode out, smiling about the fact I had gotten away with yet another murder.

With the sound of panic behind me, I walked away from the scene of the crime and smiled. So much for ‘have you learned your lesson’.

I think that in most cases, being sentenced to spend half your life in jail, just works you up to do it again, instead of telling you not to do it, well, that how it works for me.

The first thing I did when I did when I escaped from Gonbar village was to check my pokemon were okay. First up was Jolteon, my starter. His lime green body shone in the sun as he stretched his body. His spiky white mane moved with his pointy lime green head. His rabbit ears slowly straitening. He would never go into a pokeball again His hind legs were muscular and definitely provided most of the thrust for his fast sprinting.

Stroking Jolteon, I reached for my second pokeball. This contained my Vibrava. She had deep green kite shaped wings that were rimmed by thick black lines. Her long yellow body was segmented like a caterpillar. At the end of her tail, were two smaller wings, most probably used for stability. These were the same shape as the wings, but were way smaller. Her head was sort of bean shaped. It had two antennas sticking out of the front, just below these, were two black beady eyes that were covered with a dark green gel. She moved her yellow head a bit, and then flew about a bit, stretching her wings.

I returned Vibrava and sent out my third pokemon. My male Wartortle came out with a grin. His two tiny teeth poked out from his red mouth. His rounded dark blue head boasted two wide eyes, with an evil look to them. Just how I wanted them. Two small ears that were white, helped him balance in the water. His head came out of a shell that had a dark red back and beige under. His arms were dark blue and had three gleaming white claws. His dark feet were also short. He had a cloud like tail that frothed up his back giving a calm feeling.

Wartortle bounced up and down a bit, then happily popped back inside his pokeball. My fourth, and female pokemon was Combusken. Her humanoid-chicken-like body popped out to see me. She was roughly a third of my size, but that was hard to measure bearing in mind she was bouncing around a lot. Her feet were bird like, and her talons hadn’t grown any more rounded. Instead, they were as pointy as ever, and could easily spill blood from a human. Her dirty brown legs also represented a bird and from where the legs came out was a fiery orange waist, just as it was several years ago. This waist slightly under lapped her feathery body and head. Her arms were thin and wing shaped and these had three claws sticking out of them, and as she moved these, I could obviously see she still used them as hands. Her hands were the same colour as the talon feet and her wings the same colours as her waist. Her rounded head boasted a tiny orange beak that came out from where a human mouth should be. Two sharp orange eyes stared into the distance; this showed her deep in thought. Her hairs, if you could call it that were three orange feathers, each about the same height as her head, and about half the width.

I was glad to see my pokemon were all right. And as I returned my Combusken, I reached for my final pokeball. This contained the legendary pokemon Mew. I had heard rumours about it, and I knew it was obviously strong. I could still remember the day in Vermillion when I saw its cat like shape in a cloud. But for me to see this for real, I needed to open the ball she was in.

As my hand trembled as I realized the power that I held in my hand. I pressed the grey button and in a flash of light a small pink cat appeared on the gravel in front of me. It had a long flexible tail that attached to a thin body. Two, almost clown like feet, hovered above the ground and two stubby hands stuck out of the upper part of the body. Its head was rounded and had two stubby ears sticking out of its head, at the two corners. There was a mouth under a rather unnoticeable nose. Both were as concealed as the other, just in different two different ways.

It was pink? It was small?

It didn’t represent power at all! She’d given me a piece of ****! She was so dead now!

“You think I’m rubbish, don’t you?” I heard a female voice say.

“Who said that?” I twisted round. Facing the forests forming a boundary to my path.

“I DID!” My Mew shouted joyfully plopping on my head. “And I’m gonna show you I’m great! Cause I am!”

My Mew seemed to have a playful nature, and it didn’t do a great job at hiding that.

“Can you please get off my head?” I asked.

“Okay, I’ll just float near you. Oh, and I’m female, and I’m talking to you telepathically! That’s why your Jolteon’s looking at you strangely! I’ll tell him what’s happening!”

She sure was joyful. But I didn’t mind that much. It cheered me up and would, hopefully, keep me going. And wasn’t she a genderless? That’s what everyone else said.

“I’m glad I do that for you. And people ALLways do that! Just cause I’m a legendary doesn’t mean I’m genderless. Take Latios and Latias for example…”

And she went on and on. A chatterbox, defiantly. And why was she always reading my mind, it as getting annoying.

“PAY ATTENTION! And I’m sorry for going on and on and on, but its what I do. And I’ll only read your mind when I feel necessary.” She compromised. Which was a good thing.

“Okay guys! Lets go!” I cheered.

“Mew!” Mew yelped aloud. So she couldn’t speak normally aloud.

“Jolt!” Jolteon smiled.

And with that, we sped into the distance, leaving Gonbar Village behind, ready to explore the rest of the Roma region.

Shiny May
28th October 2004, 5:11 PM
Good chap SJ !!

It could have been a bit longer imo but it's okay. I"m not happy with the fact that Jess is dead cos she was a great character !!

Keep it up!

Treecko 93
29th October 2004, 2:56 AM
Yeah, it seemed really short. And you said Jess would play an important role...When is she coming back, eh? I would think a Legendary Pokemon would be a bit more serious, but you didn't follow the common stereo-type. Nice job with that.

Keep up the nice work.

And bring Jess up sometime, will ya?

29th October 2004, 7:52 PM
I said it was short, and the next one will be longer. I don't know what to do with the next xhapter, although it will contain stuff about Jess and will bring in caracter development of Mew.

Glad you liked it

Your mate

Shiny ;135;

Bulba the Great!
29th October 2004, 9:39 PM
Well, you've got a good start here, Shiny! I'm kinda confused on the Lucy-betraying-
James thing, but I'm a bit slow on the uptake. Could you explain? Here's to your next chapter!

~Bulby ;001;

Charziken 13
30th October 2004, 11:19 PM
Nice, Shiny. I like how you treated the sentence, but the judge said life and hanging, but he got 25 years. What up wit dat? And I didn't get where he was. Could you clear that up? But the Mew conversacion was funny, and I like how Luc went straight. But 25 years in a Poke Ball? Ouch. That must make some stiff necks. But I liked it, Shiny, and keep up the ggod work!

31st October 2004, 11:40 AM
Thanks guys.

Charziken - I'm glad you liked the Mew convo, i enjoyed writing that. Sorry i didn't make it clear. He was only 14 at the time, and so too young to be hanged, but he got a life sentence, which is, in the UK, I think, 25 years.

Bulba - Most of this will be explained in the next chapter, i hope.

Thanks guys.

Your mate

Shiny ;135;

Space Skitty
1st November 2004, 9:28 PM
Wow, you're off to a great start, Shiny J! Mew has a unique character. I have a feeling I'll like her. Keep it up!

14th November 2004, 10:35 AM
Well, its finally up, and i like it.


Chapter 2 – On the brink

“You need anything?” I asked.

“James, you got caught! You’re…”

“She betrayed me! The ***** took advantage of me and backstabbed me!” I cut him off.

“James! You’re fired! You’re no longer a member of Team Snagem!”

“But that’s unfair Jack! It’s not my fault!” I tried. But the new head of Team Snagem, Jack Underhut refused to listen.

“Henry ordered her to do that. They were close. Those two knew each other better than you know yourself! James, you’re sacked! You failed, you messed up, you fell, and it’s your fault. You’re also a danger to our team. The number of murders, the number of crimes. James, we’ve changed. You’re fired and you need to sort yourself out.”

“You stubborn *******. I did so much for the team and now you through me out. You can rot in hell, *****!” I told him, hanging up.

“That’s not good, is it?” My Mew asked, sounding serious for the first time.

“No, not really. I got no income of cash now, practically everyone hates me. I mean, how am I supposed to get stuff now?” I sighed.

“We’ll find a way James!” Mew squeaked, trying to raise my spirits.

“Lets hope, but for now. To Shaw Town. They’ll be plenty of people to kick in there!” I laughed.

We continued down the yellow path in front of us, the gravel cracking beneath my feet. The chestnut trees surrounding me provided an eerie darkness. Telling me something bad was going to happen, sometime.


After walking down the path for an hour, I realized that evening was setting in, and so, I started to set up camp. Well, when I say camp, I mean putting down my rucksack and lying down. Being a criminal does mean you don’t have a thing. Which isn’t good.

“I don’t sleep James. I’m a legendary, and I’m a psychic pokemon.” Mew told me.

“You stay on watch, if anyone comes, wake me up.” I told her.

She nodded, closing my eyes; I drifted off into deep sleep…

“Why’d you murder me James?”

“What? Do I know you?” I asked.

In front of me was a tall white girl with long orange hair, tied back behind her head. She wore black clothing, although her image was blurred, I couldn’t really see her image. Maybe she was some random I killed along the way.

“Twenty-six years ago James! Remember?”

“Where am I?” I asked. Her figure sticking out of the black background like thorn from a bush.

“You know who I am, stop pretending!” She warned.

“Who are you? Why are you in my head? Why are you here?”

With that comment, I got up from my crouching position, and ran towards her. But I never got any closer; she just stood there and floated away. How?

“STOP RUNNING!” I screamed.

“What you gonna do James? You’ve already killed me!” She taunted.

I paused. What was this, some prank? Where was I?

I lifted my hands and showed myself my palms. They were covered with scarlet blood.

I spat on my hands, and rubbed. But it wouldn’t go away.

“I’ll always haunt you James! I’ll make you go crazy. Just for revenge!”

“No you WON’T!” I screamed, waking from my sleep.

“They… They’re…they’re coming James!" Mew warned, scared.

Looking down the gravel path, I saw torches and oil lamps.

“****…” I whispered, grabbing my backpack and slinging it over my back.

Kicking Jolteon to wake him up, I turned away from the angry policemen, and ran. What else could I do? I guessed that they outnumbered me by miles, and they most probably had weapons.

Sprinting down the path, I came to a curb in the track, turning it, I saw Joilteon sprint in front of me, with Mew sitting on his back, giving a fairly humorous view of Mew’s tail flap behind her.

“Hurry James!” Mew called.

“I’m going as fast as I can Mew, I’ll be fine!”

“You’ll be caught soon, grab your pokemon and run!” She told me.

Knowing she was right, I tore open my bag and grabbed my other three pokeballs, and then dumping them in my trouser pocket. Throwing my backpack on the ground, I signalled to my pokemon to jump into the forest, and after they did so, I followed.

Looking through a gap between the trees, I saw the policemen approach my bag. They prodded it and poked it with their torches, and then blasted the hell out of it with their guns.

I was tempted to jump out and tell them that my bag was expensive, but that get me hanged, so that wouldn’t be great. Stupid *******s!

Then it came to me. I would let them walk past, then stab them both in the back. The two wouldn’t stand a chance!

“I know he’s somewhere around here chief, I can sense it!” One of them said, turning around. His tubby face resembled the stereotypical policeman, donuts and all. He had a small brown moustache and some short brown hair. His jacket was blue and looked a few sizes too small, as did his navy trousers.

“I can to Jeremy, he’s here, and I know it!” The other one said. He was slim but long, and had his hand on his gun all the time. He wore the same uniform as the other man, known as Jeremy, but had a smaller suit. He had a ginger beard and long hair that was the same colour.

I was in a bad situation, if I moved, they would hear me, and if I stayed still they would find me, unless they walked away.

“I’ll put them in bubbles James, then you can stab them!” Mew suggested.

I nodded and she surrounded them in a pink aura. They gasped and tried to punch a hole in it.

“What if there’s more?” I pondered.

“Nope, and I’ve disabled their mobiles and communicating devices!” She smiled.

“Now or never!” I grinned.

And as I leaped out of the bushes, I drew my sword out of its dark blue scabbard. Its silver blade glinting in the moonlight.

“Hi Jeremy!” I chirped. “Hi ‘chief’” I laughed.

“You murdering *******, you’ll never get away with this!” Jeremy said angrily.

“I believe I already have!” And with that, I stabbed him. Simple as that. ‘Chief’ gasped and as I nodded in his direction, I stabbed him to.”

“Good job James!” Mew told me.



The next day, I arrived in Shaw Town. Everyone stared at me, leaving me with an unpleasant feeling.

From the crowd one man approached me; he had spiky brown hair, brown eyes and a red jacket. Under his jacket was a black shirt and black trousers.

“You! You’re James Fisher aren’t you?” he asked. His voice sounding professional.

“And if I was?” I replied.

“And if you were! I’d give you a battle! And kick your ***!” he answered, smiling.

“You have yourself a deal…”

“Gordon Wickerround.” He introduced.

“Lets have a gamble okay.” I paused. “If you win, you take me to jail, but if I win…”

“It’s a deal!” He exclaimed.

“Oh, so we have a deal. If I win, I get to murder you in front of all these people, and not one of them can do a thing!”

“I’m not agreeing to that!”

“Too late Gordon, you agreed. Shame for such a young soul to lose their life to me!”

“You dick! Fine, let’s battle, but I’m not losing!” He retorted. “GO! Houndour!”

“One on one? Okay. GO! MEW!” I screamed.

Mew floated onto the battlefield, turning to tell me her attacks.

“I can use any attack you want me to use, but don’t use psychic attacks, they don’t have any effect.”

Meanwhile, Gordon threw his ball onto the field, releasing a small black puppy. The pokemon had a light orange underside and the same colour nose. It has two pricked up ears and between them was a bone coloured strip. Its legs were stubby and obviously not made for running. Just above the paw were two silver rings, these were on every leg. On its back were two bone strips that looked like a small rib cage. Its small black tail poked out of its behind and it stood up, not wagging at all. It obviously didn’t need the sign ‘Do not keep as a pet’.

“Fine, one on one, but I won’t lose, my Houndour’s a dark type and your Mew is a…” He was cut off by the realization of the fact he was facing a pokemon that had all the tricks. “You have a Mew?”

“Yep, sure do, the only one ever.” I boasted. “And she’s female!” I added with a smile.

“Okay, Houndour! Bite!” he ordered.

“Mew, wash that puppy away with water gun!” I commanded.

Mew sat in the air while the black puppy charged towards her. Its gleaming white teeth gnashing all the time. Mew suddenly did two backward somersaults in the air and released a massive jet of water. The water wasn’t exactly fast, as the tube didn’t go white, but it was fast enough for the puppy to get wet, which he obviously didn’t enjoy. Unfortunately for my pokemon, and me this little puppy was determined, and after being soaked head to, well tail, he decided to continue his charge, and, bit my Mew, sending her into recoil.

“Wait ago Houndour!” Gordon cheered.

“Good Job Mew.” I confirmed.

“So much for a legendary! ‘She’ sucks!” he taunted.

“Lets see about that shall we!” I replied. “Mew! Mega Throw!”

“That isn’t a move James!” Mew told me.

Just throw the ******* as far as you can, preferably towards the ocean! I told Mew.

“Okay James!” Mew smiled.

“What the hell is that?” Gordon asked.

“Watch and learn.”

Out of nowhere, a white-gloved hand appeared. It was roughly the size of me. It grabbed the scared puppy, and threw it, towards, what I hoped was the nearest ocean.

The last image that I saw of that Houndour was its small body fly into the distance. The howling effect was an added bonus.

“Not so weak now huh?”

Gordon slowly turned, but didn’t get far, as I threw my Sword, with extreme accuracy into the back of his head. The spinning blade slicing his small head in half.

I walked over to his stunned body, which was still standing up.

“No backing out of a deal Gordon!” I exclaimed. Removing the blade from his head and placing it back in my scabbard. With one powerful kick, his body was on the ground. Nicking his food and potions and stuff, I walked away from Shaw town, with loads of gaping faces and crying faces behind me.

Shiny May
14th November 2004, 10:46 AM
well it's a good chap but I have to say that I like "A Forest's Newbie" better then this fic. It's good and all but I don't like the fact that James is evil. That's all !! XD

Keep it up!

14th November 2004, 1:59 PM
He won't become completely evil, the character in the next chapter who joins him changes his ways, thats abit of a spoiler, huh?
More reveiws would be welcome, i'm starting the next chapter now


Shiny ;135;

Space Skitty
14th November 2004, 3:58 PM
This chapter was good. Mew's proving to be quite helpful to James. I wonder what the new character's gonna be like. Keep it up!

Maxie 500
14th November 2004, 5:16 PM
*Shudders* Creepy. I liked the battle but...
Okay, description was awesome, soo was everything else except the story. It's kind of confusing. I mean, You kind of rushed to thing a bit. Otherwise, it is a unique, disturbing fic. That's good.

~M 500

Charziken 13
14th November 2004, 6:38 PM
Whoo. That was cool, but no offense, Shiny, but the stab, laugh, and run bit is gettin kinda old.Dont get me wrong, though, I like My End, but the killing is getting a bit repetitive. Every chapter, it seems, James kills somebody, laughs, and runs from the cops. I do like Mew, though, but it seems like he doesnt need his other Pokemon with Mew around. I miss seeing Combusken, Wartortle, and Vibrave, and want to see them evolve. And theres been something I wanted to ask: did you plan the evil bit the whole time? Even from when he was an innocent little kid trying to befriend a Pokemon? Because I never saw a murderer come out of that, and you did a great job there. Cant wait for the next chapter and new character!

14th November 2004, 9:01 PM
To tell the truth, from the start of The Forest Newbie, I planned it to be a 'get the badge and win the tournament' fic, but when i thought about Koga nd his gym, i knew i was gonna have it hard with description, and describing tricky thinhs is something i absolutely hate doing, even if i'm good at it, lol.

As for the repetiveness, i agree. It was an origanal idea to start off with, but it is getting old. But my plans for this fic (and its sequel which shall be one of the most origanal things ever) are origanality it may not seem like much at the moment, but this shall be a new type of trainer fic.

The next chapter won't contain death though. And I am going to evolve them. I just used Mew in that chapter to show you how i portray a legendary in battle.

Thanks for the reveiws, even if its not been the most popular cahpter yet :(.

There will be more battles, and there will be evolutions Including Jolteon ;)

Enjoy waiting.


Your mate

Shiny ;135;

Treecko 93
16th November 2004, 12:01 AM
Yeah, I agree with the killing, no offense. It seems like a normal part of this plot. XP And finally, Jess was there! But not for a long time. Poop. Oh well.

Anyway, good job.

Guardian Groudon
16th November 2004, 7:36 AM
Cool Murder At The End!!!!

30th November 2004, 4:51 PM
Here it is, finally. No violence, for once. Contains one of my own pokemon, and I'm proud :D


Chapter 3 – A gap in society

With Shaw Town a day behind me, I was wandering over a path, which looked the same as the last one. The same lush green trees. The same soaked yellow path.

We came to an opening in the path. It looked like it was a deserted quarry. White cliffs stood to my left and dying plat life to my right.

“James…I think something’s wrong?” Mew told me.

“They wouldn’t break a deal Mew, especially when they know I’ll cut them in two if they did.” I said to her.


“I’ll be fine! Trust me!” I cut her off.

“Well if you say so James… I’m okay!” She chirped.

Looking down at Jolteon, I saw that he was also anxious. Was there something wrong? Should I trust my pokemon, or my instinct?

Well, instinct sounded good on this occasion, so I kept on walking towards the narrow path, which was about a hundred metres away.

“JOLT!” My Jolteon screamed letting out a volt of electricity towards an object from on top of the cliff. In the same split second, I felt a sharp object drill through my arm.

“Crap!” I screamed, falling to the floor, grabbing my blood soaked arm. “What was that?”

“I told you to be careful! But NOOOOOOO!! You wouldn’t listen…” Mew said.

Looking at her strangely, I turned to my Jolteon, who was still growling into nowhere.

“…You had to ignore me and continue walking! I feel unhappy that you ignored me and hey! Are you even listening?”

“If I was, I’d have killed myself by now.” I told her sarcastically. “Now what was that, and is there anybody who can help?”

“You got shot in the upper arm by a sniper, he was aiming for your head but Jolteon shocked him in time. He’s now unconscious…” Mew droned. “…And…”

“Wait!” I cut her out. “Did you say someone shot me?”


“With a gun?”


“And I’m still alive?”

“Of course not!”


“Just kidding, you’ll be fine, oh, and a girl will be coming soon. She’ll help you.”

“Okay…” I replied, scared at the fact my Mew had just told me I was dead, and then told me she was just kidding. I needed to get that thought out of my head.

Lying down, I rested my blonde hair on the ground, my left arm still grabbing my right arm.


“Hey, are you okay?” I heard a voice ask.

“Huh?” I drowsily replied.

“Are-You-O-kay?” The voice asked again. “Do-You-Speak-Eng-lish?”

“Of course I ****ing do!” I fully woke up, opening my eyes. “You got a problem with that?”

“No, no.” The person in front of me replied. “You need a hand?”

“Yeah, thanks”

The female in front of me dragged me up to my feet. She had flowing, sky blue hair, not at all like Luc’s. Her eyes were wide a gleaming sapphire.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m James. And you?”

“I’m Aerie Farwing. Pleased to meet you, James…”

“Fisher.” I replied. Extending my left arm to shake hers, before withdrawing it to realize it was covered in blood.

“You’re injured, let me help you.”

She slid her brown rucksack off her sky blue jacket, dropping it down to the floor, past her navy trousers. She had gleaming white trainers on, with no socks. She was fit, I could tell that, no body fat anywhere. Defiantly in a better state than be. Her pale white hands reached into her rucksack, getting out a bandage.

“Put this on your arm.” She told me.

I did as I was told, and wrapped the white bandage around my injured upper arm.

“How old are you?” I asked, while doing this task.

“Thirty eight. You?”


“Weren’t you locked up for twenty-five years?” She asked.

I froze, and gulped. Would she have a problem with this?

“Yeah… I’m that James Fisher.” I replied slowly.

“Cool, I don’t have a problem with that. Wanna see my pokemon?”

“Yeah sure…” I answered slowly. A little scared that she found it ‘cool’ that I was a criminal and that she most probably wanted to travel with me.

I didn’t have a problem with that, in fact, I was fine, and she seemed nice.

“Go, Penqua!” Aerie screamed, throwing a crimson and white pokeball onto the gravel floor. Out of it, came a small penguin, that came about up to my knee. It had short black wings and a rounded black head. On this head, were two yellow line eyes and a small yellow beak. Its upper chest was yellow and the lower a deep orange. The stomach was rounded and plump. The back and sides were black, but the front was white, apart from two outer strips that were black. Beneath its stomach, were two small yellow bird feet with three yellow talons on each. “Like it?” Aerie asked.

“Erm…” I said. Looking down at the creature.

“Well?” Aerie asked again. Now looking at me seriously, and in an impatient stance.

“It’s…Er…” I stuttered.

More impatient look and stance.

“It’s…Erm…Nice?” I replied, finally.

“Okay…” Aerie looked at me. “Nice Jolteon you got there, nice shiny colour.”

“You know it’s a Shiny?” I asked.

“Sure do!”

“Not painted?”

“Nope, only idiots think that.”

“Good, I’m sick of people saying ‘Nice painted Jolteon there!’” I told her. “How sad!”

Aerie gave me a nod of agreement.

“Any other pokemon?” I asked.

“Yep.” Aerie answered. “GO! Scizor!”

She threw another pokeball; this released a hovering pokemon, which soon landed. It was roughly humanoid, except it had wings on its back that looked like bug wings. These wings were joined to the body by two red bits. The creature’s head was rounded although it had three horns coming off the top. The eyes were narrow, and it didn’t have a visible mouth. Its upper body was small and rounded. Off this came two arms, as well as the wings. These were fairly long and had beak like structures off each arm. These were rounded, well the outside, not the inside, these were jagged, and looked like they could cut through a thick tree in seconds. The lower body was longer than the upper one, and they joined by a thin piece of body. It was structured just like a bug. The pokemon’s legs were large, and looked fairly strong. These were red, like the rest of the body, apart from a few segments. Its feet were just a needle, for each foot.

“What genders are your pokemon?” I asked.

“Penqua’s a male and Scizor’s female.” She replied. “And your pokemon James?”



“Well, my Mew who can talk any language telepathically, she’s female. My Jolteon’s male, my Wartortle’s Male, my Vibrava’s Female and my Combusken is female.” I told her.

“Nice party James, but you still lost.” She said.


“You know, twenty-six years ago?” She reminded me, well, I knew what she was talking about.

“How do you know?”


“You read that?”

“Yep, there was a report on your release. I was sent to find you.”

“And you’re going to hand me in?” I asked, reaching for my sword.

“Nope, I was sick of the abuse I got from the people I worked with. So I’m gonna half do my job.” She told me.

“What?” I was asking again.

“I’m gonna stop you from killing as many people, but I’m not gonna hand you in, because you seem nice.”

“Er…Thanks…I guess.”

“C’mon James, lets get going!” She said, returning her pokemon and then rushing over to pull me along with her.

I decided to follow her, because it was my only safe option. Well. Was it?

Space Skitty
30th November 2004, 10:47 PM
Cooooooool! Penqua sounds cute! It's nice to see a Pokemon you made up (I'm also a big fan of making up Pokes). Aerie sounds interesting. I wonder how she'll effect things. And I still like Mew's character a lot. She's so jolly and carefree. "And I'm still alive?" "Of course not!" XD That part was funny!

1st December 2004, 3:22 PM
heheh, thought id reply here now, just to confuse you...
i already reviewed on Sword, so i wont bother with that, but i do have some new stuff to say... like if that spoiler before chap3 was right, HOW?
oh, and Penqua sounds too cute to be allowed in existance anywhere other than near 3 year old girls ^^ but im sure its not quite that bad, just get into battle soon to prove it, please?
ok, il be back in a few chapters (here), so keep it up!


1st December 2004, 3:55 PM
Thanks guys. Once Obsidian finishes some pics, I'll be able to show pics of both Aerie and Penqua, and its three evolved forms, since its a baby *evil grins*

And yes, the spoilers right, it's another of my made up pokemon. Also, i'll be hoping to include my only liked dark pokemon, and a made up evolution for it.

Stay tuned, and hey, who knows, i might decide to evolve a certain female red bug.

Oh, and, YAY! I redeemed myself from last chapter.

Thanks again.

Your mate


Alexander the great V2
1st December 2004, 4:35 PM
When i first read the begging of this fic, with the killing of jess, i told myself never to read this fic again, it gave me nightmares for 3 nights, but my cuirosty got the better of me, and i had to find out what the new chapter was about. And i dont now why , but i think the sniper was: lucys son Wierd, i know

Bulba the Great!
3rd December 2004, 3:45 PM
Well, I've finally gotten around to reading your newest chapters, Motig. I must say, Chapter Two unhinged me. I'm glad you don't describe the deaths of humans too much! Chapter Three was a nice chapter, though. I hope Aerie can straighten James out. Lol, Mew was funny in these last two chapters, keep them coming!

~Bulby ;001;

5th December 2004, 9:40 AM
Thanks for the reply's guys.

charazard tyranitar 10: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the new chapter, and I'm sorry about the first chapter. The sniper's not Lucy's son, just a random who hates James and has a gun.

Bulba the great!: Glad you liked the newest chapter and Mew. Funnilly enough i like using Mew, because she has quite a nice character. Sorry about chapter 2, although the next one I'm having fun writing, even though my other fic is in the making, so i haven't had much time on it.

More reply's are welcome, although some of my regulars haven't replied. Sorry about Chapter 2, it won't happen again.

Your mate


Shiny May
5th December 2004, 2:19 PM
a good chapter. not very long but it's a good chap
Description is good imo, just a tad bit longer
Keep it UP!

6th December 2004, 12:51 AM
This is a very original fic. When I read the Forest Newbie, I honestly thought it wouldn't be very good, but by the end I loved! My End has the same potential greatness. (In my opinion)

Oh, and Mew's personality is awesome! She doesn't strike me as the kind of Pokemon who would willingly kill another Pokemon though. (Houndour)

But ignore me if you like. I'm just a reviewer person who's probably annoying the crap out of you right now. So.... I'll shut up...

~Yonder ;018;

6th December 2004, 4:19 PM
Your not annoying me Yonder, I like good reveiws. I'm glad you like Mew's personality. I'm working on chapter 4 now. Its a massive battle :D



11th December 2004, 12:56 AM
hey Motig, i read your first fic "The forest newbie. This one is good to. Just a little more work and it can be as good as the first fic if not better.

11th December 2004, 11:44 AM
Thanks Cs32. Unfortunatly, i can't get the new chapter up in a while, because the chapter with all the chapters and stuff id being re-built at the moment, lukily, whe i gt it back, it should be better. Although, if something goes wrong, i might lose all my data of the fic, and I'm pretty far through t now.

More replys are welcome

Your mate


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11th December 2004, 5:02 PM
Sorry for taking so long, Motig, but I have been so busy with school. Midterms came early this year, so Ive been busy with them.

Now, to the chapter. I liked it, Motig. You finally broke the patttern, which was good, and Aerie seems like a nice character. Can't wait for more development on her. I also like her Pokemon, as Scizor has always been a favorite of mine, and I like your made-up Pokemon as well. But, my one issue was that it felt rushed. Maybe it was just me, but the chapter just blew by for me. But, I could just be reading too fast. Later, and happy writing, Motig!(where did that name come from, anyway?)

11th December 2004, 9:44 PM
ok, i'll wait

Alexander the great V2
13th December 2004, 4:07 PM
Something tells me there be a lot of evolutions in the 'big battle'

15th December 2004, 9:46 PM
Thanks for the replies. AtGv2- There will be only one evolution, and I'm putting it in an origanal way.
Charziken-Glad you liked it. I'll try to not rush the chapters. The name comes from one of my fav characters off a Game. If you like FPS', i strongly advise you to get Unreal Tournament.
Cs32- I should be getting the computer back on Saturday.

Your mate


Alexander the great V2
16th December 2004, 4:10 AM
Only one evo, huh? Its gotta be Vibra, he had him the longest! Although its never won a battle...... ;215; ;221;

Willow's Tara
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Hey i read your first fic and this one and they are both great, petty Jess had to die, i liked her.. (Proabaly because she had red hair, if she had pale skin as well, well thioer my type of girl).. anyway i hope you update real soon,

19th December 2004, 9:49 PM
Thanks you two. Vibrava has won a battle, and you'll just have to wait and see, since i haven't updated this in ages, i better start writing, I'm getting caught up in my other fic, and idea's for another fic.

Merry Christmas!


Treecko 93
19th December 2004, 10:55 PM
Hey! I'm here! Well, I read the chapter! Nice to see James finally travel with someone again. What will this lead to? Maybe a bit of romance, annoyance, a good friend? Yeah, I can't wait for this "massive battle." But it would be nicer if you added more lenth. The chapters seem so short when I read them. Anyway, keep up the nice work!

20th December 2004, 10:13 AM
I've finished reading through Forest Newbie and My End... and this is a very good fic! I like to read it! I very like how you are working on the characters and you can describe battles very well!
My fav. character is James. I can't wait to see, what happens next.
Good work, Motig, keep it up!:D

20th December 2004, 6:13 PM
Thanks guys, I've finally finished the next chapter, thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

Glad you like it DarkPokemonFan. Treecko, don't worry, this went onto the seventh page in word. And those who like description, will like this. 15 lines describing the evolved pokemon in this chapter.


Here it is.


Chapter 4 – Dragons above

“You there!” I heard a voice behind me say.

“Ignore him Aerie.” I told my friend.

“YOU!” The voice yelled again, grabbing my shoulder and twisting me round to face him.

He had serious black eyes that seemed off putting. And had dull spiky black hair. He wore a blue and white cap on this.

“Are you James Fisher?” He asked with his low voice.

“Yeah, you got a problem?” I replied.

“Yes, you’re a criminal, and you shouldn’t be holding hostages!”

“She’s not my hostage!” I said to him, pushing his worn blue jacket. Underneath this jacket was a red T-shirt. He also wore some blue jeans.

“And your name is?” I asked him. I remembered him from TV programs, but couldn’t quite link his face.

“My names Andy, and me and my pokemon will kick your but!”

“Okay… You want a bet?”

“Yeah, four on four!” He called.

“Fine by me. GO! Vibrava!” I yelled, throwing my insect’s pokeball onto the gravel path in front of me.

“And go Penqua!” Aerie called, throwing her pokemon’s pokeball onto the gravel next to mine.

“Aerie! This is my battle!”

“If it’s your problem, I help!”


“I help!” She insisted.

“GO! Pikachu!” Andy called, throwing a pokeball onto the field.

Out of his pokeball came a yellow mouse. It had tiny red cheeks and black round eyes. It had a small red mouth and two pointy ears that were black at the top. Two stubby arms appeared at mid-body and two small feet appeared at the bottom of the mouse’s body. Out of its back came a tail that had a scab brown colour to its bottom, the rest was yellow. The shape was that of a lightning bolt, but with it being fairly small, I didn’t really see it posing much of a threat.

“Vibrava! Earthquake! Now!” I told my Vibrava.

“Not so fast James, my Penqua can’t fly, some can from birth, but mine can’t.”

“****! What can it do?”

“It can absorb ice attacks and turn them into health.”

“Cool, okay Vibrava, let’s try something else!” I called out. “Use Dragon breath!”

“Pikachu, use Quick Attack on the penguin.”

“Penqua, dodge it and use Bubble!” Aerie commanded.

My Vibrava did a backward somersault and let out a powerful blue flame. While this was happening, the energetic rat attacking Penqua was running at full speed towards the baby penguin in front of it. And when the Dragon Breath hit, the mouse seemed hardly phased. When the mouse was metres away, Aerie’s Penguin got up from a baby-sitting position and waddled a few steps to his right and watched the yellow pokemon speed past it. Penqua then sat down again and opened his mouth, letting out a slow stream of bubbles.

Regardless of my nature, I had to admit that this was kind of cute, and kind of funny when the attack hit my opposition.

“Hey wait, this is two against one.” Andy realized.

“He’s a bright one, isn’t he?” I said to Aerie sarcastically, making sure my opponent could hear me.

“You’ll be the one who’s laughing later! Go! Sandslash!” he called, throwing another pokeball.

Out of this came sand coloured mouse that was about up to my waist. It had a triangular face with gleaming black eyes with a small white snout. Its chest was white with two arms coming out near the top. These were a sand colour and had two big white claws on the end of each of them. Out of the bottom of its body came two fairly muscular legs that had two claws for feet. Out of its bottom came a fairly long sand tail. Most probably the scariest thing about it was that its whole back was covered in mud brown spines, although, these weren’t that scary, just looked sharp.

“Fear my elite mouse team!” Andy boasted. Aerie and I glanced at each other and then looked back at Andy, who scared both of us.

“Lets finish this idiot off Aerie! Vibrava! Another Dragon breath attack, on the yellow rat!”

“Penqua! Use your bubble attack on the spiny thing!”

“Sandslash! Use Slash on the bug! Pikachu! Use Thunder shock on the Penguin!”

“Change of plan Vibrava!” I called out. “Get in the way of the electric attack, then use Dragon breath!”

My Vibrava did as it was told and jumped in front of the quick mouse’s lightning attack only to suffer another hit by a powerful attack by the sand pokemon in front of him. Penqua then released another slow get of bubbles that damaged the spiny mouse severely. Finally, my Vibrava recovered from the damage it had taken and breathed out another blue jet of flame. The Pikachu on the receiving end stood its ground but now looked a bit battered and bruised.

“You got it now Vibrava! Use another Dragon breath!”

“Penqua! Peck the Pikachu!”

“Pikachu! Tackle the penguin! Sandslash! Dig on the penguin!”

Battle once again commenced as the pokemon known as Sandslash burrowed underground while his companion weakly ran towards Penqua, although it didn’t get far as my Vibrava once again blew a blue flame at it, knocking it out. Meanwhile, Penqua just sat where it was, and started sucking its wing.

“No! PIKACHU!” Andy cried, while returning to its pokeball.

“Vibrava, pick up Penqua! NOW!” I called out to my Dragonfly.

She knew what was happening, and flew over to Aerie’s penguin. She struggled with this and as the mound of earth tunnelled towards the two pokemon, I could tell time was running out.

“VI!” Vibrava screamed putting every ounce of energy into this lift, and finally picking up the overweight penguin.

“Pen?” Penqua questioned after being picked up, he then screamed when some brown spines narrowly missed his bottom.

“Thanks James.” Aerie sighed, knowing her penguin was safe.

Vibrava dropped Penqua on the ground and returned to the earth itself, panting heavily.

“James, I think something’s wrong with your Vibrava.” Aerie told me.

Turning to my Vibrava, I saw this too, and thought about returning her when she exploded in a burst of white light.

“VIBRAVA!” I screamed, when I saw my dragonfly disappear completely, leaving only a white line shooting up into the sky.

“Looks like we’re both one pokemon out!” Andy teased.

“White beam!” I reminded, waving my hands in the rough direction of the slim beam in front of me that was slowly disappearing.

“Send out a new pokemon, like I’m about to do.”

“Okay, Jolteon, give it your all!”

My Jolteon jumped out onto the battlefield, growling at the mouse trainer in front of him.

“GO! Raticate!” Andy called, throwing another ball onto the battlefield.

Out of this came a rounded rat pokemon. It had a furry mud brown top and a furry beige chest and stomach. Two small ears came out of the top of the most head shaped part of the being, and under these came two piercing sharp eyes. Gigantic teeth showed from a small mouth that was placed just below the eyes. Its hands were small and a dirty pink colour, like its feet. A tail came out of the pokemon’s behind, this was long and beige.

“Jolteon! Thunderbolt the fatter one!” I told my starter, when he turned back to me in disbelief, I added, “The furry one.”

He nodded and charged up his attack.

“Penqua! Gust!”

“Sandslash! Earthquake! Raticate! Hyper fang!”

“Well, we’re screwed.” I sighed.

Jolteon being the quickest, charged up his attack and quickly released a massive line of bright yellow and blue electricity at the Rat who stopped in his place once the attacked reached him, which was fairly quickly.

“YES! Paralysis!”

Penqua started flapping his small wings and slowly but surely built up a small whirlwind. Meanwhile, The Sandslash was gradually putting more pressure on the ground beneath it. Penqua released his attack and almost a split second felt the shock of a powerful earthquake, although Jolteon seemed to cringe the most. When the gust finally reached the completely dazed Raticate, it swept the beast off its feet and knocked it out. The sand mouse was next, although when it hit it, the pokemon just stood there, unfazed.

“Okay,” Andy said, trying to calm himself after his third rat had just been knocked out in its first turn out. “Sandy! GO!”

Out of his final ball, came another identical Sandslash.

“Why a second one?” I asked.

“They can do damage, and that’s what I’m about to do!” Andy grinned. “Sandy, Sandslash! Collapse!”


“My own move, twin Earthquake, I guaranty, you’ve lost!”

“Okay, Jolteon, you can’t do much, just retreat back here, we’ll count you as a casualty.” I ordered my Jolteon, realizing that its use in battle was up.

“Nice one James, you have two pokemon left. And both are hers!”

“I still have my Vibrava!” I called out, looking again at the almost faded beam of light.

“Penqua! Dodge it?” Aerie tried, only to see her penguin get knocked out seconds after the attack.

“I’m sorry? Am I winning?” Andy teased.

“Shut up you cocky *******!” I yelled at him.

“Oh, tension getting to you?” He laughed.

“Ignore him James! Scizor! GO!” Aerie called, throwing her final pokeball out.

“X attack!” Andy ordered as soon as the red bug came out of her ball. I could tell this was another of his twin attacks, but what did it do?

The two mice ran towards Aerie’s unaware pokemon, claws glowing. And in seconds the Scizor was on the floor with six marks along her small body. These formed an ‘X’.

“No…” Aerie sighed.

“Looks like I win James Fisher.”

“You haven’t won yet!”

“Look James, Vibrava’s gone! And what shreds of hope do you have left?” Aerie yelled at me.

“That.” I said, pointing at the small line of light.

“Which has just gone? You idiot James. I would of thought you’d be a great pokemon trainer, but you’re to weak!” Andy replied.

“What the hell?” I heard Aerie cry as a lime green flash flew passed our eyes, leaving three deep brown claw marks on each.

“Why my pokemon?” Andy cried.

“Vibrava?” I whispered in astonishment as a dragon took place on its clown feet on the ground in front of me.

It turned to face me, was it Vibrava? Jelly eyes, check. Kite shaped wings, check. Tail, check.

“I think that’s a Flygon James. Vibrava’s evolved form.” Aerie whispered in my ear with amazement.

When standing she was about the same size as me, although flying and tail in position, she would be about two metres. Her head was small and rounded and light green. On the front of the head were a small mouth and two red jelly like eyes. Between these came some gelled hair, I think. The hair was dark green and stretched back about ten centimetres. It separated into two separate pieces. Her head was placed on a long neck that was also light green. This widened into a small rounded body that had two kite shaped wings coming out the back, although these sort of looked like they came out of the neck. These had a light green centre and a bright red rim. A bit further down and on the front were two small arms with two small three fingered hands on. On each finger were gleaming white claws. Two massive thighs came out of the side of the bottom of Flygon’s body. These had a dark green top and a light green bottom. Two light green feet came out of these thighs. Out of the back of Flygon’s body came a huge light and dark green striped tail. This was about the length of the pokemon itself. It thinned out as it went along and finally came out into three kite shaped things. They were much small than the wings, but were the same colour.

“Flygon…” I gaped, before realizing that I still had to win this battle.

“Sandy, Sandslash! Use Collapse.”

“Flygon, you’re like Vibrava and can fly, so fly over this attack and use your own earthquake!”

As suspected the two Sandslash’s used their powerful attacks and missed. The my Flygon smacked her massive tail against the ground several times making the ground shake a lot, sending the two opposition pokemon to the floor with extreme injuries.

“**** she’s powerful.” Aerie laughed. “Oh, and try using Dragon Claw.”

“Okay, Flygon, use Dragon Claw on the weaker one.”

“None of my pokemon are weak!” Andy screamed, knowing that the battle was now over, whatever he did.

Flygon flew with speed at the more bruised Sandslash. Left claw on fire and with a speedy swipe the Sandslash fell to the floor with a thud.

“One on one Andy, what you gonna do now?” I teased.

“Shut up!” he screamed.

“Looks like you can give it out but can’t take it.” Aerie laughed.

“Sandy! Lets go!”

“Oh, not going to join the victory party?” I taunted.

“**** off.” He yelled while walking out into the distance.

“What an idiot,” Aerie said, “Lets go get our pokemon healed.”


“I’ll take your pokemon.”


“Hey, if you don’t murder someone for a while, maybe you’ll be allowed.”

“Maybe, but people like me don’t fit in, anywhere.”

“You will sometime, you just won, you should be happy. Anyway, come on, Harra city awaits.” Aerie smiled. I returned a smile and returned Flygon, and then started to walk down the path, following the route Andy had come from.

20th December 2004, 6:58 PM
aww, Penqua cute!
er, i mean... Flygon cool o.0 ¬_¬
anyway, good chapter Motig, back to the standard of the highest standard chapters of FN (i think that made sense)
description good, plot good, length good, whats not to like? other than the infestation of rodents in the chapter, but i think that got solved pretty well... oh yeah, and i was a bit confused as to what happened with Vibrava, it took me a while and a scrollback to work out that it had flown off to evolve (i think), but yeah other than that it was a good chapter go you!
or something like that¬_¬
have a profitable Christmas!


Space Skitty
20th December 2004, 8:28 PM
Great battle! Flygon is too cool! Description was good and so was length. Keep it up!

Treecko 93
20th December 2004, 10:17 PM
Nice chapter. 'Reat battle (a little confusin' at times), too. Definately one of the best, the best descriptively. Althou'h it was a bit too much. ^^; That's alri'ht, on the count of no one really knows how much I like in the first place. ^^; Len'th is 'ood a'ain, too.

'Reat chapter, Motig You should be proud, yup yup.

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21st December 2004, 3:18 AM
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21st December 2004, 8:39 AM
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I especially liked the battle part! And Flygon!
Keep it up!
Oh, and I have a question: I don't know, if this was asked before, but does Penqua have evolutions?

21st December 2004, 9:12 AM
Thanks. Penqua does have evolutions, here's a tree

Pengwing-1st evolution-Ice/flying
Spinequin-Final evolution-Ice/Dragon

I can give you the abilities and stat thingies and pokedex if you want, i was bored.

I don't mind people asking me it, i like people inquiring about my creations, mainly because they never really happen.

Still too short AtGV2, i need to get my writing cap on and write more in a chapter. I'm still planning the next chapter, so it will take a while, sos.

I can reveal that James will be making his final catch sometime soon, and Penqua will also evolve. Please don't scream at me for evolving pokemon quickly, because toget up to Pengwing I'm gonna need to evolve him quite abit. No Spinequin for this fic, wait till the sequel.

Merry Christmas


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Cool i liked the battle and how Vibrava evovled.. Hmm interesting creations and evoultions

Alexander the great V2
22nd December 2004, 4:56 AM
so its gonna be like a trioligy? Forset newbie-My End-??????? Cool! ;215; ;221; ;164;

22nd December 2004, 8:37 AM
Thanks. Penqua does have evolutions, here's a tree

Pengwing-1st evolution-Ice/flying
Spinequin-Final evolution-Ice/Dragon

I can give you the abilities and stat thingies and pokedex if you want, i was bored
Penqua, Pensha, Pengwing, Spinequin... They all have good names! You can send the stats, if you want, I'm curious.:p

I can reveal that James will be making his final catch sometime soon, and Penqua will also evolve.
I can't wait for it!^_^ I have a hunch, about what it's going to be.... (James' catch)

Off Topic: Already Merry Christmas for everyone!:D

22nd December 2004, 12:03 PM

AtGV2-I can't tell you wht the last ones called, it's going to be really original though,i can say that.

Zelda- I'm glad you like the evo chain, and I'm glad you liked how Vibrava evolved.

DarkPokemonFan- It's not gonna be a Shellder. I'm guessing your thinking that because of my sig. It's gonna be the only Dark pokemon i like. Noelor knows who that is so I'll tell him not to tell. I'm glad you can't wait. I'm glad you like the names. They came off an idea i had when i was about 7 or something (I'm 13 now). They're slightly altered.

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Aw man... I loved the Flygon evolution thingie! It was better than the typical,

"Aw, crap! My Vibrava is glowing it must be... uh... sick... or something like that... Oh wait! Nope! It just evolved into a Flygon. I wonder how I knew that name anyway... Oh well... Use the most powerful attack you know and win this battle!!!"

Even if it's majorly exaggerated, a lot of evolutions are like that. But anyway, great chapter!

~WildBlue ;018;

23rd December 2004, 8:14 AM
DarkPokemonFan- It's not gonna be a Shellder. I'm guessing your thinking that because of my sig. It's gonna be the only Dark pokemon i like. Noelor knows who that is so I'll tell him not to tell. I'm glad you can't wait. I'm glad you like the names. They came off an idea i had when i was about 7 or something (I'm 13 now). They're slightly altered.
Yeah, I've thought Shellder, but not because of your sig. Shellder would have been a clever addition to James' team, since it would remind him of a certain girl, that he killed. Well, but since it isn't Shellder, I'm awaiting, what it is! (Woohoo! Dark type!:D)

Merry Christmas to you all

Alexander the great V2
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23rd December 2004, 4:50 PM
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I'll start the next chapter tomorrow, and then there's gonna be a long wait (Christmas and stuff) SO the next chapter should be out early 2005.

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5th January 2005, 3:06 PM
Holy Crap!
This fic is so well done! I spent the past few nights reading the whole thing. You are a great writer. Forest Newbie was great. This is looking to be better. I like how Vibrava evolved into Flygon. Also the way you describe your battles is exellent. Again great job. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Alexander the great V2
5th January 2005, 4:18 PM
Im stumpeted, wat can it be??? Is it Mightenyena? Or Absol???

6th January 2005, 11:22 AM
Glad you liked it Pheonix777, I'll PM you when the next ones out.
Alexander, you finally guessed, you just have to decide which one.

I read through my reveiws lately and its inspirede me to write, so expect the next chapter either tomorrow or the day after

Your mate


6th January 2005, 5:58 PM
Well, this is earlier than i thought. I hope you like it


Chapter 5 – Rescue

We had somehow managed to get a room in the Harra city pokemon centre. It was now ten o’clock, and we’d decided to get an early night. Aerie was in the bed next to the door, and she was fast asleep, whereas I was still trying to find a reason to go to sleep, mainly because I knew I was still wanted.

Jolteon was on the floor and huddled up whereas Mew decided to stare at me at random moments, which was a little disturbing.

I heard footsteps on the landing outside the room I was in.

“Mew, who’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, just some randoms with guns.” She smiled.

“Okay… What are they wearing?”

“Funny blue uniforms, hey, you think they’re policemen trying to hunt you down?”

I slapped my head; I thought Mew was clever, being a legendary.

“But I am clever, I just like misleading and confusing you, its funny!”

“The nurse said he was in here.” A deep voice from outside said, whether he was pointing at my door or not, I quickly got my pokemon belt and clothes, and put them on.

“Yeah, she did.” Another voice replied.

“Oh ****.” I whispered while getting my trainers on. Strapping up my belt I walked over to the window. One floor, not to bad.

“James Fisher! You’re under arrest!” The door slammed opened as a voice called when I was about to open the window.

“I am?” I asked, turning and throwing my arms up. My Jolteon! He was still asleep, as was Aerie.

Two more black figures walked in, all with arms outstretched.

“I repeat! You’re under arrest!” The second figure shouted.

“No I’m not.” I replied, before turning and jumping out the window, back first, onto the streetlamp lit street below.

I was lucky, I had landed feet and none of my bones were broken. Looking up I saw Mew float out the broken window and fall down towards me.

“Some police just came in to your room.” Mew told me.

“Yes… I know.”

“They just took your Jolteon and Aerie.”

“Oh crap!” I yelled. “I gotta rescue them.”

“Sure you do…”

“Shut up Mew.”

“Technically I’m not talking.”



“Are you just here to annoy me?”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

“This is hopeless!” I cried falling to my knees, putting my head in my arms.

“You’ll need a dark pokemon to rescue them.” Mew told, sounding serious for once.

“Thanks,” I sighed, getting off my knees and up onto my feet. “Where can I find one?”

“Let me see… try the zoo, a lot of dark pokemon are sick and tired there, and since it’s in the middle of the night, you won’t get caught.” Mew suggested.

“Okay, lets get stealing!” I whispered.


We were in the pokemon zoo now, and Mew was going around disabling all the cameras, meaning it was easier for me. The sky was still a dark navy colour of night. The zoo was also pretty dark; I could see a few silver cages glint, but nothing major. Below me was lots of grass, damp from rain the day before.

Mew came over and nodded, and so, I started my walk to the nearest cage.

I was in the dark section at the moment, but if I couldn’t find anything here, I’d have to search elsewhere. The first cage I came to encased a large orange and black dog. It had bone grey horns on its head.

‘Houndoom’ the sign read.

“Looks strong,” I whispered, “but to clumsy.”

Mew nodded and stuck her tongue out at it, and then we moved on. The next cage we came to had another dog like pokemon in it. This one was white and grey. Its front legs were thin and white. These flowed into its feet that were also white, with three grey claws coming out of the front, and one black coming out of the back. The back legs were practically identical, although these feet looked a lot thinner. The main body was thin and white, it seemed to have been moulded into shape. A grey tail came out of the pokemon’s back. It was shaped kinda like a cutting edge, it was sharp to say the least. The pokemon’s neck was white, although it was more of a fur coat. It defiantly seemed nice and fluffy. The head was almost mouse like and was a grey colour. On it was a small rounded nose. Above it were two sharp white eyes with red ovals in the middle. It had some white hair that curved down the left side of its face. This had a grey dot near the start of it, well, near the face. Out of the other side of the head came another blade, like the one on the tail, except this one was more curved.

“Absol.” I read. “This Absol is male.”

Looking up, I saw it prowl around the cage, although it never took its eye off me.

“If you say so.” I shrugged, turning to Mew. “Mew, I’ll take it.”

“What?” Mew asked, coming back from a ‘sticking out tongue’ position. “But… But…”

“It looks like it will sneak around well, so we’ll take it.”

“Okay, through you’re pokeball then.”

“You mean I have to catch it?”

“Yep, sure do!” Mew replied.

“Okay. Pokeball. GO!” I threw my second last sphere at the Absol in the cage. It just sidestepped out the way.

“You have to battle it games.” Mew told me.

“Okay. Go! Combusken!” I called, throwing my Kung-foo chickens pokeball in to the cage.

“Com, Combusken!” My pokemon called. Its opponent stayed silent, prowling the cage, now glaring at my fire pokemon.

“Combusken! Double kick!” I ordered.

My pokemon nodded and jogged over to the Absol nearby. The Absol stopped moving and closed its wide eyes, only to open them a second later. Five bright blue swords swirled around it and disappeared, it growled and then dashed towards my charging Combusken. Combusken outstretched its leg and kicked the charging pokemon twice, sending it back to the spot it started, although it seemed only scratched by the attack. It charged again and quickly hit my bird twice, one either side. This sent my Combusken to the ground.

“Ouch, Swords dance then Double team.” Mew cringed.

“Don’t give up Combusken, use flamethrower!” I called.

Combusken nodded and took in breath. Absol started another charge, moving quickly as he went. When Absol was within range, Combusken let out a pillar of flames out of her mouth, scorching the dark pokemon in front of it.

“Good, now Brick break!” I ordered.

Combusken nodded again and somehow formed a brick wall in front of it. She punched this several times and put a hole threw it. This was somehow linked to the Absol as he cringed in pain while recovering from the flamethrower attack he had just faced.

“Throw it now, while the Absol’s still half healthy. I guarantee you’ll catch him!” Mew said.

“And you think I trust your calculations?”

“Well, I was hoping, yeah.”

I slapped my head in defeat, how could a legendary sound so stupid? I threw my last remaining pokeball at the injured Absol, and sure enough, he was caught.

I asked Combusken to get the ball and returned her to her ball.

“Time for a trip to the pokemon centre and then off to free Aerie and Jolteon! You can work a healing machine right?” I asked Mew.

“Can do!”


“Come on Mew, do this quicker.”

“It does take time you know.”

“Well when you said you could work it, I didn’t think you meant hacking into the system.”

“Well you should learn to read minds, like me!”

“I’m Human! Not immortal legendary.”

“To tell the truth James, I can lose a battle.”

“Sure you can…” I replied.



“You’re getting on my nerves.”

“I’m sure.” I laughed.

We were in the pokemon centre and Mew was in the middle of trying to get my pokemon healed. I was in the middles of feeding my new pokemon; I had to make him like me, didn’t I?

“There! Done! Ha, told you I could do it!” Mew called out cheerily.

I returned my Absol and put him on the tray. It was now almost midnight, no doubt Aerie was being questioned.


Five minutes later, we were outside Harra jail. It scared me that I was so near death. If I got caught, I would surely die, which freaked me out.

Inside the window I was standing next to were two policemen guarding a black door. Inside this room was a black table with three chairs round it, two on the side nearest the door, the other nearest the window I was standing next to. Obviously, I only had a look in for a few seconds. On the two seats nearest the door sat two policemen, who looked identical. On the other chair was Aerie. She was slouched on her chair. A lamp shone into her face, she was obviously suffering. On the floor next to the table was my Jolteon. He had a chain round his next that was attached to the wall.

The policemen asked Aerie something, although I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying.

“I tell you! I don’t know a thing! Now leave me alone!” Aerie cried.

“You can tell that to the noose at four, because we can accuse you of plotting with James Fisher.”

“No you can’t! I’m a policemen!”

“Then why didn’t you turn him in?”

“He’s a nice guy.” She replied, sounding drunk.

“They’ve drugged her.” Mew told me.

“That’s not fair!” I whispered.

“So the plan again?” Mew asked.

“Me and Absol will go in and get Aerie out.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“Because that’s Dark pokemon’s abilities. Just like psychic pokemon can read minds.”

“Okay, lets go, it sounds like things are going to get worse.” I then released Absol and crouched down next to him and told him what to do. He nodded.

It sounded cool turning invisible, although I was lucky enough to of selected one of the few dark types who could do it.

Absol turned himself invisible, and since I was holding him, I turned invisible as well. We walked towards the entrance, walked into jail, stole the keys from the cupboard and jogged towards the door with Aerie in.

It was kind of funny, we had done this in front of everyone, and no one had noticed a thing.

I stood up and looked into the room with Aerie in, she had massive sleep bags under her eyes; they were almost like black eyes.

I opened the door and knocked out the two guards. The other two policemen didn’t seem to notice.

“So tell us Miss. Aerie or whatever your name is, why were you travelling with James Fisher.”

“Because I wanted to.”

“If you are police, why didn’t you do a thing?”

“I was going to arrest him! Give me a chance.”

“What the hell?” I called out, letting go of my Absol, making myself clearly visible. “Oh ****.”

“What?” One of the policemen called, jumping out of his chair. “What happened to Jackson and Sanderson?”

I whipped out my sword holding it horizontally with one hand on the handle the other on the blade.

“You won’t live to find out!” I answered.


I turned to my Jolteon to see that Absol had turned visible again and was now biting at the chain Jolteon was tied to.

“And don’t think about calling reinforcements, I have an Absol who can take me and my friends out of here before they can get here.”

“James Fisher, I thought you’d come.” The other policemen said.

“James, don’t do it.” Aerie pleaded.

“Shut up, I came here to rescue you, but I see you’re not worth it.” I replied.

“I lied.”

“How do I know you aren’t lying now?”

“Please…” She mumbled before falling onto the floor.

My glance wavered from her to the policemen. I felt a nudge on my leg. I looked down to see my Absol and Jolteon wanting to leave.

Glancing back at the policemen, I told my Jolteon to get Aerie. He did what I told him to and soon she was on the floor next to me.

“I don’t plan on dieing today, and I’m sure you don’t either. So I’ll leave you be, go home now, I’ll deal with you another day.” I told the policemen before putting back my sword and hoisting Aerie over my shoulder. “See you around.” Said to them before touching my Absol to turn invisible. I then let go again. “Not.”


We got out of the police station and were now on the grassland outside Harra city. I laid Aerie down next to a tree before thanking my Absol and returning him. I then myself rested against a tree and fell asleep.


“You okay?” I asked Aerie as she woke up.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She groaned. “Why’d you rescue me, I thought I was screwed for sure. What made you change my mind?”

“I know who to trust, and when to trust them.” I told her. “You’re lucky.”

We both laughed and sighed, before going back to sleep, after all, that’s what we both needed.

“Hello James.”

Meta Kyogre
6th January 2005, 6:16 PM
I saw one grammar mistake but it was pretty good. I think James may have been more hesitant when leaving the house but then again he is wanted and would get hanged. Good luck with your next chapter.

7th January 2005, 2:17 AM
same, only one error, and i think it was pretty cool that you let Absols ability turn it invisible.

Alexander the great V2
7th January 2005, 3:01 AM
That chapter was totally awsome! The description of Absol and Houndoom in the pokemon zoo was great. Cos im suck at spelling and grammar, i did'nt notice any mistakes in that. I wonder wat Jess has to say to him...... ;215; ;221; ;164;

7th January 2005, 10:05 AM

Meta Kyogre: I had the same feeling about the start with the house, I just felt it went to fast, and i couldn't find anything to make it better
Cs32: I do anything i can think of to make it more origanal, and he had to get in somehow
AtgV2: Glad you liked it. Glad you liked my description, I try my best with that, although I always feel my background and room descriptions aren't that good, but maybe thats me.

I'll open my fic up to ratings, but don't be to harsh, it de-motivates me. FN made 4 stars, so i expect this one to make the same or more.

Your mate


7th January 2005, 12:00 PM
i know iv given it that...
anyway, straight from the ol' SSF version of ME...
great chapter Motig, liking the plot lots, all the usual stuff is as well, although (and this is only slightly a criticism) it was kind of obvious by the length of its description that Absol would be caught... not that im complaining, just maybe be more consistent with your description, its still good though
keep it up!


8th January 2005, 3:47 AM
Yet another great chapter, Motig!

This chapter was very good, and I espeacially liked the whole, "Hi" thing between Mew and James. Also, Absol being able to turn invisible is pretty darn cool.

Keep up the good work!

~WildBlue ;018;

8th January 2005, 10:10 AM
Sweet chapter, Motig!

I absolutely love Absol!:D Nice addition (sp?).

About the chapter itself: I liked it, there were only a few grammar mistakes. Great work! Keep it up!

DPF ;092;

8th January 2005, 1:37 PM
hey i just rated your fic and i thought it was Terrible! LOL JK. I did have a hard time thinking if i should make it a 4 or a 5! Ya see? Thats how good i think this is.

8th January 2005, 5:31 PM
Thanks, I'll wait till more votes get in before i rate. Chapter 6 is well on its way.

Noelor-Glad you like the plot

wildblueyonder-Glad you liked the Mew and James convo's, I try my best with them. Glad you liked the invisable thing. I wanted Absol to have a unique ability

DPF-Glad you liked it. Glaad you like Absol. I'll try my best with grammer

Cs32-Evil joke, glad you think its that good. obviously I'd of liked 5 stars more.

Chapter 6 will sort of be Aeries chapter, revealing a lot of her past. Although it won't be like Jess' chapter last time. No disturbing images.

Your mate


8th January 2005, 6:35 PM
ya sorry bout that, i've kinda picked that up after the years, and i always want to give a fic a 1 or a 5 but i started to think about it. If there was a 6 i probably would have given you a 5.

8th January 2005, 7:08 PM
That was an awesome chapter. I was guessing it was absol. The ability to read minds and invisibility were nice touches also. Keep it coming.


9th January 2005, 8:58 PM
Cs32-It's okay. And, oh but you can rate it six *evil laughs*

Phoenix777-Glad you liked the chapter. Like Noelor said, you could guess it was Absol by the amount of discription. And hey, I need this to be more origanal.

I'm onto the fourth page of the next chapter, and i have it roughly made out, all apart from the end of the chapter.

Your mate


9th January 2005, 9:19 PM
but hey, its a five now. Oh thats not good? heh heh *dodges the computer thrown from Motig* Eagerly waiting your next chap.

Treecko 93
10th January 2005, 2:22 AM
Good chapter! Parts seemed a bit rushed, couple of spelling mistakes. Good otherwise. I've got more great expectations.

Chapter 6 will sort of be Aeries chapter, revealing a lot of her past. Although it won't be like Jess' chapter last time. No disturbing images.

Like that! Yay! Keep up the nice work!

19th January 2005, 8:08 PM
Okay, here's the next chapter. Although i know its not my best work. And I feel it's kinda losely joined together. Don't rate my fic on this chapter alone though, even though i know it can't be as bad as i think it is.

Here it is *gulps*

Chapter 6 - Living the reality

“Why are you here? Who are you?” I asked.

“You know me, well.” The voice announced.

“I do?” I questioned. “But how come I don’t recognise you’re voice?”

“I would have had led a great life James. You knew that, you were jealous!”

“What? You make no sense!” I called out, finally opening my eyes to find myself in a courtroom. The walls were a wooden colour. In front of me was a full room of people. In front of them were two desks; one had a man and another man behind it. The other had another man and a lady behind it. She wore a tight blue suit, or that’s what I could tell. Her image was blurry, whereas the others were clear. She had a mass of orange hair over her head.

To the left of me was a bench with a crowd of people on it, all who were saying something. Below me was a fat man with a hammer in his hand, I saw him slam it down, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

Suddenly I saw the man with the woman jump up and celebrate. She gratefully shook his hand, picked up her books and walked out the room.

And in a second I was back to the eerie darkness that I was in the dream before this.

“I would of become successful, and you ruined it.” The voice whispered.

“How could you know your future if you’re dead?” I asked.

“It’s been twenty-six years James, you find out a lot when you’re dead.”


“You’re a failure James, nothing else!”

“I’m not. I swear I will…”

“To late James, you already have. You already have.” The voice cut me off.

“*****!” I screamed out aloud. “Oops.” I whispered, suddenly realizing I was awake.

“Ate to much cheese James?” Aerie asked.

“What? Oh, yeah.” I replied. “I mean no! I didn’t have any cheese.”

“We were wondering if you were mad, but me dismissed the idea with the vote of two to one.”

“Who was the one?”

“Hi!” Mew butted in.

“Why aren’t I surprised?” I laughed, getting up from my resting position.

It was now mid-afternoon, and according to Aerie, they had all woken up at noon and had decided to get some supplies back at Harra. The sight before me was a massive meadow with the deep blue ocean serving as a background

“So where are we going?” I asked.

“That way.” Aerie pointed. Following her finger I saw a cruiser.

“We’re getting on that thing? How? I’ll get caught.” I complained.

“It’s the only safe route to get to your ‘friend’” Aerie answered. “And anyway, I’m mates with the captain, you’ll be fine.”

“When you say mates-” I started.

“Lets not get into that, we got to get moving.”

Aerie gave me a hand up to my feet and then we started walking towards the dock, which was about a mile away, I guessed.

(Authors note: Story now told in first person from Aerie’s point of view.)

Just half way to go, half way.

I was walking ahead of the group, although seeing Jack again would be a nice thing to happen.

James’ Mew seemed to jump around in the air from time to time. Jolteon walked side by side his trainer, and James himself seemed to wander aimlessly behind. Something was bothering him, and I needed to find out.

“C’mon James, get a move on! We’re half way.” I called out to him.

“You’ve been counting?” he asked.

“Weirdo.” Mew added.

“Shut up you!” I laughed. “Anyway, something’s wrong James, I can tell.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Seriously, you’re usually walking fast.”

“I’M FINE!” He yelled at me.

“Okay, okay.” I replied. “I’m just concerned.”

“Well don’t be. I’m not five.”

“He’s not.” Mew agreed.

“Since when have you taken his side?” I asked.

“Well…” Mew thought. “Just then, I think.”

She plopped up and down a bit and then nodded to confirm her answer.


Five minutes later and James had tried his best to keep up with me, but every time he came near he seemed to slow to a snails pace. I wanted to ask what as wrong, but knew he would just shout at me and deny my statement.

“Leave me alone, I don’t want to…” I heard James mumble as he moved in front of me.

I stopped as did Jolteon and Mew. James started to stumble before collapsing on the floor.

“Oh ****.” I whispered before sprinting to his side.

His eyes were closed, mouth open.


“Mr. Stumble?” Mew asked.

“For **** sake Mew, be serious for once!” I cried out. “Life’s not all jolly and ****.”

“It is… Sorry.” Mew started before cutting herself off because of a glare from me.

A sudden gust of wind blew my hair back behind my head, giving me a disturbed feeling.

“It…It’s her?” James choked, opening his eyes.


“Orange hair, bright sapphire eyes.” He replied before gasping for air.

“Mew, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell.” She whimpered.

Turning round I saw Jolteon growling, his lime green spines standing up straight. This was far beyond the supernatural.


James had recovered and we now on board the S.S. Mary. I had spoke with Jack and he had given me and James free passage on board, which was nice of him. Although all the rooms were taken, so we had to sleep in the corridors.

James and I were at the bar of the ships food and drink corner. He had fully recovered and was now ordering drinks at the bar.

“A pint of lager for me and a pint for her.” He ordered.

The man behind the bar nodded and went to get the drinks. The room had a royal red carpet and deep blue walls. The ceiling was white and the bar we were sitting had several sea-like decorations and the bench James was resting on was wooden.
“Why’d you order me a pint?” I asked angrily.

“Why not?” James answered. “It can’t do you any harm.”

“Ye… You’re right, it can’t.”


I opened my eyes. My eyesight was blurry and my head felt like a steel hammer had just hit it several times.

“What the hell?” James called.


“You got completely wasted.” He screamed.


“If I had of known you loved booze that much, I would of made you pay. But hey! Why don’t you pay for another four pints with your own cash!”

“My head hurts…” I mumbled.

“Stop following me around, go stay with that captain guy you went off with last night. I’m sure he’d love you’re company.”

And with that he stormed off down the corridor. I slammed my head against the wall and then decided to go after him.

(Authors note: Story is now told in first person from James’ point of view.)

And here we were, at the ice port of Afar. I’d gotten off the boat as quickly as possible, to stop me meeting up with anyone I’d rather not meet up with. The faces and glares I got creeped me out, but hey, it’s what I deserved.

The view before me was miles and miles off glazing blue ice and frosty white snow. There was a coat stand over to my right, and I decided to get one with my last remaining cash.

Luckily, I had been served; obviously news of me hadn’t reached here yet. I got a black one, mainly because it went with my other clothes.

“Hey James?” Mew called from behind me.


“How are we gonna get food and drink?”

“****…” I mumbled.

“Because there’s no town around here for about ten miles. And with energy being a big part here you might die.”

“Well let me save that energy by you not talking, got it?”



“Go! Combusken!”

Out of the pokeball I just dropped came my fire chicken.

“Combusken, heat the ice for water…” I panted.

I was now on the floor miles away from anyone, anywhere. And apparently, A Blizzard was coming which meant I was extra lucky.

My Combusken shivered, then nodded. He gradually un-froze the water. I crawled over to the water and gradually sipped it, Jolteon joined me.

(Authors note: Story is now told in first person from Aerie’s point of view. (Sorry))

“I’m going.”

“Please stay…” Jack pleaded. His scruffy brown hair flowing out from under is white hat.

“I have a friend out there, he needs help.”

“But last night…” He reminded me. His crystal blue eyes glittering from the brightness of the snow behind me.

“Was a mistake? I got ****** off.” I retorted. He sighed a sigh of sadness. “Look Jack.” I said calmly. “You’re a nice guy. But you have your own job, and I have mine. I promise we’ll meet again.”


“Now I have to go. See ya!”

And with that I ran into the distance in the direction I saw James go.


After, what I guessed to be a couple of miles of walking, I heard a faint voice in the distance. I started running through the mass snowfall to the direction I thought the voices were coming from.

Once I had recognised James’ voice I immediately put my hood up so it covered my eyes.

“Mew… this ain’t the… time to annoy me…” He said, struggling to speak. “The time… to annoy me is when I’m… angry… not half dead.”

Taking as deeper breath of air as I could I wandered towards his voice, knowing that only he had a Mew, and only he and I got annoyed by her.

“You seem in trouble.” I said as I kneeled down next to him. I deepened my voice so he didn’t recognise.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“My name is A… that’s not important right now.” I replied hastily.

“You sound fa-”

“EAT!” I screamed, shoving a bun into his cold dry mouth.

He ate the bun quickly while looking at my figure with questioning eyes.

“Thanks.” He said once he had finished.

“Your welcome James.” I replied.

“How do you know my n-”

“More eating!” I cut him off before shoving a chocolate biscuit into his mouth.

He finished this and then stood up.

“Thanks, got any food for my pokemon?” James asked.

“Yeah.” I replied bending down. I then felt a just of wind flow through my hair.

“Gotcha!” He cried.


“Welcome back aboard Aerie.”

I smiled before feeding Jolteon some food.

Shiny May
19th January 2005, 8:26 PM
a good chap might I say. I like the way you said everything and I liked the plot in the chap too! I have to say that in the past year you've really grown as an author

Bulba the Great!
19th January 2005, 9:13 PM
Why did you say your chapter was rubbish, Motig? It was a great chapter! Although Aerie's starting to scare me....

It was sorta hard to follow, but yet again I will say that I'm slow on the uptake:)

P.S. Mew needed a bigger part:P

~Bulby ;001;

19th January 2005, 9:33 PM
Yes! I finally got the time to read this!

So far, this story is excellent. I think it's better than 'The Forest Newbie'. But I wonder why Jess is haunting James so much...

Overall, the story is turning out great. I especially love the plot, very original. ^_^


-Sorry for the crappy review, I don't have much time to write a proper one. ^^;

Space Skitty
19th January 2005, 9:55 PM
That was a good chapter, Motig! It wasn't bad. Some character development for Aerie, I see. That's good! You have a unique plot so far, keep it up!

19th January 2005, 10:26 PM
Some character development for Aerie never did any harm, this chapter was good! What does he mean that he is half dead? Hmmm, going to go think a while.

Alexander the great V2
20th January 2005, 2:30 AM
Mew roxks! I could'nt stop laughing! Description of the dream at the begging was good, didnt notice any spelling(as usal).

;130; ;130; ;130; ;130; 130;


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20th January 2005, 4:08 PM
Wow. Thanks guys.

Shiny May-I've grown up since a year ago, I didn't realize I was getting that much better

Bulbs-Glad you liked it. I think i said that because i didn't feel I'd written to my full potential

Ashy GIRL-Thanks for reading. I'll add you to my PM list.

Space Skitty-Unique, wow. I really didn't think it was that origanal. I ujst thought it was like others out there

Cs32-Glad you liked it. Half dead means he's going to die, but he's not dead yet.

AtgV2-I never thought I was that funny. I'm hoping to put afew laughs in in the next chapter.

Thanks for the replies.

Your mate


2nd February 2005, 6:16 PM
Sorry, its ages since i updated. But here's the next chapter. The votes were in favor of long chapter, so theres eight...teen pages to read :D Some may not like it, some may not, but hey, I'm proud of it. Thanks to Obsidian Blade who Beta'd it and thanks to you guys for voting and inspiring me to write faster. I'm happy :D

But, a chapter this long has to have some warnings, so here they are:


There, done. On with the chapter. Oh, and free Beta rights to two chapters (excluding final chapter) the first three people who guess the song Aerie's singing at the beggining. I need Artist as well as song name.

Okay, on with the chapter (Finally) But one more thing...(jk) :p

Chapter 7 – Crime, ladies and fights

“Spend some time with me, do dum do…” Aerie sung.

We had passed through the town we were aiming for, and were now heading for the grassland area after the ice. This would take towards a rogue area that was run by criminals and the like.

“What song you singing?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing much.”

“I looked across the river and what did I see? Fifty legendaries bowing down to me!” Mew sang. “Because I’m to se-”

“What’s up with everyone and singing?” I asked, cutting Mew off before she got to the part she most enjoyed, and the part I hated most.

“There are fifty legendaries?” Aerie queried, taking the opportunity to ask a pointless question

“I dunno, yeah.” Mew replied

I slapped my head and then made a dive for Mew, narrowly missing as she jumped out the way. I growled and made my way towards her again before she teleported onto my head. All I saw then were two big wide eyes and a pink head.

“Hey James?”

“What?” I growled.

“Can you stop looking at me, it’s starting to scare me.” Mew told me.

“I can’t look anywhere else.”

“Oh, okay.” She sighed. “Your hair tastes funny.”


“Just so you know!” Mew squeaked as she teleported away.

“Why were you chewing my hair anyway?”

She ignored the question and we moved on.


“There are fifty legendaries?” Aerie asked, for the tenth time.


“Wow, I wanna catch them all.”

“Good luck with that.” I interrupted, breaking the chain of repetitiveness that had been going for the last ten minutes. We were now half way to Poko town, mostly known for crime.

“Wow, fifty, I wanna-”

“Do you like cheese, Aerie?” I asked.


And the rest of the trip was spent in silence.


We had arrived in Poko town and it was terrible. All the buildings were dark grey and half broken. The ground was a dirty grey colour, and even the sky had clouds shrouded over it.

“This place is smelly.” Mew commented while wiggling her floating body in disgust.

“Well let’s hope we can just move straight through it.” I replied before hearing Aerie scream. “So much for that plan.” I sighed.

“Let go of me you… you…” Aerie screamed while trying to wrestle a man to the ground. He wore a dark grey jacket and some black trousers. His hair was brown and scruffy, and his face was a dirt pink colour. He had no shoes or socks on, leaving him in bare feet. His eyes were a hazel colour.

“Well looky here.” He said, in a low and dusty voice. “Looks like I got a chick on the hook.”

“We’ll see about that!” I replied whipping Wartortle’s ball off my belt.

“Okay then Fisher, you’re on, winner takes the lass.”

“No! This fight is about me, and I’ll fight it James.” Aerie interrupted. I slowly shuffled away, returning Wartortle’s ball to its slot. “Two on two, no switches allowed.”

“Okay Birdie.”

“Her names not Aerie, not Birdie, Lassy, no name or whatever.” I yelled at him.

“You better not piss me off Fisher, I have a gun!”

“Penqua! Go!” Aerie interrupted our argument. “Man, chose your pokemon.”

“The names Pete sweetheart, and you’d better learn it.” Pete told us. “I chose Murkrow.”

He threw a black ball onto the ground, releasing a black and yellow bird. Its body was small and rounded, and if it had any wings, they were small. Out of the bottom of the body came two yellow chicken legs and talons on the end of them. It had a black tail that splashed out like a gelled ponytail and this was attached to the body by what seemed to be a red ribbon. A head came out of the top near the front. This was small and rounded with two rounded eyes just above a yellow beak that seemed to be glued onto the head. On top of the head seemed to be a jagged black top hat, which I had to admit, looked fairly cool.

“Murkrow.” The bird called croakily.

“Penqua, lets start this party with Water gun!”

Aerie’s baby penguin pulled itself up and waddled into range. It then sat back down and spat out a stream of water. The Murkrow seemed only scratched by this attack as it stayed in position.

“Ha ha, you’ll have to do better than that little birdie.” Pete laughed. “Murkrow, use your wing attack!”

“It’s flying, darn, why didn’t I think of that.” Aerie murmured as the whirlwinds created by the black birds wings smacked into her wing-sucking penguin.

“Penqua, use Icy wind!”

“Murkrow, combat that with whirlwind!”

Penqua got up and started flapping its wings creating an ice storm. I watched in amazement as the small penguin created a massive storm, but winced empathetically as the Murkrow blew the Snow storm right back into Penqua’s face, sending the penguin rolling back to Aeries feet.

“We need a plan and fast Penqua.”

Penqua turned back, wing in mouth, to face his trainer, he nodded slowly.

“Oh, am I kicking your *** Birdie?” Pete teased.

“Oh you’re on.”

“Pen!” Penqua agreed with his trainer.

I was surprised of this, because I’d never seen him take offence before, which is strange.

“Okay, Murkrow, finish this excuse for a pokemon with bite, and make it painful!”

“Penqua!” Penqua stood got up and stood his ground, for once looking serious. All his body parts started to glow white, and in an explosion of light revealing a taller, slimmer and tougher looking pokemon in his place.

“Pensha!” It said, in a much lower tone than Penqua.

He had a bigger head now, and instead of the narrow slits; he had triangular eyes with two sharp black beads for eyes. His wings were now longer, and looked tougher, it was defiantly capable of flying now. An orange V came from each wing, making the penguin look like it had a V-neck collar. A wide white X came across the stomach and chest. Out of the sides of its stomach came two yellow triangles. The triangles slotted into the sides of the white X perfectly. Below the X was a black groin with two medium length legs with black feet on the end of them. These both had two toes.

“That was, erm, cool?” I guessed.

Aerie turned to me and gave me a harsh look, then turned back to the battlefield.

“Tut tut James.” Mew told me, shaking her head.

“I’ll chew your ear in a minute if you don’t shut up!” I replied angrily.

“Pensha! Or whatever your name is.” Aerie called. “Use your best new move!”

The penguin nodded and ran quickly towards his opponent. He curled his wing up into a fist and it started to freeze. Once he reached the horrified crow, he swung his frozen fist forward, knocking the bird back several feet.

“Get up Murkrow, lets teach this boxer a lesson.” Pete whispered.

“Boxer, that means it’s a fighting type.” I worked out. “Aerie! Try double kick!” I said to her.

She nodded and told her Pensha what to do. He nodded and started the run towards the black bird in front of him. Murkrow jumped up and got ready for the attack. Pensha jumped up into the air and pulled one leg back, like my Combusken. When he was in range, he pushed this leg forward knocking the Murkrow back. He then pulled back his other leg and pushed that forward, knocking the blackbird onto its back.

“Ha, eat that!” Aerie cheered.

“Not so fast lil’ birdie. Murkrow, show this fighting type your wing attack, I’m sure it won’t like that.”

Murkrow got up and flapped its wings furiously, making two small tornados.

“Oh no, Pensha, use… use…” Aerie stuttered.

“Too late.” Pete smiled.

And with those words the two tornados crashed into Aeries penguin, knocking it back.

“Pensha! Get up!” Aerie tried, but her pokemon lay unconscious.

“I believe that’s two to one.” Pete whispered.

“Okay.” Aerie growled. “Pensha, return. Go! Scizor!”

Out of the newly thrown pokeball came the humanoid red bug known as Scizor.

“Scizor, the enemy is weak, lets get this done quickly!” Aerie told her pokemon. She nodded and got ready to fight. “Try a slash, and make it quick.”

“Murkrow, do some damage! Gust.”

Murkrow flapped its wings creating a small tornado; this headed towards the charging Scizor and hit it perfectly. Scizor seemed only scratched and kept flying forward. She lifted her claw and slashed across the black birds face, causing it to faint on the spot.

“Murkrow, great job.” Pete whispered. “Lets try Arbok.”

Pete threw another pokeball, this one releasing a large purple snake. Its neck was flattened out into a disk shape with a face on it. The eyes on the face had black pupils, yellow irises and black outlines. The mouth had a red centre and a black outline. This curved back into a rounded cuboid shape. This was the animal’s actual face. It had two piercing triangular white eyes. These were just above the animal’s mouth that had four gleaming fangs in.

“It looks dangerous Scizor, try a slash.”

“Arbok, do what you do best.”

Scizor flew speedily towards the Arbok, right claw raised. Arbok shrivelled into a circle. A few seconds later, Scizor brought down his claw onto, Arbok and fell into Pete’s trap. Arbok came out of its circle making a gap in the middle of it, making Scizor’s claw slash into the gap. She stumbled and was caught off guard by Arbok. Arbok tied itself around the whole of Scizor, meaning it couldn’t move.

“It’s steel Arbok, don’t bother biting, just keep it tied up, keep putting more pressure on it.” Peter commanded his purple snake.

“Keep struggling, make the ******* let go!” Aerie ordered, but it did nothing, Scizor was trapped, and nothing could save her.

“Isn’t this a bit unfair?” I asked, after a minute or so of Scizor being constricted. Aerie was shouting random commands at her

“I’m unfair Fisher, you should be, and us criminals have to stick together.” He told me.

“I’m not like you, not at all.” I replied. “Release Scizor now!”

“I have a gun Fisher.”

“So, I have a sword and I throw it with extreme accuracy, it’ll slice through your head nice.”

“Release the weakling.” Pete grumbled.

“Thanks James.”

I turned over to the battlefield. Arbok was still standing strong, whereas Scizor was panting heavily, although I wasn’t really surprised.

“Scizor! Try Metal Claw.” Aerie called.

“Finish this battle off with a Bite.” Pete ordered.

Mew and me slapped our foreheads in unison; we both know she was screwed.

Despite Mew and mines actions, Scizor charged forward and turned a silver colour. Arbok pulled itself up to full height. Scizor continued moving forward, claw outstretched. The metres closed in and Arbok opened its mouth. Scizor struck Arbok in the mouth. A split-second later Arbok closed its mouth on Scizor’s claw, causing the female to hang lifeless in mid air, Claw half in Arboks mouth.

“Come with me Lassy, I only got one bed, but I’ll make you feel comfortable.” He grinned.

Aerie fell to her knees after returning her pokemon. Pete grabbed her arm and dragged her away. Mew, Jolteon and me looked at the empty battlefield with confused expressions.

“So…. Pizza for lunch anyone?” Mew suggested.

I looked at her harshly, and we then walked on.


Five minutes later we were eating pizza in the nearest restaurant. I was sighing every few seconds. Jolteon was prodding his slice of the pizza and Mew was tearing into her pizza.

“This sucks.” I sighed. Jolteon nodded.

“Maybe you should have some pizza.” Mew suggested half way through a mouthful of food. I looked at her harshly before having a slice of pizza splash into my face.


We were now walking down the street outside. I needed clues to where Aerie was, and I thought I might as well start at the pokemon centre, which was where I was heading now. I could see it clearly, it was only a hundred metres or so away. The walls had graffiti on and the red tiled roof was dirty. I’d hate to work there, but whatever, it seemed a good place to go.

I had walked about two thirds of the way when three scruffy men popped out form behind a house. All of the wore black T-Shirts and damaged grey jackets. One wore navy trousers, one wore dark grey trousers, and the other wore black. All wore damaged trainers. The one with Navy trousers had blonde hair and green eyes. The other two had brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

“Hey erm… Blue grey and black.” I greeted.

“Stop trying to be funny Fisher, your crap at it.” Blue said.

“That’s my job!” Giggled Mew.

“Shut up Kit Kat!” Grey shouted at Mew.

“Ha, pinkies a chocolate bar, ha.” Black laughed. Mew sank into depression.

“So what are your names then?” I asked.

“I’m Harry.” Blue replied.

“I’m Michael.” Grey answered.

“And I’m Jamie, you got a problem.”

“No, can I go past?” I queried.

“We’ll sort that out Fisher when we get to it.” Harry said.

“You looking for the chick Pete brought home?” Michael replied.

“No.” I replied immediately.

“Nice try Fisher. But your chocolate bar told us.” Harry told me.

“It might be fun James.” Mew told me.

“****…” I mumbled. No doubt, I was screwed. “Look dudes, I got a sword and I’ll chop through in seconds.

“We have guns Fisher.” Jamie told me.

“What’s is it with you guys and guns?” I asked.

“I dunno. But you’re getting on my nerves.”

“What the hell? I haven’t done anything!”

“Lets take him home boys.” Harry smiled.

I smiled, but frowned immediately as my face connected with three fists and my stomach connected with two feet. I was now on the ground panting for breath, a chop on the back of the neck sent me to the ground, and after that, well, it was a bit fuzzy, I really couldn’t remember a thing. And then my world fazed out and my eyes went black.


Groaning, I got up. Where was I? Looking around I saw dirty brown walls and a grey floor beneath me. It felt like concrete, but I wasn’t sure. One wall wasn’t brown, it was barred and black. Was I in jail? I wasn’t sure.

“Where am I?” I asked while getting up slowly.

“Below the pokemon centre.” Mew replied. She was in the corner of the room, Jolteon next to her.

“At least I got here.” I laughed.

“Not funny James, we need to get out.”

“Oh, and who’s fault was it that we’re here?” I yelled. “Yours!”


“You cause way too much trouble! Your sarcasm and jokes are most of the time a complete waste time. You’re one of the most annoying things ever! I ha…arg…” I screamed as a sharp pain hit the left side of my waist, making me crumble back into the wall in pain.

“Say sorry James.”

“Why should I?” I asked before having another sharp pain in the other side of my waist.

“Because you were a meanie.”

“What the hell?” I said. “Okay, I’m sorry.”

“Are you sure?” Mew questioned.

“Yes.” I groaned.

“Positive?” She asked.


“Is that your final answer?”


“Well done James Fisher, you won the right to live!” Mew told me.

I slapped my forehead before walking over to the bars. It felt like rusted Iron. Whipping out my sword I swung it as hard as I could at the bars and chopped through about five of them. I then jumped up and swiped through some higher ones, meaning some bars fell off. I clambered through, turning to ask Mew and Jolteon whether they was coming, when they both nodded I ran up the stairs while putting back my sword.

Once up the dirty stairs, we came into a clean room with a sparkling yellow floor. Yep, this was the pokemon centre. The walls and ceiling were both blue, as was the desk. Behind the desk was a wooden cabinet. A woman sat on a chair behind the desk. She was reading a book. I walked over to the desk.

“Erm, hi, do you know where a Pete dude lives?” I asked.

The woman clumsily dropped her book revealing flowing brown hair that was tied into a ponytail. She was slim, but didn’t look built for running, or any type of sport. She had a yellow short skirt and a sea blue jacket. A pair of glasses hid her hazel eyes.

“Oh ****, your James Fisher.” She whispered in a panicked tone.

“Yeah, I was dragged in here about, well…” I replied, turning to Mew, she mouthed the word ‘one’. “One hour ago.”

“Yeah, well, can you get out please?”

“Why, the others around here are worse.” I answered seriously. “I don’t abduct grown up people after a pokemon fight. God knows what things are happening to my friend. Now, tell me where a Pete guy lives.”

“Okay… I can tell you but you wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me!” I challenged.

“Well when you go out the door you’ll see a grey hut and…”


“Told you. My names Bridget Watermen, you might have heard of my mum.”

I looked at her blankly.

“Your dumber than I thought.” She sighed. “C’mon, lets go.”


We walked out the door to find a brown hotel.

“You lied!” I accused.

“I’d rather travel with you than live in this **** hole for the rest of my life, now lets go!”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the dusty road, and in minutes we were outside a broken down house. The windows were boarded up.

“This where he lives?” I asked.

“Yep, you go first.”

I did as I was told and walked into the house.

“Having a good time Bernie?” I heard Pete ask. In reply I heard a low growl, then a dogs bark.

“Oh my god! He turned Aerie into a dog!” Mew gasped. I slapped my head and barged my way into the room.

It was basically a wooden hut with some walls with holes in. Where I was facing, I saw Pete swinging on a chair eating canned peas. Turning, I saw his dog, Bernie tied to a post growling at Aerie who was tied to a chair. She was blindfolded and had a hanky tied round her head, it was partially in her mouth. Her blue hair was stuck to her cheeks that were stained in blood.

“Look who’s turned up?” Pete laughed. “Sorry, but birdie here’s mine.”

“You want a bet?”

“Well, Bernie here could eat her, she likes to bite legs.” He grinned.

I drew my sword and threw it at the dog’s head. It chopped right through the dog’s soft fur and came down out the jaw.

“Well she can bite that.” I smiled, as the scarlet blood poured out the dog’s wound. She collapsed shortly after.

“You’re getting on my nerves Fisher.”

“I don’t care, and how do you know my name?”

“You’re on TV, I like to steal things too Fisher.”

“You’re worse than I thought.” I told him.

“Oh, and you’re better. Mr. Champion killer. Oh I’m sorry, did I tell the truth?”

I gulped, clenching my fists. My Jolteon growled to.

“Oh, are you annoyed. And whys the bookworm following you?”

“Take him down James.” Bridget whispered.

“Make one move towards your weapon, and I shoot my gun.”

“Fine, lets battle for it.” I called.

“Okay Fisher.”

“And for Aerie.”

“No way, we already have a deal, and birdie here’s mine!”

“Two on two, no switches! Jolteon! Kick ***!”

“Okay Fisher, your on!” Pete agreed. “Arbok, finish this waste!”

“Jolteon! Thunder Bolt!” I commanded.

“Arbok, Poison sting.”

My Jolteon jumped out in front of me and charged up, front legs straight out in front of him. Pete’s familiar Arbok opened its mouth, revealing a spike that it then soaked with its own saliva. It spat this out at my Jolteon who rolled out the way and then shot his blue and yellow lightning bolts at his opposition.

“Wow, that Jolteon’s powerful.” Bridget told me. “Have you trained it?”

“Yes, it’s a he and Jolteon! Quick attack!” I answered.

“Arbok, constrict!” Pete ordered.

Jolteon ran towards his near opponent and rammed into it. Arbok quickly recovered and whipped out its tail dragging my Jolteon back towards it. It wrapped its purple body around Jolteon, and then tugged itself, causing Jolteon much pain, and trapping it.

“Jolteon! Shock it!” I called.

“Arbok, pull harder.”

Jolteon summoned some electrical energy and let them out of his body in all directions, meaning Arbok was shocked and was forced to let go.

“Good, now use Zap cannon!”

“Arbok! Try another poison sting.”

Jolteon charged up as much energy as possible while Arbok did the same as its first attack. It released its attack, hitting Jolteon dead on, causing it to choke and spit a bit.

“James, Jolteon’s poisoned, be careful.” Bridget told me.

“How do you know this stuff?”

“I’m like a walking talking pokedex!” She exclaimed.

“Arbok, bite.”

Jolteon, when it comes near, release your attack!” I called out to Jolteon.
Arbok started charging towards Jolteon, while Jolteon finished charging his attack. A big yellow and blue ball appeared above Jolteons head, sending sparks flying everywhere. Arbok neared and opened its mouth, and as it did this Jolteon sent his slow moving projectile at the moving pokemon. The ball crashed into its open mouth, sending it flying through the wall into the streets outside, it was now raining.

“That’s gotta hurt in the morning.” I cringed.

“Lets take this outside Fisher!” Pete growled before marching out into the rain after his knocked out Arbok.

“Lets go Jolteon.”

“Jolt.” Jolteon nodded, before rushing out though the hole. Mew, Bridget and I followed him.

“I choose Steelix!” Pete growled. “And lets make this five on five, I wanna see you suffer!”

“Whatever Pete.” I replied, before stumbling back after a huge metallic pokemon came out of the ball Pete just threw.

His Steelix was huge. It was basically a big metal snake, with a smile that said ‘You’re screwed’. It had nine segments, including the head and tip of the tail. The tail segment was a pointy shape and fairly small. But the further towards the head you got, the bigger the segments got. Two of the segments had poles going through them, and these spun at random moments. Its head was massive and with several lumps coming out near the back of it. It had two evil looking red eyes and a large mouth, with the teeth clearly visible.

“I can see why you wanted to come outside.” I said.

“No, that ain’t the reason, its because now all my mates can see your defeat!” Pete told me.

“Well, lets try Thunder bolt!”

“Don’t James, its ground, it can’t be effected by electric attacks. Your Jolteon’s done for, no switches.”

“Crap…” I murmured.

“Steelix, waste this pokemon, earthquake!” Pete commanded. I stood still.

The metal snake pounded the ground with its head making several large tremors making my Jolteon fall over greatly injured. He coughed and then closed his eyes.

“Ha, poison took your Jolteon out, chose your next pokemon!” Pete told me.

“Jolteon, good job!” I said, running over to my pokemon up and taking it back to Bridget. “Wartortle! GO!”

I threw Wartortle’s pokeball out and out came my turtle pokemon. Who danced around in the rain. I felt my dripping hair, and then told him to stop messing around.

“Steelix! Body Slam!”

“Wartortle! Bubble beam!” I commanded.

Wartortle blasted out some big bubbles at the metal snake that was crawling towards him. The snake recoiled a bit before slamming its body down on my small turtle. The snake got up revealing a slightly bruised turtle. He gave me the thumbs up. I couldn’t help but smile.

“It should be dead after that!” Pete complained.

“Wartortle’s have good defence and hard shells.” Bridget explained.

“Wartortle! Try another bubble beam!”

“Steelix! Earthquake!”

Steelix pounded the ground with its resilient head. Wartortle drew himself into his shell, so he didn’t take as much damage. His shell bounced up and down, although when the tremor finished, he seemed unharmed. He then charged up to Steelix and jumped onto its spine and ran up the snake’s spine.

“Although your Wartortle messes around, he’s very intelligent.” Bridget said.

“How’d you know that.”

“Shade of shell.”

I nodded before turning back to the battle. Wartortle was now up to the head and was edging along it. Steelix was shaking its metal head, trying to shake my pokemon off. Once Wartortle got to his target, Steelix’s eyes, he let out a short stream of bubbles. He then jumped over to the other eye, and squirted some bubbles into that, causing great injury to Steelix, as this was one of the few unguarded areas of its body.

“Good one Wartortle!” I encouraged.” Now finish it off with Water gun!”

“Steelix! Body Slam!” Pete tried, but all his Steelix did was waver on the spot, as it was temporarily blind from the bubbles.

Wartortle got as much water into his mouth, before he squirted some droplets of water at the pokemon’s head, toppling it over and knocking it out.

“Nice one!” I cheered.

“Steelix, return!” Pete growled. “Go Poliwrath!”

Out of his newly thrown ball came a roughly circular pokemon. It was a sea blue colour, with a white circle in the middle of its body. It had two bumps for eyes and two dots for nostrils. Two blue arms came from the pokemon’s side, these had white hands on the end of them. Two blue legs came out the bottom of its body, and these had small rounded feet attached to them. The white circle in the middle had a black spiral in it, making it seem dangerous, in a way I couldn’t work out.

“Wartortle! This is going to be hard, be careful!” I warned.

“Poliwrath! Submission!”

“Wartortle! Skull bash!”

My Wartortle lowered his head and started charging through the rain towards his opponent. Poliwrath immediately started running and they were both running head first at the other. Wartortle made jumped into the air at the same time as Poliwrath. Wartortle dived into Poliwrath’s stomach, while Poliwrath grabbed Wartortle’s shell. Lightning flashed and when the two became visible again, Wartortle was underneath Poliwrath and trying to push the round pokemon off him. Poliwrath had different ideas. He used his feet and left had to hold Wartortle down while his right had to punch Wartortle in the face, hard. Whether I liked it or not, Wartortle was being pummelled to unconsciousness, and I couldn’t stop the possessed boxer.

“Like it Fisher? Its how my Poliwrath wins.” Pete grinned.

“You better keep your mouth shut, because that pokemon won’t win you the battle.”

In the next minute I was eating my words as I had to recall Wartortle, and Pete’s Poliwrath stood hardly injured.

“Flygon! Go!”

Out of my ball came my green dragon. She flew up to a reasonable height and then waited.

“Poliwrath! Submission!”

“Flygon, fly up high, make sure it can’t get you! Then use Dragon breath!”

My Flygon flew up high, meaning Pete’s Poliwrath just missed my Flygon. It landed on its feet, and then turned to be greeted by a teal flame. It took the attack well, but now seemed injured, meaning that a strong attack would bring it down.

“Flygon! Dragon Breath!” I ordered.

“Poliwrath! Bubble beam!”

Poliwrath was the first to make a move, shooting loads of bubbles from its stomach. Flygon quickly followed by gliding out of the way of the bubbles and shooting her fiery breath at Poliwrath. The flame hit directly, causing massive damage to the pokemon, but it still got up.

“Poliwrath! Hydro Pump!”

“Flygon! Finish this with Dragon claw!”

Flygon dived down from the skies, claw on fire. Poliwrath jumped about a bit before sending a massive jet of water at Flygon, this hit her directly sending her spiralling down to earth. She soon regained control and headed towards the pokemon that had just blasted her. She swiped her claw across its belly, sending it to the floor with a thud. She landed gratefully; although the flying and the hit she had taken were showing effect, as she was panting heavily.

“Well done Flygon.” I congratulated my flying pokemon.

“Poliwrath return. GO! Murkrow!” Pete called.

Out of the ball came the familiar small black bird, whatever state it was in, my Flygon could take it out easily.

“Flygon! Dragon claw!”

“Murkrow! Gust!”

Murkrow flew up and flapped its wings hard, creating a tornado that whipped around my charging Flygon, dealing great damage to her. She continued charging and swiped at the birds face, laving three gash lines.

“Murkrow, gust again!”

“Flygon, Slash!”

My Flygon sped towards her opposition while Murkrow did the same as before. Flygon once again took great damage while going through the tornado, but she became the victor when her slash attack annihilated Murkrows skin, making it take massive injury, and finally knocking it out.

“Last pokemon Pete!” I smiled.

“I know.” Pete growled. “Go, Gengar!”

From a new ball came a purple humanoid pokemon. It was fairly round, but not like Poliwrath, not at all. It had two small chubby legs and two small arms. Two triangular ears came out of the top of its body, and a tail seemed to appear between the legs. Gengars back was covered in small purple spines. In the centre of its body was a big mouth with gleaming white teeth shinning from its cheeky grin. Above the mouth were two triangular red eyes with small beady pupils in both of them.

“Gengars a ghost James don’t try physical attacks.”

“Thanks.” I thanked. “Flygon! Dragon claw!”

“Gengar! Night Shade!”

My Flygon flied towards Gengar, once again, setting her claw on fire. Gengar smiled and then the sky went black, like it was night. It then appeared behind Flygon, jumped on her back, and then bit into the back of her neck, sending her to the ground in pain.

“Flygon!” I called. “Return…”

“Try that for size Fisher!”

“Why don’t you try this? Absol! Go!”

After recalling my Flygon, I sent out my Black and white dark pokemon. He stared at Gengar, inspiring fear in its eyes.

“Absol! Use…”

“Use Faint attack!” Bridget told my Absol.

“Yeah, do that.”

Absol peered at me, then disappeared.

“Gengar. Destiny Bond!”

Absol repapered behind Gengar and grabbed it around the mouth. He then tugged his paws to add pressure and then threw the ghost down on the ground before pummelling it. Once this attack had finished, Gengar got up and sent three spines from its back at Absol, these hit Absol dead on and stuck into his left side. Absol didn’t appear to feel pain, but I decided to be concerned when he absorbed these into his body.

“Absol! Bite!”

“Gengar! Shadow ball!”

Gengar stood where he was and threw a large black ball at Absol. This hit but appeared to have little effect on my Absol. And when Absol got to his opponent, he opened his mouth and bit down hard on whatever he could, causing the Gengar much pain.

“Absol! Same again!”

“Gengar, Shadow Ball again.”

Absol started to charge at Gengar again. Gengar threw an almost identical ball at Absol, this missed as Absol dived out the way but continued running. He hit Gengar causing Gengar to faint. Absol walked back towards me before he fell unconscious mid way. The spines came out of Absol, and dematerialised.

“The power of destiny bond Fisher.” Pete smiled, recalling his Gengar.

“Whatever, I get my sword now, and you’ll be sorry you nicked my mate.”

“Oh will I, look around you.”

“It’s raining.” I replied.

“Yes, I know.” Pete said annoyed. “My mates have been watching, and if you kill me, they kill you.”

“They can try.” I tried.

“So why don’t you just leave, without your sword.”

“We had a deal.”

“Yeah, and we criminals break them.” Pete told me. “Tough **** for you, huh?”

I walked up to him, so we were face to face. My fists were clenched.

“You want something Fisher.”

“Give me the girl.”

“You’ll have to go through me.”

“Fine then.”

I punched him in the stomach, winding him, making him fall over into a puddle. Rain pattered down on his face as he got up. He came up to me and kicked me in the chest; I retaliated with punch to the face, causing blood to come from his mouth.

“You’re asking for it.” He yelled angrily.

I smiled and jumped over to him and then kicked him in the chest several times, making him stumble back. He recovered immediately as he dived at me, knocking me to the floor. One, two, three, four punches to cheek before I kicked him off, sending him to the floor, I dived over to him, kneeling on him, I lifted my fist, ready to deal a vital blow to the face.

“I have a gun Fisher.” He said. “In my hand, and its pointing at you heart!”

I immediately jumped off him. Pete held his gun out front, forcing me to keep my distance; I had to get that pistol.

“You see Fisher, you can’t win.”

I gritted my teeth and stood my ground as he walked towards me. I stared him the eyes as he walked up right up close to me. Blood was dripping from both our noses.

“Go home, you have no business here anymore.” He told me before punching me in the stomach, making me fall to the ground.

I looked up and saw he’d lowered his pistol; I took the chance and dived at him, sending him too the ground. This knocked the pistol out of his hand. I hit him once before getting up to get it. I pointed it at him.

“Now Fisher, aren’t you taking this a bit too seriously?” Pete cowered. I only growled. “Take your weapon, I promise, just give me the gun.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

Soaked, I walked back into Pete’s house, recovered my sword and walked back out.

“You see, I stick too deals. You can keep the girl for now, but I’ll be back for her.” I told him.

“Okay.” He panicked.

“Oh, and here’s your gun.” I called. I chucked it into the air before chopping it in half. I then gave the two pieces to him. “Happy Birthday.”

And with that, I walked off, Bridget picked up my Jolteon and followed me. Mew waved then followed her.

2nd February 2005, 7:04 PM
Um..... wow. He left her with some ****ed up person while she was tied to a chair. That was nice of him.

Great chapter as usual, although one thing :

“You want something Fisher.”

“Give me the girl.”

And then,

You can keep the girl for now,

He suddenly changed his mind?

2nd February 2005, 7:36 PM
heehee, Mew funny!
more good chapter-ness here Motig, youv surpassed yourself in style, scale and well everything once more...
i couldnt see any problems than perhaps unsuitable language and a couple of niggles OB failed to spot, nothing major though it was a great chapter... now im going to go write my own fic, because i havent in over a month >_<


Space Skitty
2nd February 2005, 10:08 PM
That was a great chapter, Motig! I think it your best, yet! The battles were described very well and Mew was so funny! X) I'm sorta surprised that James left Aerie, though...

3rd February 2005, 1:36 AM
That was a great chapter! You did a great job with the battles, mostly Fishers but Aeries as well when that pokemon evolved into Pensha. I'm kind of confused though, why did he change his mind and leave Aerie with the ****ed up guy?

Alexander the great V2
3rd February 2005, 2:30 AM
Mew was funny yet again. Aerie is a bit stupid in this chapter, the battles were well descriped, suprise surprusie, i didnt find any spellin mistakes. Good chapter, not the best.


;006; ;003; ;009;

3rd February 2005, 3:53 PM
Thanks guys.

P-Arts-Thanks, glad you liked it, I agree i kinda messed up the ending, but it makes the storyline more managable.

Noelor-Thanks, I'll try to lessen unsuitable language

Space Skitty-Glad you liked it, I tried my best with Mew.

Cs32-Thanks, I try my best with battles.

AtgV2-Thanks, Aerie was stupid in the chapter? I'll try to fix that when she next comes into a chapter.

Aerie will return, she won't be anything like Jess, just so you know.

Thanks again.

Your mate


Alexander the great V2
3rd February 2005, 4:08 PM
Are there relly 50 legendaries? Stupidy written all over it

Obsidian Blade
3rd February 2005, 4:56 PM
James just can't make up his mind, eh? First he lets this guy walk off with Aerie, then he follows him, then he fights for her, then he fights more, then he wins, then he lets them keep her? WTF? O.o;

The battles were good, and the whole kidnapping idea was pretty interesting too... but I felt that it could have been pulled off more realistically. Maybe James could have been knocked out the first time around, which is why he let her go (rather than just going to get pizza), or maybe he had to make a tactical retreat because, even with Pete's gun, there were all his mates to come and get him. Although the way you tell what's going on is great, there are parts that just don't seem feasible, if you get my drift.

I also noticed grammatical errors (I had been changing them on that document you sent me to read, but you kinda posted this before I could send it back or even finish reading O.o'), mostly involving a lack of apostrophes in "let's". Because it's short for "let us", you need an apostrophe in there to signify that a letter has been dropped.

Oh, and this:

My Flygon flied towards Gengar, once again, setting her claw on fire. Gengar smiled and then the sky went black, like it was night. It then appeared behind Flygon, jumped on her back, and then bit into the back of her neck, sending her to the ground in pain.
Was okay battle description but quite error-ridden. "Flied" should be "flew", you don't need that comma after "again" and the second "then" in the second sentence was unnecessary.

Agh, I feel like a total biatch for writing this review, I really enjoyed most of the fight scenes in the chapter but somehow I've managed to get wound up in my error spotting. Gah. ><

EDIT: *feels even more biatchy* ><

“So why don’t you just leave, without your sword.”

“We had a deal.”

“Yeah, and we criminals break them.” Pete told me. “Tough **** for you, huh?”

I walked up to him, so we were face to face. My fists were clenched.

“You want something Fisher.”

“Give me the girl.”
was randomly repeated twice. Copy 'n paste problems, perhaps?

Shiny May
3rd February 2005, 7:01 PM
A very nice chap. I can hardly comment anythign bad about it except for the bad language. But I like it overall !! Keep it up !! Can't wait to read the next chap!

5th February 2005, 12:15 AM
Sorry for taking so long to review. I've been busy recently.

Anyway, nice chapters, Motig! They were overall good, but was bothered by somethings. When you lock someone up, you probably wouldn't lock them up with their Pokemon or their weapons. When Pete and James were fighting and Pete ended up having his gun pointed and James, why didn't Mew (who by the way is still my favorite character) do anything? Couldn't she just do the thing that she did to James in the cell? Finally, as other people have said, it was a little... odd... that James just left Aerie with Pete.

But anyway, keep up the good work!

~wildblueyonder ;018;

5th February 2005, 3:11 AM
Yay, Mew funny! ^^

Anyway, another fine chapter Motig. Why did James suddenly leave Aerie with the crazy dude? I don't understand. And also, why did Pete suddenly change his mind about keepong Aerie? Just a few questions...

Well, that's about all I have to say on thing chapter. I know, I wrote a crappy review...-_-;;


Obsidian Blade
5th February 2005, 6:32 AM
In case you didn't see it at Shining Swords (http://s8.invisionfree.com/ShiningSwordForums/index.php?act=idx), Motig, Penqua's cuteness is inspiring. ^^; http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14850550/
I know, I know, nothing flashy... but I just wanted to draw the scene anyway. The stuff on the ground is snow, BTW, 'cause Penqua's attack had just been blown back at him. *nodeth*

Edit: Aerie is also finished, although deviantart is acting up at the minute so I can't get a link. >< I'll edit again later, kay?

5th February 2005, 1:10 PM
Wow, lots of reeiws O.O Anyway.

AtgV2-By the time the pokemon series finish's (which lets hope doesn't happen in the near future) There most probably will be. But before then, you'll have to wait for me to come up with some.

Obsidian-Glad you liked the fight scenes, I'll be editing it soon.

Shiny May-There was that much bad language, i didn't really realize when i wrote it. Maybe because it was so long O.O

wildblueyonder-Glad you liked them. He needed some way of getting out, and they're crminals, usually they don't think much, and Mew can teleport. And Mew's character is that she will do anything to poke fun at James. So she would love to see him in pain.

Ashy_GIRL-Thanks, that bit was kinda messed up, it needed to come out better. And Pete was faced with death, so he had to change his mind. Any reveiw is better than no reveiw.

Obsidian(again)-Like i said on Shining Swords, that pic is so cool.

Anyway, i can really see that that chapter could've been better, sorry to dissapoint you guys :(

Your mate


Obsidian Blade
5th February 2005, 5:27 PM
Obsidian(again)-Like i said on Shining Swords, that pic is so cool.
Yay, I'm glad you liked it. Looking at it now, I think my mind got mixed up and thought it was illustrating the chapter - that's the sort of small pic, single scene style I usually adopt when drawing stuff to post in my fic at thepokemontower.com or at the website. Oddness in Obsidian's mind. O.o;

Oh yeah, I finished Aerie. She came out extraordinarily pretty, Raven always looks like some sort of PMSing demon freak when I draw her. O.o;

Anyway, Aerie: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14857490/

And now I shall stop cluttering up your fic thread.

::bows and leaves to work on her Shadowsteel battle scene::


Bulba the Great!
8th February 2005, 9:42 PM
Well, I finally took the time to read this long chapter, Motig. Very good job! And that type of stuff...

Most of the stuff I would say that have any value whatsoever have already been said, so I won't spend time repeating it. Nice battles, and Mew was better in this chapter!

Oh, wait, I just thought of something that won't make this post completely useless. When Arbok grabbed Jolteon in the second battle, shouldn't the spikes on Jolteon's body have hurt him? Sorry, but I think that happened in the anime once...but this isn't it^^;;

~Bulby ;001;

15th February 2005, 3:39 PM
Obsidian-I like your pictures, you can post pictures here as much as you like, as long as they're of stuff from my fic.

Bulbs-Glad you liked it. Jolteons body isn't completaly spiky. Only the collar and behind. So it wouldn't of, because it would of avoided the spikes.

OKay, fic news. The next chapter isn't going to well unfortunatly, i have an idea but it won't last much longer than 4 pages, if that. I haven't even got past the 1st page!

The extremely origanal 3rd fic will now be an epilouge on the end of this, mainly because i realised i couldn't do over 5 chapters on it. So my last chapter post on this fic should be very long :D

The very good news is that the new third fic will be better than this, i hope. The main character will be far more like me. he will be my age and everything, except he'll be considered 'cool', unlike me. I'm finding James almost the complete opposite of me, and so its hard to write in his eyes. Although i can do it well, so don't worry.

Your mate


12th March 2005, 9:18 AM
Okay, i finnaly finished this, its short i know, just got onto the fifth page. But there's a big battle. An evolution occurs in this battle, and i bet its not what you think it is.

Please don't complain about length, i had block and so coukdn't write. The next chapter will be far better.

Enjoy, and don't be to harsh.

Chapter 8 – Alone at night

“…Now when he starts mumbling in his sleep, just ignore it. To him its normal but to everyone else it’s weird. Got that?” Mew said

“Yep, thanks Mew.” Bridget replied, staring at me nervously.

Mew had been giving Bridget a list of my ‘problems’ ever since we’d left Poko town, which had been roughly five minutes ago. Night was starting to set in, and I for one, wanted an early night. We’d taken a detour before we left to get my wounds sorted out.

“You have any pokemon Bridg?” I asked, giving Bridget a shorter name.

“Nope, I research them though.”


After another half hour or so of walking, we decided to call it a day, and set up our beds. Everyone apart from me fell asleep straight away, but I found it hard to even close my eyes, let alone go to sleep. I just stared up at the night sky and the stars, and sighed.

I decided to go for a walk, which in my opinion was better than nothing, exercise and all of that, couldn’t be bad, could it?

My question was soon answered as a yes, it could be bad for me as three men and a women, jumped out from behind some dark green bushes and landed swiftly on there feet. Well, the woman didn’t. She was tied up and had certain bruises and cuts all over her arms and face.

I recognised the three men as Harry, Michael and Jamie from my encounter earlier today. The girl on the floor was Aerie, I could tell that for sure.

“Pete’s left us in charge of the dame!” Harry muttered.

“He ran off, ashamed he was beaten by a half-heart like you!” Michael continued.

“Are you like triplets or something because you always continue the others sentences?” I asked.

“But we have a new rule!” Jamie told me before turning around and kicking Aerie in the stomach, causing her limp body to squirm. “Every time you insult us, we hurt her!”

“And if the insult hurts real bad, she’s a gonna, bang!” Harry said, holding the gun in his hand and pretending to shoot it.

“Then lets have a battle!” I retorted. “Winner gets the ‘dame’!”

“Sounds like a lame excuse for an *** whopping, but you’re on!”

“Three on three! No switches!”

“You’re on Fisher!”

It was the best chance I had, since Jolteon was sleeping, Mew and Absol were guarding Bridg, so all I was left with was Wartortle, Flygon, and Combusken.

“Arbok! Go!” Harry shouted, throwing his pokemon’s ball harshly on the ground, releasing a familiar purple snake.

“Combusken! Go!”

My kung-fu chicken had wings raised, ready for a fight.

“Arbok! Poison sting!”

“Combusken! Flamethrower!”

My Combusken acted almost immediately as he drew in air and forced it out as a fiery mass, pillaring through the air towards her unaware victim, who was still trying to find the right place to shoot. The flames hit dead on, forcing the Arbok’s poison sting to go wildly up in the air, causing no mental or physical damage to Combusken.

“Arbok, try it again!”

“Combusken! Fire punch!”

Once again Combusken acted quickly, showing that she was only warmed up. She breathed on her fist, setting it on fire then started a mad dash towards her opponent. Hitting wasn’t a problem this time, as the poison bullet hit Combusken in the stomach, although she didn’t show any signs of poison or major damage. Combusken jumped up a metre or two away from Arbok and smacked the poison snake dead on in the face, causing it to faint.

Combusken knelt after landing, not moving an inch. Suddenly, a white light exploded from her skin, and as her form gradually began to change, I realized that my chances of winning were gradually increasing.

From the burst of light came a humanoid creature, which I guessed was the evolution of Combusken, not just some random that’d come up in the speed of light and hoyed Combusken out the way with a few sparklers to make for special effects. But when the humanoid shape came out of the light, it was red and orange, and so much the same as Combusken.

“Blaziken.” It announced, in a low crispy voice. I guessed that this was a Blaziken and that it was originally my Torchic, so it would be a she.

“Are you Combusken?” I asked. It nodded. Scanning her image, I saw a small cone head with two sticks for ears and two piercing yellow eyes. Off her head came long beige hair that came roughly down to her waist, this also came across the chest in an ‘X’ type shape. Out of the X shape were two orange arms with brown talons coming out of them at about the elbow. Below the X was a small yellow bit then the rest was orange. A small stubby tail came out of her back, although this was hardly noticeable. Her two legs were fairly large and were orange down to about the knee; it changed to a dark yellow in a jagged pattern. The feet were circular with triangles coming out, giving the impression of a kind of sun shape.

“I send out Steelix!” Jamie called.

“Aren’t these the same as Pete’s pokemon?” I queried.

“Yep, he gave them to us.”

“He must have been real ****** off then.” I joked, before cringing to see Michael kick Aerie again. “Okay then… So Blaziken, got any new moves?” I then sarcastically asked, getting back to the battle. Although Blaziken didn’t seem to catch on to the sarcasm as she nodded and leaped back towards me.

“Steelix, earthquake.”

Blaziken was first to move, sucking in air, like flamethrower, but them breathing it onto herself, setting herself on fire. She then ran towards Steelix and opened herself up into a figure of five before releasing the flames to go onto hit Steelix at quite a rapid speed. The metal snake cringed a bit before slamming the ground and causing Blaziken much pain.

“Blaziken, you alright?” I asked. A slow nod gave me my response, although I took a hint and returned her, to give her rest for any other battles I was likely to face.

“Two on two then Fisher!”

“So it is. Wartortle. GO!”

“Steelix! Iron Tail!”

“Wartortle! Water Pulse!”

My turtle quickly reacted as he squirted out a slow moving wave of water at the giant snake. Steelix easily shook this off with ease to my discomfort. It then swung its metallic tail at Wartortle, sending it flying into a nearby tree. Wartortle’s victory last match was not to be taken for granted now.

“Steelix! Earthquake!” Jamie commanded.

“Wartortle, erm…” I stuttered. And as I watched the attack toss about my Turtle, I knew that he was finished for the match. And it was because I had no confidence to fight what seemed like an unbeatable opponent now.

“Hope your turtle wants to become sea-food.” Jamie laughed.

“He won’t, Wartortle, return.” I retorted. “Flygon, go!”

Flygon came onto the field in a burst of bright red light. She flew up to make sure Steelix’s ground moves couldn’t hit her, which was basic common sense really.

“Steelix! Get it to the ground then Earthquake!”

“Flygon, Earthquake, then jump up.”

My Flygon landed on the ground and started thumping it with her large tail, creating a series of tremors that made the huge metal snake uneasy. She then flew back behind me to get out of reach.

“You coward Fisher!” Jamie accused.

“Better a coward than a criminal” Is hot back at him.

“Steelix! Hyper Beam!”

I gaped in horror, knowing this was one of the five ultimate moves. Steelix couldn’t learn that? Could it?

“Flygon, try like hell to dodge it!”

“Pete never taught Steelix this, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on it.”

The steel snake grinned then moved its metallic head from side to side, before leaning back and firing a huge yellow beam. It was about ten metres in diameter, meaning it was a hard to dodge attack. Watching my pokemon get annihilated by this one move froze me in horror, how could it learn that? It’s impossible.

Once the bright white beam had died down, my Flygon fell to the floor with a thud, scratches and cuts all over her green skin.

“Looks like I win Fisher, and we get to keep chicki-de here.” Jamie grinned, as he returned Steelix. I returned Flygon, and pushed past them. Dicks.


I was back with Bridget and it was early morning.

“You look awful, how much sleep did you get?” Bridget asked.

“Not much.” I replied. “One or two hours.”

“Nightmares keepin’ you awake?”

“Nope, just couldn’t get off to sleep, but let’s move on, shall we?”

“Yeah sure, whatever.”

I smiled and we walked on. I knew I wouldn’t of gotten any rest if I hadn’t of untied a rope trapping Aerie, sure there were still two left, but I helped. So losers can be winners after all.

12th March 2005, 5:02 PM
Good chap Motig, I knew you were going to evolve Combusken. To bad he didn't win, Blaziken and Warturtle seemed like they could take the field and beat all of them.
You insult us, we kick her. Thats got to hurt. Good thing he didn't do anything worse or else the bloodied up Aierie could have become worse off. I'll be waiting for your next chap,

Space Skitty
12th March 2005, 7:45 PM
I thought it was a good chapter. Description seemed good to me. The battle was pretty good, too. Poor Aerie seems to have it bad. Can't wait for your next chapter!

13th March 2005, 1:37 AM
Interesting chapter. You could of put a little more description into Arbok, but oh well. Combusken's evolution seemed a little too soon. I always thought Combusken needs a whole lot of experence to evovle...but the description was good. ^^ It's too bad James lost...

Alexander the great V2
17th March 2005, 2:50 AM
Yes! I wanted it to be blakikin! ;257;pretty good chappie, little to short for my likeing, tho. blakien should hammer steelix. 7/10

19th March 2005, 9:45 AM
On with the reply to the reveiw thingy...

Cs32-I had to make him not win something, i believe thats his first lost battle of the Fic. Blaziken was obvious? I would of thought people would of suspected Wartortle. Glad you liked it.

Space SKitty-Thanks, Glad you liked it. Aerie does have it bad, but at least she doesn't die.

Crystal_Milotic-Thanks, i needed more description, wow. Oh well. The evolution thing, you have to remember he had a year before the end of The Forest Newbie and a year before the start of this one, which is plenty enough time.

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The next chapter won't be up for a while, The game World of Warcraft has uscked me in and the gameplays very addictive. And it is true, Aerie doesn't die.

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This is taken from midway through the fight, Absol vs. Pidgeot, i am not giving you the beginning :)

Usual warnings, enjoy :)

“Blaz!” Blaziken screamed in pain, as the Pidgeot slammed into her stomach.

“Darn Mew.” I muttered under my breath, as I saw Blaziken go down onto her right knee, holding her stomach in pain.

“Finish it off with gust Pidgeot!”

“Blaziken, flamethrower the gust!”

“You’re a fool James!” Sammy laughed.

“You’d think so, but Blaziken’s a fire type, meaning less damage will be taken.”

Sammy gritted her teeth in anger, refusing to respond to my tactic.

Sure enough, my Blaziken simply absorbed to fired up gust, meaning next to no damage was taken.

“Okay Pidgeot, just use quick attack to finish this waste off.”

“ Blaziken…” I muttered, knowing that since she was still crouching in pain from the fly, she wouldn’t be able to use a physical attack.

Sammy’s Pidgeot smiled, and flew sharply through air before smacking my Blaziken in the face, sending my humanoid pokemon to the ground.

“No! Blaziken!” I cried out, before returning her to her ball. “Go! Absol!”

“Why not use your famed Jolteon James, it’s strong against Pidgeot?” Sammy asked.

“Saving it to put waste to your other pokemon.” I replied, smiling slyly.

“Whatever James, Pidgeot, Gust!”

“Absol, Feint attack!”

My Absol disappeared, leaving a confused bird to aimlessly fire a tornado into nowhere. I smiled, knowing what was about to happen.

Like expected, Absol appeared behind Pidgeot and slashed at the bird with his head blade. The large pigeon flopped forward in pain, showing the damage my dark pokemon had done.

“Pidgeot, fly!”

“Absol, Aerial Ace!”

Sammy gaped in horror, as she knew this was the end of her pigeon. Her fears were granted as my Absol swiftly sliced Pidgeot before the bird could take off. This attack caused her bird to collapse on the floor while my Absol moved back into safe cover, un-wounded.

“No! Pidgeot!” Sammy cried out. “Return…” She sighed.

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In other GOOD news, I finally don't have to switch back to my old PC to write, WOOOO!!!!!

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For the first time in over half a year:

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Chapter 9-Dragon Duel

Several days had passed since my encounter in the dark, we’d passed many cities and I’d got my pokemon healed. I’d also received a death threat some how, which told me to give Aerie back, this was good news as Aerie was now free.

“This is boring James!” Mew complained. “I wanna fight something!”

“So do I, but the quicker we get to the Champion of this region, the better.”

“Can I chew you hair while we wait?”


“Okay.” Mew sank into a depressed position before she came up with an idea, which only meant trouble. Before I knew it Mew had teleported in front of me and started staring me in the eye.

I stopped walking. A little flicker from my psychic pokemon and I had a small wet mouth latch onto my nose.

“You little…” I screamed, running around swiping frantically at the small cat that was holding onto my nose.

“You never fail to amuse me James.” Bridget laughed.

“He does fail to amuse me, murderer!” A voice murmured.

“And you are?” I twisted around as Mew let go of my nose. In the middle of the path in front of me was a tall, slim lady. I guessed her age was about forty, but I couldn’t be sure, round about my age. She had flowing chocolate coloured hair with a few darker strands here and there. She had blue or green eyes, couldn’t tell for sure. She had a navy jumper and some blue jeans. Her trainers were white, with some light blue stripes here and there.

“Sammy Azure, you killed my friend, Jess Barkley!”

“Oh, you’re that person I saw on the roof top several years ago, you’ve grown up, haven’t you?” I replied.

“Some of us haven’t though!” Her voice was serious and harsh; she didn’t like me that was for sure.

“You know this girl James?” Bridget asked.

“Not particularly Bridg, but I’ve seen her.” I told Bridget. “So what you here for?”

“Revenge, six on six battle, no switches. You’re going to get an *** kicking of a life time.”

“Fine by me, but I’ll be the one kicking ***!” I answered, sounding too cocky for my own good. “Go! Blaziken!”

“Go! Arcanine!”

Out of my ball came my Blaziken, but out of the other ball came an overgrown puppy. It had an orange body that was striped with black. Fluffy beige sprouted around the heels of all four feet and as a tail. Its neck was made of this material too, as was its face. Two small eyes were part of the face, as was a harsh looking mouth with four sharp teeth in. Two orange ears popped out of the topside of the head.

“Be careful of Arcanine James, it may look like an overgrown dog, but its blows are punishing.” Bridget told me.

“Okay, Blaziken, try a double kick!” I ordered.

“Arcanine, counter that with Extreme speed!” Sammy commanded.

Arcanine nodded to confirm its trainer’s orders. Within seconds of this happening, Arcanine charged at my Blaziken and knocked her back several yards. Blaziken jumped up and shrugged off whatever damage she had taken.

“Double kick sooner this time!” I told her.

“You fool, Arcanine, same again.”

Blaziken got ready and stuck her foot up a millisecond before the Arcanine charged. As planned, the dog dived straight into a kicking foot meaning damage was done to it. Pain started to show on the dog’s face when a second kick came crashing down on his forehead.

“Told you dogs are dumb.” I laughed.

“Shut up! Arcanine! Aerial Ace!”

“Blaziken! Brick break!”

Arcanine seemingly vanished and reappeared behind Blaziken, it then smashed into my pokemon with full force, sending her to the ground. However, Blaziken refused to give and got up. She charged at Arcanine, and when there thrust the palm of her hand into the face of Arcanine, sending the intimidated dog back several metres.

“Okay Blaziken, lets try another Double kick to finish it off!”

“Arcanine, don’t let this excuse of a pokemon beat you, get up now!”

Arcanine slowly got up, but was immediately knocked back down when my Blaziken’s two feet came crashing down on its face.

“Get up Arcanine!” Sammy called, but her fire pokemon lay on the ground, knocked out. “Darn, Arcanine, return. This pokemon will blow you away though James! Go! Pidgeot!”

“That’s a flying pokemon James.” Bridg told me. Looking at the bird that had appeared in front of me, I was that it had a creamy brown underbelly and a mud brown top. It was shaped like a large pigeon, but seemed to be more focused on hurting Blaziken than spreading diseases. Its head was small but had a sharp red beak on it. Above this beak were two small eyes that were framed in black. Hair came sprouting out the top of its head and the hairs were coloured red and yellow. These stretched back to about the tail feathers that were short and red. The bird’s talons were brown with silver claws.

“No **** Sherlock!” Mew called out, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Okay Blaziken, this might be hard, but let’s give it a go! Use Blaze kick!” I commanded.

“Fly Pidgeot!”

Before Blaziken could move an inch, Pidgeot had taken off from its perch on a nearby tree and was now far up in the sky.

“Want me to bring it down James?” Mew asked, as I saw that Blaziken had given up hope to hit the bird.

“That would be cheating Mew.” I replied.

“That’s a yes then.” Mew smiled.

“NO!” I screamed as Mew teleported away.

“You’re funny James.” Mew told me, as she appeared behind me.

“Blaz!” Blaziken screamed in pain, as the Pidgeot slammed into her stomach.

“Darn Mew.” I muttered under my breath, as I saw Blaziken go down onto her right knee, holding her stomach in pain.

“Finish it off with gust Pidgeot!”

“Blaziken, flamethrower the gust!”

“You’re a fool James!” Sammy laughed.

“You’d think so, but Blaziken’s a fire type, meaning less damage will be taken.”

Sammy gritted her teeth in anger, refusing to respond to my tactic.

Sure enough, my Blaziken simply absorbed the fired up gust, meaning next to no damage was taken.

“Okay Pidgeot, just use quick attack to finish this waste off.”

“ Blaziken…” I muttered, knowing that since she was still crouching in pain from the fly, she wouldn’t be able to use a physical attack.

Sammy’s Pidgeot smiled, and flew sharply through air before smacking my Blaziken in the face, sending my humanoid pokemon to the ground.

“No! Blaziken!” I cried out, before returning her to her ball. “Go! Absol!”

“Why not use your famed Jolteon James, it’s strong against Pidgeot?” Sammy asked.

“Saving it to put waste to your other pokemon.” I replied, smiling slyly.

“Whatever James, Pidgeot, Gust!”

“Absol, Feint attack!”

My Absol disappeared, leaving a confused bird to aimlessly fire a tornado into nowhere. I smiled, knowing what was about to happen.

Like expected, Absol appeared behind Pidgeot and slashed at the bird with his head blade. The large pigeon flopped forward in pain, showing the damage my dark pokemon had done.

“Pidgeot, fly!”

“Absol, Aerial Ace!”

Sammy gaped in horror, as she knew this was the end of her pigeon. Her fears were granted as my Absol swiftly sliced Pidgeot before the bird could take off. This attack caused her bird to collapse on the floor while my Absol moved back into safe cover, unwounded.

“No! Pidgeot!” Sammy cried out. “Return…” She sighed.

“We each have four pokemon left, still up for the challenge?” I said, smiling slyly.

“I’m not finished yet James, Go! Sandslash!”

The familiar brown mouse came from out of her red and white ball, memories flooded back from fighting Andy, and I knew that Absol wouldn’t be lasting long.

“Sandslash, Earthquake!”

“Absol, Aerial Ace!”

Our pokemon carried out our orders. My Absol moved first, zipping towards Sandslash with an extreme speed, and then slicing through the mouse’s flesh with ease. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to bother Sandslash much. Sandslash’s attack however damaged my Absol severely, leaving him with little energy to carry on.

“Quick Attack Sandslash!” Sammy ordered quickly, making sure that Absol couldn’t gasp for breath.

I kept my mouth shut, as I knew this was the end of Absol, and that was sort of good news, as I could now send out Wartortle.

As expected, Absol fell to the ground after Sandslash ran into him.

“Two all James, still up for it?”

“Of course, Absol, return.” I smiled, and then threw Wartortle’s Ball onto the battlefield. “Go! Wartortle.”

Sammy gritted her teeth.

“Sandslash! Earthquake again, and make it quick.”

“Bubblebeam, Wartortle,” I commanded.

Sandslash was already tapping its feet against the ground; making sure that its trainer’s orders were met. Meanwhile, Wartortle was getting his attack ready in his mouth. Sandslash’s feet taps were becoming harder, and I could fell the ground start to shake beneath me. And I could see the effect on Wartortle too, as he was becoming uneasy and starting to lose his balance.

“Hold it in ‘til its attack is over Wartortle.”

“War.” He nodded, understanding my command.

Sandslash released its quake, although my Wartortle stood strong, seeming to be un-affected by the attack.

I smiled. Wartortle released his attack, a stream of quickly moving bubbles travelled towards Sandslash and hit with serious impact, knocking Sandslash to the floor. But it got back up again, to my astonishment and annoyance. It should have been knocked out.

“Wartortle! Water Gun.”

“Sandslash, Quick Attack!”

With all its remaining energy, Sandslash charged at Wartortle, and hit him with force, at the weak spot. Wartortle got back up, and spat its attack at Sandslash, finishing the beast off.

“Well done Sandslash, return.” She pulled a pokeball off her belt. “You haven’t won yet James, you’re not even close! Go Umbreon!”

Sammy threw another red and white ball onto the ground in front of me. It burst open with a flashing white light, and revealed a black puppy- rabbit hybrid. The ball then floated back into its owner’s hand.

What Sammy called Umbreon was a black creature, with a dog’s body. Its legs looked fairly delicate, as they were thin. At the top of each leg was a golden ring. The creatures tail stood almost vertically up in the air, defying gravity; this had a golden line going round the tail, about half way up. The pokemon’s head was almost rabbit like. It was small and had 2 big ears coming out of it. Umbrian’s eyes were large and red, and had a golden ring in between them. The ears were like the tail, with the golden lines.

“Alright Wartortle, use Skull bash!” I ordered - with a body like that it wouldn’t be able to take too much of a beating.

“Umbreon! Faint Attack!” Sammy commanded.

Her pokemon happily obliged and moulded into the shadows.

The fight wasn’t about to get any easier for me, as night was closing in, and I guessed that this was a dark pokemon, and Dark pokemon are especially tough at nighttime.

“James!” Bridget called. “Defeat this pokemon quick, it’s a dark type, dark type pokemon are good at night!”

“Thanks.” I replied, as she had confirmed my guess.

Meanwhile, Wartortle had withdrawn itself into its shell, and was waiting for the right moment to pop out and hammer his opponent. Umbreon momentarily appeared in front of Wartortle, before quickly disappearing again. This fooled my Wartortle into unleashing his attack, into thin air. He launched himself forward, but made no contact with anything apart from the ground. Umbreon used this opportunity to attack with force. It attacked Wartortle in the back, causing him great harm.

“Wartortle! Can you get up?” I asked, concerned about my turtle pokemon.

Wartortle tried to push himself up from the ground, but this only resulted in more pain, and the fact that he was out of the battle now.

“Wartortle, return.” I murmured. I only had 3 pokemon left. Blaziken, Absol and Wartortle were now down and out, meaning I only had Jolteon, Mew and Flygon left.

“Stuck on what to do James, am I that good?” Sammy laughed.

“Pick me James!” Asked Mew.

“No.” I replied quickly, Mew was not the pokemon to use. She frowned and sunk down into a depressed position. “Go! Flygon!”

I threw Flygon’s pokeball out onto the field, and once it had landed, out popped my familiar green dragon.

“Umbreon! Quick Attack!”

“Flygon, Earthquake!”

Umbreon immediately rushed towards my dragon pokemon, while Flygon landed and started tapping the ground with her two feet. Umbreon was the first to attack, as it dived into Flygon, although this caused little too no damage. Flygon was still tapping the ground, and did this for another few seconds, before stopping, then thumping the ground hard with her large tail. This caused an earthquake, which damaged Umbreon severely, and made Bridget fall over.

“Nice one Bridg!” I laughed, before receiving a glare.

“Umbreon, Quick Attack again!”

“Flygon, Dragon Breath!”

Umbreon trotted towards Flygon again. Flygon took in a deep breath, and spat out a fiery blue flame, that scorched the oncoming pokemon. However, Umbreon still emerged, wounded, and finished its attack, this time, causing major damage too Flygon.

“Dammit!” I muttered under my breath. “Flygon! Crunch!”

“Umbreon, Tackle!”

Umbreon once again charged at Flygon. Flygon stood still on the ground. Umbreon galloped nearer and then leapt up into the air. Flygon sidestepped at the last second, catching Umbreon with both claws, before tossing it to the ground, leaving it in a dazed state. She then jumped up and stamped on the poor beast a couple of times, before letting off the attack. This was the opportune moment for me to take this pokemon out for good.

“Flygon! Bite, at the neck.”

“Umbreon! Move!” Sammy screamed.

Umbreon managed to open its eyes, only to witness itself being picked up by two small sharp claws. Sammy gasped in horror, I smiled, this battle looked liked it had been tied up in a neat little package, I mean, what pokemon could she possibly have left? Flygon lifted Umbreon up to its mouth, before sinking her jaw into Umbreon’s tough neck. That was it, as Flygon removed her teeth, Umbreon flopped to the floor in defeat, and pain.

“You monster!” Sammy cried. “Umbreon return.”

“Is that a complement from you?” I smiled.

“Shut up! Dragonite! Go!”

I stared in disbelief, Dragonite were about as rare as a Mew. Maybe that was a bit of an over exaggeration, but they were rare, not many trainers had them.

As Dragonite appeared from the ball, I gasped in amazement, I never thought I’d see one of these, they certainly looked good.

It was human shape, sort of, just a bit plumper down the legs, and the legs themselves were really stumpy. Its chest was beige with horizontal black lines going across it, this continued up the bottom of the tail, this part looked fairly scaly. Its main colour was an orangey-yellow. Its arms were a bit larger and thicker than Flygon’s, and the hands were more hands than claws. The tail was fairly long, and hung down below it as it was flying, like a pendulum. The wings were fairly small, but had orangey-yellow rims and a teal main bit, the bit that actually made it fly. Its head was dog shaped, except the nose bit was a bit more like the of a cartoon dinosaur. Its eyes looked beady and friendly, as did the tassels coming off the top of its head, although these most probably counted as ears.

“Surprised James? Didn’t think I had it in me? Well you were wrong! Dragonite, Hyper Beam!”

Flygon turned to me looking worried, I was shocked; for once I couldn’t issue a move. I shrugged and frowned. Flygon nodded and frowned as well, before turning to brace for impact.

Meanwhile, Dragonite was already preparing its attack, as a bright white light grew around its mouth. As this grey to bigger than the pokemon itself, I was more and more concerned about Flygon’s safety. My fears were confirmed as Dragonite released its attack. A massive bright white beam shot from its fairly small mouth. As this light engulfed Flygon, I covered my eyes. Not only did I not want to see my pokemon get hurt, I also had to shade my eyes, as the beam hit the ground beneath Flygon, and exploded and engulfing all the nearby surroundings, luckily not including Jolteon or me.

Once this light had faded, I saw a knocked out Flygon, which was also slightly sizzled.

“Don’t underestimate me James, or else it leads to that.” Sammy warned me, smiling as she pointed to my Flygon.

I returned my Flygon, the next pokemon choice would most defiantly decide the fight, and I really didn’t think Mew was up to it, which meant it was up to Jolteon.

“Jolteon! You’re up!”

“Ha! Your electric puppy doesn’t stand a chance!”

Jolteon jumped forward, growling at Sammy’s comment.

“Jolteon lets open up with a Thunder!”

He nodded and turned towards Dragonite, who looked worn out from its previous attack. Jolteon lent back, before screaming out a call to the clouds up above. Seconds later a massive lightning shot down from the sky and crashed into Dragonite. Dragonite recoiled a bit, but seemed almost immune to the attack. This was not what I wanted.

“I told you James, I told you didn’t stand a chance!” Sammy laughed. “Dragonite, finish this piece of ****, Hyper Beam!”

“Jolteon, brace for impact!”

I was completely ****ed though, that pokemon and that attack was pure immense, I needed a Miracle of some sort.

Dragonite once again, charged its attack, and shot it directly at my Jolteon. The searing white beam engulfed my pokemon, and exploded. But this time, the explosion was bigger, much bigger.

“****…” I muttered, there was no way Jolteon could have survived that.

And in a way, I guess he didn’t. Because standing in place of Jolteon was a much bigger pokemon, the same shape, just much bigger, I could ride on the thing with ease. It didn’t seem to have taken any damage, though I couldn’t be too sure.

“James?” Bridget called.


“Do you know what that is?”


“That’s the best electric pokemon ever known about, and rarest. In fact, I think you’re the second person to ever get one. It’s the evolved from of Jolteon, Shockleon.”

I couldn’t say a word, I was so shocked, and amazed.

“No one knows how it evolves, but it’s an electric dragon type, try issuing the move, Thunder Strike.”

I nodded. Sammy was as surprised as I was, and if Dragonite had any pants, they’d be dripping. Shockleon was huge, much bigger than any pokemon I’d ever seen. Its main body was a lightning blue colour, and sparked with the odd electrical current coming off the fur hairs. His legs looked much stronger and more powerful than Jolteon’s, although I guessed they had to be. Its collar, which used to be white, was now a shocking orangey red, these obviously showed the dragon part of Shockleon. He turned around to me as if to question me for an order. His head was now shining silver, and his inner ears were a dull green, obviously a representing the old Jolteon part of the pokemon. He coughed to reveal his dark green inner mouth, with its powerful jaw with gleaming white teeth.

“Shockleon, Thunder Strike!” I ordered, feeling all-powerful and proud.

Unfortunately for Dragonite, it was worn out again from its second all-powerful attack, so it sat there looking sorry for itself, most probably twiddling its thumbs inside. Shockleon was once again screaming upwards, like with Thunder, but this time, dark clouds gathered overhead and a thunderstorm started. Fork lightning bolts struck the ground from all around us, but suddenly, a massive bolt struck Shockleon on the head, causing more sparks than normal going around his body. These disappeared and a huge lightning ball gathered around Shockleon. Seconds later, he began charging towards Dragonite before pulling out from the charge about twenty metres before hitting Dragonite. Shockleon may have pulled out, but the terrifyingly large ball of Lightning shot towards Dragonite before exploding in a hyper beam sized explosion around it. All of us shaded our eyes, and when we looked back, we saw a knocked out Dragonite before us, lying in a scorched crater.

“Owee.” Mew whimpered.

“Nice.” I stated.

“****.” Sammy muttered.

“Wow! So that’s what that attack looks like, I have to note this down.” Bridget exclaimed.

I turned to look at Bridget, so much for us all saying one worders.

“Dragonite! Return.” Sammy called, as if to break the mood of the moment. “Guess it’s up to you ol’ buddy, Go! Wartortle!”

A Wartortle? Was she stupid? She should have used this pokemon a while back, but I guess it is her favourite, and most probably her most powerful pokemon. Oh well, I guess it was time to destroy her beliefs that she could actually battle pokemon.

“Shockleon, Thunder!”

“Wartortle, Hydro Pump!”

This Hydro pump was an attack I can’t remember encountering before, but I couldn’t imagine it would be that bad, either way, it was a water attack obviously, and Shockleon had a double resistance to water, dragon and electric. We’d learnt it in school, ages back. Funny how the small things pop back into your head when you think about it.

Shockleon was the first to unleash his masterful attack. He was most probably the fastest thing in the universe, and it was all under my command, mine!

He screamed up to the heavens, and a bolt of thunder came down and struck Wartortle, striking it down.

“Over already Sammy? Thought your Wartortle was good?”

“Shut up!” She snapped. “Lo… look! He’s getting up!”

I glanced at her Wartortle, to see that in fact it was getting up. Slowly but surely it was getting up.

“Shockleon, finish this waste! Thunder shock!” I ordered.

Shockleon gladly agreed, and just as Wartortle was getting up, he fired a quick ball of bright yellow electricity at the enemy. Wartortle was hit by this and immediately collapsed.

“Tell me when I need to try Sammy, and don’t waste my very precious time.” I said, as Shockleon trotted back to me.

“Shut your ****ing mouth, you ignorant *******!” Sammy screamed, returning her battered Wartortle. She turned, and sprinted into the vast fields that I had come from.

“Eventful day huh?” Bridget said.

“Guess so, think we can ride Shockleon?”

“In my research, it says the sparks patrolling his body are harmless to human passengers, it sure would get us places faster.” She told me. “You can try it first though, to be safe.”

I laughed, before hoping onto an already crouching Shockleon.

“Seems fine to me Bridg, give it a go.”

She nervously poked Shockleon in the side, before hopping up behind me. Mew plopped herself in front of me.

“To Ovrus city I guess. I got some unfinished business there.”

Bridget nodded, as did Shockleon, and we set off into the distance, at an amazing speed.

29th November 2005, 11:29 PM
Well, I'm glad this is finally back. I'd actually given up on it, but I'm very glad it's back. The only thing is that this last chapter didn't seem as great to me as they used to. Maybe it's because I've been spoiled by the likes of Scrap and Chibi Pika and Serpent Syra with they're awesome description. To me that's what this chapter lacked. You did a great job describing the new pokemon, but it seems things like some of the attacks were a little lackluster and didn't have that flavor I've become so used to.

Another thing is, who's Bridget? I know I haven't read any of this for a while, but I don't ever remember a Bridget earlier.

Finally, I found one mistake.

Flygon took in a deep breath, and spat out a fiery blue flame, that scorched the oncoming pokemon. However, Umbreon still emerged, wounded, and finished its attack, this time, causing major damage too Flygon.

too should be to.

Just because I thought the chapter was lacking something doesn't mean anything really. I still enjoy reading this and love the plot and characters.

4th December 2005, 12:14 PM
Thanks for the reply, same goes to Bulba the Great who PM'd me.

Okay, here we go

Kaizer63: Well it did take a long time to write, and its been ages since the one before. He met Bridget in the same chapter as Aerie got kidnapped, the one with the pizza and everything...

Bulba: Can't remember what was in you PM exactly, cos i think i deleted it >.>; Althogh if the pokemon didn't go down in 2 attacks, I'd still be writing today ^.^; And i think you're the onl;y person so far who doesn't like Shockleon. It may be a bit unrealistic but Jolteon is my favorite Pokemon, and i needed to make him better >.>

I've lost my PM list so if you want me to PM you for the next chapter, please, when you reply, say so.

I'll start writing the second last chapter of My End soon, expect it sometime in 2007 :P

Only kidding, 2006, 2005 if I'm lucky.



8th December 2005, 3:07 AM
Great fic dude. ive read the whole thing including the prequel.
i kinda imagine james at this point to look like itchiai from naruto.

Anyway, great fic, but why did you stop handing out cake? lol


8th December 2005, 5:47 PM
Weee!!!! New fan!

Thanks for the review, your going on the "PM list"

and OMG! I forgot about cake!

*Cake for all*

Right, on with the buisiness. I'm glad you enjoyed the fic and the chapter. I'm starting to write the next chapter now, I will PM ayou when the next chapter is up, meanwhile, I'll write and wait for some more reviews ^^



9th January 2006, 3:58 PM
<emerges from nowhere>
So, more of this, huh? Pretty good, I have to admit I'm impressed that you've continued a fic for so long without losing very much of the quality that there was when you started (again. possibly the third time, can't remember how many versions of TFN there were...) like a certain other author... <whistles innocently>
Good chapter, admittedly rather short for a 6-mon battle, but justifiably so even within context. Shockleon is... interesting. I remember one of the two of us sprited that once... quite garish. Also ridiculously powerful, but there's not so much wrong with that, James already has a Mew after all...
There were various typoes and a couple grammar mistakes... but I've lost them. Umbrian I remember came up once... bah.
I should read this from the start again, so I can remember what the hell's going on... but I'd rather play WoW <snicker>
<melts back into the shadows... or something like that>


10th January 2006, 12:29 AM
Wow. I mean wow and not in the good sense of the word. I mean talk about hopelessly violent. I cant stand the overwhelming violence in this fic. I mean geez i know its a fic but it should at least seem a little like the actual show and or games. I figured i should explain myself for the low rating i gave to this sadistic piece of writing. But once again thats just my opinion. Take no offense by it.

11th January 2006, 3:59 PM
Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this

First of all, thank you Noelor, I'm glad you reviewed my fic.

Now onto you Manulya.

First off, I'd like to say I've read all 3 of your reviews. And all 4 of them have 4 stars, I bet all 3 of them had 5 stars before you reviewed. First off, you said it was hopelessly violent. READ THE WARNINGS! I presifically say before the start of a chapter if its violent or not, and if you don't like violence, then avoid this fic, don't go and complain about it. Second off or whatever, it should seem a little like the show or the games. Erm... I have pokemon in it, and The Forest Newbie was set in Kanto, hmm... not enough about the games. And a little like the show, fics like that are the ones that get low ratings and get closed. If anything, my fic is the anti-show fic, mainly because my character isn't a Mary-sue, and that’s mainly why people like it, because its different from the TV show. Thirdly the low rating, I feel I have not deserved this. What are you expecting? This to be a work of art like Lord of the Rings? I write this for fun, I know this most probably sucks compared to LotR, but you won't find many things even in that league!

And lastly: 'Take no offence by it." a bit like what you ended another 'review' with: "Don't take this to heart" it was something like that. I'm sure the author of that fic has taken offence, like I took offence to your blatant high expectations from a pokemon site. Non of us are professional authors, and we write for fun, and the things that stops our fun is people who write hurtful reviews, when really, the writing isn't that bad, take a look at all the replies to my fic, people generally enjoy it, thats how it got its 5 stars.

Now if you have anything else to say to me, like maybe an apology, you can PM me, but I think I speak out for the other 2 people I saw who you gave an abysmal review to, for a good piece of writing.

I can take a bad review, but that ain’t a bad review, that’s worse

9th March 2006, 2:53 PM
sooooooooo, is there a chapter coming along motig? cause im getting sick of waiting. none of my favorite fics have posted chapters in ages