View Full Version : Need help riding Empoleon to the ice castle

25th February 2009, 12:52 AM
I have just gotten past the part of the game Pokemon Rangers, Shadows of Almia where you talk to Mrs. Winter, and then you have to ride Empoleon over the lake to reach the ice castle.

Navigating the lake makes me feel like I'm in a maze, and after getting to the second screen of the lake, I always accidentally take the wrong path and get sucked down a whirlpool which takes me back to the very first screen of the lake.

Could someone please tell me the directions I need to go to get across the lake to the ice castle without getting sucked into the whirlpool and sent back to the start of the lake?

Please help me. The lake is somewhat confusing to me with all the whirlpools and fast moving currents, and I need to know how to successfully cross the lake to the ice castle so I can progress through the game further.

Please help me out. Thanks. I know this probably isn't the right thread to post in, but whenever I post in the help/FAQ section, nobody ever answers my questions, and I would like to get a response. Maps of the lake would be helpful too, if anyone has one I could look at.