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Platinum Skye
27th February 2009, 12:21 AM
Ace Attorney, the series about a fictional Defense Attorney (2 of them) who protects the innocent through luck and a whole lot of help. But the games are still awesome right.

To join this club, just post here and I'll most likely add you to the club list. Along with that, post your favorite Ace Attorney characters along with your favourite Ace Attorney Game.

The purpose for this fanclub is to discuss the games and the plots of the cases. Along with upcoming games in the series with speculation on plot, characters and anything else. Along with links to fanart, fanfiction and anything else that you made. (Only post links if it's either your creation or the author of that work gave you consent to post the link here, and give that author credit for the work when you post the link here.

List Of Members (Along with their favorite Ace Attorney characters/Ace Attorney Game.

Club Admin - Platinum Skye - Lana Skye, Phoenix Wright (Both Versions), Miles Edgeworth, Iris, Damon Gant, Ema Skye, Trucy Wright / Tie between Ace Attorney The Original and Trials & Tribulations.