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Cyber Robert
27th February 2009, 5:04 PM
This club is for one of the (in my opinion) greatest series that Nintendo has come up with, that's right, the Mario Party series. This series is unlike most mario games, as it's a turn based board game, with several twists and turns. However, there are also several mini-games that can make or break your chances of winning. Each game also had something unique in it as well.

1: The boards were named after the main characters
2: The characters were in costume depending on the board
3: Introduced the duel games and also utilized a 'battle' system; also first to have a main story line.
4: Introduced prizes for winning...also had several party based themes...This one also was the first to use the Team System
5: Introduced the multi-colored Koopa kids. Also had the stars from another game called Paper Mario. It also had vehicle battles, which I personally enjoyed. Techinically this was the last game you could play as Donkey Kong, but that was for the vehicle battles or Super Duels.
6: This one was centered around day and night. This was the only one that utilized this other than Mario Party 2 at Horror Land. Also the first to use the Microphone (the only others being 7 and DS)
7: This one Introduced the Eight player control system...
8: The first one on the wii..this one really utilized the Wii control system.
Advance: this one had something quite unique. first off was the separation between church and state...Oops i mean two sets of mini games. The first being actual Mini Games and the other being Gaddgets (invented by prof. E. Gadd himself) Another thing was the missions that you did. They often had you go to certain places to complete them.
DS: This one used the touch screen several times.

Okay now that that's out of the way...let's get some rules straight.
-No Flaming at all.
-no bashing
-all Sppf standard and club rules apply
-No one liners (seriously guys this is what gets clubs deleted)
-to Join you must say "press start" so I know you read the rules
-also to join you have to answer the first topic.

Now then...what else shall I put ah yes...the members

CyberBlastoise- Club owner-Yoshi
None yet

none yet
None yet
None at all :(

now then...the topics:
Who is your favorite playable character?

Now then the first topic
Who is your favorite Playable character?
For me it was Yoshi. i just loved that green dinosaur. He is my favorite character in most of the Mario games.

1st March 2009, 9:48 PM
hi can i join
ive been playing mario party games for years and ive got addicted to the ds version and mario party 8 .
Who is your favorite Playable character?

yoshi!i love yoshi on mario party (well i love them anyway)becausethey are green ,mean ,eating machines