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22nd October 2004, 5:36 PM
Okay guys, I've noticed that this forum is getting quite clogged with threads stating that potential reviewers are willing to read a fic upon request. To reduce the congestion from these threads, this thread is solely for stating that you are willing to review fics.

So, if you can, try to state what kind of fanfiction story you are willing to review. Also mention what kind of stories you do NOT like so those after a review know who to ask and who not to ask.


To people after a review: If you see a person you want to review your fic, please ask them in PM.

Dark Latios
22nd October 2004, 10:16 PM
I'll gladly review fics, but there's some I won't review though:

Any other Ash shipping besides AAMayL.
Only recent fics if it's 15-20 pages long, I won't review it.
I am willing to review SOME R rated fics, but it has to be an R rated fic with pokemon involved, or another anime/video game character from the shows mentioned below.

What I like to review:
AAMayL (Ash/May) fics.
Fics from a pokemon's perspective.
Fics with a male/female starting his or her pokemon journey. (Must have a good plot and a few twists from the original game's story).
One shot pokemon fics.
Pokemon poetry.
Certain Anime/Video game character fics; (Zelda, Tokyo Mew Mew, Tales of Symphonia, and Sonic to name a few).


22nd October 2004, 10:25 PM
I review too but, There are certain ones that I wont review:
As like my sis (^) said, I dont like Ash and Misty together so no hard feelings.
Dont like storys that are rated R (but if its an AAMayL I might).

Storys I'll review:
AAMayL (I will always check these storys out no matter what).
Storys with people starting their journeys as long as a Team (evil) Magma ect. is in it.
Well thats all

22nd October 2004, 10:34 PM
I will gladly review your fic, as long as the rating is no higher than PG-13/TV14 and involves Pokemon in some way.

What I will not review:
--Humor fics with potty humor/dirty jokes
--Romance/shipping fics
--Angst fics

My specialties:
Trainer fics
Adventure/fantasy fics
Humor fics (provided that it is clean humor)
The review will come in the form of a Three Point Test (3PT for short):

Description-Is everything described well enough so that a non-fan can read it and understand what is going on?
Characters-Are your characters developed, realistic and believeable?
Plot: Do you have something well thought out, or is it the same thing we've all seen a million times? The more original, the better!

Comments: All of my other rants, raves, and suggestions go here.

If your fic is really good, I may give you a special message telling you how much I liked it...but be warned, I don't give these messages to anyone; you've got to earn one by writing well!

While not required, I will recommend that you at least take a look at one of my fics in return.

22nd October 2004, 10:43 PM
I will review any non-pokemon fic that isnt romance
pokemon fics are cool with me so long as they arent romance based

Burnt Flower
23rd October 2004, 12:22 AM
Another reviewer here!

Some things, though:
*Only Pokemon stories.
*I will not review any AAMayL - I don't like them in any shape or form.
*The rating and genre of a story isn't something too important for me.
*I prefer recent fics.
*I usually go for stories who have less reviews and fan base (I have a soft spot for them).
*Overly long stories will take some time to review (depending on its length). Also, I'd like to point out that I usually prefer shorter stories.
*My favorite types of stories are creative OT, AAML, Romance, Horror, and Angst (though I will still review if it isn't one of these types of stories).
*I check spelling very thoroughly.
*I will point out the most noticeable grammar mistakes.
*I'm honest.

Reviews for my story (that's in my signature) will be very appreciated but it's not required...

Since people apparently can't read an entire post, I'll just bold the following lines...

I will not accept more review requests for the time being! I'm working on too many projects to focus on reviewing anymore. Sorry. :(

23rd October 2004, 12:32 AM
I'm not as frequent as I use to be with reviewing, so good luck trying to get me to review by force. :D

- I'll read and review basically anything whether it's a new fic or has twenty chapters plus more (might take me awhile though of course haha), is Pokémon-based or not (though, I might not understand a non-Pokémon fic sometimes).

- I rarely go back to review a fic after it turns into a "hot thread" so if you want me to review AGAIN, you gotta PM me to remind me.

- Poems . . . oh gawd, poems. Bear with me on those if you please, I just learned how to review them and if I make no sense, don't tell me, keep my hopes up, make me feel proud that I can review poems. =P Nah j/k, be blunt with me if my review doesn't make sense. Same goes for regular stories too I suppose.

- And if I don't happen to review your fic, don't get angry at me, you guys write too many stories every day! I will get to it eventually though so no worries k?

- If it has been like two weeks and I still haven't review you yet, PM me again, I could of accidently deleted it.

- I will not review fics with bad grammar! Haha, j/k, I will still it's just that mostly everyone here has that in their review form thing and I wanted to be cool lol.

Yeah, I think that's it. I don't hate any particular type of fic nor do I specialize in a certain type of fic (maybe suspense, adventure or mystery but meh, that's only because I write those type of genres myself).

LaTeR dAyZ!

23rd October 2004, 12:45 AM
I'll review only these exclusive fics:

1. If it's by Breezy or CharChar or latias or Crystal Espeon or pokegreat1020 (Breezy's good at fic writing - no, excellent - and charchar is my pair, latias is my best friend, ce is my twin, pokegreat1020 is my friend)

2. If it's not too spammed up, i.e. less than two pages of reviews. Otherwise I will refuse to review it.

3. If it's not AAMAYL. I hate advanceshipping.

4. If it's not over pg-13.

5. If it's critically acclaimed, e.g. four/five star by more than two votes.

6. If it's recent and not too long.

7. If it sounds interesting.

Those of you wishing to request a review, prepare to die from a heart attack. I'm either really nice or really picky and long. :0 I cause hyperventilation XD

Anyway, just send me a pm with an appropriate title. Then, provide me with a paragraph excerpt and a brief summary.


23rd October 2004, 2:50 AM
This was a good idea!

Anyway Ill review pokemon fics that are under 3 pages (talking about the thread) No matter how much I hate the fiction I will still read it and review it. But I do ask (though its not really required) that anyone who I review their fic reviews my fic. Please tell me if you dont have a permanent reviewer and if I like the fic you may expect to see me a couple of times.

NEW: I will review non pokemon fics as long as their not about any other anime besides Yu-gi-oh.

What I like to read

Trainer fics!
Battling fics!
Fics that involve battles!

but it doesnt matter Ill still review your fic anyway.

23rd October 2004, 4:42 AM

23rd October 2004, 5:30 AM
Hell, why not...

Give me anything outside of romance fics and angsty one shots. PM, I review it within a few days, (unless, its like 20 pages of 10 page chapters, then give me a week or two) and I'd appreciate a review back on mine, if at all possible.

Obsidian Blade
23rd October 2004, 7:17 AM
This just goes for people asking for reviews, outside of this I just review whatever catches my attention.

1) It mustn't be more than twenty pages in Word long (I most like to review fics that are only one chapter in length, but I can do more).

2) It can't be a shipping fic of any sort. I don't see the appeal in a bunch of brat falling in love. ><

3) It can't be a fic that revolves around the anime characters. It's all right if they only appear in a few chapters or have been well written like Celebi (http://www.fanfiction.net/~celebi) managed to do in her fic, but as a main character, no.

4) I prefer to get review requests from newer authors, not those with five stars and a massive fanbase already. I won't review to stroke anyone's ego either, although I'm a strong believer in providing constructive criticism tactfully.

That's all, really, although it might be of use for people to know that my favourite fanfics to review are OT new trainer fics.

23rd October 2004, 1:51 PM
Aw, what the hell? I guess I'll join the party.

What I don't like to review:
Very short chapters(I mean, just barely making one page)
R fics
Very experienced writers(I prefer to help out the new guys)

What I will review:
Shipping fics(especially AAMLs)
Mystery fics
Chapters with at least four pages

PM away!

28th October 2004, 7:37 PM
EDIT: right now, I'm too busy in RL to even consider reviewing. I'll edit this back when I have more time to review.


Shiny May
28th October 2004, 9:00 PM
I read a lot of trainer fics and shipping fanfics. I don't always post but I do read them. Sometimes I read very long fics with I don't know how many pages but I only read a few chaps so some fanfictions. I haven't read them completely.

So I am willing to read any fanfiction but I do like some originiality. And i like trainer fics more then non-trainer fics.

29th October 2004, 3:44 AM
Fics I will not read:
Romance Fics
Non-Pokemon Fics

I will pretty much read anything else!

29th October 2004, 4:03 AM
I shall review fics too like I did in the past. I am not picky about the kinds of fics I will review except for one thing as long as it is more than a page and a half then I will review it


29th October 2004, 9:18 AM
Okay, here goes nothing.

For pokemon fic's, my reviews and won'ts.

I Will review anything from G to R.

I Won't review pointless shipping fics. Unless it has a plot, I don't wanna hear about it, see it or even touch it. If it's just because you want to see the two together, with nothing working to the plot to get them together, forget it. Don't even bother me about it.

I Will review any genere kind of fic. Be it from Action to Tragedy.

I Won't review run of the mill unless it has Plot, Humor, or something to make it worth my time.

I Will review stories focusing mainly on Human characters.

I Will review stories focusing on Pokemon characters.

Also note, I review true, to the point and bluntly. If you're wanting help to make a fic better, or someone not going to review like the masses then PM me. If you'd like to only have reviews that claim your fic is 'Da Bomb' then dun bother.

For Non pokemon fiction;

I will read anything within reason.

Side note: If anyone tries to use the over used, lame retort of: How would you like it if someone reviewed your fic like that! Then you really didn't heed my warnings, did you?

29th October 2004, 9:58 PM
I'll review...I guess.

-Only poke-fics please.
-Not over PG-13.
-Recent fics, if it has gone to the third page or the fifth chapter, then don't bother. But, if I have been catching up to the story, I will review it.
-Any genre suits me, but no stories about lots of romance or love, ickies.
-Any point of view is fine, be it pokemon, human or tree.

Okay, I suppose.

30th October 2004, 4:42 AM
Meh, I operate by fairly fixed standards.

1. More then 950 words.
2. The fanfic writer must have plans to make it over 2 chapters of over 950 words each long.
3. I review harshly. So be warned.
4. I'm not keen on fics with Ash, Misty or Brock in them. There's like, a 5% chance of me rating them.
5. I only review fics if there's a PM request for me to review them.

Chibi Pika
30th October 2004, 9:08 PM
I'll review just about anything so long as it's Pokémon or possibly Harry Potter. Any length, any point of view...It doesn't matter if you're new, I love giving advice, even if you've got a paragraph-long piece of crap, but I'm rather blunt in those cases. I'll probably only reply once, though, unless I like it, or if you bug me enough times to keep reading. >> Oh, and I loathe all shipping. I admit that I did read and enjoy some of Breezy's, but other than that, NO SHIPPING.

So, yeah, anything except shipping I'll review, and I will review at any time, unless my sig specifically says I am not taking requests, which only happens when I'm overloaded with things to do. @_@

In the way of what to expect, I'm strict, yet soft in my reviews. I love descrpition and comment a lot on how to improve it. Also, I'm really sensitive to choppyness. I don't know why, but I notice it way more than most people and will mention it. If you're overflowing with grammar errors, I notice 'em a lot, but if your grammar is good, I usually get "into" the story and therefore end up missing the few errors that are there. And plot, I will go all out on. I like original. Different is good. If your fic is not different then I will probably go off on how to make it more original.

If I review yours then why not return the favor and review mine? I'd love it if you stopped by the fic in my sig.


31st October 2004, 4:29 AM
I have been a part of the reviewing crowd almost all of my time here...but just to make it official...

What Indigo likies:

-Newbie fics. Me lurves to give lots of advice!
-Trainer fics. I find them cool...if they're good.
-Pokéshipping fics. Very sweet.
-one-shots. My attention span SUCKS!

What Indigo no likies:

-Advanceshipping fics. Don't wanna even go into it.
-Long-chaptered fics. As stated above, I have a very short attention span.
-Fics with lots of chapters. I can't get into it that way.
-Fics with too much length or description. Attention span.

And please, no PMs unless you're desperate. And even that way there's like a 50% chance I won't review. Depends how long it is.

2nd November 2004, 2:44 AM
Yup, I've been reviewing for a while, but I mine as well post it here:

-ANYTHING AAMayL-I will almost always review these if the author PMs me. I will still browse around occasionly though just reading through.

As a matter of fact, I should be posting my awards later in here(meaning the Author's Cafe)

2nd November 2004, 6:14 AM
weeeellll, ill join the masses as well.

things to keep in mind from me:

1) i wont review fics that are over 5 chaps long, unless im already a reader of that fic.
2) im harsh and ill point everything i can in what ever time i have on my hands at the time
3) dont make me revolted by making stupid comments about you being the best, or thinking that this fic is awsome!! stuff, and i might not post if it is too revolting, cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings. thats why if you requested and didnt get a review in a week, then your fic is screwed in my standards.
4) i havnt got a lot of time, so i might take a while to read & review your fic/s, so wait patiently unless something happens like in rule no. 3
5) give me 1 good reason why i should read & review your fic in you rrequest.

thank you for you time, good bye.


Shiny Vulpix
5th November 2004, 12:23 AM
Now that I have some free time I'll review upon request.

1. Any rating is fine with me.
2. Must be a Pokemon or Harry Potter fic.
3. The two pairings I will not touch with a ten foot pole: Ash/May or Harry/Hermione.
4. I like and will review slash (male/male or female/female stories), so don't be afraid to ask me to review it.
5. I don't care how far you are into it, but it will take me a lot longer to review a story that's 20 chapters in.
6. I will review any genre.
7. Don't PM me everytime you get a new chapter up, I'll get around to posting eventually.
8. Don't gripe at me for giving constructive criticism, especially if your story really needs improving.

That's about it I think, see ya around. ^_^

5th November 2004, 6:49 PM

Honestly, I'm the laziest reader ever. I don't know what I was thinking, taking reviewing requests in the first place, but I reviewed TWO fics before giving up on it. Why am I suddenly now, many months later, receiving a flood of reviewing requests? People used to leave me alone up until now... I didn't think I'd have to edit this post since I hadn't needed to before.

Oh well, it's edited now. DO NOT ask me to review your fic. This is a warning, because no matter what I say, I'll never do it.

Mew King
10th November 2004, 10:54 PM
I'm willing to review most RECENT stories. I won't review it unless I have a through background of the thing that it is based on. I'll even be able to review any completely made up story.

Elemental Charizam
12th November 2004, 7:05 PM

1. Any rating, any length is ok(though it'll take awhile).
2. Only pokemon or original (not in any fandom) fics will be reviewed.
3. I'll be slower to review if you already have lots of reviews.
4. I can be harsh, but I usually try to soften my tone.
5. I like obscure/dark fics, don't be afraid to ask.
6. While it isn't a term, I ask you R&R one of my fics in return.
7. Check my sig before asking, if it says not to request a review, don’t.
Thats about it, I guess.

Solid Kirby
12th November 2004, 11:56 PM
Hmm... I guess I'm up for reveiwing. However, Three things I would like to let known:

1. Hate. Most. Trainer Fics. Now, Don't get me wrong, some ARE good, but most of the time, It's quite repetitive for me. I Will ONLY reveiw one IF I have seen your work before, and It's satisfactory, OR if someone who I recognise as a good reveiwer suggests it to me. Otherwise, no dice.

2. While I like humor, Don't taint it. Potty Jokes just make me sick. Racist is nocist. Most of all, No Comic Releif Charactars THAT DON'T HAVE A LIFE! If you want someone there for comic releif, don't portray them as a retard UNLESS that is purporseful for the story, which I perfer you note to me before I reveiw. A sarcastic Charictar that helps out in some way is fine. Not an idiot.

3. Most "Kiddie" Animé, Zelda, and original Fiction I WILL REVEIW. When I say "Kiddie" anime, i mean Stuff that Kids like in the US but is somewhat darker In Japan. Shaman King, One Piece, etc. Now, This is not a guarentee. I may decline if It's dumbed down extremely from the Japanese Original. (SJ Manga works well here.)

T.W. North
13th November 2004, 12:42 AM
Yeah sure. My terms:

1) I dont like pokemon fics. They bore me. I read only non-pokemon fics.
2) Although I don't really like modern day fics, I will sometimes read them, but only sometimes. I'm more for complete fantasy.

20th November 2004, 4:30 AM
Of course.
What I will not review:
Fanfiction lacking effort to ensure it has accurate grammar and spelling.
Fanfiction heavily based on romance.
Fanfiction with romance involving anything to do with Pokemon.
Fanfiction involving the perspective of a Pokemon.
Nothing designed solely to be comical and humorous.
Fanfiction without proper indentation and format.

Everything else is fine.

21st November 2004, 9:54 PM
I'm not a reviewer, I just have a question. Shouldn't the reviewers here state how good they are at reviewing? Like perhaps listing out what they usually rate fics on and things they observe and take notice of, and how much they like to point out in their reviews or how thorough they are? I think such a thing would be important because, while there are people who want to have any reviews at all, there are also people who have only had bad (bad as in not very detailed, somewhat spammy) reviews and are looking for someone who can give an intelligent review or criticism.

T.W. North
22nd November 2004, 7:17 AM
Hmm...your right there. Well I know that Breezy, Indigo, Dragonfree etc are all good but I dont know really about the others. So yeah, maybe we should...

Well I will normally talk about anything I see. I often give good suff out to people but if they want true critizim they need only ask. But rest assured I will NEVER say anything about length unless it is FAR to short.

27th November 2004, 5:09 PM
I am willing to review them.

Me likes: Pokemon related, fantasys, and such, length does not matter

I do not know much about other animes. I have not rate any fictions here but I did it in many other places. I like adventurous stories. ^^ I usually rate on how well the plot goes and the major events......and such.........

Please, no inappropriate contents. You know what I mean, right? Good.

27th November 2004, 10:15 PM
Well, I'm willing to review for anyone who needs it. ^^

I Will Read&Review:
AAML or AAMayL stories are fine, as long as they have atleast a clever plot in there for me.
Trainer Fics, but I will not take to kindly to any Mary Or Gary Sues. ><;;
Humorous fics are fine, but for your sake they'd better be smart humor.
Pokemon POVS, <3. And really, just about anything focusing mainly on Pokemon.
And other Epic's and stuff, involving Pokemon, thank you. >>

I Will Not Read&Review:
Anything gory or violent is really it, I dun like to read that kind of stuff. ;/

~*~ Mina

1st December 2004, 1:45 AM
Sure, I'll review your fic, but I have some rules:
-can't be based on romance.
-can't be about the Anime characters.
-must have mostly proper spelling\grammar
-no non-pokemon fics.
This is not required but I would like you to read my fic ''Legends of the Doron Region''.

4th December 2004, 2:01 AM
I'm a willing candidate to review fan fictions, but on these terms:

* No Ash x Misty fics. I really don't like this couple. That's in my opinion, though. It can have Ash and Misty in them, but it can't be the whole fic about them. (That doesn't stop me from reading it and reviewing it on my own though)

* No threads that has more than five pages. Too many pages to review!!!! I will bend this rule for Hoennshipping fics that is actually interesting. However I draw the line at over ten pages for that technicality.

* If thread is not completely spammed up, I will review.

*No fics rated over PG-13

*No non-pokemon fics. Please. I'm not the kind of person who reads those. I may come and go reading those fics when I'm bored. However other than that, I won't read or review.

*Other than what I mentioned above, any fic is fine.

These are the current terms. I will update these soon. Plus, I often review with my two pokemon, Aurora (Lea) the Espeon, Sky Majestic (Skye) the Dragonair, and Sparkle (Amy) the Ampharos!

Lea, Skye, & Amy: What's up Crystal?

Oh, nothing as usual. Those are my friends. I will edit this sometimes when I see that I might be missing something.

T.W. North
4th December 2004, 2:29 AM
I cant help thinkign about those reviewers who say they wont read it unless it has good detail and decent length...you dont know what your talking about. Length doesnt neccesarily have anything to do with it! Plus, you dont know if its detailed until you read it and most people ask for reviews so they can EXPAND.

4th December 2004, 4:33 AM
Yeah, I agree with T.W., length doesn't matter for fics as long as what is there is written well.

Plus, most of you guys are asking for fics with good grammar/description/etc. . . . I know that even the best of the writers need reviews but what about the new writers on the block that need help? =/

Going back a page, most of the reviewers that posted so far are pretty good (the ones that I don't know about haven't posted yet I believe or I haven't seem them around in teh ficcys I read) so I don't think people have to worry about how skilled a reviewer is.

There's also the fact that another reviewer can just add on to the other reviewers review. ^^

9th December 2004, 3:47 AM
Hello my dear sweet lover (Shadow_Nokutasu) and my Hippie pal!(Breezy)

I'll review fics, however

*I don't like 'To be a Master' fics.

*I don't like the Pokeshippings simply because it's kinda creepy. C'mon! They're ten! If they're older, though, I'll be happy^^

*please be starting your fic, I don't like reviewing fics that are already established.

*I, unlike others, WILL rate romance fics. I'm a writer of them myself. Just, no ten year old shippings

*Don't expect a scale. I tell you what you should work on and what you should stick with.

14th December 2004, 3:57 AM
a Note to all great new (and old) fan fic writers:


have a nice day.

below is what was originally my first post:

ive just started to really review alot of fics, and ive noticed i can be of help to the SPPF fic writers (new p.plz and common members)

the only things i won't review are these kind of fics:

fics that have gone to up to/over 4 to 5 chapters, i do not have enough time to review them all

as mentioned above by Clefaritenchi, i will not read 10-year old's shipping, its sick

i prefer not to read Ash & co. fics, i get really aggitated by them
BUT i will read things like Hellkorn's Pokemon: Generation Kanto (http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=24852) fic, it includes ash but does not follow the anime's storyline, i don't mind the game's storyline, just like it to be abit unoriginal =)

and thats all the "don'ts" now, here is do do's:

i will read from all ratings, be it G or R, i will read all

as being stated above by Crystal_Espeon, i will read any non-pokemon fics

i will read romance and shipping fics, just as i said in the don'ts, no 10-year olds or lower

i can take any form of violence, even the most detailed and disturbing things, though i will not think i will find those kind of fics here on SPPF, but if there is, yeah, please let me know, i would like to read them

oh, and please, be warned, i am quite strict when coming across fics that does not suite my likings, and i may be harsh to some points of the fic that i am reviewing, so please expect some hard reviews

apart from that, if you think you might want me (or any other reviewer) to R&R your fic/s please PM me anytime, reviews will arrive posted on the respected threads in a few days (eg. 1-2 days, depends on how busy i am)

i hope to recieve requests to review your fics, and i most ceratnly willsee you there are your fic thread!! cya till then!

18th December 2004, 3:21 AM
might as well give it a shot:

what I will read:

- well written, meaning good grammar, nice detail, and decent or orignal plot
- fics who's plot revolves around the pokemon
- G to R (but not overly angsty or dramatic)
- some trainer fics (depends really, but generally if it's well written, more orignal then most, and not biased or bashing a certain aspect of pokemon)

what I won't read:

- poorly written fanfics that have awful grammar and stale over-used plots
- any sort of shipping (I'm not one for love)
- most fanfics that revolve around the anime characters (I see enough of them when I watch the show, I don't need a Ash and Misty making out sence)
- fics that are barely half a page or longer then a certain length (the length depends on my mood really, I don't have a short attention span, but it's not super long either)

28th December 2004, 7:21 PM
I'll review:

- Shipping fics from Anime/Manga (I hate Misty, so no Pokeshipipng fics plz)
- Well written Trainer fics (must have exciting twist, not just start journey, beat leaders, face Team (insert name here) & be a pokemon master)
- Yu-Gi-Oh fics
- Any sort of Pokemon fics (except AAML's)

I won't review:

- AAML's (I hate Misty)
- Poorly written fics
- Fics that aren't up to their 3rd chapter

PM me if you want your fic reviewed


28th December 2004, 8:48 PM
I will review too.

I'll review anything. Just be warned that if you're fic is like a million pages (read more than 15), it'll take me a while. I'd prefer not to read established fics unless they've been largely ignored, though.

Also, the genres that I enjoy the most are:


The romance stuff annoys me a little, but I'll still read it as long as it's not overdone ( you know what I mean). I don't want to read any poke-smut!

28th December 2004, 8:51 PM
I'll review any fic, as long as it doesn't violate any of the qaulifications:

-You've got more than two pages, rated 4-5 stars, or in general, you have too many reviews
- No Anime Chars.
- No Romance.
- Shipping is ok, but no: Ashx(Insert Girl Main Character)
- Must have Proper spelling and grammar

29th December 2004, 7:09 PM
I'll review:
-Any Pokemon fics
-Totally original fics (not based on ANY existing material)
-Fics with 3 pages or less

Be warned: I am an entirely truthful reviewer

Elite Eevee
30th December 2004, 9:35 PM
I've got free time, why not?

-I will review any NON-POKEMON FIC (With the exception of Yu-Gi-Oh)

-Nothing too violent or scary, basiclly, keep it PG-13 at the max.

-Unless you have a very, very, very good reason for me to review a Pokemon fic, I won't.

-Expect some criticism

-The fic must have only 5 and under pages (I mean in the thread, notthe actual story.)

5th January 2005, 8:03 PM
As a critic/reviewer from IGN's Fanfic Community, i've come to offer my services.

Unlike most people here though, I only have one rule.

-You must read/review my own fic below (Hidden Rage). I dont want to count small lines like "Omg this fic rocks" I want an actual review pertaining to the story.

That's pretty much it :) Afterwards, feel free to PM me the link of your fic and i'll get to it. I'll read anything at all; I dont discriminate fics.

Senator Kiwi
5th January 2005, 8:07 PM
Will review these types of Pokemon Fics:

- No May, Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and other anime characters like that, unless they have grown darker.
- Will review any fic, rated G-R
- No trainer journey fic

Will review these types of Non-Pokemon Fics:
- Not Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, DBZ, or any other type of anime.
- Eragon, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, King Arthur
- Must be more than a one-shot story
- Made-Up world(Of your own!), or taking place on Earth. Any Star Wars world is fine as well.

8th January 2005, 9:34 PM
Um, I'm kinda new to this sort of review stuff ^^; I don't review anyone elses story (at least not yet), I actually want someone to review mine. No, this is not advertisement of some sort. You see, I'm translating my pkmn fanfic, and I could use some help to correct gramma errors and stuff (cause there will most likely be one here and there). Someone that I could PM a chapter to (only done with the prologue this far) before I post it up in the fan fiction section. Anyone? I do need help from someone who knows flowing english, knows exactly how to put things down on the paper X) I would be so grateful if anyone could take on that "mission" for me :) And I hope that I won't disappoint you, my fanfic's pretty unlike the other ones you've seen this far. Oh, well..Anyone?

[I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I just don't know how this "system" works yet..]

8th January 2005, 9:48 PM
I could probably be a good reviewer myself. There are just somethings I need to point out;

1. No exessive strong language, I'll except it every now and then, but not all the time.
2. No too-lovey-dovey stuff if it's about pokemon or digimon of Just4Kids based. It seems out of place.
3.I'd like to receive reviews myself because I'm also a writer and would like someone who can appreicate my work like I'll appreciate theirs' and the time they took.
4. Good description, but not too overwritten if it's not going anywhere.

Chibi Pika
8th January 2005, 9:49 PM
Uhh...things like that are left for PM. Just browse through the reviewers until you find ones whose "like to read" list matches your fic and then PM them, asking if they'd like to beta.


8th January 2005, 11:40 PM
I particuarly liked Heroes of Legend. It seemed like a saga and might be if I had any say.

8th January 2005, 11:46 PM
Thanks! I'm having fun writing that one!

8th January 2005, 11:52 PM
You're welcomed. What'd ya think of mine?

8th January 2005, 11:59 PM
I'm still looking at it, check the thread in a little while to find the review

9th January 2005, 2:34 PM
Unfortunately I forgot the title, but I remember the prolouge and how it fit to the rest of the story pretty well,

It seemed like a good attempt at an online novel.

9th January 2005, 3:34 PM
You're going off-topic here, guys... please remember that this thread is only for fanfic reviewers to post their rules and restrictions.

9th January 2005, 4:30 PM

I guess I'll post here, I see no harm in my reviewing fics.

*I really don't enjoy reading non-Pokemon fics. They bore me...I don't know why.
*Please don't make me read contestshipping! I'm serious, I don't like May and Drew together.
*No fics that have been around awhile, that's a lot of reading to do, I may not have time!
*No fics that are rated over R! I really don't enjoy reading stuff that strong.
*I won't read fics with a whole mess of cussing. A few bad words here and there is fine with me, though.

Shipping Fics: I will review these. I prefer advanceshipping, gymshipping, and rocketshipping, but I will review others. Yes, that includes pokeshipping. *gets attacked by advanceshippers* But please, no May/Misty or Ash/Drew/Brendan fights. Those annoy me. I will read G-PG-13 ratings. I won't read fics that are too graphic 'romantic' wise.

Trainer Fics: These are fics I can really get attached to. But only if they are original and not too short. For example, I don't like stories where the trainer starts with a stubborn Pokemon like Pikachu. -_-;; I will read G-PG-13 ratings.

Other that what I said above, I'll read just about anything.

16th January 2005, 7:31 PM
Could someone here please review my fics?

Chibi Pika
16th January 2005, 7:35 PM
Uhh...you're supposed to PM people for that x.x Browse the list and find people who you think would like your fic or will review anything and PM them.


17th January 2005, 3:33 AM
i'm willing to review fanfics on these conditions
Any kind of Poke fic, ones that arn't bore me.
That you PM me if you want me to review a fic cause i will not i repeat will not look on this particular thread much.

There, so if you want me to review, i'm just a PM away

Jesse GS the II
20th January 2005, 6:48 AM
Will somebody - ANYBODY - please read and review my "Love Hina" fic? I only have one person actually looking at it, and while I appreciate Sebok's comments, I'd prefer an audience larger than just one.

Brian Random
20th January 2005, 12:31 PM
Will somebody - ANYBODY - please read and review my "Love Hina" fic? I only have one person actually looking at it, and while I appreciate Sebok's comments, I'd prefer an audience larger than just one.

Jesse, you need to PM someone from this thread. You can't place a review request on this thread. (I don't want this closed...)

20th January 2005, 5:24 PM
I'll review most fics, whether or not I like them depends on what I read.
Oh, I'm also willing to help if you need help with your fic.
Just pm me for anything really.
If you pm me to read a fic and I haven't reviewed within a week of asking me to then pm me telling me to hurry up, I won't mind, honest.

EDIT - Currently not looking to review any fics as I have some already and still have trouble finding the time to review.

30th January 2005, 7:00 PM
Well, I suppose I better post up something here. x3 I'm not all that harsh on reviewing, though at times I can be. I will NOT review anything that is...

.An AAML or AAMayL. I'm not a big fan of either pairing. I view Misty and May as very close friends to Ash over a girlfriend/boyfriend kind of thing.
.Slash. The only pairing in slash I will review is AshxGary.
.Something based right out of one of the video games.
. I will review any rating, from G on up.

Below are the kind of stories I prefer to read...

. Trainers on a New Journey
. Original Plots
. Stories from a Pokemon's perspective
. Any kind of Ash pairing besides Misty or May. Their probably aren't many of them, I assuming.

The more original your plot is, the more likely I am to like it. If you have a whole new generation of trainers and a very creative plot, then I'll like it more than a story that is based off somethign you played in your Pokemon Gold Version.

It would also be appriciated if you would review one of my stories. When I get one up, that is. x3

PM me to get a review.

;038; Fox

Ryano Ra
17th February 2005, 2:00 AM
Ryano's Restrictions
I will basically read anything of a newbie fic, only because they are starting out in the world of FanFiction Writing, and they will definitely need help. But once you get the hang of it, I won't review anymore; it'll be a pointless review if you are experienced, since I'm targeting the inexperienced. I'll read both Pokemon and Non-Pokemon writing, one-shots, anything. Well, that's basically it; if you're a newbie, and want my review, just PM to ask me. If you're experienced, please don't ask. And newbies, don't keep messing up the chapters so I can keep reviewing; that'll be very, very unusual. O.o;

31st March 2005, 7:52 PM
I will review chaptered Action-type fan-fiction, such as adventure, fantasy, or plain action. I only accept requests through PMs, and you will be put on a waiting list. The list will always be in my sig.

Blaziken's Emberz
1st April 2005, 6:35 PM
Blaziken's Emberz's Rating System

Well, a return calls for a new rating system, no? There are no more gifts, but this time, a more lengthier review. Good, yes? I actually take part all parts of the fic, ranging from plot sequences to emotions in battle. I review all fics, as long as it follows my search criteria:

The fan-fiction must be long - none of those two-paragraph stories you call a Chapter. I read well-thought-out fics, and not those short ones. One-shots are no exception, either. I like all genres and ratings of fics. I do not care if it is G or R. I am fond of PG-13 and up, so if you get those bloody, violent, realistic, point-of-view life, thing, then yes, I shall review your fic.

I cover every chapter, so if your story has 8 chapters, there will be 8 reviews: One for each chapter. Now because of that, it will take a little more time, since I will read EVERYTHING. I am not those people who read two chapters and end it and begin the review. That's a sign that they do not like the fic. I read anything, like it or not.

My rating system is a bit like everyone elses, but with no images. Just me, text, and a number out of 10. It also is very organized and if confusing, just reply, and I shall answer any part that you didn't comprehend in my review. I hope you keep me in mind, as you will not be disappointed when you get your review.

~ BE ;257;

4th April 2005, 5:02 PM
I am willing to review almost any type of fic: horror, romance, action, whatever. I will read anything from G to PG13 and most R rated fics. The only R rated fics I won't review are ones with any graphic . . . romantic relationships.

I will read: Pokemon, Digimon, and Inu-Yasha fics. I will read other non-Pokemon fics as well, as long as I have seen the show. PM me if you want me to review a fic from a show I didn't list.

My strongest areas are spelling and grammar (yes, I know it's sad), so if that is your fic's main weakness, I would be a good person to contact. I normally will not give a fic a rating, but I will tell you what I think your weak and strong areas are.

I will probably need about a week or so to review a fic, although I will try to get to it sooner. If the fic is long, then I will probably need two weeks or more.

Shining Lugia
8th April 2005, 12:31 AM
May I post my rules and restrictions?

What I DO review: Pretty much any Pokemon fic, G to PG-13.
What I DO NOT review: NO rated R fics, NO Advanceshipping (No offense to those who like it)
So, PM me if you would like me to review your fic, and if you would like to in return, you may see my stories.

Hope someone PMs! :)

8th April 2005, 6:55 AM
Fics I will not read:
Romance Fics
Non-Pokemon Fics

I will pretty much read anything else!

8th April 2005, 4:50 PM
I will not review:
R rated fics
Love fics (unless it's not the main point)
Unoriginal fics
fics that are like 20 pages back
fics that are like the anime/manga/games (unless it has an interesting twist like in Helkorn's case)

Twilight Absol
1st May 2005, 6:09 AM
I can review any fic as long as it is new and it isn't too gory or bloody and fics that revolve too much around shipping/romance, But I would be glad to review it if it was the side dish of a main course

EDIT: by new I mean at the most 3-4 chapters into the fic...

1st May 2005, 12:05 PM
I wont review fics about Ash, Misty and Brock, or non pokemon fics.

4th May 2005, 2:27 AM
I will read anything that looks interesting of my own accord. Long, spammed-up threads tend to turn me off, but I am willing to go through all chapters of an established story, given time. I hate the anime and won't read anything heavily involving its characters of my own accord, namely because I would be automatically biased against the story in a review. I prefer OT 'fics above all others, but am interested in anything new and innovative as well.

My reviews tend to scale based on the overall quality of the story. If it is a story that is written well, they will generally be highly critical, as usually such stories receive little criticism, and I believe that the author would be able to pull off more nuanced fixes. For more beginning writers, I will point out more basic aspects of the story that went wrong. I do my best to be gentle, but sometimes I come off a little harsh, especially when something in your 'fic really ticked me off.

Yeah, I'm a fanfic junkie and welcome all review requests, but you should know before you request that I am generally extra-critical of people who ask for reviews since I assume they're looking specifically for criticism.

7th May 2005, 12:36 AM
Well, a return calls for a new rating system, no? Good, yes? I actually take apart all parts of the fic, ranging from plot sequences to emotions in battle. I review all fics, as long as it follows my search criteria:

The fan-fiction must be long - none of those two-paragraph stories you call a Chapter. I read well-thought-out fics, and not those short ones. One-shots are no exception, either. I like all genres and ratings of fics. I do not care if it is G or R. I am fond of PG-13 and up, so if you get those bloody, violent, realistic, point-of-view life, thing, then yes, I shall review your fic.

I cover every chapter, so if your story has eight chapters, there will be eight reviews: One for each chapter. Now because of that, it will take a little more time, since I will read EVERYTHING. I am not those people who read two chapters and end it and begin the review. That's a sign that they do not like the fic. I read anything, like it or not. However, my judgment is almost the same. If I were to leave th fic at Chapter II of IX, that means I didn't like it, so keep that in mind.


Flaming Lip
8th May 2005, 9:57 PM
I will review poetry if asked... Other fics I read are by choice not demand...

8th May 2005, 10:03 PM
Okely dokely, neighborinos!

Since I have relied on this thread to achieve reviews, I thought 'Why not spread the wealth?' and so, here I am, ready to review your fics! It's your lucky day! *mwa ha ha*

Criteria ::
- Only PokeFics
- No Poetry, please
And I really, really, really, really wouldn't mind if you happened to return the favor, generally in the area of a certain fic, whose banner is currently within my signature. *hinty hint hint*

So, send me a PM and I'll review your fic!

*runs away*

11th May 2005, 3:45 AM
Wes, I meant you look in this thread for a reviewer and then PM them (PM means Private Message). ^^;

11th May 2005, 4:52 AM
Meh well guess I'll be posting here.

My Standerds:
Only Pokemon fics
I will review Pokemon poetry but I'm not a poet so I might not be to good
Can't be more then say 3 chapters (I got things to do too lol)

Thing I look upon:
I can look for little typos and such and some grammar here and there, spelling too. I mostly touch upon character devolpment, choise of words, length, and how the plot goes. Also anything I can scoop out.

Also I said if your fic is over 3 chapters I won't review it... well if I read all the other chapters and you post some more and want a review, an exception, I will review then if I read all the previous chapters.

If you PM me I'll try and get to your fic the day I get the PM and if not as soon as possable. Just PM me with a name of the thread for your story and it would help if you included a link lol. So PM me anytime if you want me to review your fic! ^_^

15th June 2005, 6:47 PM
I will read any fics. Just PM me and I will do it. If possible, do review my fic as well. Anyone who reviews my fic will get a review from me; treat it as a reciprocation of goodwill.
I do not tend to nitpick about grammar, but authors can PM me telling me what kind of reviews they want me to post, as in the length and detail. They can ask for criticism on minor things like grammar to be private, as in PM. Thanks, and anyone who needs reviews can PM me.

19th June 2005, 4:32 PM
I will also review fics. My conditions are:

Nothing about Ash, May, ETC. I also prefer newer fics.

anti legendary
28th June 2005, 3:33 AM
i like all fics. shipping fics are intruiging, but i dont want any advanceshipping please. other then that im open

Meta Kyogre
3rd July 2005, 3:28 PM
I'll review any Pokemon fic that is not a romance one. I'll review non Pokemon fics if they have a good idea. I prefer ones with no anime charcters but if it is still original I will

intergalactic platypus
3rd July 2005, 9:10 PM
ill read fics if you PM me about them. some notes about my prefs:
-i love serious fics and dramas
-i equally adore dry comedies and parodies
-shipping fics fascinate me as long as there not advanceshipping
-i love to help out people who havent gotten many reviews yet
-fics through a pokemons perspective are great, and im automatically in if no humans are involved
-im kinda turned off by violence, so keep that in mind

Odem General
6th July 2005, 9:38 PM
I'm going to take a risk here and say that I will review anything...... really I will review any fic on request (with one exception I will not review well established writers' fics e.g. 4-5 stars unless specifically requested) (it's a nasty job but someone's got to do it). I dont favour romance but will still review it and not allow my pejudice to interfere. I prefer to review fics with suspense and battles but again I will not allow it to affect my review. Last point, I will also review anything that catches my eye and that I like. If you're lucky i'll spread the word. It's a bit long this I know just saying what I will and won't. ONE last thing (i promise) I review WITH TACT.

7th July 2005, 3:23 PM
Well I think I posted here a long time ago but I wanted to update my preferences. Here goes:

I only review Pokémon fics.
The only shipping fics I review are Pokéshipping. I just can't stand any others.
I wont read a fic if it has too many grammatical mistakes.
I dont read fics with made-up Pokémon or regions. Aren't there enough already?
If your fic sucks, I'll tell you. Don't expect any sympathy from KingFirestump.

Uh I guess that's all. PM me if you want me to review your fic.

EDIT: Oh i forgot, I never read song lyrics or poetry in fics. I don't like made-up prophesies or mottos, but I will read them.

7th July 2005, 5:21 PM
I'm both a writer and reader, so *ahem*:

I will read:

~Contestshippy or Pokeshippy stories
~Stories that have spacing in between dialogue stuff and paragraphs
~Beginner stories THAT MAKE SENSE, I want to help new writers that have a sense of logic and grammar.
~Chapters at least one page each except for Prologue
~Stories from a Pokemon's point of view

I will NOT read:
~Advanceshipping storries (maybe if it's really good I'll read it, but no)
~Tragedies (I can't stand those)
~Pointless journey stories
~Shipping stories with too much fluff
~Bloody stories
~Anything higher than PG-13
~A fic that uses smilies instead of words like:
The ;300; used some attack
~A story that makes May or Drew look bad
~Any non-Pokemon fic, please don't make me read anything with non-Pokemon stuff
~Unoriginal fics...I want new ideas
~Fics that are entirely too long...

If your chapters are more than 10 pages, keep me out.

Well, I'm not the easiest to please. I highly suggest reading my two Contestshipping fics and Pokemon's POV fic(not required) using the links in my sig.

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

8th July 2005, 2:32 AM
I will read just about anything, but it has to be in the beginning. I don't want to read ten pages into the story. So, maybe, five chapters or under you've posted.

Pokemon fan-fiction is getting a bit cliche to me. I would prefer to read non-pokemon stories, but I can read pokemon ones if you're really desperate. This also applies to most anime fan fictions or somehting based off a tv show, video game or book. Desperate means, zero or one reviewer and you're a few chapters in.

One shots. Have no problem with them normally.

I would also prefer if you didn't send me a PM. I don't normally get to PMs right away and I tend to forget about things when they're left alone. I also don't want my mailbox getting clogged up. It's full enough as it is. This applies to e-mail as well. If you want me to read it right away, talk to me on AIM, considering I'm on and not doing anything important. And if you really, really want me to read it, post it in the forum in my sig. I get to everything there.

I think that's everything. I might change it later.

Edit: I'm not very good at poems, so I'd like to put that on my list of nonos. You can send it to me if you really want to, but I won't be able to give you a very good reply to it.

11th July 2005, 9:40 PM

Saffire Persian
21st July 2005, 9:59 PM
Saffire Persian's Reviewing Guidelines

I'll be more than happy to read the fiction/fanfiction of other members. Merely PM me, and give me a link to your story in the PM. I will then review at least three chapters of your story (A Prologue does not count towards the chapter count). Everything after that, I may or may not read, depending on how much I like your story.

However, here are the requirements that must be met:

I will only read G - PG-13 stories, with a few exceptions for 'R' rated stories. In order for me to review an 'R' rated story, is to tell me why it's an 'R' rating (excessive violence, etc). Then, I will decide based on that.
The story must have a good understanding of the English language. So, I don't want to see thousands of simple misspellings, or Chat speak (Hi, hw r u?) in any way.
No short 2-3 paragraph chapters (excluding the Prologue)
I dislike Ash/May romance stories - however, if the romance is a secondary genre (as in, the story doesn't focus specifically on the romance) I'll probably read it.
I will not read yaoi/yuri focused romance stories. Period. However, I will read it if the story is not focused upon that relationship.
I WILL read any Genre of story - be it humor/romance/comedy, whatever.
I will read any fiction/fanfiction of any subject, not just Pokemon.
I adore Pokemon POV stories. So if you have one of those, definitely PM me.
I prefer darker, more serious stories, but like I said, any genre is okay.
One-shots and Poems are also fine.

22nd July 2005, 2:31 AM
My guidelines:
Only Pokemon!
One shots are OK.
PG-13 max.
I prefer long fics.
Anything not mentioned is fine.

Felix Feral Fezirix
2nd August 2005, 1:12 PM
I don't care what you do with me. I'm your friendly neighbourhood spellchecker. I don't care what fic I have to review(Yeah I have a sick mind, I'll do Adult fics even though I'm underage). However if u spel lke ths chanes r I wun stik arund lng enuff 2 pst. So there. I also comment and will be superglued if you follow above guidelines. However if there really arrre(couldn't resist) too many requests thy shalt hath to(politely or otherwise) decline(Go figure out what I'm saying, It's kinda easy just read Shakespear or something. Did you get the joke in the first two words?).

Note: Humourousity(I know this doesn't exist) of fic will be noted.

Good day.

Lady Myuu
14th August 2005, 4:48 AM
I am no longer reviewing by request.

I will review fics with one or two chapters, I will review fics that have less then five reviews. If you have more then two chapters but no reivews then I will review.

It has to be pokemon, thats all that matters.

I review on character devolpment, plot and detail. I will let you know if you have a mary sue character (or Gary stu)

I am part of a group called 'the overlooked writers squad' my job is to review the stories that get overlooked.


14th August 2005, 8:40 AM
ok, well lets see:

~Fics that I WILL read~
If it has Misty,TR,TM,TA, Brock, and Max, and if Ash is a complete idote and isn't the main character.
Basiclly I WILL read anything that isn't in the will not section.

~The WILL NOT section~
Ash and May love, ewww
Misty and Tracy , Brock, or anyone else, being romanticly involved with Misty other than Ash.
If you took the GSC characters and named anything other than Taylor,Kris,Dani,Yoshi. Those are the only names that i'll except.
If their too violent.
So, there go, i'm open to PM's.

Mighty Hyena
25th August 2005, 4:10 AM
Will review for food. :D Just kidding!

I Do Not Review:

NC-17 stories - I am under 17. I can review PG-13s, but I cannot review lemons.
Shipfics - No interest, sorry. I will review romance, however (see below)
Fics that break board rules.

I Do Review:

Non-Pokemon fics
Trainer Fics
Violent stories - but please make sure it's within the rating (i.e. PG-13)
Romance - I think shipfics and romance are different.

By romance, I mean: characters who fall in love with each other as a side to the main plot. A shipfic is solely centered around a character's romance, and is usually a canon pairing. Yeah, that's it. PM me if you're interested.

27th August 2005, 3:48 AM
Will not review.

NC-17 or most R rated fics.(depends on what its rated R for)
Shipping fics.
Fics with lots of cursing, I can tolerate a little, but not too much.

Will review.

Everything else.

So PM me if you want a review. I only request that you consider reviewing my fic in return, I'm not gonna' force you to or anything, but it would be nice.

Wondrous Sableye
27th August 2005, 3:58 AM
Will review:
—Anything I have more than a basic understanding of.
—Fics in dire need of help.(Don't get those too often…=D).

Will not review:
—DBZ, DBGT, or DB fics.
—Shipfics with no real plot.
—'Predictables'. These are the worst, barely even constituting a story, as the reader already knows everything that's going to happen. =P

28th August 2005, 9:58 PM
I will review:
Pokemon fics
Fics in dire need of help
Long fics

I will not review:
Any mystery, horror, or pokemon journey fic

I'm always open for PM's

9th September 2005, 9:11 PM
Figured I'd better post soon.

Fics I'll review:
AAML/AAMRNs(I'm pokeshipper, much to my personal dislike)
Romance(Also a romantic, again to my personal dislikes)
New Fics(I'll critiscise the heck out of you, but it's all to help you improve)
Good fics with a Flygon(If your fic is good, and stars Flygon, Im THERE!)
Original fics(If ou applying for this catagory, READ OTHER FICS BEFORE YOU DO! If you say your fic is original, but it isn't, I will nt rate)
Funny Fics.(Polite humour, nothng that is ridiculous)
Basically anything I like, plus first fics.

Fics I won't review:
Purely Altoshipping(It was sweet, nothing more)
Purely Advance shipping(Not a hope in *censored*)
Average Journey fics
Anything 17+, I'm too young.
Anything I don't really like due to certain reasons other than being poorly written.

There, now ask me as you will, but be warned, I'm a busy Flygon.


^If the above message doesn't change by June, then I will be on a site hiatus for my exams, so don't even think about PMing me for a review.

All review requests I currently have. You will get you're reviews, though maybe not till August.

9th September 2005, 11:26 PM
I'll review pretty much anything though:
- I won't review any fics revolved around shipping.

If you're fic isn't that great, I'm not going to lie. If I think it's flat out horrible; I'll tell you so and go into long lectures on how it could be fixed as well as its flaws. When I really go deep into reviewing I'll spot most of the mistakes there are but I normally just read and post what I see.

If I have to force myself to read a fic then I won't be able to review it. Instead I'll just pm the author and tell them I couldn't read it, it just didn't appeal to me.

Other than that, I'm a semi-stable reviewer who never writes and will be glad to help.

Magi of all
21st September 2005, 2:39 AM
Will review anything that is Pokemon. Will do non pokemon if asked and if I like the subject. Any length, but would prefer to be there from the begining. NO AAML, AAMayL, or any romance centered fic. Would prefer someone who like consturctive critisim.

23rd September 2005, 1:18 AM
I am a reviewer. I tell the truth. Trust me i have 3 published books in Florida.

I review for a local magizine and i would love to review your fan fics and plain out stories. I myself am a truthful person. Please only pm me for a review if you dont mind if i dont like it. Trust me on this. I dont like stories like this:

My pokemon, charmander was sent out. it used fire blast. the pidgey fainted. i threw a pokeball and caught it.

No, this is the example of a begginer at writing.

VVV This is example of greatness.

The charmander flew out of the pokeball. Charmander used a ember as the grass lit up in flames the Pidgey tried to escape getting torched by the flames. "Charmander make it faint!" Chamnder jumps up in the air and uses Scratch. The Pidgey fell over fainted. I yanked a pokeball off of my belt and threw it at the Pidgey. Tnk....tnk....tnk.....pffff..... The Pidgey was caught!

Here is a edited version made for okness:

My pokemon a charmander was sent out of my pokeball. it used fire blast on a wild Pidgey. The Pidgey looked very weak and it tried to get away. the pidgey fainted as the balst hit him in the tail. i threw a pokeball and caught it. Yes, that Pidgey was mine!

So let me review please! Drop a pm to me!

El hariyamer
4th October 2005, 10:01 AM
I will review anything. Pm me. However, I will not review shipping fics and generally am a bit tough on crossovers. Please try not to be too when writing. And yes, I will review most things. Please review mine in return.

5th October 2005, 1:07 PM
Hmm... I'll review some fics!

What I will not read

Digimon (Sorry, I hate the show),
Any shows I don't watch.
I would prefer if you messaged me at the BEGINNING of the fic, it is really annoying having to read pages and pages to catch up. But I can read long fics of you want.
NO R rated storys. I'll read some over PG13, but I will stop if I consider it unappropriate and I'll let you know.

What I will read

Practically everything else. All Pokemon, non-pokemon fics, anything that sounds interesting. Just message me, I'll take a peek and decide.

Oh yeah, if I read yours, please read mine. Thanks!

8th October 2005, 7:20 PM
Okay! Here are some guidelines if you want me to read/review your fanfic.

Will Not Read/Review
◎N00b fics, e.g. Ones with smilies, unreadable grammar and no paragrapthing, etc.
◎R or NC-17 fanfics. Even if they are well-written and have great plots, I'm still a preteen and I don't read that kind of stuff. However, PG-13 and lower are fine.
◎Fanfics with villans that aren't really villans. Unless it's a comedy fanfic, I won't read those kinds of stories.
◎Fanfics that are copied off books/other people's stories and otherwise unorigional stories.

Will Read/Review
◎Fairly new fanfics. I might consider reading one with 10 pages of replies, but I really prefer new ones.
◎G, PG, PG-13 and some PG-15 fanfics. Nothing over that, in most cases.
◎Pokemon fics and some Non-Pokemon. If it dosen't have to do with Pokemon, I'll read the first chapter or two and let you know if I'll review the rest.
◎Most fanfics involving my favorite characters, as long as it follows the rest of the above guidelines.

So, if you're intrested in having me review a fanfic, drop me a PM! :3

21st October 2005, 3:01 PM
Only want to read professional works, ie those which resemble works that you see in bookstores, in terms of author ability.

I WILL review upon request when I am free, but please be warned that I am very truthful, and very harsh. I understand that the crowd here is younger, but my standards for reviewing remain the same. Just because you are good for a teen does not mean you are good enough in the real world. Feel free to PM me.

21st October 2005, 3:17 PM
I have a question though. Will anyone review non-pokemon stories like mine? I have a lot of views but not many comments. I have a lot of chapters left. I know it involves superheroes but trust me it isn't that cheesey or anything. So, will anyone review non-pokemon fics like mine? It's fine i you don't understand parts. You could ask questions.


28th October 2005, 8:49 AM
I'll review!
what I no like:
fics based solely on the anime characters.
Starting out trainer fics.
what I like:
poetry, romance, horror, whatever you can throw at me. Just no super hyper fun land stuff.
I especially like stories about curses and exploitations of loose ends of the game plots.
edit: Ledian_X, ooh, pick me! I didn't see your post...

28th October 2005, 5:07 PM
Alright, Ritz. I'll send you a PM. Does anyone else wish to review the story? I know it's superheroish and in Non pokemon fics but keep an open mind. Thanks!


28th October 2005, 5:11 PM
Okay, I'll try this again.

I can review:

- Anything that is a one-shot or one chapter in, maybe two if they're rather short. If the fic sounds exciting from the one/two chapters, I may continue reading it when you post new chapters. I'm absolutely hopeless at catching up, so I'm afraid I'll be pretty much incapable of reviewing anything very long.
- Otherwise, anything goes.

Keep in mind that:

- The Pok&#233;mon anim&#233; has only been shown here up to the middle of the Indigo League.
- No other anim&#233; has been shown here at all, so I won't know what you're talking about in some other kind of anim&#233; fanfic.
- I do not watch a lot of TV so you're always risking that I might have no idea what you're going on about if you ask me to review non-Pok&#233;mon fanfiction about TV shows. Generally, really, don't assume I know a first thing about what you're writing about unless it's Pok&#233;mon, Neopets or Harry Potter (just off the top of my head).

Avenger Angel
30th October 2005, 4:32 AM
Okay, I know I’ve been posting my fan fiction around here, but really haven’t been reviewing or reading for that matter when I really want to but don’t know what fic to start reading. And I’m willing to give very honest and in depth reviews depending on these things:

• How much I really, honestly, and truthfully enjoyed the story based on my personal opinion. 10 means I loved every second on it, 1 means I’d rather watch paint dry. However, this may have nothing to do with the actual quality of your story. Some people may love it, but I may not be so into it like everyone else. This will let you know.
• How much I liked your description. 10 means it’s really good and used effectively, 1 means either you had it all over the place for really pointless reasons, or there was really nothing at all.
• How much I liked your characters. 10 means they each have their own interesting personality and they really seem quite real, while 1 means it’s an attack of the clones or the characters are really dull.
• How much I liked your plot and setting. 10 means the plot is really interesting, takes a lot of surprise twists and turns and keeps me on the edge of my seat, while 1 means I feel like I experience more thrills and excitement working my job.
• How much realism was in the story. 10 means I really felt I could have been there and everything was in place, while 1 means I can barely tell if it’s on Earth or in space. HOWEVER, I understand that fantasy exists in many stories, but as long as description, purpose, and presence are explained effectively, I’ll definitely give credit. Remember, Harry Potter is definite fiction but everything in it has enough description to make it seem real.

What I will read, and what I won’t…

• Pokémon fics only please.
• I don’t like reading one-shots, but I don’t mind reading them. Just know that if you’re going to make your own world and own characters, I’d like to experience it for quite a while like plunging into the story as if it were a swimming pool. One-shots are like being told to come out of the water after just five minutes. I don’t mind them, but I would rather read something more extended.
• Anything that’s already past the SEVENTH chapter (or post if your chapters are divided) is too much. I don’t mind catching up a bit to get up to speed with the rest of your readers, but please don’t ask me to read a Bible’s worth a reading in a really short amount of time.
• No shipping fics please. I’m honestly not interested in them.
• Anime spoilers really don’t bother me, as I don’t even watch the anime anymore. So fire away.
• And last but not least, please don’t be angry with me if I don’t get the chance to review your fic. I do have a full-time job during the week and I may be busy with other things or reviewing other fics. So please don’t get impatient…

That’s all. Feel free to PM me and I’ll check your story out.

+Chaos Blade+
30th October 2005, 7:49 PM
STATUS: ON HIATUS AGAIN (Do NOT send me requests AT ALL when ON HIATUS. If you do, it is on hold until it says "ONLINE".)
REVIEWING STYLE: My system is pretty elaborate. I focus on many things in the novel, one-shot or poem you wrote. Major focus points consist of:

Description: Is it elaborate enough for me to picture everything possible? Is it so keen, I can view the scenes you describe, the feelings of the character, the figurative language used to make me visualize what you compare? Do you tend to over describe or underdescribe?

Judgment out of 4.0 points.

Characters: How are they? Do they think? Do they feel? Is it Third-Person Omniscent, so I can know everything? Is it First-Person, so I know only one character's emotions? Is it Third-Person Limited, where I know only the thoughts of one? Is your character unique?


Judgment out of 4.0 points.

Length: Is it two sentences long? Or is it two sentences too long? Whatever your writing style, whatever you write, the length needs to fit with the scene. Description normally helps length. The better the length doesn't necessarily mean the better the grade.

Judgment out of 4.0 points.

Plotline: Is your plot unique? Does your novel have subplots which make the story way too good? Is it special? Does it revolve around the character correctly? If it is something I have never seen before, then you are in for a good review.


Judgment out of 4.0 points.

Other Aspects: Based on the alotted time I have, and the amount of fics I review, I am sure to add a few 'Other Aspects' comments along with your review. 'Other Aspects' are used for unique fics. If your fic is a Musical, I shall rate in three categories: Lyrics, Themes, and Singing. This category is a bit important.

Judgment out of 4.0 points.

When I rate everything, I add up the totals. Your average is your APA (Authors' Potential Average). The higher it is, the better. Along with it will be explanations on how you can improve.

+Chaos Blade+

***Judgment System Subject to Change***

2nd November 2005, 12:42 AM
Warning: Should you send me a request after February 4, 2006, I will stamp you as someone who owes me a review for any of my fics.

A link to the fic itself would be very convenient.

If you meet the criteria, I'll review. If you don't, I will reply your PM with a big, fat, red Rejected!, then I will write an apology, and lastly tell you why you were turned down. However, if you pester me with more than one PM, I will block you and I will no longer receive any requests from you until I unblock you.

If I like your fic, I might stick with it.

I will review anything except:
Fics rated R or above
n00b fics or fics that break the rules
Fics more than five chapters in
Mystery fics
Lemons or limes

Status: Available.

Shiny Spoink
5th November 2005, 2:07 AM
Ill Guess Ill review a fic
What I dont like:
Meaningful stories
Boring ones
PG15 or higher
What I like:
Funny stories
Mario stories
Pokemon stories

7th November 2005, 4:26 AM
Sorry, but I gotta remove my name from the reviewer's list. I'm in college now and I don't have time anymore.

8th November 2005, 9:20 PM
I have sold my soul at long last. Behold! I am here to review.

There are a few ground rules I follow so listen up.
1: Keep it Pokemon. Other than that, I will read almost anything, I've sold my soul so badly.
2. More than writing stuff, my focus is on plot. As such, I will comment on writing style, but be aware I will rate your story based on if it's a bit too cliche, or if it's one of those 'We've seen it before' type plots.
3. If you want me to read your work, I am going to put a shackle on you until you read mine! Not that it's a bad thing, as my work is claimed to be rather good by the very few who have had the bravery to read it.

If you want me to review, PM me, or you can be blunt and ask me as you're reviewing my Works, either Dust to Deceit, or A Thunderbird's Story. Yes, I'm that needy of readers, so knock yourselves out.

8th November 2005, 9:45 PM
Ah what the heck..

Will review:

Anything. Pokemon, non-pokemon

Won't review:

trainer fics.

Couple ground rules:

1.) review my story and I'll review yours.
2.) give me time to do it.


12th November 2005, 2:36 AM

1. Pokemon Fics. Preferably one to two chapters in, unless I'm willing to catch up, but don't count on it.
2. One-shots. I've not done many one-shots, but experience builds better reviews.
3. Fics from PG to R. I don't mind most themes, though I'm a PG-13 fan; just as long as the entire thing isn't completely about sex, no matter what sexual orientation >.<

1. Non-Pokemon Fics. I'm not really for personal fiction or other kind of FanFiction.
2. Journey Fics. No. I hate journey fics, particularly ones that strictly follow the lines of the Anime, Manga, or Games. Be creative and make an original plot, for God sakes.

These guidelines are not strict, as I practically review anything Pokemon-wise, but keep them in mind, or I may get all cat-fu on your arse :3

15th November 2005, 5:31 PM
I'll check out anything that is based on the anime characters, not including shippings. And they must have some sort of place in the anime timeline, with consistanty to the show preferrably kept.

17th November 2005, 12:31 AM
yo! Question: Anyone here have any experience at all with reviewing anime/manga? Maybe know someone who does and would be willing to review a fic? Or at least have a good idea of anime/manga-style dramas? In my case, something like that would be very helpful to know.

No, I'm still not reviewing. I just feel this thread's a good place to ask such a question, seeing as it pertains to the strengths and weaknesses that all the reviewers are mentioning about themselves.

18th November 2005, 2:49 AM
My story preferences:

Poke-fics only. OK, DBZ/DBGT and Yu-gi-oh too, but with YGO I don't tune in that often so I can't give as thorough reviews or know if you've messed up.

With regards to pokefics, anime or game-inspired only. I don't read the manga so I don't want to read stories about manga characters.

No stories with original characters/pokemon/settings. Maybe one out of three, but definitely not with all three. I can better imagine anime or game story elements. It has to be recognizable as a pokemon fic. Example: your original character lives in Kanto and meets Professor Oak -- OK. Molly lives in Greenfield -- OK. Some OC lives in Original Town in Original Region with Original Pokemon with Original Moves -- not OK.

I don't have preferences for language, sex, orientation, shipping. I've seen it all before on TV, so your story isn't going to phase me much.

Journey/trainer fics: you'll have to sell me on these, because I detest them. If your concept intrigues me, I'll read it.

While I won't make reviewing my fics mandatory, it would be the polite thing to do.

Oh, yeah, and I'd rather not read stories with characters with their Japanese names. Although I've learned the main anime characters on Pokemon, I don't want to have to research who you're talking about. Also, if you include some bit player, be nice and remind the reader who this person is.

5th December 2005, 12:37 AM
Dark Fan 92, this is NOT a ask to be reviewed thread. This is a reviewer thread. If you want a reviewer look through the different people and PM the ones who would probably be more than happy to review it

9th December 2005, 3:38 AM
I'm an experienced editor (as well as award-winning writer, not that that says anything for my editing skills) and I'd be glad to read and critique, but be warned: I don't mince words. I've been accused of "hitting below the belt" by some, but "telling it like it is" by others. I hold other writers to the same standard to which I hold myself.

- I prefer one-shots or stories in their beginning stages; I've edited a few novel-lengths and have no wish to do it again.
- I prefer stories that work outside of the show's main characters. Gym leaders/elite? Wonderful. From the Pokemon's POV? Great, so long as it's not Pikachu.
- I prefer non-AU.
- I'm interested in the psychological aspects of characters. Got something non-plot-driven that you think really shows the inner workings of a character? Wonderful.


- No strict humor.
- No journey fics.
- I abhor straight romance.
- As far as canon goes, I'm well-versed in game canon, know quite a bit about the Special manga canon, and am fairly knowledgeable about the first Kanto season only of the anime.
- I don't sugarcoat my statements. I'm always glad to elaborate, so feel free to question further or debate, but I will stand by what I say- whether positive or negative.

Send me a PM if you'd like me to take a look at something.

12th December 2005, 11:56 PM
Lemons. I love lemons. Don't care if it's homo/hetero/trans/metro/zoo/whatever. I LOVE lemons. 8D

That aside, I'll basically review most fics. Have a couple of qualms though.

* I really only want to read fics from Pokemon/Berserk/Hellsing/Fullmetal Alchemist/Naruto/ Kingdom Hearts/ etc.
*I like shipping fics but if it ain't lemons, then I really won't read any heterosexual or zoo sexual shippings. I'm cool with most of the others though.
* I don't do G. Unless your story is the next Lion King, no G stories. I'm cool with anything else, though.

Well, that's it. Gimme a PM if something is good.

13th December 2005, 10:54 AM
i will review your fic well. but i prefer
1} fantasy
2} suspence
3} adventure

Angelic Elf Ivy
16th December 2005, 1:42 AM
I'm willing to review fics of almost any kind!

I will not review:
~ anything that mixes two or more shows
~ anything that makes fun of another show or manga
~ anything not Pokemon or Hamtaro
~ Orangeshipping fics
~ May/Kelly shippy fics (forgot name of shipping) or any other fics that make characters seem like they're gay or lesbian
~ anything over PG-13
~ Elder or Diamondshipping fics

I will review:
* fics that are dark, mysterious, and scary
* fics with a slight twist
* Advanced, Poke, Contest, or Colloseumshipping fics
* anything oridional
* romance fics (not too much of the luvy stuff though)
* anything fantasy!
* almost anything I havn't listed up in the 'I will not review' colom


Guitar dude bill
7th January 2006, 7:52 AM
I will NOT review
Childish fics
Fics based on cartoons unless it's pokemon
Yu-gi-oh fics
Incredibly overdescriptive fics.
I WILL review
Fantasy fics
Sci-fi fics
Fics with a lot of description, just not OTT
If you're my friend I tend to be less harsh. And I'm not so harsh on newbies. But if it's your second fic than I'm very harsh. If it's got a lot of chapters then it may take a long time.

7th January 2006, 7:14 PM
I have decided to start reviewing. It might take me a while sometimes as I can't be online all the time, but If you PM me a request asking me too read a Fic/One shot that meets my criteria and I accept, I will review it.

I am currently Able to review. When this says I am not able, please do not send me any requests.

I will Review:

&#172; One Shots
&#172; Poems
&#172; Pokemon Fics
&#172; Real life Fics
&#172; Fantasy Fics
&#172; Fics Based on Books - As long as I have read the book it is based on. I don't think there are any of these, but if anybody does make one, I will review if it meets the criteria.

I will not Review:

&#172; Shipping Fics - I am not into Shipping of any sort.
&#172; Epic's (any Fic that has more than 2 chapters written already) - I don't want to have to go through lots of pages too catch up. I have a life outside of the internet you know. ^.^;
&#172; Any Anime/Manga/Cartoon Fics - I don't watch any so I wouldn't know who the characters are or the show's story line.
&#172; Nothing based on the Pokemon TV show (Unless it is a parody making fun of it) - I haven't followed it for years and find the story line has really gone down hill.
&#172; Sci-fi Fics - I'm not really into that.

If you fit the criteria, then by all means PM me and I'll see what I can do. If you don't, then please don't request anyway. It will only annoy me.

15th January 2006, 2:24 PM
I just want to make some things clear:
I am NOT a brilliant reviewer, as I prefer writing. However, I will take requests as long as it's not something I don't like.

Thing I WILL NOT review:

Shipping of any sort.
OT fics that are just the same as the anime.
I will not review if you already have lots of reviews, what's the point?
I will not review stories by the reeally well known/experienced writers. I prefer to take a look at what other people are doing.
PG-13 or R rated fics.
Anything that is NOT Pokemon.
Anything more than five chapters at the moment, I don't really like having to read through pages, so I'd prefer to review a story in it's beginning stages.

Things I WILL review:

Original Trainer fics, as long as they have twists and are not exactly the same as the anime.
Adventure/Action type stories.
That are rated no higher than PG, I hate realistic violence and stuff like that. (It's okay if most of the fic is PG, but just a few chapters are rated PG-13.)
One shots.
Fics with 'Real Life' elemts to it.

If review your fic, I would like you to review mine, as I also get hardly any reviews for Kanto Journeys.

16th January 2006, 2:27 PM
Hi to everyone once again. I am going to update my preferences and what I will or will not do.

What I will not review:
-Fics which show very little effort. It is very hard to fall into this category. To do so, you must show an absolute disinterest in making what you write be the best that it can, and whose authors refuse to admit a lack of effort.

What I will review:

One-shots- These are definitely doable. I will check out any one-shot if brought to my attention, no matter what genre it is.

Action/Adventure Fics- I like these very much, as long as sequences are rendered smoothly, and that characters are not stumbling blocks of wood.

Horror- I like to read horror IRL, and so I will read works which are brought to my attention. If it is a long chaptered fic, I hope it is brought to my attention early enough. I do not go for gore and the shock factor, but more for the cerebral thrill of the whole thing.

Mystery- I feel that this is pretty hard to do brilliantly with this genre, but I wll check out any requests. I cannot promise that I will carry on reading if the fic is not extremely well done.

Romance- I am willing to try my hand at this, although I will tend to forgo spelling errors and simply read for fun.

Comedy- Everyone needs a laugh at times, as do I. I usually closet read these (sorry to comedy writers), but I will review on request and sometimes of own free will.

Poetry- Will always review these, just contact me, please. Have a soft spot for them.

Fantasy- Hmmm, I have to be informed early into the fic, or it is very hard to catch up later on. Contact me early ok?

Non-Pokemon Fics- Sure! However, if they are YGO fics or the like, they need to be well-written. If it is about comic characters, or just non-poke fiction in general, let me know.

What I will definitely review for-

New authors who I have not reviewed yet, as I simply have a lot of fics on my hands right now. Let me know, and I will get to it.

I will also review for those who have reviewed for me. Does not matter if you reviewed a one-shot, T&T or No Man is an Island. If you drop a review, I will review your fic as well, or at least I will try my best to. I cannot deny that there are certain people whom I have failed to return reviews for, and I am currently remedying that. Anyone who has reviewed for me will get the favour reciprocated sometime. SS, I promise to take a day to read your fic from where I left off. Burnt Shadow, you too. EC, Billy, Saffire Persian, Wes and so on. I remember who you are. You will get your reviews.

How I review:

I would like to say that I am a pretty nice person, and how I review usually has to do with the time on my hands, and I will push the writing of my fic back if I have to. If I feel that something must be pointed out, I will. If everything is fine and good, then I will point out what I liked. Letting me know what kind of review you would like prior to the review does wonders. I do not usually point out spelling errors and punctuation errors, unless I have to. I do not usually gush over fics, and neither am I a crazed reviewer who slams every error, and I am usually docile enough. I will usually not rate a thread as well.

How to contact me: I prefer email.

Other stuff I can help with:

- I can discuss any aspect of writing with anyone. If someone does not understand a review, he/she can let me know about it, and I can elaborate.

- I can beta fics as well. I just need details. I will do up to five fics at a time, for those who need me to get rid of spelling and grammar errors. For those who need me to actually edit and chop and change, I can only do a maximum of two, and only if chapters are spaced out. Just let me know if you need any help.

PS: Even if I do not review at once even after you contact me asking for a review, do not fret! I have quite a lot of reviews on my hands, but will get through them eventually. I would also like to be informed of new chapters as well!

Ace Kenshader
22nd January 2006, 9:54 PM
I guess I'll give this a try.

Type of fan-fics I review

Long stories

Pokemon Stories (only on this site)

Stories under rated R

Type of fan-fics I don't review

Cross overs (you know like Dragon Ball Z meets Pokemon)
I just find it weird and disturbing

Stories that have swears to much



and I guess that's it.

22nd January 2006, 10:15 PM
Ooh this is cool. And I can use the new listy dot thing I just learned!

Fics I will review:

Anything with Latios in it
A well written fic with not too much description but enough to keep me hooked
A Pokemorph story
A story about any of the underestimated Pokemon like Shedinja or Umbreom
Anything with a Ninetales in it
Anything with a Ralts in it
Anything with Lakoko from "Just Waiting on a Friend" in it
Lots of humor

Fics I won't review:

Any Digi-fics, as I'm grounded from that -_-
Any newbie stories that are poorly written and need much improvement
Anything with Kecleon in it =P
New trainer fics that are not well-written
Anything that bashes LakokoxBrock. Those two are the cutest. Especially when Brock says "Are you suggesting we get married?" and Lakoko blushes and says "If you find it acceptable".
A fic that has a trainer with invincible Pokemon and can beat anyone. In short, a Mary-Sue.
Anything that inflicts Ninetales or Absol as doom-bringers

Yeah, a little random. But...whatever =P

24th January 2006, 6:08 PM
Well, I have given a lot of reviews lately, so I guess I'd better post here.

Things I will review


Original Trainer Fics

Long but unfinished stories.

Fics that get a lot of attention or a little.

Things I will not review

Any non-pokemon fic. This is a pokemon website, I'm not here to read about other stuff.

Anything with short-undescriptive chapters.

Anything just plain boring, i.e. a Mary Sue.

Well, thats about it. PM me with requests.

Alastor DMc
28th January 2006, 9:10 PM
Hey, I'm not new here, but I don't post that often (I just read, with out much to say) however I'd love to review a couple fics if you'd like.

Here's what I like:

Original pokemon fics (not based on the anime or manga) however anything based on the games I'd still enjoy to read (as long as it's not too based on the games.
Characters with personality. There are a lot of cookie cutter kids out there, wanting to be masters or coordinators or something, and I find them very boring. There's also too many "I'm CR@ZY!!" or "I'm so depressed/angst ridden/emotional" chracters out there.

4th February 2006, 11:22 PM
Okay, Ive certainly made use of this thread, so I might as well give it a try.

News Yeah Ive had quite a few requests for reviews in the last few days and am trying to sort them out while working on my own fics. Itll take me a few days because Im punished ALOT now and get kicked off alot and I want to spend a decent amount of time on each fic Im reviewing. However, I promise I will be get to each one. ;manyula;

Will Review
Anything! But of Course I have my priorities. Wait! I wont review anything that mixes two different shows together unless they work well

Biggest Priority
Give me a fic with a Shuckle and that goes to the top of the list. Those things are so underused but still so awesome. Yeah so thats my biggest priority for this week. ;manyula;

Will Review First
Original Fics. Use your imagination!
Fics lacking in reviews. If you already have alot, whats the point?
One Shots. Any of these Im fine with
Long Stories. I like the stories that go on forever....But only if it keps me interested long enough.

Will Review Second
Fics based on the show and Manga
Fics based on the game. May and Brendan etc...

Will Review Last
NonPokemon Fics
Love Storys stuff. I mean geez theyre what? 10?
Comedies Ahhh I hate them but fine. Except if theyre well mixed with other stuff

What I will do
Ill point out any errors I notice in grammar or anything that just plain old ticks me off. But Im on alot so Ill have tons of time to review so the chances Ill review your fic even if its a low priority fic is pretty high. I will voice my opinions though, if I dont like it just for your warning. I guess thats all. Just PM if you want a review and Ill get back to you or just post it. If you have any questions about a review I may give you or want to go more in depth with it because you dont understand what I mean(this will happen. that im certain) then I M at SenorConejo on Aim or Email me at SenorConejo@aol.com. ;manyula;

Also on a second note: please include a link and if possible a summary with your requests. It doesnt do me much good if I dont know where your fic is! ;manyula;

8th February 2006, 3:54 PM
I guess I'll give it a shot.

Fics I will review:
Begining Trainer
Long stories
Fics I won't review:
Cross overs
Complete copies of the games
non-pokemon fics
Stories that are exact copies of the anime.

12th February 2006, 11:22 AM
I'm an avid fanfic reviewer, and will review most fics, but here's what I won't review:

I Won't Review...
-Shipping Fics, sorry but they're just not my bag.
-Non-Pokemon Fics, however much I like Zelda fics etc, it's easier for me if I concentrate on the Pokemon genre alone.
-Mary-Sues & Gary-Stus, these kinda fics generally suck. People wanna see characters with flaws, it makes them more human and more identifiable with the readership.
-Undescriptive Fics, yes we know what an Eevee looks like, but we wanna know nonetheless! :D

If you do want me to review I will analyse both the good and bad aspects of the fic up to that point, and suggest room for improvement and stuff that you should continue doing. :D


13th February 2006, 1:38 AM
I'd be glad to review any piece of pokemon writing you've done. Just give me a WORKING link and I'll give you an honest review.

15th February 2006, 12:33 AM
Sure, I may be a new author myself, but I'll review a bit.
(You can ask me through PM, like everyone else usually does)

What I Will NOT Review
-Anything that isn't Pokemon or FMA (Full Metal Alchemist, for those who do not know) or Zelda or Naruto
-Yaoi, yuri (Sorry!)
-For Pokemon ONLY: Shipping Fics, sorry, they're just not my type...
-Anything bashing characters
-Anything beyond rated R.....
-Mary-Sues, '"INVINCIBLE" Yay-I-keep-winning-without-putting-up-a-fight' trainers
-Stories that have spelling and grammar errors (A few I can deal with, but more than a certain amount, and I'm not reviewing....)

What I WILL Review
-Anything Pokemon or FMA
-FOR FMA ONLY: Only the pairing of Ed/Winry and Al/OC (must not be a Mary Sue) also Mustang/Hawkeye
-Interesting plot
-trainer fics that have more than just the 'I'm traveling the globe!' thing
-Pokemon hybrids
-Pokemon Mutations (heh, heh)
-Pikachu fics (love him!)
-Technically, I'll review anything except those listed above.

1st March 2006, 2:06 AM
I'll take a shot at this.

What I'll review:

OT trainers if they have plot twist or at least something from the linear trainer tries to become pokemon master.


Action fics if they are filled to the brim with action or have some humor mixed in them.

What I won't review:

higher than PG-13 rated.

non-pokemon fics.


anything involving the anime or manga in it.

5th March 2006, 5:14 PM
Hi authors

I'll review yer fics if you send me a pm

Fics I don't read
1. Nonpokemon fics
2. fics that are direct copies form the game
3. Ash/Misty or Ash/May shipping(they bore me)
4. fics that are purly romance
5. No comedy fics that have huge amounts of vulgar or "potty" humor
6. One shots
7. poems

Things I like to read
1. Orre fics
2. Trainer fics that have originality
3. Humor fics(love um)
4. Fics with action, comedy, and a tbit of romance
5. Almost anything else

I do ask that the fics are not to far into the story sa i have little time as I'm still recovering from Katrina and i ask that you read my fic in return and i will not tell you good things if your fic has none and i will point out things that are bad.

peace out

13th March 2006, 6:33 PM
Id like to be a reviewer. Plus always nice if you review me ill review you kind of thing. I usually stay with fics. I am interested in pokemon fics only and it can be anything pokemon. Send me a PM and ill check it out. If its longer though please give me the time to read. I work and go to school so might take a few days but I will get it done :)

14th March 2006, 4:23 AM
Okay...I'll at least give a try...

What I'm really intrested in is:

1.humor, I look out for these things and I do not avoid them!

2.suspense, I love those things but sometimes I avoid them

3. drama, a bit and not too much

4. romance, a very tiny bit of it

5. gory, yes...I sometimes like those

I review fanfics which has a medium length and has a few grammar mistakes. I do not review long chapters and is littered with mistakes. (Probably that my eyes would burn at the end of the chapter)

If a chapter is full of nonsense...I'm not reviewing it. I don't like driving my brain mad by reading all that junk.

And I do nickpick, though I won't do it often. I only nickpick if the fic is very way off balance and if I don't like it. And if the chapters are full of obvious mistakes such as: "Blah, Blah, Blah" said Blah: no commas, periods and anything else, I will nickpick!

Please, Mary-sues drive me away from the fic. I despise all mary-sues, and if I see one then I'm leaving.

People! Note: I don't get lured into a fic by the title. I get really bored easily...so if your fics/fic is a fun and exciting story, I can't tell. People will have to give a short summarization and list a bit of funny parts to actually get me to read it. I also don't read newbies' fics unless they are good enough. I don't like crossovers, I think that it is confusing.

I don't understand 'n00b talk' or slang, so please use proper words.

I don't read any one-shots and poems, so don't ask(sometimes I do). I might read Shipping fics...only if they're good enough along my taste.

I read anything that is rated Pg and Pg13, BUT if they contain the dirty language, then I would not review.

I want just the right amount of description and not too much description. I would also like to read fics which are in first, second person's view. If it's in a diary entry then...okay.

Sometimes when I read a fic, I post small crits, if you want a honest one, send a pm.


15th March 2006, 6:09 PM
Okay, I think I might as well give this a shot, it's always nice having something to read... :D Okay, so... If you want me to read a fic, here are the guidelines:

I will not read:
- Anything rated higher than PG-13. And nothing too disturbing. I know I'm 18, but I think too much and get scared easily. XD *shot* I'm not a great fan of writing that uses swear words, either.
- Character bashing. I've always been against that kind of thing.
- Yaoi/Yuri
- Romance fics
- Stories that are too sad/angsty/depressive. A little, that's okay, but nothing that really turns your day down.
- Fics with already a LARGE number of reviews(let's say... 100 or so)
- Horror fics. I can't stand them... *hides behind pillow*
- Uh... I dunno anymore.

I will read:
- Fics based on the anime continuity(not necessarily with Ash and Co. in them)
- Fics based on the games
- Fics with an interesting plot(specially those where the action grows steadily until the climax)
- Trainer fics
- Crossover fics
- Fics involving the legendaries(not all of them at once, though)
- Humor fics(I love to laugh!)
- Fics that take place in a distant time(past)
- And more, but mainly what I have listed here.

What I will do:
Comment on the style and vocabulary with which the fic is written, and also say what I like best/least in the story(major). I will also give hints to what you can do to improve. Don't worry, I don't bite. ;)

Of course, if you could read my works after that, it'd help... But just if you want to.

16th March 2006, 10:27 PM
I'll give reviewing a chance. I should get my reputation up before I post fanfiction, and I need to study advanced grammar a little more.

What I'll Review.

I will review on Pokemon only. It will be weird for me to review something I barely know about, after all.

I will definately review something that has Snorunt and/or Vibrava in it.

What I won't review.

I don't review poems. I only review chapter-stories and one-shots, sorry.

I won't review anything that has the main, Pokemon, anime characters in it. I don't like the main characters, is all.

26th March 2006, 3:47 PM
What the hell, I'll give reviewing a go. :)

I'll review about anything, preferably Pokémon. I should tell you that if you want your grammar critiquéd, then I am not the person to ask. I will comment on plot, on characters, and on how well the story grabs me. I also try to be optimistic, saying "what could be improved" rather than "what sucked" or "bad points", so if you don't feel like you can take a harsh review then I'm the one to ask.

It would also be nice, athough not necessary, if you reviewed my fic in exchange for me reviewing yours.

Smile Guy
26th March 2006, 3:52 PM
Meh. I'll review. But I just review people's works anyway -- so there's not much point me posting here... But just like Tachyon above me, I mainly review on plot, characters and how the story grabbed me not all the practicalities such as grammar, spelling or continuity... Though sometimes...

7th April 2006, 6:57 PM
Much like Smile Guy, I usually review whatever I come across that interests me. If you've got something that you feel could be top notch and hasn't gotten any response yet, you can PM me. I'll give it a read and possibly post a review (not definitely so don't be a pest about it).

Things that Interest me
Original trainers on original journeys
Anything unique

Things that I don't read
Pokemorphs (If you've read the mature themes thread you'd know this.)
Mixed fics (If you've mixed with something I know nothing about i.e Yugioh or Sonic it probably won't interest me.)
Fics based off the anime (I don't watch it. I don't like it. I don't want to read about it.)
Established Chaptered fics (If you're somewhere between 1-3 chapters in I'll read, but anymore than that's pushing it.)

8th April 2006, 8:10 AM
Yeah, I'll do it, too.

Will read:
Original Trainers
Romance (Any)

Won't read:

Warning: I am a reviewer armed with knowledge from professional writers. I speak of things that you might not understand. If you would like your fic to have a more professional feel, PM away.

I don't focus on grammar, but on plot and what-not. I will point out the tiniest wrong thing in your plot; the tiniest thing that makes no sense. So if you want to find out what's really wrong, come to me.

If I don't like your fic after reading the prologue, and tell you that... tough. I have other stuff to do rather than read something I'll wind up regreting...

I am also harsh in my reviews. I very rarely point out anything positive. But you should learn from the harsh, and not just from the good.

8th April 2006, 8:52 AM
Though I do not review often, I have decided to broaden my reading horizons when I have the time.

Things I shall read:

- anything with a sufficient amount of effort/time/intelligence put into it.
- erm... proceed to things that I will not read

Things that I shall reconsider reading: (>>)

- anything rushed, nub-like, undescriptive, or feeble. I read Shakespeare and novels like The Fifth Buisiness in my spare time, though I certainly do not expect fics to reach that level (it would be cool, but still...)
- something extremely cliche, unless they have a good twist on them, or are particularly interesting (The Pokemon Rebellion is a good example of quality cliche-remodeling)
- fics that have a good 25+ chapters already, unless they capture my interest and keep it
- anything that has uncharacteristic jumps in mood that do not follow the story (ie: It was a dark and stormy night.... The lightning flashed above as the flowers drank in the rain and warmth of the sun. Butterflies swarmed over them, causing the field to become awash in brilliant colors. How pretty!) :rolleyes:
- anything too sexual, as I want a story, not a pleasure-addled description of your bedroom and anyone/anything else in it
- anything with a sub-acceptable plot or characters

So, yeah. It sounds like I mark hard, but I can find enjoyment in almost anything I read, and am honest when it comes to rating.

13th April 2006, 3:50 AM
~Currently Accepting Reviews--:D

In my review, I will:

-point out grammatical errors and spelling. I know fully well that in different parts of the world have different spelling for some words, so I approve on them. I read a lot of different books.
-say something about the fic. If it was good, I'd say it was good. If it was bad, I'd say where it was bad at. If it was cheesy romance and gushy lovey-dovey, I'd say that.
-talk about what needs to improve. Spelling, grammar, character personality, plot, etc.
-have any other comments about the fic.

Basically I just say what I thought about it.

Note: If you want a different area/part of your fic to focus on besides grammar, I'm happy to oblige. Such as flow, plot sometimes, and common plot issues, probably. ^_^ I'd know when there's something odd with the plot. And I'd help as well.

Alright, now for the review criteria:

Will read:
-Original Trainer: Ones that YOU made up. And are sensible.
-Humor- NO Parody or Randomness. Will accept stupidity. 8) That's the kind I write.
-Mystery- Suspense is good for your health. ^_^
-Some Non-Pokemon. Only originals to say the least.

Will NOT read:
-Any fic mentioning Ash and/or the main character personality. It just goes to show that their unoriginal. They should have it copyrighted. Once I see Ash's name, I'm gone. But I will, occasionally.
-Horror: any bloody, fully descripted I will not read. They get me very paranoid at night. Gore is fine.
-Shipping: It actually involves some anime characters but I still want to put it under another subject.
-Anything with yuck description. Something like "The sun was bright. The grass was green." So on. Others with grammar problems, I WILL read and help.
-Anything above PG-13. I do NOT want to know what is in an R fic.

And I will beta! I want to. It depends on how long the chapter/sections is and what happened at school that day.

I just want to be in on the action. ^_^

Note: I like making reviews. :p So feel free to PM me. I'll get on it right away!

Fallen Guardian
27th April 2006, 5:33 AM
I'm quite the avid reader (and bibliophile also) so I love to read. It also helps since my minor is writing.

Down to buisness, what I will and won't read.
Will Read
Original Fics
Any rating (except for hentai or extremely sexual things, I'm not like that)
Stories with good plots go straight to the top of my list
Has to be a decent length, not worth the time otherwise.

Yeah, I read pretty much everything

Won't Read
Pokemon Fics (strange, but they're all the same and I'd rather just play the game competitively)
Hentai Sexual themes
Any form of Anime based fic (Yu Gi Oh, Inuyasha, good shows but leave them at that)

I will admit, I will give you feedback but I will be honest, if it needs improvement I will let you know. If it is good then I'll let you know and recommend it to others.

Just leave me a PM and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

27th April 2006, 7:24 AM
I like reading stories so yeah, I review.

Updated April 29

-Fantasy (I really would love to see more of these)
-One Shots
-Some ship fics (depends if it is really good)
-Comedy (Hey, laughter is the best medicine)
-Horror (If it catches my attention)
-Creative ones

-Journey/Original trainer (ones that are the cliche ones looking like anime/game)
-Mixed universe fics
-Science Fiction (Sorry, not a big Sci Fi person)
-Fics that you do not put enough effort in it

In my reviews, I would highlight some of my favorite parts in the stories. Also, if I glimpse a spelling mistake or typos then I will highlight those too. I also put some of the other things I like about the fic like description and how well the story grabbed me. I rarley say anything about grammar because I am not the best person to pinpoint grammar mistakes. If I can pinpoint any grammar mistakes then I will mention it.

I am quite nice when it comes to reviews. I might be harsh a tad bit if I feel you need some things to improve, but I won't be that harsh.

There might be days I will review a lot of stories and days I won't. If I had reviewed your fic and had not heard from me for a little while, don't worry. I will come and review your fic that you have been working on for a long time.

If you guys would like me to review your fiction then PM me. There might be times I might refuse your request or it will have to be on hold if I am too busy at the moment. If you PM me then I will let you know the reason why I will/will not review your fiction.

27th April 2006, 10:52 PM
Can any of you review my fic? I must warn you though, I'm a beginner. The first chapters are pretty rough, but it gets way better. Trust me. Just follow the link in my sig.

28th April 2006, 1:28 AM
i could review some fics. here's the info on my fics:

Will Read:
-LoZ (Legend of Zelda) ideas
-Metroid ideas
-Pokemon XD variations
-Some other Pokemon

Will Not Read
-Certain Pokemon
-Stories all about romance
-Certain Horror

When I review...I review pretty lax, but if I see many mistakes that annoy me a lot, I may go a bit harsh. I'll be completely honest and straight-forward, And if I really think something needs to go or is real good, I'll come out and say it.

Slim, I'll read yours but I may not have time to post until tomorrow. I'll post by tomorrow though.

~fuzzy out~

Willow's Tara
28th April 2006, 3:24 AM
I guess I will say what I want to review: Now I may not always be up to reading a story or something.
Will Read: Non-Pokemon fics and Pokemon fics.
Supernatural fics, going to the past/future, getting sucked into another world etc I won't mind reading.
Trainer Fics (If they are good)

I will especially read: Supernatural, Zelda, Smallville, Buffy, the vampire Slayer, Charmed, Home and Away, Lost and Angel fics.

Will not read:
Fics shorter then a page (I like to keep me occupied..)...
That about it, since I don't mind what else I read, I don't mind Horror fics (It Horror Movies I do mind watching..)

28th April 2006, 3:32 AM
I will review as well as write!

I will review:

What I will not review:
None. I will reveiw anything!

I prefer:
~ Fics about the Legends
~ Trainer fics ( With a weird twist)
~ Pure Pokemon fics ( No trainers as main characters)

29th April 2006, 2:41 PM
Will review
Some orignial trainer stories
Future Cipher Fics

Won't review
MOstly anything else

Yeah I don't read that much fanfiction here.

29th April 2006, 3:00 PM
I need more reveiws for my Fanfiction, Coherence:

Not very many people have responded for Chapter 4 and so far no-one has reviewed chapter 5 ;-;

I want people's unbiased opinions.

I planned the fic two months before I posted it. I've worked so hard trying to draw in readers, but nothing's really working :<

The Pokemon Master
29th April 2006, 7:10 PM
Oh, why not. I'm already reviewing other people's work, and I've used this thread to find people to review, so here goes:

Fics I will read

Pokemon Fics (any kind)
Some non-Pokemon fics (provided there is adequate explanation of the setting. I may make some exceptions, such as for the Legend of Zelda, but don't count on it)
Any rating (though I usually will not enjoy M-rated fics as much...)

Fics I will not read

Anything not specified above (basically nothing ;))

Fics I particularly enjoy

Fics with enough description to give me a mental picture of the scene, without going overboard (as in a paragraph of nothing but description that's half a page long on Microsoft Word).
The longer, the better! I love fics that have long Chapters/Chapter Parts, and I don't mind reviewing a fic that already has many Chapters posted (it'll take a little longer to review those, though).
I like Pokemon fics more than non-Pokemon fics (though that does not mean I don't like non-Pokemon fics. I do). However, the generic "Pokemon Master"/"Master Coordinator" fics don't really hold substance to me. Add twists to it, and as long as you write it well enough I could care less if you use characters from the anime/manga or not.

What I will include in my first review:


Here I will make a list of the main (and some secondary) characters (and Pokemon or whatever other kind of creatures you've got) in your story and give my opinion on each. Also expect comments on how well-developed they are, and suggestions for improvement (if any). The length of this section generally varies depending on how long your fic is when I first review it, as well as how many characters you've introduced.


Here, I will discuss your current plot, giving good and bad points such as originality, how interesting it is, and overall writing style. Again, this section will vary in length depending on how long your fic is when I first review it.


Here, I will tell you about any grammatical errors I find in your story. Unlike the previous two sections, this section will usually get shorter the longer your fic is. I don't usually feel like going through twenty pages of the thread to quote and correct every grammatical error. On the other hand, if you really want me to do that, I will (though it'll take much longer for the review to come).


Here, I will tell you my overall impression of your fic. It'll usually be just a sentence or two long.

In following reviews, I will point out the parts of the Chapter I found interesting, make speculations about the plot, and basically give you a toned-down version of the above.

Hope this gives you a good idea of what I will review and how I'll review it(though if you've written a horrible fic don't expect a nice review. I'm not going to take it easy on the constructive criticism if it's bad). Just remember that if I review your fic, I wouldn't mind a review of mine in return (though it's not an obligation, just a request). PM me your requests, though, if you don't mind.

EDIT: Now accepting review requests as normal.

Until we meet again...

Hakura May
29th April 2006, 9:33 PM
I'll gladly review. ^-^

What I Will Read and Rate:

Pokemon Fics
Non-Pokemon Fics
Any type of novel
Doesn't matter what genre it is, although I prefer Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Anything with sword fights. :o Perfect combo of Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Fics with cool Pokemon battles. When I mean cool, don't be like, "Mudkip used Tackle. Torchic used blah blah blah" etc
Something long. Prologues and stuff like that are fine for being short, but still. Mine's at least three or four pages, but I won't argue
Something creative
Any fic including Lucario/Rukario :p
Something you at least put effort into
You tried your best at it :)

What I Will Not Read and Rate

Boring Pokemon battles
Pokeshipping and Contestshipping. No offence, but I'm a complete Advanceshipper.
Fanfics in chat speak O.o
Fanfics with Pokemon smilies
Just plain annoying people who write annoying fanfics
M fanfics. Only PG-13
Boring fanfics, like the all popular, "Bobby was late to get a Pokemon. He got a Pikachu"...
Something you didn't even put effort in

If you want me to read and review, just PM me! ^-^ I expect you to do the same... Just kidding. I write/review/read/rate for fun, not for reviews of my own.

29th April 2006, 11:38 PM
I've posted in this thread two years ago (roughly estimating), but I decided to start anew, and promptly deleted the old post.

I'm fairly flexible when it comes to reviewing, so as long as the story isn't too tedious. What I mean by that is 10+ pages (exaggeration) worth of reviews and chapters; I don't want to sift through all of them. ;_; I'm most proficient at reviewing one shots and stories that are not too far ahead. Also, I don't like to tolerate inappropriate contents.

So yes, mostly one shots/beginning stories. Any subject matter is perfectly legitimate with me. ^_~

Edit~ Um, yeah..I've been kinda busy. So to anyone who sees this, I'm going to refrain from taking requests until time allows it. Until then, I just browse for random stories and review what interests me. Sorry. ;;

Komedic Konservationist
1st May 2006, 5:27 PM
I desperately need some more reviews for my fic, the link to which is in my sig. So far, it has had only one post, and it wasn't a genuine review, so I would appreciate some constructive critisiscm.

1st May 2006, 6:35 PM
You're supposed to PM a reviewer whose requirements your fic meets, not post here. :)

7th May 2006, 12:36 PM
Ok! Time for an update in my rules! I'll pretty much read anything because I'm so great and amazing. Ok, ok, before I admit I did brush off about six reviews because I got bored of reviewing, but it won't happen again! Ok? Now, there are a couple of things I won't read.

A couple of rules for y'all

-If your fic revolves around a certain manga/anime/game/film/ or whatever that I haven't read/seen/played then I won't read it, as it'll probably get me confused and annoyed.

-I love trainer fics. They rock more then anything else, and will take priority.

-I don't care about the length, but if there's like ten pages then it may take a while.

-I will read non-Pokemon fics IF they aren't centred around romance. Uch - they are so boring.

-I won't read a fic if it's a follow up to another fic that I haven't read - you'll have to give me links to the previous fics as well.

Thats it, folks. PM me for a review, if I don't answer for a week then e-mail me at islivingat@yahoo.co.uk. If I still don't answer then feel free to trace me through my ISP and shoot me.

Reviews given so far: Three

7th June 2006, 11:08 PM
I'll review, mostly on plot, character description, and such. Sometimes on grammer and spelling, but only if it's nearly unreadable.

I rate stories with a 1-10 rate scale:

Score: Meaning ((rarity of rating))
1-2/10: Definately use some work ((rare))
3-4/10: Good, but could be better ((uncommon))
5-6/10: Good story! There are some possible changes, but good nontheless ((common))
7-8/10: Great fic, saw some errors, but it was easy to read and has a good, quite interesting plot ((common))
9-10/10: Awesome fic! Very few errors and very interesting plot. Love it! ((rare))

I will review anything, but anything rated above R (NC-17 and such) and crossovers I only review on request. I don't mind violence, gore, and such. Some crossovers are too poor to review at all, and I will PM as well as post the review.

I don't spend 157% of my time on here reading fics, so there is a chance that I won't review yours, but that's just because if I haven't read it. If you feel that I *must* R&R your fic, the PM me if I haven't already.

8th June 2006, 12:05 AM
I'll review Trainer fics, Pokemon perspective fics and in general fics with battles. I'm not really into one-shots and would prefer longer fics. I guess I'll read non-pokemon fics too, but they gotta heve battles, fighting, destruction, war, or just some good old-fashioned ***-kicking.
Edit: I don't care about rating, in fact I would probably prefer stuff with higher ratings so bring on the guts, sex, and anything vile and indect.

Seijiro Mafuné
12th June 2006, 11:55 PM
After a certain post of mine was so praised elsewhere, I told myself 'Oh well, why not?' and decided to open shop.

So, to start with, here's the 'will/won't' list.

- Trainer fics that are supposed to focus on something much bigger than mere badge-hunting, so long as it doesn't COMPLETELY deviates from the basics.
- Fics with lesser-used Pokémon without using them badly.
- Pokémon fics where the Pokémon actually are more important than just 'use for fighting'.
- Fics with heterosexual taboo ships.
- Shounen-ai/shoujo-ai fics written with the intent of REMAINING as shounen-ai/shoujo-ai.
- Fics that aren't written on Internet Explorer or on a word editor without spellchecking.
- Fics that delve on political/religious/biological issues on the Pokémon world.

- Stories with massive deaths per chapter. I write about those enough; give me a break from seeing me.
- Stories where the main characters are stupid. And by that, I mean stupid enough to make Ash look smart.
- Stories where 'Fate' is absolute. I hate that sort of stories.
- Stories involving yaoi/yuri crack-pairings. It's not that I hate that. I just can't bring myself to read something that can be summed up in 'Zexion/Axel/Marluxia sexfest' without striking it as 'Way Out of Character'.
- Stories that don't deserve an 'R'/'M' rating. Violence/gore/sex should never be there for the sake of the rating - the rating should be there for the violence/gore/sex.
- Horror stories. Surprise, surprise, I'm afraid of them.
- Pathetic romance stories. Come on, if you can't make a better excuse than 'they WUV each other!!111', you shouldn't be writing.
- Pokéshipping/Contestshipping stories. Personal tastes involved here.
- Anabel as a 'main/secondary/minor/not-dead-in-a-few-moments' character. It should die and go to Hell already.
- Breaking certain canon elements. Like removing a type advantage/disadvantage or giving the character a Legendary. Not happening.
- RivalxHeroine fics (except for WallyxMay). Don't like them.
- Fics written by people I don't like. Unless you want my emotions to take control.

As for how I review? Well, first off, give me a month or two to write down the important points, then I'll denote the good and bad things.

And from there, I'll see what happens.

13th June 2006, 2:51 AM
What I will read:

-Fantasy stories
-Trasformation fics (Human turning into a Pokemon)
-GOOD Trainer fics
-Martial arts related stories (If any)
-Others, if they interests me

What I won't read:

-Rule Breaking fics
-Fics halfway into the story (Don't want to waste five hours reading a 15 chapter, 5 page per chapter fic =P)
-Cliche'd Stories
-Yaoi/Yuri or anything with sex in it (Unless it's R/NC-17 and sex is almost non existant)

Depending on the story and whether or not you're breaking the rules, I may go easy on you. But usually I'll be nice enough to lend a "helping hand"

EDIT: Also, if you PM me, DO NOT EXPECT A REPLY IMMEDIATELY!! Depending on my mood, I'll reply when I can

3rd July 2006, 3:43 AM
I mostly do RPGs but I'd like to get into Fan-Fiction.

What I will not do:
Comedy Fictions
Romance Fictions

What I will do:
Fantasy Fictions
Drama Fictions
Horror Fictions
Non-Pokemon Fictions
Action Fictions
Adventure Fictions
Urban Legend/Mythological Fictions
Pokemon Fictions

Will update this List when I feel it is needed. I am currently not Rating anymore Fan-Fictions as my internet has been down for an ENTIRE week. I am still trying to catch up with everything since I've been gone for so long. Please bare with me. :(

Currently Rating:
All I Need by Maze
Between the Dark and the Light by Sybot
The Crystal Harp by Komedic Konservationist
Codex Anathema by Dias

6th July 2006, 8:08 PM
I'll review just about anything...however, there's a reason for that just about; I have one rule.

No anime.

That means stories about Ash, Brock, May, etc. etc. I'm not going to refuse reading your fic just because it mentions one of them in some way, but if they play a large role (meaning, main characters, being a driving force in story, etc. etc.), I will most likely refuse it.

And that brings me to my second rule (okay, I lied, I have some rules); I can and maybe will refuse to review your material. If I don't want to, I won't. Why? Interest. I'll read just about anything, sci-fi, romance, action, trainer fics, anything, but if I can't become interested or engrossed or feel anything about it at all, I probably won't finish reading and I probably won't review it. But you'll get extra points if you DO manage to interest me ^_^...yeah, I'm not a jerk, see?

Anyways, if you want me to review something of yours, feel free to PM me your work at any time, I'll check up when I'm in.

6th July 2006, 9:07 PM
Excuse me but...? Um.. I'm not very good at writing my fanfics...It's that since I was little no one seemed to understand my stories. I really need to improve before I get more comments about how much I write terribly. I already started something called "Luka the Aipom Catcher" and I'm giving myself the chance to get better. And one of my readers said I have to come here to get better some how... One thing I have a problem with is.. The plot, the character how they feel and details. It feels like I cna't even write a sentence...I'm really upset about that.

6th July 2006, 9:16 PM
And one of my readers said I have to come here to get better some how...
This thread is basically a list of potential reviewers. You're supposed to read their requirements about what kinds of fics they're willing to review, and then choose the people you want to PM for a review request.

6th July 2006, 9:16 PM
Chrisivy, just to let you know, the way this thread works is you're supposed to come in, look at the reviewers who have posted, read their conditions, and PM them to ask for a review. To PM, click on their username, view their profile, then click 'Private message this person' and ask them for a review.

No need to thank me. I think you'll be better off if you didn't post a reply to this post, unless you want to PM me. I just wanted to let you know.

8th July 2006, 11:03 PM
Ehh. Now it's summer and I have more time on my hands, so I can review again. I'll post another thingummy, revised this time.

Underlined Text means I particularly like this kind of fanfic.

Text in Italics means I will only sometimes review this kind of fanfic.

I Will Review:
+ Romance, Drama, Action/Adventure, and Fantasy.
+ Anything rated PG-13 or under. Violence is fine in at lest relative moderation. However...
+ If it's a romance story and it's rated PG-13, please tell me why it's rated PG-13. I prefer my fics with a minimal amount of suggestiveness, thank you.
+ Trainer/OT fics if they involve major twists or revised villains (e.g. evilified).
+ Fics about villains. Expecially Magma/Aqua-dan, but Rocket-dan/Cipher/Snagem and miscellaneous villains are good too.
+ Pokemon POV fics.
+ Non-Pokemon fics. If they're not fanfics, just stories about the real world or about something you made up, I'll read them.

I Will Not Review:
+ ANYTHING rated R or above. I'm a preteen, people. Don't complain.
+ Average trainer fics. Note the criteria for trainer fics above.
+ Fics with stupid villains that can't even be called evil.
+ Anything with a lack of grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, etc. If your PM is lacking enough in these areas, I might not even LOOK at your fic.
+ Humor, unless it's a sub-genre.
+ Fics with Mary-Sue/Gary-Stus.
+ Uncreative fics. If it looks like you didn't try, I won't try to review.
+ Fics that were started a looong time ago and have truckloads of chapters. I don't have THAT much time.

PM me if you want me to review!

The Admiral
9th July 2006, 5:17 AM
Okay, I'm a little more lenient, but I will only take one request at a time until I finish Where Matter Vanishes or Margin of Error, and even then I'll probably avoid multiples until the longer (Where Matter Vanishes) is done. On the topic of said fic, I'd appreciate somemore reviewers for it. The link's in my sig. Can't miss it. All advisory stuff hits you in the face at the beginning of the thread, too.

What I will review:
-Rated G through R.
-Multi-chapter prior to chapter 4.
-Any non-shipping fic.
What I might review:
-Rated NC-17
-Multi-chapter prior to 9 but past 4.
What I will NOT review:
-Shipping fics. Just no.
-Multi-chapter with 10 or more chapters before request finalized. I'm NOT going to dig through that much nonsense.


Haruhi Suzumiya
9th July 2006, 6:15 AM
I will review anything. Be warned, though. I am harsh and a little too blunt.

11th July 2006, 1:30 AM

What I Will Happily Review
*OTs and Journeyfics-- I adore Journeys.
*Fics featuring Gym Leaders or any Elite Four
*Legends or fics featuring Legendaries
*Something where Team Rocket (games) is featured

What I Will Not Review
*Anime shippings of any kind
*Fics with the Anime characters being central
*Romance as the main plotline
*Anything over PG-13
*Non-Pokemon fics

Length of a fic or experience of a writer does not matter; however, really long fics will take a while.

My reviews focus on characters, plot, description, and grammar (especially punctuation). They're not starred, and go into plenty of detail. I do not review to make people feel good, and am blunt. However, I will point out (but not dwell on) extremely good things in the piece. I also happen to be prejudiced against new Pokemon and mixes/hybrids.

I can also work as a Mary-Sue detector; if you have any doubt about the status about your OT or other character, just ask!

Drop me an e-mail or PM anytime!

Arcanine Royale
11th July 2006, 8:38 PM
I guess I'll try my hand at reviewing...

What I will review:

Journey fics, I love 'em with a strong passion
Fantasy, It's pretty cool in my book
About everything, really
Good battles
Good plot
Non-clicheic teams and groups, even Team Rocket.


Anything rated above PG-13. Especially romantic pieces.
Anything with like extremely gory murders and such
Anything with pointless romance or murders. I mean, if there is a point to them, I'll read it if its not TOO bad.

About that clock...

Anything with more than 3 chapters unread will take a long time to read.

Also, I have time, but don't exactly use it well, so expect weeks to months when requesting review.

My review

I will devide my review into categories

Characters, I will name each character and give you my impressions on who they are and how accurate they are to the anime if they are anime characters.

Description, this category will give my view on how well-described everything is. Also, I will note static description, over-description, and under-description.

Titles/Names, basically what it says. I will note the quality of choice for chapter, character and pokemon name, place and region name, and fic name at the end.

Plot, this category will note how well-created the plot is.

*May add more later*

List of Reviewing Fics (Fics I shall review everytime a new chapter comes out) (Author - Fic)

Sybot - Between the Dark and the Light
Deadlyrose - Intoxication (after review is finished)

Note: I hardly am on on Serebth much, so if I do not respond via PM that I will review within 8 days, feel free to e-mail me. Also, feel free to hire a hit on me and do anything else you feel.

Note v2: I will review in the order per request. Thus, if I am without other requests, expect a week for the review. If not, well...

Note v3: I will be gone and not able to review for about a week and a half from date July 28th to August 8th. Argh, summer is almost over!

Note v4 (Now with a pineapple bite!): See my sig? Yeah, there are the next two reviews in line for me right there.

13th July 2006, 2:39 PM
Heylo, all. It's summertime, so I figure I'll update my profile and actually get back into reviewing. Because I find it fun. :D:D

I Will Review...

- OTs, unconditionally.
- One-shots of any genre
- Other chapter fics of any genre
- Original fics

You probably should not request if your fic...

- Is so heavy with description that it makes a dent in the floor. Because then I'll have to pick out every word you're using incorrectly, every sentence with bad syntax, and every line that is totally pointless. Then I get mad, you never get a full review, and no one wins.
- Is centered around canon characters. No. Just no.
- Is of a fandom other than pokemon. If I wanted to read other fanfiction, I would. But I'd rather not.
- Is written by an author with no backbone. Please, don't leave me a two-page flame on how I don't fully comprehend your genious.
- Is written by someone who 'knows their fic has errors and likes it that way,' or something like that. No crapfic, please. Be your own judge on this one.

How I review...

I concrit. Every time. Yep. I tell you what I think, and I don't think the authors here are generally anything too special. Myself included. So surprise me. Please.

Time frame for reviews?

I'm a big procrastinator. I either do your request as soon as I get it, or I don't do it for three months. But as long as your name is on my little list down in the realm of the siggy, I'm intending to do it. Don't lose hope until I take it off. Then PM me and yell at me.

I try to do requests in order, but often phail miserably.

As it stands right now, reveiws will probably be pretty fast because I'm fanfic-starved and have too much time on my hands.

And some random stuff...

If, after I review, you feel the need to go give one of my fics a one-star rating, please leave a flame and/or negative review as well. Psh, I won't mock it in an LJ community. Of course not.

Also, I'm ready and willing to beta. Fun stuff. Just PM or e-mail. :D

If you have any question about grammar rules, why I'm such a loser, baseball, hockey, or life in general, feel free to PM me about it.

YayI'mdone. xD

Pokémon Guard
13th July 2006, 2:43 PM
So, you're allowed to request if some of these people here would read your fanfic? Because I really need it. Hardly anybody seems to like my fanfiction, and it makes me sad. It sometimes gets a hundred views, but no replies. =(

13th July 2006, 11:26 PM
I Like:
Fics about established game characters (ex: Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Rivals)
Team Rocket fics
Anime-based fics
PG-13 and over

I Dislike:
Manga-based fics
Non-Pokemon fics
Battle-filled fics

I Hate:
Under PG-13
Any kind of comedy
Contest-based fics
Fics with a whiny author.

I review with painful honesty. I am sparing with compliments, so if I don't criticize something it's probably good. My reviews are starred, with subsections of Characters, Plot, and Overall Fic. Request me by PM, but don't expect instant gratification.

17th July 2006, 3:58 AM
I'll review fics.
I'll read most anything though I prefer fantasy and mystery fics.
I dislike shipping oneshots and poetry.

If you wish to have a non Pokemon fic reviewed, I might be interested depending on the topic.

I will try to review your fic as soon as I can, but I'm rather busy, and typically can only review on weekends or late at night. PM me with requests.

17th July 2006, 1:18 PM
I'll only review things listed here:

Contestshipping stories
Fanfictions in need of reviews
Fanfictions no more than three chapters in
A well-written fic (that doesn't have way too mch description- I don't give a crap about how the forest smells, just get with the story!)
Fanfictions with an entirely original plot
G to NC-17 (:3)

I'll read these in exchange for a review on one of my fictions

Fictions with bulky descriptions (honestly, they start to slow me down, bore me, and confuse me.)
Fanfictions with four to seven chapters already
Trainer, Journey

Things I'll definitely won't read
Horror, Mystery, Poetry
Too much gore for my sleep to handle
A fanfiction written by somebody who can't take criticism (big head= bye bye)

I focus mostly on everything.

23rd July 2006, 9:14 AM
I only review these kind of fics:

1) adventure
2) romance
3) horror
4) mystery
5) fantasy

i do not review these kind of fics:

1) too much violence
2) too much swearing
3) comedy
4) re-do's. e.g. has ash and misty or a dif version of harry potter
5) dull

if you have reviewed my fic, i shall review yours even if it is:

1) dull
2) comedy
3) re-do's
4) too much swearing
5) long

plz note, when you ask me to review your fic, i will review it once unless i find it interesting then i shall continue to review it.

from the deadlyrose ;100;

10th August 2006, 11:41 PM
Meh, I might aswell give it a shot.

What I Will Review:

- Suspense/Thriller fics, seeing as I write them myself.
- Original Trainer fics if it's a sound plot, good description and not cliché.
- Some horror, nothing R.
- Comedy and Comedy one shots if I find them funny enough.
- Some mystery, but only if I can get into it.
- Stories with good description, plot and grammar. Description is the big one for me.
- Fics from Pokemons point of view.
- I can handle violence, sex and gore, but I won't read R on the account of I shouldn't. PG-15, I will.
- Fics full of surprises and clever twists.

What I Won't Read

- Stories based entirely on romance. I need something like war or tragedy or eevn comedy to go with romance.
- Anything R because I shouldn't (13).
- Anything to do with shipping.
- Anything to do based on Anime/Manga because I hardly watch them.
- Poor grammar.
- I don't like reading fics that are already 20 Chapters long unless I can get into it in which case I might. Sometimes I may eview half the fic, then edit my post reviewing the other half if I think it's too long.
- I thus prefer reading newly started fics, soemthing I can watch as it goes on.
- Villians that aren't villians. Like the lead evil maniac being like Jessie or James. I hate that. The same goes for other characters.
- Plots that are cliché or poor description. If I see either of these I will stop reviewing.

Anything not on these lists then you should PM me to ask about it.

Now, remember i'm currently a busy guy. I've got my own fic, The Thorn In The Roses, to write, I'm starting a new fic to run along side that, I've got my spriting and sprite thread and I've got my SMOD job on Ultimate Spriters. That's why I prefer stories that have just started. I will more than uncommonly read long ones.

And also, for the sake of decency, should I review your fic then I ask that you review mine, no questions asked.

So send me a PM sometime if you want your fic reviewed.