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Yellow Aura
7th March 2009, 4:10 AM
This thread is for records of PR 1&2. What kind of records? Capture records! I got the idea from Prof. Hastings. He said, in the Dialga mission, "You captured Dialga in 10 seconds?! That's a new record!" So post your time it took you to catch the pokemon records here!

Time yourself. No saying, "I think"
If you tied with someone, the record is their's, so don't post it.
Use the form.

(More rules will be added as needed)

The Form:

Pokemon, Time it took, Date, Username.

Example: Picu, 3 seconds, 3/6/09, Yellow Aura
Note: If you want it more excact, use decimals in the time.

One Strike:Warning
Two Strikes:One Week Ban
Three Strikes:One Month Ban
Four Strikes:Year Ban
Five Strikes:Permaban

Records (In Alphapetical Order):
Shaymin, 5 seconds, 3/4/09, pokefan#493

7th March 2009, 6:23 AM
Great idea Yellow Aura...

Shaymin, 3.4.09, 5 seconds, pokefan#493

Yellow Aura
7th March 2009, 6:08 PM
Updated! Thanks for posting!