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22nd October 2004, 10:11 PM
http://www.serebii.net/anime/NextOn/094.gifThe Joy of Pokémon!!

Surfing to the next Island, Ash & Co. come across a Super-Nurse Joy who insists on healing Wild Water Pokémon on the Island. Ash & Tracey decide to help out...but when Team Rocket arrive to stop them, A Giant Magikarp arrives. Does it have hostile intentions?

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20th November 2004, 12:45 PM
I like the part Joy, Ash, and Tracey were underwater.

20th November 2004, 9:02 PM
I like the part Joy, Ash, and Tracey were underwater.

Heh heh... Same here. X3 *thumb up*
Jii... Kenji seems so protective! *o* Good thing he'll never see that Joi again. :P

21st November 2004, 4:39 AM
I really enjoyed this epsiode. I liked when Joy took care of the Pokemon. Looks like Tracy developed a little crush....hehehe *ahem* excuse me XD. Okay I liked when Joy was rowing and she said to Ash, Misty, and Tracy "a nice easy pace". And she goes 40 to 50 mph rowing! They couldn't keep up with her. XD That was funny. And later, Misty brought Psyduck and he couldn't swim! He just float around the wave(Psy, Psy...!!). Too funny. Dewgong played with Ash a little too much I think. Ash also drowned. Joy saved him though. Yep I enjoyed this epsiode very much.

19th January 2005, 5:04 PM
I like this episode, because it's interesting to see a Nurse Joy who's a bit different from the rest. It's interesting to see one who can easily outpace the twerps in a kayak. :) It makes me wish they'd shown "The Ice Cave", though, since this Joy is supposed to be that Nurse Joy's sister (according to descriptions). That would have been an interesting contrast.

Another interesting thing about this episode is that it takes so long for Team Rocket to show up. I don't know which episode takes longer, this one or "Charmander the Stray Pokemon". I also like the giant magickarp and the playful dewgong. :D

18th April 2005, 11:58 PM
oh wow Nurse Joy was completey tan.

2nd November 2005, 2:26 AM
this was a pretty good episode. all the joys should have like a special skill to make them all more unique. joy in this episode was very enjoyable to watch

15th July 2006, 2:44 PM
meh another epi i didnt really like. It was great seeing what Joy does off screen but they could of used this epi for something better. 5/10

21st December 2006, 2:50 AM
Ah, a unique Nurse Joy, a decent episode overall

22nd August 2007, 2:39 PM
A nice episode, I like that we didn't get the token Nurse Joy that we get from the rest of the series. I liked seeing the giant Magikarp that was a nice treat,

1st October 2007, 7:20 AM
I like all the episodes that have Gyarados... And I loved watching Magikarp evolve into a giant Gyarados... Im so happy with the new gameplay in Diamond and Pearl, Now finally I can use ice and water attacks in my Gyarados. : )

1st October 2007, 7:20 AM
I like all the episodes that have Gyarados... And I loved watching Magikarp evolve into a giant Gyarados... Im so happy with the new gameplay in Diamond and Pearl, Now finally I can use ice and water attacks in my Gyarados. : )

Sharks Shouldn't Fly
28th February 2008, 12:40 AM
This was such a cute episode. :3
It was nice to see a Joy that wasn't exactly like all the others.
And Kenji was adorable. n_n

7th January 2009, 7:27 AM
Was a good episode. A pretty good story about a Magikarp and such. Joy was cute. All tan and stuff :3

26th January 2009, 12:52 PM
it was a decent episode but i was surprised when i saw that giant magikarp:P

Blue Snover
6th March 2009, 3:48 PM
That Nurse Joy was on steroids or something.

The way she rowed through the water was amazing.

It was nice that her and Magikarp had stayed so close after all those years.

9th March 2009, 10:16 PM
Nice episode..glad Brock wasnt there or he would get all crazy XD
Psyduck was so cute btw<3

10th March 2009, 8:50 PM
good! The nurse joy was like no other.

Ice T. Sackboy
9th April 2009, 11:29 AM
This got me wondering:
I felt so upset to see that Nurse Joy is really afraid of Water Pokemon. But she can feed the Water Pokemon as well! How can two things be possible? o.O
The same goes for Meowth as he dislikes water, but here, he's not.(lol)

31st August 2009, 5:58 AM
I liked this Nurse Joy. She was tanned and athletic, unlike the rest of the Joys I've seen. Plus, she actually rode out on a kayak to tend to ailing Pok&#233;mon. Now that's dedication! The rest of the episode, though... honestly, I could care less.

16th December 2009, 1:33 PM
I didn't like this ep.
But it was good to see another nurse Joy. she was much more stronger.

6th January 2010, 8:01 AM
Wow. A Filler with a new, buffer, darker, more athletic Nurse Joy.

I didn't like it too much. They whole giant Magikarp thing was creepy. How could anyone love that thing. But it's evolution proved useful in the end I suppose.

The baby Seel they showed was cute though. 2/10

7th February 2011, 11:50 AM
Didn't really like this episode. Did however like seeing that huge Magikarp. It was cool seeing what Joy looked like with a tan. It was cool seeing Dewgong play with Ash, even though he almost drowned.

The Pokemon Broadcast
9th March 2011, 6:50 AM
So, was the Gyarados the same size as a normal one, or was it bigger? I couldn't tell.

When Magikarp evolved, I was thinking "this is going to be one massive Gyarados!"

27th March 2011, 12:38 PM
That giant Magikarp freaked me out when I was little. I wasn't expecting to see a real live Magikarp that was that big. O_O

It wasn't that surprising when the Magikarp evolved. I had a feeling that it would.

And it was nice to get to see a Nurse Joy that looked different from other Joys and did kayaking and things like that.

24th November 2011, 8:12 PM
I wonder why the other Joy in the Orange Islands aren't tanner like this Joy is. You'd think that working in a tropical paradise would make them a little darker. Anyway, the rest of the episode, outside of the darker Nurse Joy, was boring.

Kutie Pie
17th December 2011, 8:19 PM
^ I think this particular Nurse Joy worked outside more often than the others. But I do remember other Nurse Joys on the boat being tan themselves.

When I think of the Orange Islands, this is pretty much the episode that comes to mind. I personally think this is one of the more memorable episodes from the season, probably because of a super-strong Joy and a giant Magikarp. You know, come to think of it, perhaps this story was inspired from Clifford the Big Red Dog? Clifford grew up because he was loved so much, and Joy loved the Magikarp a lot. So I figured that was why the Magikarp grew so big, and not so much because it might have inherited some giant genes.

Anyway, I found this episode enjoyable. It's rather heart-warming to see the Magikarp attempt to protect Nurse Joy, and to see it evolve because of its determination was one of my favorite evolutions. (I can't even remember if James kicked it*SHOT*)

If I can find it, I'd watch it over and over, it's definitely one of my favorites. And since I am a bit older now, I might discover new things about it, who knows. I might even actually not end up liking it :O, but it seems rather unlikely, since I do have fond memories of the episode.

20th January 2012, 2:41 PM
Well, this Nurse Joy was a lot more badass than the others. That was some next level rowing! And the baby Nurse Joy was so cute, as were them Seel at the end. I also like how Jigglypuff returns. Best part of the episode has to be when Psyduck comes out and can't swim... lol! Sort of a shame how the Gyarados wasn't huge considering how large Magikarp was.

30th January 2012, 2:48 PM
This episode was okay, I wonder how Brock would react with a tanner, stronger Nurse Joy. ?

6th February 2012, 6:46 PM
- Original Nurse Joy.
- Awesome Jigglypuff.
- Even more awesome Psyduck.
- Gyarados being portrayed in a positive way.

- Brock wasn't there.


4th September 2012, 3:32 PM
Wow, super Nurse Joy. Awesome. Anyway, this episode was pretty solid done and a good premise to the next gym battle too. I think the fillers from the first gym battle in the Orange Archipelago to the second gym were really well done.

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
27th December 2012, 4:18 AM
That's one powerful Nurse Joy. I bet she could wrestle with a Machamp and win. xD It was good episode, I wish the Magikarp evolved into a much larger Gyarados to be honest.

14th July 2013, 1:34 AM
Whoa, this tan Nurse Joy was stornger than the other Joys, she's really unique. I liked how Gyarados was potrayed nicely in this episode. Overall, this was a decent episode.

The Pokemon Broadcast
15th October 2014, 3:48 AM
This was one of those episodes where I was thinking "Why isn't Brock here to meet this Nurse Joy?"
I have a feeling he would explode if he met a tanned and athletic Nurse Joy.

Mega Altaria
12th December 2015, 1:26 AM
In this episode, the most interesting parts were with the tanned Nurse Joy, reflecting quite well how tropical the Orange Islands are. But disappointed that Brock never got to meet her.

Mrs. Oreo
14th December 2015, 12:38 AM
Wow the nurse Joy here sure was tan and athletic and I liked that she went from island to island to help cure pokemon. Seeing a mild natured Gyarados was a nice change too cuz the ones we'd seen before were always so violent. ^^;

5th April 2016, 4:16 AM
I don't understand why this Nurse Joy was darker than other Orange Island archipelago Joy's.

Mrs. Oreo
5th April 2016, 4:47 AM
I don't understand why this Nurse Joy was darker than other Orange Island archipelago Joy's.

Hmmm well she was out in the sun frequently in her kayak, so I guess that would explain her skin colour.

5th April 2016, 5:10 AM
Hmmm well she was out in the sun frequently in her kayak, so I guess that would explain her skin colour.

Oh duh lol, that is a good point that I overlooked.

1st June 2016, 3:43 AM
This episode's tanned Joy was refreshing. I wanted all Nurse Joy's to be active like she was instead of just being stuck in a Pokemon Center. 8/10

3rd July 2016, 10:20 PM
The darker skinned Nurse Joy seemed so much cooler than her relatives + I was glad when she helped cure the sick Seel.

10th August 2016, 9:08 PM
I loved this episode. Due to the fact that she cared for the Magikarp, it became that badass Gyrados. Friends like that is what makes life worthwhile.

10th August 2016, 9:29 PM
Edit: My bad, double post..