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14th March 2009, 2:47 PM
Oh, Hello there. :'D
I see you have stumbled upon this little club, as we call it: The Unnoticed Pokemon Club.
Basically, this is a club dedicated to the Pokemon that are underestimated by the crowd of Pokemon fans and are forgotten, because of the Pokemon that take the spotlight, like Pikachu.
I feel that something should be done to raise awareness of this horrible fact and that we should stand up for our little forgotten Pokemon.

What do we do in this club?
In this club, we just talk about mostly anything, but we can also discuss why you like the most forgotten Pokemon and how you came to love them.
1. Keep discussions rated PG or below.
2. No arguing with other members. Pretend fights are OK.
3. Have fun!
Results in breaking any of these rules, including rule 3, which includes hating your life or other members, gets you one warning. Two warnings will get you reported, and 3 warnings will get you reported and you will be kicked out of the club.
Members (and their claimed Pokemon!):
Manaphee; Claimed Pokemon: ;470;

Banners and fanart:
Sadly, none yet.