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23rd October 2004, 12:06 AM
http://www.serebii.net/anime/NextOn/163.jpgThe Bug Stops Here!

Heading to Ecruteak City, Ash enters a Bug Catching Contest, while there he meets his old friend Casey from New Bark Town who is also signing up for the contest. Will they catch any decent bug Pokémon or will they come out empty handed?

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19th March 2005, 2:08 AM
This episod eI thought was a good one. Seeing chikorita again was good but when it evloved into bayleef it thought it's voice was bad. But it was nice for asj to give casey the beedrill. I give it a 7/10

2nd April 2005, 9:54 PM
oh i love this episode!!cause 1, Casey's Chicorita evolves and 2, it was so cute how Chicorita "danced" to the Electabuzz fight song in the beginning of the episode.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
23rd April 2005, 10:36 AM
Cool ep! cept why didnt Ash catch Scyther?

and why isnt the weedle on Casey's profile on the main site?

3rd July 2005, 12:48 AM
Best Casey episode, especially with the ludicrous Team Electabuzz cheer. Misty swatting the bugs from Togepi was hilarious as well.

6th September 2005, 11:08 PM
Although I do think that Casey was being a little hard on Chikorita by pushing it so hard, this episode was otherwise great. :) Casey has been one of my favorite recurring characters, and I can relate to her the most. I can't wait for the three Chronicles episodes that she's in. Speaking of which, it's odd that it took until her third special in season eight to bring Beedrill back. :p

I am glad that Ash's Bayleef had a much better voice than Casey's bayleef. Wow, that voice was annoying. I did like the part when Ash fell in the pitfall and said it was another dumb Team Rocket trap, then when he gets caged he says maybe not. :D I also liked when he told Casey that he doesn't speak baseball (even though it went against Casey's first episode).

30th October 2005, 7:32 PM
darn i want ash to catch the scyther! how did he win with a beedrill?!?! o well, fun to watch i guess. 7.5/10

Meganium Ex
30th October 2005, 7:34 PM
This eppie wasn't bad. If I would rate it like everyone that posted in this thread, I'd say a 8/10

Ashy Boy
4th July 2006, 10:54 AM
This episode was really lame because of both Misty's constant fear of bugs and Team Rocket's lack of knowledge on baseball in general.

20th November 2006, 9:09 PM
It was alright.

2nd December 2006, 3:01 AM
mistys fera of bugs lower this episodes rating!!!7/10

21st December 2006, 3:06 AM
Misty and bugs = :D
Anyway, it was nice of Ash to give Beedrill away, but IMO he should have kept it

28th June 2007, 3:32 PM
Excellent episode it's nice to see Casey again and seeing her Chikorita evolve into a Bayleef. Episodes with bug Pokemon and Misty are always hilarious. Nice to see Ash catch a Beedrill a Pokemon he's had alot of experience with throughout the series, to bad he didn't keep it I always wondered how Ash would fare with a Beedrill on his team but I guess since he has Heracross he doesn't need another bug Pokemon anyway nice to see him give it away to Casey, to bad he never does anything like that for Misty.

31st March 2008, 3:31 PM
Yeah, Ash gets a Beedrill in that contest but he gives it afterwards to Casey. I see Casey has a Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef. When they met again, she comes with a Meganium, evolved from her Bayleef. Then in a special episode Casey trains a Charizard to be the mascot of her baseball team.

7th January 2009, 12:03 PM
I'm glad he gave her the Beedirll. It wasn't necessary for Ash at all.

26th January 2009, 7:19 PM
oh yeah misty and her bugfobia it's so fun to watch how this can go all the time:P

6th March 2009, 11:33 AM
I like this episode cause ash gave his beedrill away ^_^
he's so nice...

Blue Snover
12th March 2009, 12:44 PM
I think Ash giving Beedrill to Casey was a really sweet thing to do.

And the reappearance of Chikorita was an added bonus.

6th May 2009, 10:11 PM
I tought it was very nice for Ash to give Casey his Beedrill. It was also good to see her Chikorita evolve into Bayleef. I do think that she was pushing Chikorita a little too hard during the contest, but everything turned out okay. Except I think her Bayleef's voice is annoying. And Misty being afraid of bug pokemon is always funny. I thought it was cute how Chikorita danced to the Electabuzz fight song.

30th August 2009, 4:37 AM
I love this episode Bugs and Misty don't mix lol!! Casey is so adorable i rate it 9/10

20th September 2009, 5:17 AM
I wish Ash had kept Beedril for at least a couple of episodes. For crying out loud, it was awesome (although it would've given Misty a heart attack if he had).

6th January 2010, 3:16 PM
I wish Ash had kept Beedril for at least a couple of episodes. For crying out loud, it was awesome (although it would've given Misty a heart attack if he had).

I totally agree with you. Beedrill is an awesome Pokemon, And it would be cool if it would be on the main cast for a few episodes.


7th January 2010, 2:12 AM
Glad they remembered to add the Contest to the anime like in the games.

I found it annoying that Casey had to show up. I never really liked her character, she's too overconfident. I was upset that Ash gave her a Pokemon, it made the Shippers go wild I'd bet.

At least her Chikorita evolved though. That was a surprise. 5/10

17th January 2010, 6:52 PM
Great competition, I love the Bug type pokemon.

Finaly Casey's Chikorita evolved, it was amazing. but Casey treated badly to it...


13th February 2011, 4:53 AM
This was a cool episode. The bug-catching contest was very cool. I really wish Ash would've kept Beedrill at the end though... It was cool seeing Casey's Chikorita evolve into a Bayleef. I definitely think it really is a male. Misty was very funny in this episode.


8th May 2011, 3:26 PM
This episode was good. Nice to see Casey again and to see Her Chikorita evolved. Misty in this episode was pricless. Cool Ash gave Casey Beedrill in the end.


4th July 2011, 10:06 AM
One of my favourite episodes, I really liked this one. I am a big fan of Casey, with her funny Electabuzz-song. Also, Bayleef is one of my favourite Pokemon (and has always been), and this was the first episode with a Bayleef appearing in it.

29th February 2012, 3:21 AM
Ash is so nice! I liked this episode I wish it was longer dealing with another type of Pokemon than bug catching though. However, I liked that Ash won and that Casey got her stripes.

22nd March 2012, 6:47 PM
it's Cubone!
Loved seeing Casey again! She is one of my Johto favourites! And her Chikorita is too cute. Her Bayleef should wear that headband! And it was really sweet of Ash to give her that Beedrill. Love the Electabuzz song at the end!

8th July 2012, 4:32 AM
A good episode, when I read the title I knew it was gonna be funny. Episodes with bug Pokemon and Misty are always hilarious. Close to the end I felt sorry for Casey until she proved herself to be strong. I'm glad Ash didn't keep the Beedrill for Misty's sake.

13th July 2012, 9:51 PM
A good episode, when I read the title I knew it was gonna be funny. Episodes with bug Pokemon and Misty are always hilarious. Close to the end I felt sorry for Casey until she proved herself to be strong. I'm glad Ash didn't keep the Beedrill for Misty's sake.

I'm sure that was the last thing Ash was thinking of. If he didn't get rid of Caterpie back then, I don't see how he couldn't keep Beedril. Plus, he caught Heracross. So what does that tell you?

12th September 2012, 4:12 PM
A strong point of Johto was that multiple characters were recurring in the anime. Seeing Casey again was nice and overall better for the entire episode. Also good thing Ash gave her that Beedril. She will certainly like that color.

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
29th December 2012, 8:47 AM
I'm glad they got on Casey's case. But that makes me wonder if Pokemon were real, would I be doing the same thing she was doing? Just trying to win and forget about my Pokemon?

5th June 2014, 9:42 PM
I have never seen that Itomaru's back stripes can change into a laughing face. Very funny to see that Kasumi fear of bugs. I have no idea why Satoshi wants to catch a Beedle here because it was a slot wasted if he catches it in my opinion. If he wants one then he should get it way back in the beginning where he got a Caterpie. Overall this episode was interesting but not fantastic.

The Pokemon Broadcast
17th October 2014, 5:41 AM
It was nice of Ash to give Casey that Beedrill at the end. Now she has another yellow-striped Pokemon. :)
Neat that her Chikorita evolved, but her Bayleef's voice sounds kind of weird.

Just realized something, if Casey likes yellow/yellow-striped Pokemon so much, I wonder how she'd react if she got the chance to own a Raikou?

12th November 2014, 10:50 PM
Sigh. I still wish Ash had kept the Beedrill that he caught here instead of just giving it away to Casey. He could've Oak'd it at least. Anyway, I cackled at Jessie and James's school kid outfits as well as Meowth's baby disguise. Seeing Misty's Bug Pokemon phobia return was funny as well. Overall, the Bug-Catching Contest could've been better imo.

Mrs. Oreo
22nd February 2016, 2:59 AM
I liked seeing Casey again even tho she was as arrogant as usual. I wish that Ash's Chikorita had evolved here instead, but hey at least Ash gave Casey his Beedrill which he didn't need any ways. ^^

9th April 2016, 9:32 PM
Lame. Ash shouldn't have given his new Beedrill away. Casey should've caught her own instead. :@

24th May 2016, 5:00 AM
Casey evolved her Chikorita which pleased me although I also wish that Ash had kept Beedrill since it might've been useful in the future. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo
10th June 2016, 2:30 AM
Lame. Ash shouldn't have given his new Beedrill away. Casey should've caught her own instead. :@

Well it's not like Ash needed it for his team any ways since he had Heracross as his bug type and Noctowl as his flying type. Casey liked black and yellow pokemon also, so it was a good decision I think.

9th September 2016, 2:36 AM
My favorite scene here was Misty getting spooked by Spinarak + Casey should've captured a strong Bug-type like that Scyther that Chikorita fought, not Weedle.

30th November 2016, 12:23 AM
Nature Park's Bug-Catching Contest seemed very different here compared to the in-game version, in that only the winner could keep their captured Bug-type. Adaptation differences aside, I liked seeing Nanako again, especially watching her Chikoriita evolve. Satoshi giving Nanako his Spear was nice, too.