View Full Version : Make the game harder

31st March 2009, 3:32 AM
There's one of these for D/P. Why not one for the spin-offs? Underlined things are exclusive to that game.

PMD Red, Blue, Time, Darkness

"Lost Mode"- Don't use a map while exploring. You will get lost.
"Partner Bonding Experience"- don't take friend Pokemon, and immediately send home recruited Pokemon.
"Separate Mode"- Try to lose your partner(or enable the tactic "Go the other way").
"Rations Mode"- Take only the absolute minimum amount of items. 8 or 9 is good.

Ranger, Shadows of Almia

"Chargeless Mode"- Don't use Poke Assists that recharge Your Styler

Blade Knight
3rd April 2009, 1:02 AM
How about for PMD2(.5) (I don't know if this works for PMD1 too) :

"Lone Wolf/Hero mode" After you beat the game only play with one character and send recruits home or reject them.