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23rd October 2004, 2:04 PM
http://www.serebii.net/anime/NextOn/318.jpgLove At First Flight!

During their travels, Ash & Co. meet up with a trainer who is in love with a girl he does shows with. Ash & Co. decide to help him win her over but Team Rocket have their sights on his Pokémon. Will they all succeed?

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≈*Virulent Tsunami*≈
23rd October 2004, 6:21 PM
Well, the British accents were a bit entertaining, and it's good to see they make SOME reference to other nationalities. Beat's voice was irritating, the other Volbeat's were fine, and Illumise's was cute. I like the romance and stuff, and Ash telling Romeo that he was sick was FUNNY!!!

Overall rating:
6.6 out of 10!!
A decent filler, and I'm glad I got to see it since it was SUPPOSEDLY banned.

23rd October 2004, 6:34 PM
I'm not entirely sure since I haven't seen the episode in Japanese, but I do think all of the Volbeat kept their original voices as well due to hearing a few "Boru Borubeat!" shouts here and there. >>

23rd October 2004, 6:53 PM
I'll give my review of this one now since I just saw it yesterday.

Let me start off by saying I loved Volbeat and Illumise!

Watching it wasn't near as fun as I thought it would be since I had already read all about it and knew exactly what was going to happen. Oh well. It was still a good episode. :)

I thought it was kinda strange how May was all of a sudden interested in love, but it was cute. The Advanceshipping hint was not all that I thought it would be. I don't even consider it a hint, which I guess is a good thing considering I'm actually a Contestshipper.

Great episode. 8/10. Would've been higher if I had seen it Saturday.

Pokémon Master Josh
24th October 2004, 9:07 AM
I just saw this episode, and I was really ****** on how they pronounced Illumise.
They said "Il-oo-mee-zey", but if it was said like that, wouldn't it be spelt Illumisé?

It was funny, Brock was irritating, May was playing the matchmaker, Ash was being naive (again) and Romeo was funny!

I hope, in a future episode, Ash and co. return for Romeo and Juliet's wedding! I can see it now, Romeo and Juliet, Beat and Illumise, The other 4 Volbeats being ushers!

24th October 2004, 9:16 AM
I've just finished watching this episode in the UK. So...

Voices: Volbeat and Illumize's voices were excellent, just as I thought they were going to be. Romeo and Juliet's voices were ok. Not the best, but ok. They were a bit irritating as well.

Pokemon: Volbeat and Illumize were drawn well and their attacks were showed brilliantly. I especially liked Signal Beam.

Characters: Romeo and Juliet were weird. Juliet asked Romeo to marry her when they were adults? Strange...well, I guess they were only kids at the time. It was funny when Ash and co. were practising with Romeo about his love for Juliet.

Content: A good story line and plot, and it got you excited at the start when they all go into the water. Good to see Mudkip again! ^_^ There were some funny things here and there, especially the love part. I laughed my head off when I saw TR dressed as Volbeat and Illumize! Too bad they didn't make a baby evolution for them, Meowth could have dressed up for that!

Overall, good filler. 8.5/10. I would have given it 9/10 if Treecko had stared in it, j/k!

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
24th October 2004, 9:36 AM
good ep! only appeared on uk tv today! it was good! exept i never thought Illumize would be pronounced the way it is

some bits where very funny like when brock went running after Ash when he was dressed up as juliet...but the names of romeo and juliet where predictable since its about love........good ep


24th October 2004, 10:32 AM
Just watched it on Sky One Mix.

Illumise's voice was cute, and I liked Volbeat, but how on earth did Ash manage to fit into TR's machine anyways? That part where Brock chases Ash because he thinks Ash is a girl was REALLY funny. And this episode had too much love <3. Romeo and Juliet, and the excellent Pokemon. So first the Nidorans, and now the twin bugs, so if there is another pair in the 4th Gen, you can probably expect to see an episode about them.

Also the intro was neat. I forgot it was on yesterday, but it was a wicked intro, much better than the old one IMO. And I'd like to say thanks to Pokemonisgr8, as without her sig I would not have known they were on!

Factory Head Noland
24th October 2004, 10:40 AM
I've juse watched this on Sky Mix and it's not that bad an episode, I quite liked the way they pronounced Illumise.
I liked it when we got to see Mudkip and Lotad! They are great partners in saving!
I was funny when Romeo sat on Corphish, lol.

24th October 2004, 10:40 AM
New Intro > Everything

I always though it was Ill-oo-mise(r), but obviously not.

24th October 2004, 11:18 AM
Yeah it was alright, I not really into "love-based" episodes, particularly Romeo and Juliet! It was obvious I guess that they were going to dub it in stereotypical posh Hugh Grant style English accents, then again I suppose they were hardly going to sound like cockneys :P

May being obsessed with love reminds me more and more of Misty everyday! (clone*cough*). Brocks obsession with Juliet wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, it was a bit too repetitive at times, although the chasing Ash bit was quite good. Same can be said as always for Team Rocket, clever motto, good plan, arsed as usual up by Ash and Co, then they go "blasting off again and again and again and again and again again and again and again(Though thats what makes them so funny! :D)

Also, Um why didn't Ash and all the Volbeat not get shocked when Pikachu released a Thunderbolt inside the vacuum?! They all seemed to have survived harmlessly!

Blazing Charmander
24th October 2004, 1:09 PM
This was quite a good filler but not as good as i'd thought. One thing that ticked me off was how they pronounce Illumise. That was annoying. I did like Beat's voice though. It sounded like he was saying "Bobby". I just had to laugh.

I loved it when Brock was chasing Ash in the disguise as Juliet. "Brock's going too far. Please help me!". lol.

The signal beam debut was pretty good. I loved how it was done.Pretty powerful move, i must say.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Factory Head Noland
24th October 2004, 2:12 PM
Signal Beam was really cool, I was really colourful. What a cool move.

I always thought that Ash and the Volbeat were in love (when their eyes are all spirally) but now I know that it's because they were stuck in that machine.

You know how Ash told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt when they were spinning around? Shouldn't it have shocked Ash and the Volbeat aswell?

24th October 2004, 2:26 PM
Well, it appears that ppl have been nearly posting on at least 10 of the threads, just for fun, or to make there posting rate higher...

that's stupid...

24th October 2004, 3:46 PM
New Intro > Everything
Gotta disagree. This one is as bad as Master Quest's opening. Give me Advance Adventure or The Challenger over Advance Challenge any day. :\

I believe Satoshi and the Volbeat all got shocked as well, but they were too darn dizzy to really notice after coming out of the vacuum. XD

Factory Head Noland
24th October 2004, 3:55 PM
Oh right, it was funny when they were dizzy.

I love the new intro, it's so cool and rocky and feel good.

24th October 2004, 4:03 PM
Oh right, it was funny when they were dizzy.

I love the new intro, it's so cool and rocky and feel good.

Well, Pokemonisgr8...i see you post A LOT on this EPISODE DISSCUSSION SECTION...i wonder why? hmm...w/e

well, this was good, i think...i only saw half of it...and that half was pretty good.

Factory Head Noland
24th October 2004, 4:34 PM
Well my favourite part of Pokemon is the episodes, I just love the series it's my favourite TV show. I like the TV show better than the games so I don't really post in the games sections very much. I love this episode section!

24th October 2004, 9:44 PM
The best Hoenn filler so far, in my opinion. The story was really good, though Romeo and Juliet has been overworked already. Despite that, my favourite part would have to be Ash in Juliet's costume, very funny! I really took a liking to Romeo, and I'm glad this kind of filler has come in again. I liked the nidoran one (a lot like R&J aswell) in the Orange Islands and the one with the silver feather brooch in Johto. It reminds us that not all people in the pokémon anime are oblivious to love!

I like the new opening song, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I always pronounced Illumise's name 'Ill-oom-eyes' rather than 'Ill-oom-ees-ay', and found out I had been saying Plusle's name wrong, as I pronounced it 'Plulse' (the trainer's choice thing, or whatever it's called).

25th October 2004, 12:55 AM
Alot of people are confused with Illumise's pronounciation. And I don't blame them because of the British accents in the episode. It's not Ii-luu-me-zay, but rather Ii-luu-me-zeh. If it were the other way around it'd be spelled Illumisé. :s

1st November 2004, 10:20 PM
Not one of my favorites. I was expecing something pretty good but oh well, Love At First Flight isn't one of my favorites. In fact, it made me frustrated. The show was sort of ... well, annoying in a way. One part that I did enjoy is when Ash dressed up as Juliette and Brock goes running for him ... haha.

~*Aurora Wish*~
10th December 2004, 5:50 AM
Romeo and Juliet sound so british! Not bad for an episode!

Waterstar Misty
12th December 2004, 2:21 AM
The funniest part of this was when Ash was looking like Juilet, and then when Brock chased after Ash with flowers. That part was funny but a little disturbing, I mean Brock being the oldest chasing after a guy, I know he went into one of his 'Brock ways' when all he thinks about girls,girls and more girls, but it was very weird yet funny altogether. I'm still surprised May got Ash to dress up like a girl. Romeo was pretty funny, but was really shy at telling Juliet his feelings. Volbeat and Illumise were so cute, I'm happy for them and their trainers. :)

11th April 2005, 8:22 AM
Bumping the thread up, as Australia has just watched it.

Since this is the first episode of Advanced Generation I saw, I actually didn't mind it, although I'm not sure about the theme music, more episodes to watch I'll get to like it but I'm not sure yet.

As for the episode itself, I loved the battle Romeo and Ash had with TR at the end of the episode, but Brock annoyed me, but then again he's very girl crazy... although him chasing poor Ash was hilarious! :D

Jesse's Alleged Silcoon
11th April 2005, 12:01 PM
Today's episode was funny. When Ash turned around wearing the wig and holding the flowers... I shall say no more.

I was surprised about the pronunciation of 'Illumise,' though. Ill-yoo-mee-zay? I'd always pronounced it, 'Ill-yoo-mize.'

Oh, and Jesse dressed as Illumise and James dressed as Volbeat? I would have switched those costumes around.

11th April 2005, 12:15 PM
Brock chasing Ash was hilarious :D It wasn't bad, quite funny at some parts and May as Matchmaker lol.

10th August 2005, 2:14 PM
This was an okay episode, but it was a bit boring. There was something weird about using the word "like" so often rather than "love"... The scene with Ash as Juliet was funny. The advanceshipping hint was diddly squat, in my opinion. Not a bad episode, but it was a bit slow.

15th August 2005, 11:06 PM
It was a pretty cool episode, I thought the US was never going to air it though since they screwed up the order. It reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet books we read in school, except Romeo wasn't a clutz and wasn't afraid to talk to Juliet.


8th September 2005, 7:34 PM
All I gotta say is I never want to see Ash dressed as a girl again nor do I want to see Brock chasing him. That was just frigging scary! I'm surprised 4Kids let this episode slide.

9th September 2005, 4:26 AM
An ok episode but a trainer with 4 or 5 or 6 Volbeats is off limits. They would be easily KOed by Rock, Flying and Fire types. Well a Romeo and Juliet replay, Pokemon Style!

9th September 2005, 6:04 PM
Brock was funny in the episode also hahaha.
I like this.

25th September 2005, 9:05 PM
This episode had my all-time favorite scene of the whole season, with Brock running after "Juliet" and Ash running for his life. ROFLOL :D :D :D I may not be a bouldershipper, but OMG, that was GREAT!!! It was great to see Ash in drag again, too, and it's scary how convincing he was as "Juliet". :) I loved the whole storyline with Romeo and Juliet, too, and they made such a sweet couple, as did their pokemon. It was also interesting hearing May repeat Misty's old line about Ash understanding things when he gets older, just before Misty made her two-part return appearance.

10/10 for me.

19th October 2005, 8:39 PM
Definitely like the Orange Islands ep with the Nidorans. I liked how Brock chased after Ash Juliet, that was amusing.

30th October 2005, 3:55 AM
pretty good filler. i liked the dance at the end, illummise should have had some kind of glowing antenea or something, all it had was a glowing bow. 8/10

27th November 2005, 5:53 PM
10/10 as it had so much love in this episode, and it had a little Advanceshipping hint in the end. Just the Advanceshipping alone is worth 10/10 to me in this episode.

27th November 2005, 7:05 PM
I thought this episode was pretty funny ^_^ Romeo's and Juliet's voices were a bit annoying though.. I was laughing like crazy when Brock was I think chasing after Ash because he thought he was Juliet or something. I dont remeber that well, but yea.. It was funny when Ashed dressed up as her ^^;; I would give this episode a 9/10 best episode shown so far ^^

25th January 2006, 4:59 AM
Illumise never did get another episode after this one did she?

Blaziken master
25th January 2006, 10:08 PM
No it didn't{unless you count a cameo in the grand festival}

6th February 2006, 6:44 PM
I just rewatched this episode. When May sees Romeo and Juliet (Volbeat and Illumise trainer) fall in love, May calls it "Young love."

27th January 2007, 6:40 AM
LOL, the middle part where Ash had to dress up and Brock chased him around. Other then that, not too bad ;)

27th January 2007, 6:50 AM
This wasn't too bad...May seemed a bit bossy making Ash dress like a girl but it was funny. Took me back to the day's of Ash dressing up as Ashley LOL. Brock chasing after him as a girl brings up the points. Very funny...

11th January 2009, 7:05 AM
Eh I didn't like this too much. I'm not a fan of the whole idea that these Pokemon are in love. I just don't like these 2 Pokemon very much.

28th January 2009, 10:16 AM
it was a iood episode in my opinion, a good romance.

11th February 2009, 7:07 PM
It looks like May's attempt to solve a romantic problem turned out well in the end. Now, Romeo and Juliet are together, as are his Volbeat and her Illumise, lighting up the night with their performances at the concluding scene. The comedy in Brock's romantic antics during Ash's round of cross-dressing in this episode speaks for itself, leaving me to get a good laugh. Overall, this was a really good episode out of Hoenn.

11th March 2009, 1:51 AM
It was a nice and cute episode

13th January 2010, 11:04 AM
It was great to see some romance in the show.

Volbeat and Illumise were great although they almost didn't fight and that's too bad.


22nd January 2010, 8:16 PM
Such a cute Pokemon episode, though it could've seen less romance and more action in my opinion.

The setting was perfect for a romance episode though. The lake where this one took place reminds me of one of the Sinnoh Lakes. My favorite part was seeing Ash crossdress again, it was disturbing to watch but still funny.

It's such a shame that once again, Brock fails to find true love ;_; 3/10

28th June 2010, 6:51 PM
This episode was pretty 'meh'. I don't much care for Volbeat or Illumise, but this episode was a perfect one for them.

27th February 2011, 12:28 PM
This episode was ok... It was cool to see Volbeat and Illumise for the 1st time. Illumise is my fav. of the 2 Pokemon. It was funny to see May try and convince Ash to dress up as a girl to help out Romeo. It was funny to see Ash so naive about love. Signal Beam was shown as a really cool attack.


21st April 2011, 1:13 AM
Why didn't they just have May dress up as a princess or whatever instead of doing that uneccessary stuff? This episode was so dumb. I actually think it's better to have Ash naive about love since there is always a new girl traveling with him all the time. Maybe it's for the best.

6th March 2012, 6:59 PM
:sigh:Only Ash looks good in a dress.

However, that man was just a pure noob. I understand he's nervous but if you don't say anything, you will keep making bad mistakes around her than she won't be able to trust you. And Brock's no help at all. He never is. So glad he's gone.

6th March 2012, 7:04 PM
Well one of the mediocre filler episodes. Nothing more to say!

20th June 2012, 3:45 PM
What a bad episode. Illumise and Volbeat are such ugly Pokemon and are by far some of the most uninteresting Pokemon in existence. The love problem between Romeo and Juliet didn't interest me either.

27th September 2012, 7:46 PM
I lol'd when Meowth put up that act when he was masquerading as an Volbeat and I lol'd even more when Brock went hysterical on Ash cross-dressing as Juliet. I always like those episodes were some love is implemented in it and I think both Illumise and Volbeat had a great introduction that became strong because of the concept of Romeo and Juliet behind it.

5th October 2012, 5:20 PM
I like Volbeat and Illumise, and Ash crossdressing was fun (but nowhere as funny as Ashley in the Kanto episode "Pokemon Scent-Sation"). It was a nice episode with Meowth dressed as a Volbeat being another highlight, 8/10.

The Pokemon Broadcast
2nd November 2014, 9:46 PM
Funniest part of the whole episode was Ash cross-dressing again and Brock chasing after him! :)

27th November 2014, 10:56 PM
That whole Volbeat and Illumise courting thing was adorable; I didn't care for either Pokemon until this episode tbh. I was pleased that Lotad got to be a bit of a hero by saving the Volbeat in the lake, and seeing Meowth in a Volbeat costume to lure Illumise away made me cackle. That COTD chick snubbing Brock's affection was sad though.

8th March 2016, 10:33 AM
This episode wasn't very interesting.The best part of the episode was Ash dressed as Juliet!Lol. 6/10.

Mrs. Oreo
13th March 2016, 5:39 AM
Ash crossdressing was funny and I liked how Brock chased him around ha ha. Volbeat and Illumise as the central characters didn't interest me much tho. I just wish that the love plot had been more engrossing. ^^;

23rd April 2016, 9:21 PM
Ash in a dress reminded me of how James used to do that lmao. Volbeat's courtship problem was meh at best.

19th June 2016, 6:23 PM
I didn't really care for this episode but I liked the last part with May telling Ash he'll understand when he gets older, if only for how ironic it is.

"Yeah, problem is I don't age."

19th August 2016, 11:03 PM
Huh this episode taught me the correct way of pronouncing Illumise: I had always said it wrong until this episode. I loved the romance stuff.

30th September 2016, 1:34 AM
This was a very average episode, it isn't one of my favourites. I liked the fact that it touched on the theme of love and introduced Volbeat and Illumise though. It's nice that Romeo and Juliet put on a good show at the end.

Poor Brock, never getting his girl!

28th November 2016, 10:51 PM
It was a pretty cool episode. It was cool to see Volbeat and Illumise for the first time. The whole plot reminded me of the Romeo and Juliet books we read in school, except Romeo wasn't a klutz and wasn't afraid to talk to Juliet.

4th January 2017, 1:52 AM
This episode was pretty hilarious, all thanks to Brock and his over the top come-ons. I loved his reaction to the first time Juliet came on. Things got a little boring once TR showed up and stole the Pokemon, since it was the normal un-original TR battle.

Mrs. Oreo
15th April 2017, 12:32 AM
Huh this episode taught me the correct way of pronouncing Illumise: I had always said it wrong until this episode.

I always pronounced it as 'Illu-mice' before this episode ha ha. I liked how 4kids pronounced it in this episode even tho Illumise itself looks pretty plain compared to Volbeat.

15th April 2017, 1:28 AM
This episode was pretty hilarious, all thanks to Brock and his over the top come-ons.

Lol, I still wonder why Brock even bothered to help the male CotD. Like, Brock got nothing out of helping someone with their love issues, yet he was extremely invested.

25th April 2017, 6:54 AM
The courtship between Volbeat and Illumise was cute, although Romeo's clumsiness and fear of telling Jullié his true feelings was a bit cliche. At least that subplot allowed us to see Satoshi dressed as a girl again for the first time in Advanced Generation, and Nyasu tricking Illumise while he was in the Volbeat costume was amusing.

11th May 2017, 11:06 PM
Lol, I still wonder why Brock even bothered to help the male CotD. Like, Brock got nothing out of helping someone with their love issues, yet he was extremely invested.

Maybe he was just being friendly, which fits Brock's character profile. He's a good guy deep down even when he's in love.

4th January 2018, 1:20 AM
I kind of wish that we had learned more about how Volbeat and Illumise are counterparts of each other despite being different species, yet all we got was firefly courtship.

Victorian Rush
17th January 2018, 8:37 PM
That awkward moment when Ash looks better as a girl than I do and I am a girl myself xDD

This episode was pretty entertaining to watch, I have to say. It’s not my favorite but it was not terrible either. My favorite part has to be when Ash cross dressed and Brock was chasing him around, that was hilarious.

11th March 2018, 8:25 PM
I was surprised to see the scene where Ash was dressed up like Juliet and then with Brock chasing him like that. Surprised 4Kids didn't cut it out. And Ash is still as naive about love as ever.