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11th April 2009, 9:36 AM
Okay, this club is to get hard working Trainers together, as a group, to help each other with Team Strategies etc. In this Club, we are brethren, so we make it our duty to help each other get the pokemon we need. All Trainers, Beginners and Veterans alike, are welcomed here. I, Lucario09, am the Owner of our Club, and Leader of our Group. All members MUST follow ALL of the following rules.


1. Please be fluent in serebii forum rules. Your can go here (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=364266) to see the serebii forum rules.
2. No flaming, spamming or disrespectful language shall be tolerated.
3. I do not currently have a Co-Owner/Second-in-Command, but I may choose someone at any given time. If I see the current Co-Owner at the time isn't fullfilling his duties as Co-Owner, then I will take the Co-Owner rank away and possibley give it to someone more deserving. Do not ask to be one.
4.You MUST keep our Sig Pic in your Signature at all times as long as your a member. Once you've been approved, I will give you the link for the Picture. I done it myself :) LoL
5. I will include a password very soon after you've read this rule, include the password I give you when you attempt to join.
6. If someone posts needing help, its each and everyone member's obligation to try and help them if possible. If you can't help, just try to atleast post something letting them know you made an attempt, such as "I didn't really see anything, sorry I couldn't help" or something. It doesn't have to be that word for word though, just as long as you let them know you atleast took a look. :) It shows team spirit!
7. It isn't a requirement that you do look at every single post on here, but it would be nice if you tried.
8. If someone flames you and the Co-Owner or I don't catch it, please feel free to link one of us to the page the post is on along with the post #.
9. We use a Strike System in Shadow Force that is also common among other clubs. We go by the following:
-One Strike is like a warning, no diseplenary actions will occur.
-Two Strikes will keep you out of any Battle Events or Tournaments we may hold amongst ourselves.
-Three Strikes and you will be banned. Minor rule-breaking will lead to a temporary ban (3 days - 1 week, according to what happened) and Major rule-breaking will lead to a permanent ban.
10. We do host tournaments, but I haven't got any worked out as how we will do them. I may have somebody in charge of that later on.


To be accepted to Shadow Force it would be best to PM me on here or if you'd like, you can just post on here. PMing me may be faster, as it is easy to over look some posts especially with a busy day.

Where I work at is a very random scheduled place, so one day I may be on of the morning and not of the night, or i may be on of the night and not of the morning. But either way I should be on here daily.

Leadership Rules:

I can do anything. I'm just that good.

-Does what I need him to do if by chance I won't be able to be on that day and will be able to Temporarily Ban members accordingly.
-Like myself, the Second-in-Command will need to be on as much as possible and needs to try and help other members needing help with their team(s) or just needs some help about the game itself.
-Can give warnings and/or Strikes to a member.

-Mods play an important role in Shadow Force. I'll assign a Mod to each event etc. One or more people will be assigned a Mod position for the Tournaments we may hold. Once we get other events roling, we will have Mods for those events too. They will watch that one certain topic/area and make sure the rules are being followed.
-Mods are able to give warnings/strikes but only in their topic/area they are assigned to.

Current Members:

Lucario09 (Leader)