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Dramatic Melody
13th April 2009, 3:09 PM
Penta-Chromatic // Crossing the Spectrum
The Club for the Frontier Addicts of Pokemon Platinum

I can't think of a nice name, and no way am I a virtuoso of art, so bear with me with the title and image...

Welcome to Penta-Chromatic // Crossing the Spectrum! Similar to the widely popular Golden Summit (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=155790), this features all the members who have // aspire to have the colored medals of Platinum's Battle Frontier. The prefix Penta- means Five, and Chromatic is an adjective refering to Color. Five Colors = Penta-Chromatic!

And Crossing the Spectrum just sounds nicer and cleaner so I included it too XD.

You aren't exactly required to have all five colored medals, nor are you required to have even one silver medal. All you're required to have is the will to actually get these medals and, of course, a copy of Platinum, but having one or two Silver Medals won't hurt, right?

But before anything else, let's first go to the:


General Forum and Club Rules apply.
No Spamming. Post only if you're joining, if you're answering a topic, or if you're participating in a discussion. Kinda strict, but eh.
No Flaming other members. Courtesy and Respect are two virtues I highly enforce in this club.
Have fun! I mean, I know I'm the last person you'd expect to make this kind of club, but hey, at least it's here, and you have the freedom to discuss everything about the Platinum Battle Frontier!


Here's a list of all the members of this club...

Well, there's none now, but if this gets approved I hope there's gonna be some. =P

So to start things off...

First of all, who are you, and how many medals do you already have?

Well I'm Dramatic Melody, and I already have Five Silver Medals. I know it isn't much, but hey, at least I have 'em, and it's way better than what I have in Emerald. =P

Welcome to Penta-Chromatic // Crossing the Spectrum!


16th April 2009, 12:51 PM
First of all, who are you, and how many medals do you already have?

My name is PurpleMew ( licence to thrill ((: ) and I has no medals so far -hides-. I have Platinum and not that far yet but I love the Plat Frontier Brains especially Dahlia, she is one hot mamma. ( I iz still gay btw ;/ ).

Can I join now DM you handsome man?