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Cyber Robert
15th April 2009, 10:02 PM
This Club is about the the game 'Time Hollow'.

The storyline is about a young man named Ethan Kairos whom was one day away from turning 17. He goes to dinner and mysterious things start to happen, such as Ethan's uncle has not been seen there for several weeks, then he suddenly shows up to ask for money. Ethan's parents talk about some strange things as well. Ethan was fed up with this and tired of not being heard. He snapped at his mother then went upstairs. He felt remorse and decided to apologize to his mother the next day. He went to sleep and had a bad nightmare, one where his father and mother were caught in a burning building. His dad walks through a strange hole in midair. Ethan awakes from this nightmare. Soon, his uncle comes into the room telling him that breakfast is ready. Ethan asked about why he was there. And where his parents were. His uncle explained in a very annoyed tone that his parents were gone for 12 years. Ethan thought that that couldn't be right, as he talked to them yesterday, or so he thought. Sox, Ethan's pet cat, had a strange pen and a note tied to his collar. Ethan learned that this pen allowed him to open portals through time and space but only in certain conditions. Ethan is now determined to use this pen to help others and also figure out what happened to his father and mother. However, it seems like Ethan's not the only one who knows about the changes in time...others seem suspicious enough...like that new girl, Kori.

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Why do you like Time Hollow?

Okay now then...first topic: Why do you like Time Hollow?
Well for me I love Time hollow because it's centered around Time Travel. not only that though, it also shows the consequences of one's actions when they mess with the space-time continuum. I also love it because of all the twists and bumps they put in it, like.....well I don't feel like making a spoiler so I won't tell you yet =p. I also like the character Emily, just because she's shy and seems to have a crush on Ethan.