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14th May 2009, 2:59 AM
Hello one, and all! This is the Warrior Cats fan club. The Warrior Cats series is a wonderful series of books about clans of wild cats in the forest. Are you a fan of Warriors? Join today!

1. No Spamming/Flaming
2. Don't be rude; if you're going to start an argument, at least argue using PMs.
3. Have a good time!! :3

Members: (You can choose your favorite Warrior (or any other cat) to be)
Leader: Willowpelt (manaphee)

If you'd like to apply to join this club, notify me in PM what cat you want to be, if you've read at least one of the books, and understand the books clearly. It doesn't matter which book you're on, as long as you've read one. If you'd like to discuss the book and you may give out big spoilers and details, please put them in a spoiler. Thanks!