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Sumner Sturgeon
14th May 2009, 11:54 PM
Attention fans of Lucas/Kōki!

Ever feel like your favourite blueish-black-haired, newsboy cap-bedecked Pokemon Trainer hasnít gotten the love he deserves? Well, you see, Iím Sumner Sturgeon, and I aim to fix that.

Greetings, friends, and welcome to the Lucas Fan Club, the first (I think) club dedicated to the awesome but underappreciated male hero of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum! As with all character-based clubs, members can post all manner of Lucas-related material (whether it pertains to the games or the anime; don't be afraid to use your imagination in regards to the latter!), provided it falls within regulations (more on that in a minute), as well as discuss your ideas and speculations about him. Discussion of Dia, Lucas' Pokemon Special counterpart, is also allowed. All are welcome, so long as they follow the rules.

1.) Any and all existing SPP rules must be followed. One would think that thatís a given, but unfortunately, ďcommonĒ sense is not always so common, hence the warning.
2.) Any and all internal rules and regulations must be followed.
3.) SPAM of any kind is strictly forbidden; make sure your posts have some substance to them. That means no one-liners, period.
4.) Bashing, whether of Lucas or anything else, will not be tolerated.
5.) Be as active a member as your personal life allows; long periods of inactivity may result in nullification of membership.
6.) Any members are free to propose topics (or, if they feel like doing so, dredge up old/existing ones), and discuss them for as long as they remain interesting (provided that there is minimal OT activity between topics).
7.) All posts are expected to be in the Queenís English, not text-speak, unintelligible street slang, Klingon, or anything else that cannot be comprehended by the average forum-goer. And not just spelling; grammar and syntax must also make sense.
8.) Any posts containing fanart or any other fan-produced material must credit the one who made it (assuming that person is not you). The last thing we need is a lawsuit from a disgruntled artist/writer.
9.) Employ proper etiquette. In other words, be nice to one another, donít act like jerks, donít curse excessively, etc.
10.) Follow all SPP rules regarding posting of content (in regards to images and such).
11.) Shipping discussion is allowed, but please, for the love of Pete, keep it civil.

Any breeches of conduct will be dealt with according to the severity of the offence; minor stuff will result in warning, while more major infractions may lead to expulsion and/or blacklisting. Members will be kept track of by yours truly, via an external list that I will update with each member who joins. If I find that I am unable to fulfill my duties as owner alone, I will appoint a co-owner.

Overall, I hope that anyone who joins will have fun, and help spread the Lucas-love around!