View Full Version : Power Burst: My Magmortar/Grumpig Deck

19th May 2009, 6:07 AM
Pokemon: 24
4: Magmar lv.27 SW93
3: Magmortar lv.52 SW31
4: Vulpix lv.12 PT102
3: Ninetales lv.43 PT36
1: Mew lv.40 SW15
3: UnownG lv.17 GE57
4: Spoink lv.10 LA121
2: Grumpig lv.36 LA56

Trainers: 3
2: Technical Machine TS-1
1: Luxury Ball

Supporters: 10
4: Team Galactic's Mars
2: Cynthia's Feelings
2: Felicity's Drawing
2: Professor Oak's Visit

Stadiums: 1
1: Speed Stadium

Energy: 22
8: Psychic Energy
14: Fire Energy

Alright, the point of this deck is fairly obvious. It is made to deal heavy damage based on the number of energy attached to my pokemon. Grumpig and Magmortar are the pokemon that use that strategy. Grumpig is there to cause confusion as well, and Magmortar spreads damage while healing. Ninetales is my energy farmer, allowing me to quickly get a fair amount of energy onto one of my heavy hitters. Unown, obviously, is there to protect my pokemon from special conditions, and mew is there to utilize any powerful attacks my opponent has. When making suggestions, do not recommend Uxie or Claydol. I do not own any Claydol, and my only Uxie is currently in use. Any other suggestions you have are appreciated.

9th June 2009, 3:54 AM
you could drop the ninetales line and add in 3 or 4 Smeargle the move Color Pick gets you a solid 3 energy cards and theres no evolving. He's Fantastic in my Leafeon Deck which revolves around energy as well