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20th May 2009, 2:04 AM

The Gary//Shigeru Club

Remember In the first episode of Pokemon? When Ash runs to Professor Oak’s Lab to find a big crowd of people there. Among the crowd of cheerleaders, one male stood out with Spiky Brown Hair, big eyes and a killer smile. Soon he starts teasing Ash with his new pokemon and his crowd of fangirls what were you thinking? Were you thinking ‘aww poor ashy-kins! D:>’ Or were you thinking ‘I want to know that guys name. NOW.’ Or even ‘How did a ten year old get cheerleaders.. And a car?!’ and for some of you ‘Those are some hot cheerleaders’ Well personally I was thinking the second and third. And for even a second I forgot about ash and focused on his rival, Gary Oak.

Or Gary Motherf***ing oak to others but that is beside the point.

To Others he may seem like a nuisance and annoying but to those who see his hotness and capability here in the GARY//SHIGERU CLUB.

The One, The Only Gary Oak. Talk, post pics and have fun ;D


~Follow ALL of the stated rules from Serebii.net, every single one should be followed here.
~No Trolling
~No Flaming
~Always give credit to the artist when posting pics, you don’t have to if you made them yourself of course.
~Do not double post (Of course unless it’s because of lag.)
~No Spamming is permitted
~Do not post One-liners
~Fill out template when signing up
~Don’t get off subject
~Do not post any picture under the pg 13 rule or the down to waist rule (Meaning shirtless pics are okay but anything that’s below it or very sexual shall get reported.
~Don’t swear too often and when you do you astreiks to cover most of the letters (Though I don’t know how swearing shall come in here. <.<)
~Have Fun


Like Gary?:
Why?: (More then 20 words)


I shall be making one soon but since I’m not the best at making banners if anyone better would want to make one go ahead.


First thoughts when seeing Gary for the first Time?


Lestat~Club Founder/Owner




24th May 2009, 1:49 AM
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