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1st June 2009, 12:32 AM
Ok so this is my first time making a deck for competitive battling or whatever, so i just want help and advice. here is how it looks right now.
Yanmega x3 (Legends Awakened)
Yanma x4 (Legends Awakened)
Gliscor x1 (Legends Awakened)
Gligar x 3 (Legends Awakened)
Machamp x1 (Stormfront)
Machoke x2 (Stormfront)
machop x 3 (Stormfront)
Vespiquen x1 (Stromfront)
Combee x2 (Platinum)
Shamin x2(Platinum)
22 Pokemon

18 Trainers
Broken Time-Space x1
lookers inverstigation x2
pokemon rescue x2
great ball x2
energy link x1
switch x2
technical machine ts-1 x2
rosannes research x2
bebes search x2
rare candie x1
speed stadium x1

20 energy's
10 leaf
8 fighting
2 multi energy

My stratagy would be to get machamp and vespiquen on my bench along with yanmega and gliscor, infect the opponent with status conditons and the take 'em out. i am wanting to put in 1 sceptile, 2 groyvle, 3 treeko all from the stormfront series. thanks in advance

3rd June 2009, 8:22 AM
I see what you're going for here, but I think this setup will work a little better for you:

3 Ledyba LA104
3 Ledian LA60
1 Burmy Plant Cloak SW78
2 Burmy Sandy Cloak SW79
3 Mothim MD42
2 Yanma LA128
2 Yanmega LA17
3 Gligar LA94
2 Gliscor LA5
2 Gliscor Lv X LA141

2 Roseannes Research
2 Bebe's Search
2 Cynthia's Feelings

2 Great Ball
2 Poke Radar
2 Leftovers
2 Pokedex HANDY910is
1 Luxury Ball
2 Life Herb
2 Pokemon Rescue

2 Broken Time-Space

10 Grass Energy
6 Fighting Energy