View Full Version : If Keith hadn't been able to save you....[Major Ranger 2 Spoilers]

1st June 2009, 5:51 PM
Does anyone else here wonder what would have happened if when Darkrai was trying to kill you, Keith hadn't come in time and you'd been sucked all the way into that pit of darkness? I've been thinking about it, and I'm kind of curious what other people think how it would have played out. We all know you had the Yellow Gem, and therefore Darkrai might not have been able to be stopped.... Espescially since it took all three gems to form the Vatonage Styler!


Captain Noob
3rd June 2009, 3:42 PM
That would've made an interesting situation...in fact, there're lots of things that could've happened at that moment! I knew it was going to happen, but seeing Keith appear filled me with some weird relief. I know that, if Darkrai did drop the character in the void, Darkrai had the power to transport the character elsewhere, like the Dim Sun minions. I doubt the player would've been "killed", it's shown that Darkrai actually had good intentions at the end. When I think about that, it's odd, because you could've just rescaled the tower again after being dumped somewhere else. But the power of the Gem was mysterious, even if it was lost, it could have sensed the presence of the other two gems, and then it'd be up to Keith to stop Darkrai. To be honest, I can't distinctly remember what happens, just that Darkrai was invincible without the power of the gems, meaning if Keith wasn't there, then, well, you can leave it to imagination as to what happened to Almia. But because Blake Hall had control of Darkrai before, beating him may have aligned Darkrai back to "good" and released the voided people.

6th June 2009, 9:53 AM
you could've just rescaled the tower again after being dumped somewhere else.

oh yes unless you are dumped somewhere in the middle of the mongolia region. it reminds me of those donald duck comics.

ranger 1: hey look over there a sign!
ranger 2: oh thank god, we will finally know where we are and where we must go.
sign: welcome to glorious mongolia region. almia region: 468.438.34 miles, thatta way *arrow*
ranger 2: ................ damn.