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3rd June 2009, 2:07 AM
In this club, you can talk about anything relating to........Mario! Ther are rules to this club that I expect EVERYONE to follow!

1- Follow ALL SPPf rules and the Club Rules too!
2-Don't double, triple, etc post! The Edit button is your best friend.
4- Keep discussions relevant to ANYTHING Mario related. Video games, characters, etc.
5- Fan Art HAS to be related to anything Mario.
6- No flamming, bashing, trolling, etc.
7- PROPER GRAMMAR! No talking like "so i herd u liek mudkipz!1!1! It is annnoying and hard to understand.
8- Disagreeing with these rules and I'd reort your post.
9- Don't ask to be a co owner! I'll pick two ACTIVE and RESPECTFUL people that actual FOLLOW my rules.
10-Owners (me, only) would be a Mario. The 2 co owners choose between Luigi and Yoshi. It is one or the other. Regular members are Toads of their choice. Colors must be SPPf colors though.
11- Have fun!! That is the main purpose of my club!!

Torpoleon-Owner Mario

Banned Members(Black Bowser Members):
No one! (I don't want people to be stuck with Bowser!

Fam Art:
None! (Please submit Fan Art, prefurably different color toads, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and a Black Bowser!)

Who is your favorite Mario Character?

Now, let's get this club going!

3rd June 2009, 9:34 PM
Cool, my club got accpeted! Now, people start joining!