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5th June 2009, 3:01 AM
I decided to make a Fire and Grass deck based around Infernape, Torterra, and Shaymin. Does anybody have any ideas or even a good recipe?

18th June 2009, 8:23 PM
I don't recommend having 3 power houses in one deck . Either stick with Shaymin (Ground forme) and Torterra <--- excellent deck with +40HP Torterra is a beastly tank. Or a straight Infernape deck.

These aren't my decks and I'm not sure how good these decks play but you can sort of use these

Anywho Heres an Infernape deck:
4 chimchar DP
2 monferno DP
3 infernape (stormfront)
1 infernape lv x DP
2 heatran (legends awakened)
2 heatran lv x (stormfront)
2 baltoy (great encounters)
2 claydol (great encounters)

4 bebe’s search
3 rare candy
2 level max
2 pemier ball
2 great ball
1 quick ball
4 roseanne's research
1 cynthia's feelings
1 pokemon rescue
2 stark mountain
2 technical machine TS-2

14 fire energy (basic)
4 call energy

And here's a torterra
Pokemon: 23

1x Torterra Lv. X
1x Torterra Stormfront
2x Torterra Platinum
3x Grotle Majestic Dawn
4x Turtwig Diamond & Pearl
2x Sceptile Great Encounters)
1x Sceptile Stormfront
1x Grovyle Great Encounters
2x Treeko Great Encounters
2x Claydol GE
2x Baltoy GE
1x Uxie LA
1x Uxie lvx

Trainers: 22

4x Bebe's Search Secret Wonders
3x Roseanne's Research Secret Wonders
4x rare Candy pop 5
1x Luxury Ball Stormfront
1x Night Maintenance Secret Wonders
2x Broken time-space Platinum
1x Cynthia's Feelings Legends Awakened
1x Warp point Diamond and Pearl?
3x Prof oak's Visit Secret Wonders
1x Time Space Distortion (you could replace that with another premier ball or maybe pokemon rescue) Mysterous Treasures
1x Premier ball Great Encounters

Energies: 15

12 Grass Energies
3x Call Energies Majestic Dawn

14th July 2009, 1:58 AM
Either Torterra and Infernape or Shaymin in place of the Torterra would work great, and as some helpful pokemon techs would be to have the Cherrim from Stormfront since it enhances your grass and fire pokemon's damage by 10.