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10th June 2009, 4:41 PM
3x Ralts (PL)
1x Kirlia (SW)
2x Gardevoir (PL-SW)
2x Giratina (Let Loose-Brutal Edge)
1x Giratina Lv. X
2x Darkrai G
3x Crobat G
2x Skuntank G
1x Toxicroak G
2x Gallade GL
1x Gengar GL
1x Mismagius GL

2x Rare Candy
2x Bebe's Search
3x Team Galactic's Mars
2x Flint's Willpower
1x Pokedex
1x Pokeradar
1x Roseanne's Research
1x Cyrus's Conspiracy
2x Energy Gain
1x Aaron's Collection
2x Underground Expedition
2x Poke Turn
1x Volkner's Philosophy
1x Miasma Valley
1x Snowpoint Temple

13x Psychic Energy
2x Dark Energy
1x SP Energy

Okay, I played with this deck at League this weekend, and it worked out a lot better than I expected. This is my first deck since Fossil, so I know it's still got some major problems, probably. So can anyone give me any help? It's pretty much been trying to spread damage with Giratina, the Crobats, and Gallade while trying to get Garde out so I can Lock or take advantage of the energy circulation.

However, I opened by RR box and pulled the Darkrai's, and I REALLY REALLY like playing with them...but I'm not sure if they'd work. I originally had 3 SP Energy, but switching to 2 Dark made it easier to use supporters to get me a Dark Energy when I needed it. I really like them, but do you think I can make the Darkrai work, or should I scrap 'em? Being able to get an automatic sleep has been a GODSEND during some battles. I pulled a Gallade today, so should I take out the Darkrai for Gallade?

10th June 2009, 6:22 PM
Is the Gallade from Rising Rivals? If so then I wouldn't support it in your deck. But If the Gallade you pulled is the fighting one then I think it would be better for your "spread damage" strategy. But aside from that I think the Darkai add a little twist to your deck, sleep can be a nasty special condition.