View Full Version : Gallade-Mismagius SP Deck (Modified)

11th June 2009, 7:20 AM
Hello. I have a Psychic deck, based around Gallade and Mismagius that I am still trying to perfect.
At the moment, it has:

Ralts x 2 (SW)
Ralts x 2 (PL)
Kirlia x 3 (SW)
Gallade x 2 (P7)
Gardevoir x 1 (PL)
Gardevoir Lv. X x 1 (SW)
Gallade 4 x 2 (RR)
Misdreavus x 2 (PL)
Mismagius x 1 (ST)
Mismagius GL x 1 (RR)
Mismgaius GL Lv. X x 1 (RR)
Alakazam 4 x 2 (RR)

Felicity's Drawing x 1
Bebe's Search x 4
Underground Expedition x 3
Aaron's Collection x 2
Bertha's Warmth x 1
Cynthia's Feelings x 1
Energy Search x 2
Pokemon Rescue x 1

Psychic Energy (basic) x 22
Fighting Energy (basic) x 3

Okay, so, for one, I am aware that I have a strange amount of some things, but that is not my problem. I am not very fond of Alakazam 4, so I am not sure what exactly to replace it with. If I can manage to get it, I will be adding Gallade 4 Lv. X in there, which could cover one of the Alakazams. I am trying to decide which Pokeon to double - there are a couple in there that should probably be doubled, yet I am not sure which one.

As for Trainers and Supporters, I think I may have at least one too many Bebe's Search.

12th June 2009, 1:18 AM
put in Unown G to prevent a Machamp sweeping all your main attackers. and spec. cond.