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13th June 2009, 8:54 PM

Yes, I know Xiaolin Showdown is cancelled, but does that mean we can't make a club for it? I wouldent think so!

Welcome to the Xiaolin Showdown Club! Where fans of the show unite!

I'll only need 3 Co-Owners.

~The Rules~

Obey Serebii Rules
Do not flame.
When Disagreeing with somebody, do not flame.
No swearing.
To verify that you have read the rules start your joining post with "Gong Yi Tanpai!"
Use the form below when joining.
Do not post chapters of Xiaolin Showdown Fanfics, please put then in the Fan-Ficiton section and provide a link here.


When you join, use this form, you may choose an Element and a Shen Gong Wu. No more than 5 members can have the same Shen Gong Wu,

Chosen Element (Water, Fire, Earth or Wind):
Chosen Shen Gong Wu:
In 20 or more words, why do you want to join?:

~The Ranking System~

You will start off as a Training Grasshopper and every few posts or so, you rank up. The system goes:

0------Training Grasshopper
40-----Xiaolin Grashopper
65-----Training Apprentice
100----Xiaolin Apprentice
125----Wudai In-Training
190----Wudai Warrior
300----Xiaolin Dragon In-Training
430----Xiaolin Dragon Travelling
590+---Xiaolin Dragon
Owner/Co-Owner: Grand Master


Mew-100--Grand Master--Fire--------Emperor Scorpion


The club has many subjects for you to explore, you can do as many as you like!

TV-Show Discussion
Shipping Discussion
Fandom Discussion (Made up Wu, Elements, Characters etc.)
Video Game Discussion (Discuss the multi-format game)
Fan-Fic Discussion (Provide links to your Xiaolin Showdown fan-fics)
Anything else you can think of!

Well, get joining and chatting!

Gong Yi Tanpai!